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Transformation or Death chapter 81

81 – loss, preparation (3)

“Brother what are you doing! come fast!”

“I am going.”

Walking down the road with light steps, Jo Ah-yoon looked quite excited. The strong makeup she had drawn so far has become a device that enhances her cuteness by mixing with her innocence.

Jaejoong Han smiled and followed her.

“This is the place I recognized yesterday? What do you think?”

“Uh… yes…”

“Look closely! This is not a part-time job that you can easily leave, but a long-term business! It will continue to exist for at least a few years, so you should look at it properly when you see it.”

The place Cho Ah-yoon brought was a modest detached house on a certain hillside. The design is modern for a house, so it seemed that it could be used as a cafe even with a little remodeling.

“I don’t like downtown. It’s too noisy. Above all, we will operate with a small number of people, and then we will not be able to withstand the intense work. It’s nice to be around a residential area like this or away from the downtown area.”

The vision was more specific than I thought. Looking at the candidates for the cafe’s future tenants with sharp eyes, she was like a cold-hearted gifted businesswoman. Rather, because of his small stature, he became charismatic even when he was young.

“Oh, and I have a baking license and a barista license, but my brother also got it. We need to know how to brew coffee at Carpende.”

“Uh huh…”

Naturally, the fact that he was included in this start-up was embarrassing to Han Jaejoong.

“That… Ah Yuna? I don’t know since when, but isn’t it confirmed that I will help your cafe?”

“uh? What are you talking about now?”

Jo Ah-yoon asked as if it were absurd.

“Does your brother have a job? No, do you have any money?”


“But I also bought the chicken I ate before. So, do you have a house?”


“Do you have any specs, future visions, or industries you are interested in?”


As Han Jaejoong answered, his self-esteem was shattered. A typical unemployed high school graduate in his mid-twenties. Although he did touch the money his parents’ insurance money and Seol-hwa sent him a little, it’s practically no different from debt.

A karma that will have to be repaid someday.

Pride didn’t feed me, but it was worth defending even if I starved. It was guilt for him. I was reluctant to spend other people’s money as if it were my own.

Really, I felt like I was going to be reduced to trash.

“Brother, close your eyes.”


“What do you see?”

“It’s dark.”

“This is my older brother’s future when he lived as he is now.”

“Mr. Ha.”

Jo Ah-yun laughed a little. Han Jaejoong did not dare to refute.

“Are you having a hard time finding a job, no money, no home? You don’t even know how difficult it is in modern society, right? But it’s okay.”

She proudly placed her hand on her waist and declared.

“I have everything. This charismatic, hip brother has finished his plan to feed his older brother.”

“It’s not the Pillar West, so what…”

“So you’re saying I’ll get you a job.”

Jo Ah-yoon is not ignorant of Han Jae-joong’s personality. He looks like a geeky brother-in-law and has an unnecessarily delicate mind, but he has a strong reluctance to rely on or cling to others.

“I’m not giving you fish, I’m going to teach you how to fish. True noblesse oblige.”

So what I give him is not just money, but an opportunity to make money.

“Please serve as the boss from now on.”

“Okay, madam.”

“Don’t call me madam, you look older.”

“Okay, Mai Li Kitty.”

“Really behind.”

They joked around and laughed at each other and turned around.

“You don’t like it here?”

“Um… that’s nice. The location is a bit disappointing. It’s uphill, so it’s hard for people to come. How is your brother?”

“Of course, we have to follow the opinion of our princess.”

“Unify the name. And don’t use nicknames like princess or kitten. fall behind I’m short, so I’m good at hitting shins.”

“Okay, Yuna.”


Jo Ah-yoon nodded in satisfaction and turned on the map app to find her way to another candidate.

“Right brother. Let’s see the clothes after coming out today.”


“yes. I don’t have a good impression of my brother. We have to set the mood so that we don’t scare the guests.”

“That’s too much. I’m definitely smiling.”

“It’s because that smile is a sinister laugh that seems to be on the inside. Do you know that oppa sometimes looks at me with a sinister look?”


“That’s how it feels! Other than me, you can’t look at me like that, okay?”

“No, what do I do…”

“therefore. Now, let’s put on a suit with a good atmosphere and wear glasses that cover the eyes to create an intelligent appearance!”

Jo Ah-yoon’s voice was strangely excited.

“Ah Yoon-ah, I was so excited.”

