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Transformation or Death chapter 79

79 – loss, preparation (1)

A white trail appeared in the sky. It was a line like a lightning bolt spreading sideways. The jagged lines soon stopped at the corner of a remote city.

A rain of lightning fell from where the line stopped. There was no rain or dark clouds, only lightning. It was pure white lightning. The beam of light, which looked like a huge tree, shook the ground mercilessly.

The turmoil created by only two monsters had overwhelming authority, reminiscent of a mythical battle.


White Davich exclaimed in admiration.

“Sumima-sen~! Are we fighting over that?”

“Are you going to fight him…?”

“Oh, hi! That’s it!”

“no way! Do not!”

Ayoon Cho stopped her in a panic. In the distance, the sky was thundering hard as if in wrath.

Now I knew he was fighting in a place so far away that I couldn’t even see him. For him, having a magical girl participate in the battle would come as a considerable burden.

Even the destructive fighting method that neglected self-defense like the one before was even more so.

“all right!”

White Davich smiled and nodded. He gave more strength to the arm that was holding Cho Ah-yoon and hugged her. Her voluptuous body, unbelievable for a teenage girl, wrapped around her like a cushion. Jo Ah-yun was not happy at all.

“You were worried about Boku (me)! thank you!”

Of course not. What Jo Ah-yoon was worried about was not this unnecessarily high-tension and rude magical girl. She was worried about her older brother, who was now stirring in the thunderstorm.


“Kyaaa Senpai tsundere! Oh, if you’re worried, you should honestly say that you’re worried!”

However, I was silent because it was annoying to reply and I thought it would only lead to an argument. Without even exchanging a few words, Joayun already hated White Davich.

Before she lost her memory of working as a magical girl, did she ever get along with someone like this? It was surprising. Looking at it before, it seems like you didn’t even manage the image.

“Hey White… Davich.”


“What, what, why?”

“Why, why are you…? It’s scary that you’re straight! Why don’t you call me Jjokbari as usual?”

Oh, you weren’t friendly. Ayoon Cho agreed. He realized that he and her weren’t close, and that she was approaching him one-sidedly.

coogu palace. The thunder was still roaring loudly. Using the sky as a drum, they enthusiastically created a wave. Red Vega, who was looking at the scene anxiously, asked.

“…Sister, what should I really do?”

“It worked out well for us.”

Blue Sirius sighed and placed his hand on the jewel near his chest.

“Altayr. Did you get a rough idea of the situation?”

[Yes… I can’t see it well because of the lightning. They just fight to the death among themselves. Both monsters are estimated to have consumed quite a bit of starlight. Probably there will be no raid on a private house again after that battle. Well… I wouldn’t have attacked it if someone hadn’t come out in the first place.]

Orange Altair’s voice was heard by all the magical girls present. The eyes of all the magical girls focused on White Davich.

White Davich looked over the crowd and nodded with a determined look.

“Wakarimashita (I got it)! Fireless Otonashi Haru! I will pay for my sins with death…”

“Hey, what the hell are you talking about! I don’t know what you did, but to die…”

“Whoa… Calm down.”

He brought the sharp end of the horn to his neck. Jo Ah-yoon, who was right next to him, was stunned, and Blue Sirius sighed as if he had a headache.

“What if I die? You end up not being punished in the basement of the association. Don’t think about ending the day comfortably.”

“…Hey (yeah).”

White Davich stretched out without strength.

“Yes, first of all, since we do not know how far the fight will affect us, we should focus on evacuating and protecting the surrounding citizens as much as possible. I’d appreciate it if they both fell down in the fight… but maybe nothing good will happen. While concentrating on protection, don’t forget to prepare to deal with the monster after the fight.”

Blue Sirius, who skillfully commanded the magical girls, touched his forehead again.

“Ah, I’ll have to analyze that monster again… Oh, really.”

It was Blue Sirius, who never took offense at any enemy. The other magical girls were nervous at the completely different reaction than usual. Ayoon Jo was like that too.

‘Why is that senior angry…’

‘No matter how quickly it ends, I won’t have time to meet Jaejoong again by the end of today… Ah, I really hope all the monsters die. Dying, dying, dying, dying!!!’

That lamentation was not even a fragment of the stress that Blue Sirius had now. Suppressing her unspeakable dissatisfaction and irritation, she managed to keep her cool.

“Anyway, let’s all split up and do what we have to do. Especially Davich, stop doing useless things now…”

“That, little man… I have something I want to say!”

“If you talk nonsense, I’ll put ice in your mouth right away. What?”

“The monster that just appeared… Maybe it’ll be fine without registering again.”

White Davich spoke quickly before being reprimanded by anyone.

“I have proof! First! The fact that we didn’t care and only showed the habit of running towards monsters! We know these monsters! Second! The appearance before being covered by that lightning! This too was very similar to the monster we know! The color was white and there were a lot of decorations that we hadn’t seen before… You know that the monster we used to know transforms into many different shapes. Like in some old cheap hero anime.”

Red Vega’s resolute expression was slowly covered with astonishment.

“Boku (I) predicts that monster to be the Big Dipper!”

“…Huh, are you sure?”

Red Vega asked White Davich. Something seemed agitated.

“Of course I’m not sure, but… I think it’s almost 100%! 100%!”

“oh my god….”

At White Davich’s declaration, Red Vega slumped stunned.

“What did I just do…”

“Yes, that certainly makes sense.”

Blue Sirius also nodded in response. White Davich smiled again and scratched his head, as usual.

“Ahahahaha… Maybe I’m a genius?”

“Of course, it’s still too early to be sure.”

Blue Sirius muttered in a mixed voice.

“Besides… that guess means that the monster has gained more power. It’s been hard enough so far, but a monster worse than this…”

“Stop, senior.”

