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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 13 Bahasa Indonesia

“Where are we going, Brother?”

Kiara was quite curious about why Keith was dressed in a suit and had asked her to wear a dress as well.

What was even more strange was that there was a driver in the car. He had never before brought a Driver with him when he visited her, but today, he came in a Limited Edition Bentley EXP 100 GT, with a tall and muscular man driving it. And his pretty bodyguard was with them in the car too, but Kiara was acquainted with her, so her presence was not strange.

“We are going to visit the Angelini Estate to see Chairman Angelini.” Keith lightly smiled at her.

“Angelini Estate?” It only took her a second to answer her own question. “You mean the Angelini Family?!” Her eyes widened in disbelief when she recalled the names of the Six Major Families in the Sameran City.

Angelini Family had been quiet in recent years, but they were still immensly powerful and wealthy. Their roots date back to over two centuries in the Sameran City, and the Power they held in their hands was not worse than that of the Demiliore Family. And currently, they were the fourth wealthiest Family in the city.

“Yes.” Keith nodded his head.

“But why are we going there?” She frowned and asked.

“Your mother was the daughter of the Angelini Family.” He looked at her in her beautiful blue eyes and said.

His words caused her body to tense up, and she frantically looked at him.

“I know that you know that you are adopted.” He gently smiled at her. “And I know that you have long figured out that I am your brother.”

“H-how?” She lowered her head and asked.

“Well, it was a guess, but you just confirmed it.” He teasingly chuckled.

His words made Kiara feel cold, and all the depression she was feeling was soon washed away by her brimming rage.

Her beautiful blue eyes dangerously narrowed at him, knowing that he was messing with her. It was not a guess. He had always known it. And what made her angrier was the fact that Keith did not have anything to say to her about their relationship.

She had always been curious as to why Keith had always been there in her life. And her parents, who were actually her adopted parents, had never had any complaints about her meeting him and going out with him.

Over the years, she had realized that she looked nothing like her parents. It was quite obvious since her beauty could not have been inherited from either of them. There were no features that she shared with them, but she never voiced her questions, not really minding that she was adopted.

They had raised her with care and affection, and she did not have a reason to blame them for anything. Her curiosity about her birth parents had always been there, and one day, she had finally concluded that she was possibly Keith’s little sister.

They shared a lot of similar features, such as their hands and feet, high cheekbones, pitch black hair, and the shape of the ears. And that was not all, they even had similar tastes in food and shared similar interests.

And since Keith was her brother, it meant that Michael Demiliore was most likely her father. Being smart for her age, she had long concluded that she was an illegitimate child.

“Why are you taking me to the Angelini Family?” Kiara seriously asked. “Shouldn’t you take me to the Demiliore Estate since I am your younger sister?”

Keith stared in her eyes for a while, not saying anything, and then leaned on her to plant a kiss on her forehead.

“If I bring you to the Demiliore Estate, my mother will kill you.” He said and smiled when he saw her body tremble at his words. “And it is for the best that you take your mother’s family name.”

“Why?” Kiara lowered her head and asked.

Keith knew exactly what her question was directed at. She wanted to know why he planned on disturbing her life and killing all her hopes.

“Because…” He leaned near her ear and whispered the answer, which froze her mind, but after a few seconds, her misty eyes looked at him in hope.


“Yes, Kiara.” He affectionately smiled at her and planted another kiss on her forehead.

As soon as he confirmed it for her, she tightly hugged his arm and rested her head on his shoulder. She closed her eyes and wore a smile on her lips that reflected the happiness that she was basking in.

Half an hour later, the Bentley entered through the Gate of Angelini Estate, and Kiara was in awe of the Castle that was similar to the famous Chateau de Chambord but looked even more majestic and fortified. It was a dreamlike home, and she kept staring at it all the way.

“Welcome to the Angelini Manor, Young Master Demiliore!” An old man in his fifties, with tall and muscular stature, wearing a black tailcoat, politely bowed to him as he stepped out of the car.

Keith stared at the man as he straightened his back and looked right into his cold eyes. He was the head butler of the Angelini Family and the man who had killed his maternal grandfather.

“Good afternoon, Sol.” He lightly smiled. “Is Chairman Angelini awake?”

“Yes,” Sol nodded to him with a smile. “The Chairman is waiting for you in his study. Please come with me.”

