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Transformation or Death chapter 75

75 – Severed Traces (8)

Yesterday or today, late between night and dawn, Yun Seol-hwa received a call.

The caller is none other than Han Jaejoong.

An ex, someone you love today, someone you will never forget no matter what happens tomorrow.

I got a call from him. Yun Seol-hwa was shocked and nervous like a girl who received a letter from her unrequited love.

I couldn’t help it. It was a man whom I had never seen before, not even once, not even once, not even once, not even once in contact with his voice or handwriting.

He ran away while Seolhwa Yun lay down after being attacked by the monster in the shield seat.

Even though his wounds hadn’t fully healed yet, seeing him run away, Yun Seol-hwa was convinced.

‘You’re making me uncomfortable.’

It was so obvious. I know the reason for your discomfort. Because this was obvious too.

‘Eating curses because of me… I’m tired of it. Because I’m bad, I…’

Just because he was Yoon Seol-hwa’s boyfriend, he was insulted that he did not dare to bear. Not only that, but after taking all the insults that had been inflicted upon her upon herself, she went into hiding.

With the words never to find it.

The promise to return was not kept as it playfully disappeared like a soap bubble, and the detection operation using illegal methods failed.

Even in a chance meeting, he consistently maintained an uncomfortable reaction.

Jaejoong Han does not want to meet Seolhwa Yoon. I couldn’t help but be so sure.

This night’s contact was a phone call that came in the middle of this.

“…Seolhwa, can we meet tomorrow?”

“Yes! Yes! Well, yes! We can meet right now! Where shall we go?!”

Han Jaejoong wants to meet Yoon Seolhwa!

“No, it’s late now… tomorrow…”

“Tomorrow?! Oh, okay! I’m going! I’m definitely going!”

“Uh, uh…”

“Whether a monster comes or my house catches on fire, I will definitely go!”

“Then you don’t have to come. Heh, no. Yes, you say you want to, but who will stop you?”

Jaejoong Han smiled as usual. It was just like the old days. There was no hint of reluctance in his voice.

It wasn’t! Didn’t hate me!

My heart was vibrating enough to shake my eardrums.

Even after the phone was hung up, it didn’t change.

Yoon Seol-hwa lay on the bed with a pounding heart, looking forward to tomorrow.

‘They don’t hate me…!’

Long wait for the night to pass.

Suddenly, the sun rose in the world.


Seolhwa Yun stayed up all night on the day of the appointment!


Yoon Seol-hwa, who was wearing a hat tightly, had sunken eyes. Even the impoverished eyes transform into decadent aesthetics the moment a beauty like her possesses it. However, Han Jaejoong’s eyes were not very welcome.

‘…how hard it must have been in the meantime.’

I felt guilty for the face of the person I turned away from.

‘Looking at Jaejoong’s face, it seems like he’s opening his eyes… I’m happy.’

I couldn’t imagine that I couldn’t sleep because I was so excited for the promise.

For reasons like a child before going on a picnic, Seolhwa Yun stayed up all night. When I met Han Jaejoong, I thought what would happen if I couldn’t hear properly because I was sleepy, but fortunately, I didn’t think I would have to worry about that.

‘Look at the eyes and the bridge of the nose… They are sharp and beautiful. so good Maybe she’s prettier than me? Isn’t it the most beautiful thing in the world?’

Seeing Han Jaejoong’s fine face after a long time made Yoon Seolhwa’s sleep run away in an instant. Of course, it was only the mental side, and the body still craved sleep…

‘This is welfare and this is happiness! Jaejoong is so handsome! the best!!! I love you!!!!’

It did not become any obstacle for Yun Seol-hwa, who let out an internal roar.

“That… It’s a tale.”

“Yes? Ah, no. Uh, yes! Why?”

It was Yoon Seol-hwa, who inadvertently developed a cold and melancholic atmosphere while managing her expression.

‘Did you really not want to meet me? What kind of face did you come to visit now? Or are you gripped by a strange feeling of guilt…? If you do nothing wrong and yet be kind like a fool…’

Jaejoong Han saw that and guessed that Yun Seol-hwa’s pain was showing on her face.

“It’s been a long time… It’s been hard, right?”

“Oh yeah… it was hard… but it’s okay now. Really!”

It was sincere.

‘Yes, what’s important to me? As long as Jaejoong is happy and pretty, everything is fine.’

The joy of reunion and the strangely high tension after a night out combined to create a synergy that turned a strangely positive circuit.

“Yes, Seolhwa, the reason I came to you today… is to apologize.”


What are you apologizing for? Too good a sin? The sin of stealing my heart? Yes, being too proud to cause jealousy can be called a sin.

To Yoon Seol-hwa, who was seriously stuck, he was a truly attractive existence. No matter how painful the past was, I couldn’t think of it now.