“Oh, isn’t it?! I’m so calm?!”

“Yes, let’s say that, my lady.”

“I told you to unify the title.”

“Our Ah Yoon.”

“We… It’s a bit like a couple’s title. Remove that from the front.”

Jo Ah-yoon said that, but she didn’t feel too bad. The slightly reddened pinna of her ear gave an idea of her excitement.

A picture of a happy future unfolded in her mind now. Han Jaejoong, who has decorated himself according to his taste, greets the guests and the aroma of coffee in the small cafe…

[Quest appears.]

At the same time as Cho Ah-yoon’s happy imagination, Han Jae-joong’s expression hardened.

[Guard her.]


“See you later on clothes.”

Jaejoong Han stretched out his hand and caught the air. An ironsmith appeared there. An iron ball similar to the one floating around Jo Ah-yun. It unfolded in my hand, and changed like a buckle on a belt. The lens was a striking design, probably based on a telescope. Ayun Cho was already familiar with this transformation.

“I guess now is not the time.”

Han Jaejoong smiled bitterly and attached the buckle to his waist. Cheer La Rock. A piece of steel protruded from the right side of the buckle and wrapped around his waist.

The sky vibrates. Just as the land shakes when the soldiers advance, the sky also shakes when the soldiers advance.

An army was marching here from afar. The army was in the form of birds, not men. At first glance, it resembled the movements of migratory birds.

Just as migratory birds form formations and swim in the sky, they also marched in formations.

However, they were too large to be called birds. The sight of gigantic birds the size of a light aircraft flying in formation was both spectacular and pessimistic at the same time.

Geojo’s march with steel wings.

It was the advance of the monster.

Of course, I didn’t just watch it. If there are monsters, citizens have magical girls. Several spells were fired at the bird, and some birds broke away from the formation and fell down.

But there were too many.

It was a greedy number, and it was close to marching for show off, seeing as the sacrifice was not very important.

A monster who was arrogant, greedy, and liked to show off to others, was at the center of it.

Han Jaejoong looked into his eyes.


Green grains gushed from the belt.



The original transformation sound was overshadowed by the unpleasant noise. After an ear-piercing mechanical sound, a new transformation sound flowed out.

[I obey my fate.]

As fireflies light up a pond, the green starlight that embroidered around them gradually turned pure white.

The pure white starlight that shook violently like a blizzard on a snowy mountain enveloped him and transformed into a more savage and ferocious one. Like the veins of an animal protruding, like something exploding, more violently.

[U■■A MA■■R.]

Eventually, his body turned completely pure white. Half of his body was covered in thunderbolts, and the other half was covered in armor as rough as animal hair.

“I guess today’s outing ends here.”

It was a bolt of lightning in the shape of a man. It is as if the wrath of heaven has been embodied on earth.

He stood in front of Jo Ah-yoon as if to cover it.

Soon a bird came upon them. Only the shape is new, but in fact it was no different from a truck rushing to crash into it.

An ax was formed in the watcher’s right hand. An ax that is completely covered in lightning and its shape cannot be identified.

A single swing with no particularly great skills.

That was enough.

The rushing Geojo was cut in two as it was. There wasn’t even a splash of blood. All of the blood evaporated before splashing.

The ground split according to the trajectory he swung, revealing his inner flesh.

It was a brutal sight.

“Hold me.”

The Watcher spread his left arm and spat out. Jo Ah-yoon hesitated and entered his arms. Unlike the clumsy horse, he hugged her with a kind hand and flew into the sky.

“I will run away.”

By the time he hugged Cho Ah-yoon, an arrogant voice erupted from the sky like thunder.

“That is mine!”

The monarch who controls this eagle.

“Leave it!”

The monster of Aquila, Aquila.

In the center of the cluster, an eagle decorated with unique diamonds stands out. Looking down on them from above, Aquila declared.

“It is too precious for you to have! I’ll let this body have it myself, so let go of that vulgar hand! My last mercy! Well? No wait… I like you quite a bit too. Hey, it feels good!”

Aquila spread her arms. Dozens of eagles drew a circle in the sky following its movement. It was spread out like a net.

“Rejoice! I will have you as well as the girl.”

The watcher hugged Jo Ah-yoon tightly.

“Cancel the escape.”

Once Aquila caught her eye, it was impossible to escape. I will try to have Cho Ah-yoon no matter what.

Han Jaejoong knows the monster’s greed and greed.

