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Transmigrating into the Reborn Male Lead’s Ex-Boyfriend – Chapter 151.2: Found a Boyfriend Bahasa Indonesia

In any case, Song Xuanhe was still a child who’d just graduated, and he was six or seven years younger than him. At this time in his life, it wasn’t such a good thing for him to start considering such a practical problem, or even suggest that his teacher couldn’t bring him any benefits.

Additionally, when he thought of Song Xuanhe’s family background and his boyfriend’s family background, Feng Tong felt that maybe having a teacher who could help pave the way for him wasn’t so important.

A trace of apology floated across Feng Tong’s face as he thought of this, and he said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way. From your expression, I can see that you and your teacher have a deep relationship. I didn’t think of that when I said my earlier words to you, so I’d like to apologize to you again, and also to your teacher. I’m very sorry.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Song Xuanhe pulled out of his thoughts and smiled, “I don’t mind. I believe that my teacher won’t mind, either.”

His teacher really wouldn’t mind. He would just snort coldly and scold Feng Tong for having eyes but being unable to see Mount Tai, then toss it to the back of his mind.

That little old man looked serious, but in fact, his personality was no different from that of a child. He was very forgetful, and the last thing he liked to do was to focus on revenge. He felt that hatred would affect a person’s view of beauty, and he rejected anything that would affect his aesthetic.

“He’s a very jealous little old man.” Song Xuanhe laughed, “So it’s best to forget about the matter of finding other teachers.”

Feng Tong nodded, and Song Xuanhe smiled briefly before continuing, “However, I’ll bring my design drafts. After all, the main purpose behind Master McPhail’s tea party is to encourage communication, is it not?”

“Yes.” Feng Tong smiled as well, “You can…”

Feng Tong’s words were interrupted by the ringing of Song Xuanhe’s cell phone.

He looked at the caller ID, and a smile appeared at the bottom of his eyes. He got up and said, “Sorry, I’ll be back after I answer this call.”

Feng Tong nodded and watched as he left with a smile on his face, then shook his head in amusement.

It was really very easy for love to change a person.

Feng Tong still remembered how Song Xuanhe looked the first time they met, and he also remembered the changes that happened after Song Xuanhe broke up with Xiao Yuanmu. When he saw him now, he seemed very different from before.

He was very much looking forward to seeing whether or not there would be even more surprises and inspiration in Song Xuanhe after he’d experienced so many changes in emotion.

Song Xuanhe didn’t know what Feng Tong was thinking. At this time, the smile that he’d had when he first answered the was already long gone.

“I’m sorry.” Xiao Yuanmu’s voice came over the call, tired and apologetic, “I have to go to Country F on short notice today. I’ll be back to have dinner with you tomorrow evening.”

Song Xuanhe looked out the window, took a deep breath and said, “It’s okay. I’ll be having dinner with Feng Tong later. You don’t have to worry about me.”

“Mm.” Xiao Yuanmu said, “I miss you so much.”

“I miss you, too.” Song Xuanhe said, “Make sure you get some rest.”

“I know.”

Xiao Yuanmu seemed to want tos ay something else, but Yang Jie’s voice drifted over from the other side. He paused, then said, “I have a meeting soon. See you tomorrow.”


After hanging up, Song Xuanhe stood there for a while before turning around and re-entering the cafe.

“Finished?” Feng Tong smiled, “I thought that you lovers would chat for a long time, so I’ve just ordered a new round of dishes.”

Song Xuanhe smiled and said, “You can eat a few more rounds.”

“Do you have to go back earlier?” Feng Tong was very considerate as he said, “If something has come up, you don’t have to accompany me for dinner at night. It’s okay if we have dinner together tomorrow instead.”

“It’s alright.” Song Xuanhe laughed briefly.

Song Xuanhe ate together with Feng Tong, then went back to the apartment alone.

Xiao Huang was waiting at home, and seeing that Song Xuanhe had returned, it wagged its tail and went around in circles around him excitedly before looking excitedly behind Song Xuanhe. When it saw that nother was there, the speed at which it wagged its tail also slowed down.

Song Xuanhe rubbed its head and said, “He’ll be back tomorrow. Don’t worry.”

Xiao Huang whined a few times, then returned to the sofa with its favorite ball toy in its mouth. It lay there on its stomach, its head facing the door, waiting silently.

Song Xuanhe read a book and accompanied it for a while. When midnight came, he went back to the bedroom to sleep.

He covered himself with the quilt and closed his eyes, then waited for sleep to come.

However, he didn’t feel any traces of sleepiness even by the time the sky started turning white.

This was the first time Song Xuanhe had experienced insomnia after coming into this world. He’d kept his eyes closed from beginning to end as night moved towards morning, but his brain remained very clear.

The system was able to detect that Song Xuanhe wasn’t asleep, but it could tell that Song Xuanhe didn’t want to talk to it. His mood hadn’t fluctuated much, so it didn’t speak up.

After all, it would be leaving Song Xuanhe forever in ten days. It was a good thing to not talk to him so that he could get used to life without it.

However, Song Xuanhe’s silence only lasted until 6:36 in the morning. His voice sounded out abruptly in the empty and quiet room, “Is Xiao Yuanmu hiding something from me?”

