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Transformation or Death chapter 77

77 – Severed Traces (10)

Two lights burst out like an explosion. A clear beam of light without a single impurity and two turbid and dull lights pushed each other.

“What are you doing!”

“Wow really…”

Soon, the light gathered to the source where it had been emitted, and formed a single shape. fluttering clothes and hard armor.

A girl proudly jumped out of the shimmering light.

“In the name of the stars, a bloody mace to you!”

she was white

A white cape wrapped around a white dress.

A large white bow-shaped ribbon in the center. A jewel resembling a diamond that adorns it.

Even the knee-length skirt had something like cotton in it, which made it look warm.

Her hair, the same color as her eyes, fluttered with a slight curl.

It was like seeing a white Santa.

“White Davich appeared! Doo!”

The figure of another existence was also revealed in the smoke.

“So that my dress can become an Akai (red) dress again today… Huh?”

“okay. I look forward to it too.”

Impressive armor with a mix of red and blue planes. A chaotic appearance, as if looking at Mondrian’s art work. Among magical girls, it is said that it is notorious after being cursed…

“Yabe, followed.”

The monster of the shield, Scutum. so-called contradiction.

White Davich waved his hands in a cold sweat. A horn was born out of nothingness. He wielded it like a blunt weapon and hit contradiction.


A cheerful sound shook the hall.


Then the commotion began.

“Um… that hurts. Pretty good.”

“Eh?! This half and half chicken was that guy earlier?! Yabe! I think we were followed!”

I laughed hahahaha as if the contradiction was funny.

“Did you attack without knowing who it was?”

“Eh again… If you’re a monster, you have to be crushed first…? Is it possible to return?”

“Impossible. A fight that has already started, because I have no intention of avoiding it.”

In the hands of contradiction, a horn identical to that of White Davich was created.

“Don’t be too anxious. If there is a reasonable chance, life will be saved.”

“That doesn’t comfort me at all?! Aww!”


Immediately, he reproduced the attack he had just received. After being hit by the horn, White Davich flew through the store and broke a window and was thrown out.

“It’s not a very good weapon. After all, it’s not intended to be used for its intended purpose…”

A sharp arrow flew at the contradiction who was touching the horn. The contradiction that had quickly bounced upwards retreated slightly.

“Don’t ignore me.”

It was an orange Altair. The White Davich flew and took advantage of the obscured vision to fire an arrow.

There was a bow in her hand. A bow resembling an eagle. When the string was pulled again, an arrow of light was placed on top of it.

“Red Vega, evacuate the guests. That idiot, White, will come back on his own.”

He gave instructions naturally. Baek Ah-hee, like them, began to transform in a hurry.

“Ah, yes! Dress up!”

Yoon Seol-hwa also moved accordingly.

“I can’t live… Jaejoong, don’t leave my side!”

Yoon Seol-hwa also immediately grabbed the flying mascot. The mascot in the shape of a husky doll was transformed into a ribbon in an instant, and starlight decorated her surroundings.

“Dress up.”

[Dress up your star!]

Two more magical girls appeared. Red flames and blue ice ferociously vibrated the air.

“Eh, senior?”

“Sirius sister?! Why are you here…”

“Isn’t that what’s important right now?”

She took a deep breath and immediately looked around with her cold pupils. The contradiction of people running away from Honbi Baeksan and still sticking to a relaxed attitude. Fortunately, Han Jaejoong is behind him.

The most important thing right now is Han Jaejoong’s life. This is natural.

‘I evacuate Jaejoong to a safe place while those children lure contradictions…’

Yoon Seol-hwa felt her gaze.


immediately recalled the past. It’s been years since now, but it’s something I’ll never forget.

I rescued my lover first. I remembered the time when everything started to go wrong, just starting with that reason.

Yoon Seol-hwa looked at Han Jae-joong once again. He was looking at her too. It was the same gaze, but not the same. When our eyes met, Han Jaejoong smiled kindly.

She bit her quivering lips and murmured softly.

“…not today.”

That won’t happen today.

A snowstorm raged.

“Red Vega! As Altair said, evacuate the citizens first! Altair steps back and snipes! On the way, look at Davich and tell him to take care of himself! And I…”

He lightly stepped on the floor. A terrible chill welled up from there.

“I will deal with that guy.”


Pillars of ice surged up. The ice pillar lightly lifted the paradox and carried it upward. To tear down the roof or walls of a shop, and continue upward.

Past mistakes are not repeated. The mistake I made at that time was because I was weak. Because he was weak enough to have to set the order when protecting someone.

If something to protect is nearby, just blow it away so far that it can’t harm it.

If something hurts someone, kill it before you can harm it.

“Jaejoong, stay in a safe place. I’ll come back. Understand?”

After waving to Han Jaejoong, Blue Sirius climbed up the ice pillar.


Certainly, firepower is the highest among magical girls. Han Jaejoong exclaimed in admiration at the tower of ice that was tall enough to easily climb over a tolerable building.

“All of you, this way! Quickly!”

Red Vega induced an evacuation following Blue Sirius’s instructions. As I tried to get out of the store while naturally blending in with the rushing citizens, I was grabbed by the back of my neck.


“Hello, Mr. Jaejoong.”

