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Transformation or Death chapter 72

72 – Severed Traces (5)

The ax spread the lightning in a straight line.

It was correct. Without wasting any power or starlight, the trajectory of the fist above was erased. Exactly, as much as needed.

After burning all the attacks that could harm him with lightning, he jumped up.

Contrary to the original purpose, Pegasus’ charge was directed at Gemini, and Gemini’s fist was directed at Pegasus.


It was time to react. Although the movement was close to that of a thunderbolt, the reaction speed of the body was not that of a thunderbolt. It was an attack you couldn’t see and react to.

As much as he has the speed of a thunderbolt, this side has the speed of wind and meteors.

Suddenly, Gemini noticed something startling.

Now, he wasn’t acting with quick judgment.

Even before he and Pegasus performed the technique, he was acting in advance.

Even before Gemini’s fists touched, even before Pegasus’ charge began, he was already ready to swing his ax and jump.

As if he knew all this beforehand.

‘I got the fucking wrong idea. That bastard’s ability is not strength…’

didn’t react It just acted as predicted in advance.

‘I’m predicting. the future!’

Indeed, Gemini’s guess was correct. The ability to observe potential unique to the belt. Now, he’s taking full advantage of this ability to see up to 3 seconds into the future. To be precise, a possibility that is infinitely closer to the future.

Now he was closer to a machine than a monster. A precision mechanical device that quickly knows what needs to be done, anticipates, and acts without fuss.

Mechanical movement as opposed to brute force. Thorough calculation allows you to take the most efficient action.

It is undeniable that the body has leaks of starlight. But there are actions to minimize that waste.

Kwakwang! Pegasus and Gemini collided and took great damage to each other. Both Gemini’s hands were bent at odd angles, and most of Pegasus’ face was sunk.

In the process of falling backwards, Gemini looked up at the sky once more.

He fixed his ax again in the air, wordlessly. The lightning was condensed just as he had just swung at Pegasus. Looking back, there was no movement as well as I did.

The lightning covered her body, and her vision was disturbed with its unique light, so she did not know it properly. His movement from start to finish has not been wasted. neat straight lines. It was a perfectly straight movement that could not forgive even the slightest sharp lines and curves. An inhuman trajectory that cannot be drawn unless it is a machine.

I thought it was a runaway beast, but it wasn’t. It’s not a runaway rampage…

“You are dependent.”

I can only do what I have to do. I can’t talk, I probably can’t think as usual.

But the body moves. To slay the monsters in front of your eyes.

for the girls who suffer from them.

Predict, anticipate, process.

Like a computer that has been given orders, without uttering any objections, just as if it were natural.

It’s an inhuman treatment that ignores free will, but it’s quite effective when you don’t need useless thoughts like now.

The ax struck like lightning.

Once again, two moons rose above the darkness. Two moons scattering the setting sun below, ending the brilliant day. One will be lost today and will never rise again, and the other, even if it is over today, will rise anew tomorrow. However, it shines insignificantly than today.

A beam of light flowed from the corpses of the two monsters and reached them. All the light gathered into the belt, which had not lost its function even in the midst of being covered by lightning.

“Ha ha ha ha! Awesome! Awesome! When did you become so strong? Does knowing your purpose make you strong? Now I can believe it! You have a purpose!”

Jason clapped in admiration. He stared at Jason quietly. Upon meeting their gaze, Jason was startled and backed away.

“I-I’m sorry I didn’t believe you. No, and I didn’t really know what those two were doing? Anyway, don’t be so angry. Huh? They say laughter brings blessings. That thunderbolt is pretty cool. Well, it’s not a hammer, but it reminds me of Thor. Do you know Thor? Norse mythology?”

When there was no response, Jason clicked his tongue.

“Eh, it’s not fun. People have to have a sense of humor. Didn’t they suddenly become too stiff?

that buck He turned and turned to Jason.

“Oh, whoa, whoa. No, I’m really sprained. Oh, that’s too much.”

Jason rigged the belt again. The surrounding scenery began to distort.

“hahahahaha, but it’s so cool. That lightning strike!”

In the sight of becoming a missing child, Jason’s last words stuck.

“As expected, comrades are my comrades. Comrades are the same monsters!”


With Jason’s ability, he randomly fell somewhere in the city for 30 minutes.

Fortunately, it wasn’t too far from Ayun’s house, so it was possible to return on foot.

Every time the stinging winter air passes by my ears, I sigh.

‘Is it because Ah Yoon signed a contract with Byul because she wanted it?’

I know her character. Kind but fundamentally a realist. Computation of understanding is, of course, followed. To think that a child like that had made a contract with a star that could not get any benefit from it.

