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Underworld Player – Chapter 64: Bai Zhi’s Solution Bahasa Indonesia

“Hmph, there are many ways to beat you. The question is which one shall I use?” said Bai Zhi coldly as he ran his gaze along the large, weathered cabinets behind the ragdoll.

“You seem to have a rather low opinion of humans, don’t you? Is it that fun for you?”

“It is~ Quite so, very much so. Your fates are sealed anyway, so what’s the harm in saving some of you for my personal collection? Humans are such fragile, low-tier creatures that all they’re good for is collecting,” said the doll in calm, unhurried tones.

“Anyway, I’ve asked my riddle, time for you to ask me one. But no matter what you ask, as long as you know the answer in your mind, I will inevitably also know the answer, so what will be your first question, I wonder?”

Pressing a hand to his forehead, Bai Zhi said lazily, “I will ask my question, for sure, but I wonder, could there be a rule that you’ve kept hidden from me? How about you tell me what it is, then I’ll ask my question? We’ve got plenty of time.”

“For example, how long are you allowed to take to answer a question? Guests can take all the time they need as long as they don’t leave the shop, but for you, there must be a limit, after which you have to give up, right?

“Hmph… Ten minutes. But I don’t need that much time! Are you asking your question or not?” said the ragdoll in a huff.

“Very well,” said Bai Zhi, snapping his fingers. “Listen up, here’s my first question. Arrange the real numbers from 1 to 2563 in a circle, and go around the circle like: keep 1, remove 2, keep 3, remove 4, and so on. If you keep doing this, going around the circle as long many times as possible, what is the last number standing?

“A math question?” The ragdoll seemed taken aback by Bai Zhi’s question.

“You’re a sharp one. Since I know everything that you know, then a question that would take time to work out is, indeed, the correct choice.” The ragdoll raised a stubby arm to its head with a mocking flourish. But don’t forget, I’m just as intelligent as you, and with access to all the knowledge in your head, do you think it would take me long to answer such a question?

“There are limits to your human abilities, so what you’re doing—asking a question that you don’t know the answer to, but can work out—is a clever little trick, but you’re only delaying the inevitable. Any shortcuts you know, I know too, so you think I’d take that long to solve th—”

“Stop stalling and get to it.” Bai Zhi rolled his eyes and interrupted the ragdoll without any hesitation. “I don’t have time to waste so quit your dithering, mother—oh, right. You don’t have a mother.”

The doll responded by glaring at him, and for some time after that, silence settled in around them.

About three minutes later, the ragdoll said in icy tones, “The last number standing is 1031.”

Bai Zhi narrowed his eyes and thought about it for about ten seconds, then nodded.

“Correct,” he said flatly. “Your turn. But I have to say, taking three minutes on such a simple problem, you really are an idiot. As I thought, your head must be stuffed with moldy old cotton.”

Its eyes flashed with malice as the ragdoll spat, “Is that so? Show off while you can, because later, it’s your noggin I’ll be stuffing with cotton!

“Ahem! My second question: A woman fed something to a man, which was not toxic, but the man died after eating it. What did he eat?”

Bai Zhi raised an eyebrow. “Man, don’t you think your riddles allow for too many valid answers? How do you determine which one’s the ‘correct’ answer?”

“Self-consistent logic—that’s a constraint I set on myself. If I was allowed to come up with any old question, do you think you people would stand a chance? Don’t be ridiculous.”

The doll’s voice was no longer friendly, and had been that way ever since Bai Zhi asked his first question.

The fact that it had taken three minutes to work out the problem while Bai Zhi had taken ten seconds spoke volumes about the gap in their abilities. With its power to read minds, it even verified that Bai Zhi had actually worked out the problem in those ten seconds.

It was like if they were both taking the same test, but while the ragdoll took thirty minutes to finish the paper, Bai Zhi had finished in five. Even if they both were awarded full marks, the difference in their skill would still be far from small.

“In other words, you are not the true owner of this shop, but a pitiful puppet bound by the rules of this space… Interesting, thank you for the information.”

After thoughtfully taking a look around the shop, which was quite roomy, Bai Zhi flicked a thumbs-up at the ragdoll.

“So come on now, what’s a prisoner like you doing putting on airs?”

“…My dear guest, please answer the question.”

The ragdoll’s voice was now terrifyingly sinister.

“A logically self-consistent answer…” said Bai Zhi, yawning. “Easy. What the woman fed the man was the Forbidden Fruit, which makes them Eve and Adam, respectively. Because they tasted the Forbidden Fruit, they were cast out of Eden and became mortal, thus the man died as a result of eating the fruit… Can I ask my next question?”

“…You are correct. Please ask your question.”

“Okay, listen up. My second question… There is a ship, and on it is a total of 72 cows, 36 sheep and 25 pigs. At least how old is the captain?”

This question stunned the ragdoll into silence for a whole thirty seconds.

Bai Zhi tapped his forehead with a finger and gave the silent ragdoll a mirthless smile. “Indeed, you’re able to access all the knowledge in my mind, but can you correctly identify the chain of reasoning that links those facts together?

“Don’t underestimate humans—you fall far short of us in terms of logical reasoning, and this is the greatest difference between us. I suppose in the end, you might find a way to answer it correctly, but… are you ready to handle my third, and final, question?”


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