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Transformation or Death chapter 80

80 – loss, preparation (2)

Jaejoong Han and Ahee Baek. The two of them stared at each other for a long time.

“Ah, no, that’s… that’s… uh… but… do you two… know each other?”

Jo Ah-yoon was at a loss as to what to do and tried to come up with an excuse.

“Why is he here?”

“Why did Jaejoong come to your sister’s house?”

Jaejoong Han was taken aback, and Ahee Baek asked in bewilderment.

“Why did the person who was dating Sirius until just now go to Deneb’s house…?”

Baek Ah-hee quickly shook her head. To prove this cause-and-effect relationship, I recalled what I had experienced.

When Han Jaejoong offered suicide counseling, Pink Deneb overreacted.

Blue Sirius and Pink Deneb seemed to have a bond even before becoming magical girls.

Blue Sirius and Han Jaejoong have been dating since they were students.

Of course, Pink Deneb, who was close to Blue Sirius, must have had a relationship with Han Jaejoong.

The conclusion that comes from that…!


Baek Ah-hee muttered as her complexion turned white. Now, in her mind, the sticky and immoral affair that had lasted for several years played like a movie.

“Wrong meeting… betrayal of boyfriend and junior whom he trusted… day and night are different…”

“…Why is he like that?”

“I don’t know. It was there sometimes The kid has high tension. It will be easier to get used to.”

Baek Ah-hee was startled when Han Jae-joong met his eyes.

“The reason why you became friends with me…?”

Then, as if to hide her private parts, she hugged me tightly with both arms.

“Was Mr. Davich right?! Was Jaejoong really a master at making women cry up and down with his unique looks and speech…?!”

“Hey dude, be careful with your words. The kid is peeling his feet.”

“There is an old saying that a man pays for his face, but that’s it! Seeing that you like Deneb, you seem to like girls who are young or look young… If you approached me and tried to do something, you are mistaken! I think it’s good that we’re still at the stage of getting to know each other! And I hate double-legged men! Clean up your relationship with a woman and take on the challenge!”

“Please don’t talk nonsense… No, don’t talk nonsense.”

“Is there a reason you changed your mind?”

Baek Ah-hee got up and was passionate.

“Ah, anyway, I don’t like… bad legs… I think. Sirius must be having a hard time… But, Deneb! There are many good men in the world! You don’t have to be with a man like Jaejoong with sadistic tastes and girlishness! Jaejoong, I will take responsibility and treat you!”

“Are you getting out? No matter how close we are, there is an age difference, but basic etiquette is…”

Baek Ah-hee, who glanced back at the place where the trouble came from, smiled and gently touched her belly.

“Jaejoong, do you remember that time? Even if I say I don’t like it…”

Han Jaejoong shut up. It was clear that he would probably worry about it for the rest of his life, and at the same time, it would have values that would not change for the rest of his life.

Tea leaves tend to soften after steeping several times, but why does the unique scent of the past not disappear no matter how many times it is steeped?

Looking at Han Jaejoong, who kept his mouth shut with a shy expression, Jo Ah-yoon looked at him in disbelief.

“I understand that a secret relationship between the two of you is attractive. Because it’s immoral and has a unique guilty pleasure. But still, as a magical girl who protects justice, that’s kind of…”

“I am no longer a magical girl. And I’m not the one who should hear that…”

Ayoon Jo replied coldly. Her eyes, which I can’t say because I’m usually on the good side, are even sharper, so I like it.

“I think it’s your brother’s side? what did you just say Brother, what did you do with that kid?”

“What are you doing? I….”

Han Jaejoong pondered over what he should say now so that he would not become trash, but since what he did was trash, it was clear that he would become trash no matter what he said. After a short thought, he revealed the truth.

“I… I just stepped on that kid’s stomach…”

“Yeah! Yes! It’s all because Jaejoong-ssi made me look pretty on my belly! The two of us have a very healthy and harmonious relationship… maybe. sister! Do not worry! I am not Jaejoong’s affair partner!”


Baek Ah-hee clearly agreed, and Han Jae-joong spat out and regretted it.

‘Ah-hee, I wonder if you won’t worry after hearing that.’

His thoughts were correct. Cho Ah-yoon wavered between trust and betrayal, and that wavering also affected her pupils. Her gaze, swaying like a light feather, made her guess at her confusion.

“yes? But is it okay if I say that? At that time, obviously…”

The Watcher’s merciless assault on Red Vega. The scene was also witnessed by Pink Deneb. Jaejoong Han’s words just now could have been an important clue linking him with the Watcher.

‘No, I don’t know anything.’

Baek Ah-hee stopped the accident. She decided to pretend not to know Han Jaejoong’s true identity. I vowed never to come close to the truth.