‘No, there may be benefits.’

none other than life. As a result of the examination at the hospital, it was found that Ayun was in a strangely healthy condition even though she used a black dwarf. There should have been a red light near the deadline, but a green light came out.

The doctor was puzzled and recommended that I continue to see the hospital because symptoms may appear later.

But the reality is different. He made a new contract with the stars and obtained starlight, and the starlight healed the wounds on his body.

In other words, life was obtained in exchange.

‘But is it only life? I just want to live…?’

Of course, life is reason enough to lean on something and hope for a chance. What’s at stake now is not the weight of the value of life, but Ayun’s personality.

Indeed, she was on the verge of death—actually, she must have fainted, but she felt that she was close to death—would the dream she recalled earlier be life?

‘I don’t know.’

How can I guess what I can’t even know properly?

After thinking about it for a long time, I was standing in front of the front door before I knew it.

When I pressed the doorbell, I heard the sound of people running down the hallway from behind the door.

Soon the door opened.

“Is your brother here?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Ueek. It’s an honorific word that doesn’t matter. It must be cold. Come in quickly.”


When I went inside, I felt the warmth washing away the winter from my skin. Ayoon’s eyes looked at me with concern. I know what’s wrong. I’m sure you’re wondering what information I’ve been getting.

“Ah… Ah Yuna. That’s right.”



“Let’s start by washing. Let’s warm up with warm water and talk. Oppa, the smell of sweat is no joke.”

She insinuated and cut me off with a mischievous laugh. Is it caring or avoiding? I guess he guessed that I wasn’t getting very good results.

I looked at her for a moment and smiled.

“Is that so?”

If she wanted to be like me, how would I treat her? what does it mean to protect Is it free will or life? It was a question with no answer.

As I entered the bathroom, I suddenly remembered the last words I heard from Jason.

monster comrade. Perhaps it is his personality and behavior that have changed as a result of being intoxicated by unpurified starlight.

When I turned on Ursa Major, I was more like a monster than a monster. private desire completely excluded. Act only with purpose.

If Ayun wants the same result as me, will she be in the same situation as me?

No matter how much he signed a contract before becoming a monster, his appearance when transformed would be no different from a monster like me.

You may feel more pressure than ever before.

Should I push her into that abyss of hatred? Even if you want to, maybe you should stop it.

How far can respect go?

shoot it The confusion of water like raindrops hit my head and erased my thoughts.

While slowly submerging yourself in hot water.

A voice flowed from the belt that greeted the water together.

[You have activated the star.]


Well, since we defeated two S-class monsters in one day, we can reveal the stars that were not activated before.

I need to read my memory slowly later after taking a shower. As I was thinking about that, I remembered what answer I had just given.


An interrogative word that someone would accept as a sign of agreement.

This belt is not very flexible. Once answered, it cannot be taken back, and it is thoroughly implemented.

Soon, with the feeling of my vision turning white, I experienced lost memories.


“This crazy… crazy…”

I looked at myself in the mirror again and again and it didn’t change. Not a single human skin was left. In the place where there should have been flesh, a hard skin like armor was formed. The facial features disappeared, and hard lenses like visors replaced the eyes.

“Did I become a monster…?”

It must have been. It has become like this after being attacked by a group of crazy monsters yesterday. Why? Why is Red Spica doing this to me?

I couldn’t understand. What the hell did you turn me into a monster? Besides, why do I have memories of when I was a human?

“Ah… uh… well…”

It was confusing. I looked into the mirror for a while and settled my unsettled mind.


After a deep sigh, I found one correct answer in this confusion.

“Let’s commit suicide.”

When there is no answer, suicide is the answer.

Suddenly, after some time passed, it became a human body again. I immediately took my wallet and left the house.

What I need to buy right now is a sturdy rope and stationery.

So I started preparing to commit suicide.

The face of a magical girl could be seen everywhere in the crowded city. Blue Sirius, who started a lot of activities, probably made up his mind after I went diving, accounted for a large percentage of them. Just looking at it makes my heart happy. Also, when I remembered my sins, I felt sick to my stomach. It was a very contradictory reaction.

It has already left a lot of stains on her life. One more thing that can’t be left behind.

At least you should die a moderate death while the human spirit still remains.

“Oh right, the rope.”

My steps were light. It was always nice to see the end near.



He took a deep breath and opened his eyes. Looking around, it was not a city, but a simple family home. You’re back to reality


He took a deep breath and placed a hand on his hot forehead.

Only now did I realize the reason for the suicide that day.

Why did I, who was so reluctant to commit suicide, want to die?

In the end, the reason was the same this time.

“It’s Snow…”

“Can you call me senior?”

He shuddered at the sound and turned his head.

“Huh? I almost drowned in my brother’s bathroom.”

Ah-yoon was looking this way with a worried and angry face.


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