I was in a hurry to taste the happiness of the moment.

he was the light A powerful blinding light. A beautiful and sublime light that covers it in white and makes it impossible to see the surroundings.

It was a kind of worship, an escape.

Unresolved problems are like a mountain, but in front of them, they melt away and become invisible.

It was obvious that the moment the light disappeared and the darkness fell, it would freeze again and reveal itself, but I decided not to think about it right now. I didn’t even have the energy to do it.

“I’ve been avoiding you all along…”

“That, Jaejoong.”

Yoon Seol-hwa put her hand on top of Han Jae-joong’s. With a slightly cool body temperature, Han Jaejoong realized without the slightest delay that someone had touched him.

It was cool, but I didn’t want to avoid it. It was a pleasant degree of coldness. Sweet cold and hot for this winter.

“It’s okay. It can be. If it’s too hard… As in the letter you left, you might want to run away.”

Yun Seol-hwa guessed his intentions and dismissed them.

“I’m fine. Really.”

It wasn’t okay until just yesterday.

‘Now… it’s fine… yeah.’

It wasn’t a lie.

“This is how you came back. So, I don’t care. That’s enough. You don’t have to make excuses. This fact is enough for me.”

He raised Jaejoong’s hands and brought them together in front of his chest. Yoon Seol-hwa looked into his eyes and smiled. It was a beautiful dawn that made it impossible to recall any decadence or melancholy from just now.

“Actually, it was a bit difficult. But… you tried to meet me like this. You cut your hair and beard, and styled it. Being able to take care of yourself means you have the time to care about how you look to others. .In other words, it means that you have the will to raise yourself higher. Jaejoong, you have decided not to hide now. You have decided to be happy. I just want you to be happy. That’s enough.”

Yoon Seol-hwa laughed as if the melancholy until yesterday was a lie.

That was about it.

The meaning that Han Jaejoong did not forget, did not avoid, and did not hate her had such a meaning to her.

Intense joy that shatters icicle-like sadness. Yoon Seol-hwa could no longer manage her expression.

Like a ray of light coming down through the clouds after the rain has passed, he has beautiful eyes and lines on his face.

The slightly red cheeks were because the hand he held was hot after a long time, and it was because he still had an innocence that could be shy just by holding his hand.

“So. Jaejoong… You don’t have to apologize. Rather, I’m really thankful.”

Jaejoong Han was embarrassed. It ended before the various excuses and apologies prepared at best were used.

‘I chose a hospital so that I could be treated immediately after disembowelment…’

It was no longer necessary to come up with a final plan.

“That’s right. But Jaejoong-ah. Why did you ask to meet at the hospital? Where did you get hurt…? Did you get hurt?! Or did you get injured somewhere…? Gwa, are you okay?”

Yoon Seol-hwa, who had decided Han Jae-joong’s injury or illness in her mind before she knew it, asked with great concern.

“It’s not like that.”

In the back of the head or healed. I chose this place because I was worried about future injuries, not past injuries.

“It’s not like that… uh, you know. Ooh, when we were young… We did a lot of tests like heartaches… I remembered those memories… The memories are always fresh… The memories are good. That’s right. Good memories… yes.”

Still telling lies in important places was lame.

Han Jaejoong did not have any memories of his childhood left, but he answered like that by using the knowledge he had read in the original work.


Yoon Seol-hwa cried as if she was moved. It was surprising that he was deceived by such words, and at the same time, Han Jaejoong’s guilt grew stronger at the innocence of Yoon Seolhwa, who was deceived by such words.

“As expected…you haven’t forgotten me…”

The fact that he pretended not to know at the hospital before was bleached to pure white, and Yun Seol-hwa crossed his arms. I wanted to hug right away, but I thought it would be burdensome, so I chose skinship as the next best thing.

In fact, it was closer to the act of hugging your arms rather than crossing your arms. In an instant, his arms were wrapped between the two breasts, and the hands that went down the arms were interlocked from below.

There was no longer a cold body temperature. Rather, it was hot. I saw beads of sweat running down my neckline.

The erotic charm created with just one drop was quite outstanding.

“Welcome, Jaejoong.”

Maybe because of the bra, the feel of her breasts is slightly hard. Even so, I felt its unique softness. The elasticity of gently pushing the arm was more than a cushion.

Han Jaejoong raised the corner of his mouth, trying not to think as much as possible of the frightening feeling he felt in his arm.

“Yeah, everything, I’m back.”

It was beyond imagination. It’s not about touch.

It was about the dependence of Yun Seol-hwa.

Emotional dependence on Han Jaejoong is stronger than you can imagine.

Until now, relying on Cho Ah-yoon, with whom he had a strong affinity with alcohol, was nothing more than a replacement for Han Jae-joong.