Watcher and Han Jaejoong are separate people. Baek Ah-hee should have known that.

‘That’s how I can protect Jaejoong.’

Just like White Davich did today, if you know the monster’s identity, it’s a rule to attack it, even if it’s disguised.

If Han Jaejoong and Watcher are completely connected, Baek Ah-hee will not be able to talk to him peacefully like this.

You can tease him with suspicion and circumstances, but you must not truly know him.

By the time she suddenly became serious, Han Jaejoong and Cho Ayoon became serious in a different direction.

“Oh, what did you do to your brother…”

“Now, wait. I’ll explain everything. yes?”

“What is the explanation! My, I should have known from when I looked at my brother’s search history. Aren’t you satisfied with what you see?”

“That was a story, not my record. Anyway, I’ll explain everything, go over there…”

Jaejoong Han tried to grab Cho Ah-yoon’s shoulder but hesitated. Even now, even this kind of physical contact could be mistaken for an eruption of violence. His unique meticulous and sensitive personality made him considerate of others even when his social position was shaken.

Noticing this consideration, Jo Ah-yoon tempered her anger a little.

“Oh, believe me. please. I will explain everything.”


Jo Ah-yoon grabbed Han Jae-joong by the wrist and led him into the room.

“I was so excited. If you have something to say, I will listen.”

Baek Ah-hee, who was drinking cocoa, was startled.

“Cow, what are you going to do with each other after inviting the guests…?!”

“Explain it bitch! And if you’re a guest, come in and leave.”

“hehehehe, of course it’s a joke~ Have a good time.”

“Look, you didn’t understand anything. That bitch’s thoughts are very pink. What is red, you should be pink.”

Cho Ah-yoon took Han Jae-joong out of the bathroom before entering the room where he calmed him down and heard an explanation.

By the time Baek Ah-hee finished drinking the cocoa, the explanation was over.

“I heard everything. It wasn’t really anything special, but it’s still not at the level I thought.”

Everything was sound compared to the worst of families, the sexual exploitation of minors.

“Because it is~”

“I wash now. Mr. Vega, play moderately and go back. Don’t stay too late.”

“You speak like a landlord? I must have been there often.”

Han Jaejoong, who finally realized the correct behavior after returning home, happily headed for the bathroom. His whole body was covered with sweat, and dust and blood were clotted with it. Just looking at it made me feel that I was suffering.

Baek Ah-hee felt relieved when she saw the traces of her hard work. It may be repugnant and selfish, but I felt truly fortunate that he was able to return safely.

Perhaps the suspicion that the thunderbolt monster that appeared today is a watcher, as White Davich said, is true. He went and endured the fight against the contradiction that could have caused great damage.

“…You worked hard today.”

Baek Ah-hee said that with guilt and respect. Just guessing, but he could be a watcher.

Jaejoong Han gave Baek Ah-hee a small nod. As I was about to go back to the bathroom, I felt Cho Ah-yoon’s hot gaze.

When we met her eyes, Jo Ah-yoon averted her eyes and muttered slightly embarrassed.

“Thank you for coming back.”

Cho Ah-yoon also conveyed it with gratitude, respect, and relief. Although it was delivered late due to an unexpected three-way face-to-face, these words were Jo Ah-yoon’s biggest heart today.

Although he believed in Han Jaejoong and ran away, the anxiety inevitably remained. I was more than happy to come back through the dizzying lightning.

believe and run away

That was the best Joe Ayoon could do.

Truly a burden.

Ayoon Jo has no dreams. Because I think dreaming is unhappiness. But even so, I don’t want to disturb the dreamer.

I don’t like it when people who have already gone through countless hardships and who will go through countless hardships see themselves as another hardship.

Jo Ah-yoon looked at Baek Ah-hee.

“You said you were your brother’s suicide counselor?”

“Yeah? Yes Yes! Yes! I am Jaejoong’s counselor!”

In fact, I received more than counseling. Baek Ah-hee hid behind the scenes and laughed.

“thanks. for helping my brother.”

“Eh, ah~ It’s not a big deal~ It was everyone’s job! hehehe….”

Pretending not to be, Baek Ah-hee’s mouth was happy at the compliment.

“You really do a great job. the magical girl. Isn’t it hard?”

“hehehehe, sister, are you saying that you are no longer a magical girl and pretending to be someone else? To put it bluntly… Of course it’s hard!”

Baek Ah-hee was confident and honest.

“Still, it’s cool, magical girl. Isn’t it worthwhile to keep going even though it’s hard? The stars in the sky don’t stop shining just because they’re annoying. I want to be like that star. A star that guides everyone to peace like the North Star.”

That’s why, that word also shouldn’t be embellished.

Even at a young age, the image of working on it with a dream was definitely beautiful.