It was indeed an eagle-like disposition.

The original source of that constellation is an eagle that Zeus transformed into in mythology to abduct the handsome young Ganymede.

Just like this anecdote in the myth, Aquila has a very arrogant greed.

Instead of paying a fair price and trying to take it, the moment you like it, treat it as your own and try to take it. They think they don’t need any value because they already own it.

He also knows the fate of the humans possessed by Aquila.

Stuffed. Humans are stuffed just like butterflies and animals are stuffed.

Among the monsters, they are the most vicious.

Also, they are unnecessarily obsessive, so they always try to get what they are hooked on.

I thought the last abduction was just a whim, but now that I’ve heard that, I’m already quite attached to it. Running away is nothing more than a war of attrition.

“It’s not about running away…”

That’s why he chose to repulse rather than flee. Defeat the monster while protecting Cho Ah-yoon. All of this had to be done within a limited time.

The watcher’s lens gradually began to turn black, and the thunderbolts also increased their range as if eating away at his body.

It was pretty tough though.

“Hyo-su would be nice.”

It wasn’t impossible.

“A person who has both a magic star and a monster star, and a person who can go back and forth between a human and a monster… I really like it! Hello!”

Aquila lightly flicked her hand.

“Colonel them before me!”

Dozens of giants rushed at them. It was a landscape that could be likened to rain from a meteorite. A cluster of stars, each of which has a huge mass.

“Bite your teeth tight again.”

The watcher ran while holding Cho Ah-yoon.

A straight white line was quickly drawn. The line split, burned, and pulverized the descending bird like tofu, and continued all the way to Aquila without the slightest delay.

Aquila is arrogant. They also value their own authority.

So, relax.

If you’re sincere, you think it’s low authority and vulgar, and you look down on everyone you see at first. always being careless

It was a very good thing for Watcher.

If you keep your guard up, things become easier.

“Who is taking whose head?”

There are many monsters who did not die until the end of the original story. One of those monsters is Aquila.

One of the reasons is that magical girls’ unique vigilance has weakened after awakening to their divinity.

But he is not now. They look down on the Watchers, and treat all magical girls even worse. Neither defense nor attack is active.

like now.


You can easily take your neck.

Soaring to the sky at the speed of lightning, the watcher decapitated Aquila with a diamond-colored eagle. It was very simple. It took less than a second. It was a very well-organized, mechanical slash.

The orderly movements of the eagles turned into chaos, and the Watcher landed from the sky.

Kwakwawang! The most intense sound of any movement so far occurred at this landing. The watcher, who landed on the ground like a thunderclap, set down Jo Ah-yoon, who was holding him.

“Uh, uhhhhh… What is it, are you done?”

“Okay, it’s over.”

It happened in an instant, and because her eyes were tightly closed, Jo Ah-yoon had no idea what had just happened.

Took. Something fell from the sky after them.


“Ahhhhh fuck!”

It was Aquila’s neck. Jo Ah-yun was frightened.

“What, what! brother is this right? Can it be over this easily?”

“It would be better if everything ended easily.”

“That’s right, but…”

The Watcher’s lenses were more than half black. It meant that there was less than a minute left to hold on to emotions.

The moment he put his hand on the belt to cancel the transformation, a scene replayed in his head.

Ursa Major’s ability to make full use of the belt’s features.

Observation of possibilities that are infinitely close to the future.

The watcher pushed Jo Ah-yun as if possessed.


Right after that, lightning struck. A dazzling golden thunderbolt. It didn’t fall, it rose.


Jo Ah-yun, who rolled on the ground, raised her head at the disturbing sound from above.


A hole was drilled. to people, won. A circle so neat that it gives goosebumps.

It was a trace of lightning passing near the watcher’s chest. The scar was more like being stabbed with a javelin than being struck by lightning.


A sound flowed from the severed throat.

“You made me very angry.”

A cold, cold voice that suppressed anger as much as possible.

“You made me look so filthy! This is your second!”

The decapitated monster did not die. His voice was thunderous. Every time he spoke, golden bolts of lightning erupted and tore through the watcher.

“So you won’t have it.”

Ayun Jo often gave Blue Sirius first aid when he was injured, so he knows a little about the body. That’s why I now know where the hole in Han Jaejoong is.

heart, lungs, liver.

It was all vital.

“Die as my adversary.”

The severed head flew in the air, and the Watcher’s lenses were all black.


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