“Ah yes.”


“Something similar…”


Red Vega looked at Han Jaejoong as if he were judging him.

“I wore the clothes properly and beautifully… well, I passed.”


“If you go on a date with Sirius unnie, you have to dress like that. Come on, let’s go.”

I patted his butt with my hand, as when driving a horse or cow.

“Oh what are you doing?”

“Why, it’s better than kicking your stomach with your foot.”

When Han Jaejoong hated it, as always, he pulled out a special move and made him shut up. Looking at her with a disgruntled look, Red Vega smiled and winked.

“Like a comet in your heart! I will protect you, so evacuate safely!”

“Thank you so much for the fan service.”

“We really need to evacuate!”

He said in a more calm voice.

“…I don’t want to deal with more than two monsters in one day.”

After briefly scanning the crowd of citizens in front of her eyes, she floated up. While screams echoed and shrouded the city in chaos, a line of light piercing the sky brought peace to their hearts.

“Everyone, calm down! The monster is far away now! Blue Sirius is dealing with you! Quick evacuation to the nearest underground shelter…”

Red Vega skillfully instructed people and induced safe evacuation to prevent unnecessary injuries from getting entangled in each other.

Apparently, Orange Altair, who had been in the store until now, had gone up to the top of the building and was glaring at one place.

And White Davich…

“Wow! Kimo… to really copy my abilities…! I feel bad! Absolutely unforgivable!”

He was muttering while shaking off the rubble, as if he had been stuck in a corner of the building. Perhaps she was staring at her too closely, but suddenly Han Jaejoong was able to meet her gaze.


White Davich opened his eyes wide in surprise.

“Umm… I’ve seen it a lot… Ah, this isn’t the time!”

White Davich hit me on the ball a couple of times. cheeks turned red. Soon after, a disappointed voice broke out.

“I thought it was just a monster disguised as a monster… I never thought something like that would come out… Yabe… Maji Yabai (really dangerous)… It will be confirmed later…”

He grabbed the horn and kissed the tip.

boo woo woo-! The sound of the flute sounding like an announcement of war spread far and wide. The sound of instruments exploding amidst screams. Vibrating the air, he covered the world with his own sound for a moment.

“But I’ll have to clean up the shit I’ve made! Kill the bastard bastard! Minagoroshi!”

After the air shook, the ground shook. The same vibration as when a large army started marching. The vibrations came from beneath the ground.

Kwakwawang! The ground where White Davich was standing was shattered, and a gigantic beast presumed to be a monster appeared under it. She naturally climbed onto the monster’s back and screamed.

“Come!!! Ikuze!!!!”

The beast monster ran out. Even after the beast monsters, several monsters began to appear from under the ground. Mostly, they were soldiers with dwarf skeletons like children.

“There’s nothing different from the real original.”

White Davich was the character Han Jaejoong loved the most when reading the webtoon. His unique way of speaking and lovely appearance were enough to win his heart. But that’s only good when you’re having fun in fiction.

‘If it’s a monster without countermeasures, it’s a bit like that…’

If she had been quiet, this incident might not have happened.

It’s a while to get wet with emotion. Another big explosion occurred at the end of the Freeze Tower. There must be a fierce battle going on by now. Otherwise, someone might die. It would be nice if the deceased was a monster, but such luck is rarely easy to find.

Suddenly, I felt a huge shadow pass over my head. It wasn’t a cloud. Han Jaejoong looked up as if possessed.

A huge bird was flying. Jaejoong Han knows what it is.

The monster of Aquila, Aquila.

“I’m sorry, Ah-hee, Seol-hwa.”

Just as a magical girl has a mission, Jaejoong Han also has a mission.

Contradiction is a very tricky enemy. There is now one more enemy added.

There was no reason why he wouldn’t step out to protect a magical girl.

“I’m right now… Huh?”

I saw a person being held under the feet of the monster who was just flying. Jaejoong Han narrowed his eyes and took a closer look. familiar clothes. No doubt. These are the clothes I saw on my way out of the house this morning.


Joayun was caught by him.

Han Jaejoong felt the blood flowing through his body cool down.


“What the fuck is this…”

Jo Ah-yun tried her best not to look down. I always looked at the world with a low gaze, but unexpectedly I came to see the world with a high gaze. It would have been nice if it was only a few centimeters higher, but the problem is that it is as high as several hundred meters.

“Get down! My, get off! Fuck! No, don’t get off! Get down somewhere safe!”

It was clearly on the way to look for real estate. Then, suddenly, a huge bird snatched her up and flew into the sky.

It felt like being struck by lightning in the dry sky. It’s an accidental kidnapping.

“What the fuck is this!!! Help me!!!”

I screamed loudly with my eyes closed, but it was questionable whether I could even reach it properly at this height.

Oxygen was also scarce. The cold temperature and low oxygen temperature unique to high places put pressure on her.

It was then.

Quaang! The bird’s wings fluttered loudly, and the shock was transmitted to Jo Ah-yoon’s back.


Something rode on the monster’s back. It was not difficult to guess.

The identity of that something was a thunderbolt.

A white straight line stirred the sky. Sharp bolts of lightning flashed in the sky again and again. Blinking was repeated.

A thunderbolt came from a really dry sky.


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