“After you.”

Keith grabbed Kiara’s hand and pulled her inside the Angelini Manor, following Sol.

Victor and Yingying were tensed when they found the Shadow Guards of the Angelini Family stationed inside the Manor. They were not just there for security. Their presence was meant to intimidate them. Even if they knew that the chances of anything going wrong were very low, they did not dare to drop their guard and stayed vigilant.

Sol was surprised to see that Keith showed no trace of worry in his expressions, and the slight smile on his face had not ceased at all. He inadvertently looked at the girl that Keith brought with him, who was looking around the place curiously, and his heart trembled when he found the resemblance to a beautiful lady he had watched grow up under his care.

However, he kept the questions in his heart and did not speak with Keith. If his guess was right, the truth will come out eventually.

“Master, Heir Demiliore is here.” Sol knocked on the door of the study and spoke.

“Let him enter.” An aged but heavy voice called out, and Kiara tensed up at the indifference that the voice reflected.

Sol opened the door for Keith to enter, and after nodding to his bodyguards, he pulled Kiara inside the study with him.

Yingying and Victor pensively stood at the door together with Sol, not saying anything.

Inside the study, there was an old and frail man in his early nineties, sitting at the desk, looking at some files. Even if he was very old and weak, his regal presence was profound as ever. This old man was Darius Angelini, Master of the Angelini Family, and the Chairman of the Angelini Group of Industries.

When Keith entered the study, Darius did not even raise his head to look at him, and it showed his stand towards the Demiliore Family.

However, Keith did not mind it and calmly walked over to the desk with Kiara.

“Good Afternoon, Greatfather.” He greeted with a smile.

The Old Man’s hands stopped when he heard how Keith addressed him, and finally, he raised his head and looked him in the eyes, closing the file and placing it on the table.

Demilore and Angelini Families were closely knitted to each other with blood ties. Both of Keith’s Maternal and Paternal Grandmothers were Angelini, and Chairman Angelini’s daughters. Which made him the Old Man’s great-grandson.

It was the first time that the two of them were meeting each other, and they kept sizing each other up for a while. Darius’ eyes finally smiled a little after he was impressed with Keith’s demeanor, and nodded to him, gesturing him to take the seat.

“Sit, Kiara,” Keith called out to the girl by his side when he found her looking intently at the Old Man.

His words brought the attention of the Old Man to the little girl, and just a look at her in her blue eyes was enough for him to understand her identity. And then his aged grey eyes, which had once been blue, looked severely at Keith for an explanation.

“I hope you have an explanation, Heir Demiliore!” The old man gravely said.

“She is the main reason why I have come here today, Greatfather.” Keith did not beat around the bush sharing any pleasantries and got straight to the point.

“Speak.” Darius gave him permission to state his purpose for coming here.

“The return of Angelini and Demiliore Alliance through marriage.” Keith looked Darius in the eyes and said. “Kiara Angelini, daughter of Damien Angelini, will wed Keith Argus Demiliore, Son of Michael and Venessa Demiliore, and become the future lady of the Demiliore Family.”

Darius frowned at his words and sank back in his chair, looking at Keith intently.

“She’s not Damien’s daughter.”

When the Old Man finally spoke after a few minutes, a smile crept on Keith’s lips.

He did not show it, but he had been quite tense, and now, the tension was relieved because Darius did not seem to reject his intentions.

“She is Uncle Damien’s daughter.” He meaningfully said and turned silent.

“Does your Mother know that you have come here today?” Darius spoke again after a while and the frown on his face disappeared. Now, his aged eyes were playful.

“She’s not the Master of the Demiliore Family, nor is she the Heir of the Demiliore Family.” Keith lightly said and kept eye contact.

“Is that so?” The Old Man playfully asked before his expressions turned cold and his eyes bore right into the young man. “Your Father’s actions brought a lot of shame to my Family, Heir Demiliore. And the blood was shed and remembered.”

“Your Son’s actions brought more shame to your family, destroyed the relations between our Families, Destroyed your Family, and blood was shed and remembered in my Family too.”

A chilling silence followed after his reply, and Kiara, who was not aware of what they had just talked about, found her hands and feet turning cold in her anxiety. She had never before heard Keith speak so coldly, and her heart was now palpitating in fear.


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