Jo Ah-yoon’s mouth itched. I wanted to shout no.

“…Ah Yuna.”

But I couldn’t tell. Blue Sirius looked at her with an apologetic look. Jo Ah-yoon felt guilty for nothing.

“I’m sorry I didn’t look closely. I should have taken care of you more… My, I made this mistake again… I’m sorry. I’m so sorry….”

“Eh, what are you talking about, senior? That monster is bad, what is wrong with you?”

Caressing his throbbing side, Jo Ah-yoon smiled bitterly.

“I’m okay.”

Even if I tell the truth, it’s just a lung for everyone. It can draw unnecessary attention and attention to Han Jaejoong, and it only adds more burden to Blue Sirius who has to defeat the monster.

‘Why does he look like a monster when he transforms…’

Besides, the appearance just before was not a monster no matter who looked at it. Misunderstandings are bound to deepen. Everyone will only get hurt.

‘Why did you have such a dream?’

what is the guardian of the guardian Even though the object being guarded doesn’t feel like a proper guardian, he attacks himself, and he is trembling in fear.

what does that dream mean What does it mean to dream of not being recognized? What is the meaning of a dream you don’t understand?

All you will receive is hatred, and all you will have is self-satisfaction.

dreams are misfortune

The only thing that can be reached beyond countless adversities that cannot be counted is only a small amount of relief and satisfaction.

no. won’t even reach it. There are no answers to abstract goals.

I will regret and lament until the time when I struggle to satisfy that desire and eventually lose my life.

Jo Ah-yoon felt sick to her stomach. He lamented the fact that the person who would meet that miserable end could be the person he longed for.

dreams are misfortune

What a terrible thing to live a life holding on to and clinging to a goal that doesn’t make any realistic sense.

But there are things you can feel. There is something you see when you watch those dreamers as a stranger.

dreams are misfortune At the same time, it is a challenge.

A person who does not give up in the midst of any trials and suffering is beautiful.

Even if the dreamer is unhappy, he is beautiful.

I looked into the distance, where thunderbolts were still dropping. I thought of him continuing a battle so far away that I could neither reach nor see him, who would not be praised by anyone.

“Whoa! Do you think we need to act quickly?”

“What? yes yes! First! I have to… I have to… Yes… I’m not a bad bitch who beats people without knowing their face… A comet that protects citizens…”

“Please evacuate for now, Ah Yoon-ah.”

Worried about the aftermath of the thunderbolt, the magical girls took action. Blue Sirius looked at him with great concern, and Cho Ah-yoon responded with a nod.

‘…okay. I will run away as my brother said.’

He doesn’t have any power, so staying would be just a nuisance.

‘But my brother has to come back too.’

If not, I’ll follow you somehow. I won’t forgive you for disappearing on your own this time.

The iron ball that had been wandering around Jo Ah-yoon had a little sparkle.


“Eh… Eh, even if we don’t go this far…”


Shortly after the turmoil subsided, there was still a magical girl by Joayun’s side.

“I know Deneb’s anecdote! You said you were kidnapped by a monster once in the past, right? That’s where the power of a magical girl was awakened! Kidnapping will definitely remain a strong trauma for you! I can’t pretend I don’t know my sister who pretends to be okay by holding back the pain!”


Jo Ah-yun smiled shyly.

‘I’m not Deneb. And what is the story Did I? I don’t remember it at all. And it’s burdensome. Inconvenient. You know me, but I don’t know you…!’

I thought about it and spit it out.

“Red Vega, you are uncomfortable. I’m annoyed, so go to your house.”

“hehehehe, did you think that I, trained by my sister’s vicious language, would back down at that? I am weaker than usual. It must be proof that you are tired.”

“Ah, don’t fucking follow me.”

“That’s how you are, sister!”

Jo Ah-yoon was dumbfounded.

‘No, what the fuck did I say? What did you usually say to the child who is still beautiful?’

“No fuck go!”

He cursed at himself in the past and spat out many curse words in the present, but Baek Ah-hee only smiled and followed her.

In the end, she followed Ah-yoon Cho to her house. It must have been home a couple of times before, seeing as it followed the path naturally.

“You really need to drink this.”

“Wow, it’s Cocoa! I like this~ Thank you sister!”

“No, what kind of child is so shameless…”

Baek Ah-hee’s hands were shaking slightly as she sipped the cocoa. Jo Ah-yoon felt something instinctively.

‘…Hey, don’t you want to be alone? I was worried about me, but I needed someone to be with…’

Something seemed uneasy.

‘Well, how scary a fight must be for a kid who isn’t even in his 20s yet.’

Even Cho Ah-yoon, who was not a party to the battle, was overcome with fear. The attacks coming from all directions were enough to tear apart the weak human flesh and end their lives.

“…Eat until dinner and go.”

“really? wow! I love you Deneb! After all, I’m a tsundere~”

“Because it’s not Deneb anymore. And don’t say anything like that.”

Maybe the old self would have gotten along well with this kid.

“What are you going to do? I’m trying to make delivery easy…”


At that moment the doorbell rang.

“Oh~ I like the delivery system these days! Just imagine, automatic delivery! Even faster!”

“Is that so? stay I’ll go out and see.”

Jo Ah-yoon went to the front door without hesitation and opened the door.

“Ah Yuna… I’m taking a bath… uh, sweating is no joke…”

It was Han Jaejoong. He casually entered the front door, took off his shoes, and stepped into the house. There was no time for Cho Ah-yoon to stop him. Unable to welcome him back, Ayun Jo had to stop him.

“Oh, oh, brother wait!”

“Huh? Why suddenly… Mr. Vega?”


The three people who were at the scene of the previous battle met.


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