But now that both of them have been lost in a recent incident, how should she promote her emotional stability?

Yun Seol-hwa is dangerous now. It was too selfish to avoid her because of his own guilt.

In the first place, I thought about seeing each other face to face again, and I promised to meet you because I thought it was an opportunity.

‘But I didn’t expect it to be this much…’

Among magical girls, she is exceptionally strong. What could be the enemy in front of such a mighty love?

‘It’s been years since we broke up. It’s also a dive breakup…’

If you were a victim of a one-sided breakup, you would be angry. To say that you have kept your innocence and nurtured love. It was even respectful.

If she was a person of the past, she would have been recorded as a virtuous woman.

‘What can I do? I could hardly speak.’

It became more difficult to bring out the hidden story.

What if she knew what she had been through?

The hardships experienced during seclusion and the current situation. Until I lost my memory.

I didn’t even want to imagine the ramifications of finding out about this.

‘Especially the knife and the suicide attempt must be hidden…’

Blue Sirius is known to have cut off the internet like Han Jaejoong after the cyber bullying. He was famous for not checking the advertisements he took.

‘I don’t know if I’ve been harassed to some degree after the revelation…’

Looking at Yoon Seol-hwa, who was smiling happily with her shoulders leaning on her, Han Jae-joong smiled bitterly.

Love is very multifaceted. It contributes to making peace, but at the same time creates trouble.

Because the tail of that emotion is always with jealousy, hatred, and anger. can’t cut it

Love is the most beautiful and most disquieting of human emotions.

I know of a case where love turned into a monster in the original work. Precisely because of the loss of love and hatred.

If there is any distortion in this love of Seolhwa Yun.

‘Because I died…’

I tried to recall her death in the original story. Just before dying, Virgo’s ridicule revealed signs of awakening many stars. Just imagining it was terrifying.

What should I decide for her?

‘Slowly widen the distance. No, I don’t like that.’

Of course, Yun Seol-hwa would hate it even more.

What is the road to respect? It was complicated.

It wasn’t just Yoon Seol-hwa, Jo A-yoon was like that too.

‘What you want and the right way socially and ideologically. What is right?’

It was a complex matter.

I turned my gaze back to see Yun Seol-hwa. She happily closes her eyes and holds her body close to her. She leans her head on her shoulder and stirs her incense.

The distinctive sweet perfume smell was impressive.

“Jaejoong, what do you want to eat?”

As soon as I saw Yoon Seol-hwa laughing while thinking of the next plan, all the troubles I had thought about so far disappeared as if they were washed away.

“What you like.”

“Is it alcohol then?”

“That’s good too.”

“Oh, wait. Sue, no alcohol! Other than alcohol… Tteokbokki? Jaejoong made it often in the past, so it was delicious…”

“I’m sorry, but I forgot all the recipes. I’m content with selling them on the market.”


“What’s Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?”

“Bee~ Mr~”

“Sir~ bee. The kid learned something strange. Are you old enough to gag?”

“Mr. Woo, can you bring up the topic of age? If I’m older, Jaejoong and you are the same, right?”

“hahahaha, then I’m an advantage? If it’s the same as you, that’s a good story for me. Go outside and I’ll look a lot older.”

“…? Isn’t it? Jaejoong’s age…? Jaejoong-ah, have you been criticized like that? Could you tell me his name later?”


“Jaejoong? Am I serious?”

Han Jaejoong laughed at the boring story.

‘Yes, the important thing is that he is happy.’

Protecting the happiness of magical girls is the job of a guardian of guardians.

Han Jaejoong, who made up his mind again, chatted with Yoon Seolhwa for a few more minutes before getting up to have lunch.

It is a bonus that I received a stinging glare for leaving without receiving medical treatment and only sharing affection.


In the end, the place I chose to have lunch was a pasta house with a good atmosphere.

If it was obvious, it was an obvious place, but the meaning of being safe meant that there was a reason for being chosen that way.

“hehehehe, it’s been a while. Jaejoong, what are you…”

“Oh? This is true. It must be a coincidence.”

A gentleman approached them as they sat down and looked over the menu.

A gentleman in a neat suit. The white and black suit made us interpret his image as a person with an artist’s temperament rather than an intellectual.

“Is this a date? hahahaha, I must have been in the way. Sorry, I couldn’t pass by the friendly face.”

He politely took off his hat and nodded slightly.

Yoon Seol-hwa’s eyes were forged fiercely, and Han Jae-joong broke into a cold sweat.

“Long time no see.”

Like I said, it’s been a while.

“How are you? I was quite happy.”

A cactus planter placed where a human head should be.

It was a contradiction.

Having chosen seclusion, he returned.


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