Even if your dreams come with hardships, you will continue to challenge yourself. Cho Ah-yoon had a similar respect for this child as he had for Han Jae-joong.

“Oh, yes! You can’t rest like this! thanks sister! I’ll go back to work!”

“What are you doing again?”

“Because monsters don’t rest even at night!”

Baek Ah-hee got up from her seat and went out to the front door. Jo Ah-yoon had no time to stop. Her will was firm.

“He said he was going to dinner!”

“Now that I’ve confirmed the two of you, my business is over!”

Baek Ah-hee smiled slightly mischievously.

“And… I will be careful with what I say to Sirius. relationship between the two. Whoops, have a good time! The uninvited guests are gone!”


Only then did Cho Ah-yoon realize that he had not yet resolved the suspicion of the two legs.

“Hey, hey wait! hey you misunderstood! Hey!”

Baek Ah-hee left the house like that.

“Did you go early? thank god. What did you do to hold on until late?”

Han Jaejoong came out of the bathroom and came out into the living room wiping his wet hair. Jo Ah-yoon retorted with a blushing face.

“Everything, fortunately, what is fortunate… You think of our relationship as… like that, wealth, affair…”

“Well, it’s something we can meet later and explain.”

Jaejoong Han thought nothing of it. Jo Ah-yoon seriously thought about whether it was because she didn’t hate being misunderstood about her relationship, or if she really didn’t think much of it.

‘…the relationship is like brother and sister all the time… don’t you hate it again?’

Still, after concluding that it was the latter, Ayoon Jo conveyed the matter.

“Right brother.”

“Yes why?”

“We’re going to open a shop.”

“Are you really going to do that?”

“Then fake it?”

I’m disappointed. He grumbled a little and spoke.

“I’m thinking of going to a cafe after all? Oppa, do you have a barista license?”

“Is there such a thing…?”

“Then follow me later. By the way, I have it.”

“Can I serve?”

“No. I’m going to do business as a handsome cafe waiter. Hey, I’ll make good money.”

“Don’t sell my face.”

“no. You will be proud of your brother’s face. So, you’re trying to look at real estate? That’s why I went outside today… Oppa, will you help me tomorrow?”

Han Jaejoong took out his cell phone with a confused expression. Yoon Seol-hwa must have been quite busy, so there was no contact yet.

Actually, Seolhwa Yoon was very busy. It was because I had to punish White Davich for the grandiose trolling today and devise a countermeasure in the future. The former accounted for 70% of the reasons for being busy.

A sad song rang out from the basement of the association, but no one could hear it because the soundproofing was good.

“…Yes, I will. Also, if you get kidnapped by an eagle, it will be difficult.”

“Is that so? look at my brother I’m dumb here.”

Cho Ah-yoon naturally raised her hoodie to show her scars. There were blue bruises on his immaculate skin. Han Jaejoong averted his gaze because of his slightly exposed chest.

“Uh-huh, it’s not like a grown woman showing off her skin carelessly.”

“Is it okay for a grown-up bachelor to kick a woman in the belly and show her naked body?”

“Hey, that wasn’t what I showed you, what you saw… Yes, I was bad.”

Jo Ah-yun smiled brightly. I had a good excuse to walk the streets with him.

“So, did you allow me to go out with you tomorrow?”

It was the moment when tomorrow’s schedule was decided.


Above the shabby building, a monstrous man with feathers all over his body looked down.

“Um… I failed this time.”


The man behind the monster, contradiction, asked.

“Abduction. I was thinking of finding something that looked precious and bringing it back… Unfortunately, it turned out.”

Around the monster, several huge birds roared and flew in the sky. The eagle that kidnapped Cho Ah-yoon today. They were gigantic birds that could be compared to the size of a light aircraft.

Contradictions responded to his complaint with a formal laugh.

“What. If you fail, don’t you just try again? So, do you like this place?”

“Well, it’s small and shabby… but I like it. There are many things I want to have.”

“That is very fortunate.”

Each of those birds was a monster worthy of an S-class monster. The best monster to deal with such a monster. A person in the form of an eagle.

“Mr. Aquila.”

“Hmm. I’ll skip the rudeness of calling my name for once.”

The eagle-headed monster called Aquila smiled contentedly.

“I am very merciful when I find what I want.”

Shortly after coming to this country, he found a strange girl who felt both a magical girl’s star and a monster’s star at the same time.

He was a rare person who was hard to find even in his own country. It was worth kidnapping.

Aquila nodded, thinking of it even now.

“You are right. If you fail, you have to try again.”

If you think about having it once, definitely get it. This was Aquila’s creed.

“There is nothing in this world that I cannot have.”

He had the ability to realize this arrogant creed.

Dozens of eagles let out a roar.


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