The system didn’t react at first because he hadn’t been speaking inside his mind. It didn’t answer until three seconds later when it realized that it was the only one that Song Xuanhe might be speaking to. [ I don’t know. ]

“Analyze it with your data.” Song Xuanhe opened his eyes and said, “You have Xiao Yuanmu’s information. Don’t you think that his current behavior is very strange? He has never been like this before.”

The system hesitated slightly: [ What do you mean by ‘like this’? ]

“Working overtime, coming home late or not coming back at all, going on business trips. Even his calls with me are shorter than before.” Song Xuanhe listed everything out one by one. He frowned, “My intuition tells me that he’s hiding something from me.”

The system didn’t speak.

Song Xuanhe asked, “Why aren’t you talking?”

[ You said before that only women have a sixth sense. ] The system said: [ How come you have one now? ]

Song Xuanhe: ……

”This is something that people who are in a relationship can easily develop. It’s not called sixth sense, and it’s just a type of intuition.” Song Xuanhe was expressionless as he continued, “You’ll have it too when you fall in love, but unfortunately, you may never get it.”

When faced with this sudden attack, the system fell back on its superior speech database that ensured that it would never be left speechless.

So, it said: [ I don’t think that it’s a sixth sense, it’s wishful thinking. People who are in love are more likely to think messy thoughts about gains and losses. It’s very normal. ]

Song Xuanhe wasn’t paying attention to what the system was saying. He was in the midst of thinking about Xiao Yuanmu’s abnormal behavior over this period of time.

At the beginning, Song Xuanhe hadn’t noticed Xiao Yuanmu’s abnormal behavior. After all, he did have a lot of work to do, and he was often so busy his feet barely touched the floor even without a backlog of work, not to mention after having rested for so long to recover.

What made Song Xuanhe find the situation strange wasn’t how busy Xiao Yuanmu, but his increasingly curt words.

Xiao Yuanmu had never been a talkative person, and was even a bit silent in front of most people. However, he was even easier to talk to than Song Xuanhe when he was with Song Xuanhe, and especially after that period of continuous words of love from Xiao Yuanmu some time ago, it would be strange if Song Xuanhe didn’t notice a difference as soon as he suddenly became less talkative.

Song Xuanhe didn’t know why Xiao Yuanmu would suddenly become less talkative, but he could feel that during this period where Xiao Yuanmu went out early and came back late, or didn’t even come back, he was really hiding something from him.

But he didn’t know what Xiao Yuanmu was hiding.

[ Why are you so certain that Xiao Yuanmu is hiding something from you? ] The system couldn’t understand it, [ Maybe he’s just working a lot. I can hack into all the systems in Xiao Yuanmu’s company, and he indeed took his plane to fly to Country F that evening. He didn’t lie to you. ]

“I’m not saying that he’s lying to me.” Song Xuanhe frowned.

[ Then what is it? ] The system searched through its database for the contradictions and troubles between men and women who were in love, then asked: [ Do you think that he doesn’t love you? ]

“No.” Song Xuanhe’s tone was calm and firm, “He can’t possibly like anyone other than me, and it’s impossible for him not to love me. ]

[ Don’t forget, ] The system reminded him, [ This is a world inside a book. In this book, Xiao Yuanmu has seven suitors. Although the author stopped updating, it does prove that the main character in this story has emotions. ]

Song Xuanhe raised his eyebrows, “I’ve noticed a very strange problem.”

[ About Xiao Yuanmu? ]

“About you.” Song Xuanhe said, “When I was firm in my decision to leave this world and return to my own world, you always wanted me to stay in this world. After I chose to stay, you’ve now started to belittle this world and hope that I’ll return to my original world. ]

[ I’m not. ] The system denied, [ Don’t wrong me. ]

Song Xuanhe sneered, the meaning in the sound self-evident.

The system fell silent for a few seconds, then admitted: [ Fine, I did do that, but it’s just because I hope you’ll make a decision you never regret. Once you decide, you’ll no longer have the chance to change your mind again. ]

[ Will you regret it if you chose to stay? ] The system asked.


Song Xuanhe got up and sat at the side of the bed, looking out the floor to ceiling window at the orange skyline that appeared between the clouds and blue sky. A warm yellow color was slowly spreading out, allowing light and warmth to penetrate through the black and blue clouds, shining brightly.

“I never regret my decisions.” Song Xuanhe curved his lips. A faint light brushed over his curled eyelashes and fell into his eyes through the gap between each eyelash. The scattered light was brilliant as he smiled and said, “He’s worth it.”

The system fell silent and accompanied Song Xuanhe to watch the sun rise little by little.

When the sunlight finally fell upon the earth, the system asked, [ What do you like about him? ]

Song Xuanhe thought about for a while, then shook his head, “Too many things, but it’s hard to say. What I like most is probably that he can make me trust him unconditionally.”

[ Since you trust him, why don’t you ask him directly about what he’s hiding from you? ]

Song Xuanhe was stunned as the system continued, [ Since you trust him, and he trusts you very much, why don’t you ask him directly about your suspicions? ]

Song Xuanhe seemed to suddenly see the light. Xiao Yuanmu had said before that there was something he wanted to tell him. Could it be related to his recent strange behavior?


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