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Transformation or Death chapter 71

71 – Severed Traces (4)

“hahahaha! This is amazing!”

“That idiot! Is it time to laugh now?”

Even in the midst of thunderstorms, Jason laughed without tension.

Gemini was frightened and bit her body. However, lightning followed sooner than that.

“Damn it…!”

Could this be the descent of Zeus? I felt as if a scene from mythology had been reproduced in reality.

What came right in front of my eyes was, literally, lightning. Lightning in human form. Its entire body was covered in white thunderbolts, making it impossible to recognize its exact shape.

Just looking directly at it made my eyes burn.

‘What kind of starlight…’


There were no words like that.

Even Gemini, who has always maintained a cynical attitude, had to give up that attitude in the face of this level of vast power.

The lightning, like a god’s severe punishment, has arrived.

“Keuk, yes!”

A thunderbolt struck a thunderbolt. Look at the shape of the ax.

“It’s about a neck, give it to me, Woomin!”

Gemini looked up at the sky and shouted. I didn’t raise my head. It was a raised head.

Before he could say anything, his throat was cut and he flew into the sky. The throat, which was separated from the body, poured out words that could not be said before.

Mok, who had been looking at the sky, suddenly looked at the ground.


The sound came after that.

All of his actions had a tail. lightning and sound.

A long, hazy cluster of lights, like the back of a shooting star, and an intense, mechanical sound of thunder that lingers in the place where the cluster of lights has passed.

The executioner who cut off the heads of the two monsters immediately approached in search of the next monster.


Leaving behind the sound of thunder that tore apart the eardrums.

“It’s going to be hot!”

Jason laughed excitedly. I raised my voice as loud as possible so as not to be drowned out by the thunder.

Kwakwang! Kwakwang! Kwakwawang!

Lightning struck several times. An ax clad in lightning shook through the darkness.

The light in the form of a white root flashed rapidly, and with each flash, shattered fragments flew into the sky.

“You must be very angry. I understand everything. I’m sorry. So… Wow! Now… Whoa whoo! Put… the anger… Wow! There’s no end!”

Even in Jason’s voice, the composure gradually began to disappear. Belt’s rowing hand gradually became impatient.

The ability to make any being lost. The slash of the ax and the lightning bolts lost their way and hit a distant place.

However, any ability has its limits. Jason, who is at the end of the starlight of about three ordinary stars, cannot sustain his ability for a long time.

For monsters, the number of stars can be compared to physical strength, and the brightness of starlight to physical strength.

How much power can you generate at once, and how long can you maintain that power? It depends on which star you have.

If there are a lot of stars, you can generate a lot of power at once, but if the brightness of each star is weak, it will be difficult to maintain your power.

Conversely, if the brightness of each star is strong, it is easy to maintain the power itself, but if there are not many stars, you cannot generate a lot of power at once.

The same applies to the use of abilities.

In Jason’s case, both the number and brightness of stars were weak. There is a limit to what can be lost at once, and it is also difficult to continue.

“hahahaha! This is so romantic! It feels like being a navigator on the sea in a storm!”

Still, Jason didn’t lose his excitement.

“If your comrades are also angry, why don’t you smile first?”

Jason’s words were ignored. He used violence savagely, and then mechanically repeated it.

It was the appearance of a machine that just did its job without any emotion.

“Hmm… You must be very angry. You’re not talking. Oh, that’s right comrade.”

While vigorously stirring the oars of the belt with one hand, the other hand was raised and pointed at the back.

“Du, be careful.”

Whoa! Huge sky-blue wings spread like jaws and attacked him.

“Cutting the head without any hesitation!! As expected, you thought I would be the head of the horse!!! A livestock without any problems even if the head is cut!!”

The owner of the wings was connected to the decapitated corpse. A new life was born from the remains of the severed head.

Just as Pegasus was born from Medusa’s neck, another Pegasus was born from Pegasus’ neck.

Her features could never be called beautiful.

A horse with wings right on its head. Even the horse’s head was enraged, its veins horribly outlined. Wings with beautiful texture contrasted with blood vessels wriggling like earthworms.

Even the size was significant. Its head was the size of a house, and its wings resembled those of most trees.

Two pairs of wings on the head of an angry horse. Jason opened his mouth at this bizarre and unrealistic scenery.

“Uh… uh…”

As soon as he was caught, he unleashed lightning in all directions without the slightest delay. Pegasus quickly spread its wings and retreated.

The air vibrated around Pegasus’ wings. It refined the air like a charcoal stone, and soon the wind was sharpened like a blade.

“The immorality of judging others by their appearance!!! I can’t forgive it!!!”

Soon, the polished blade of wind rushed towards him. Something resembling a whipping echoed incessantly.

Clouds of dust rose from where the wind hit.

Unfazed, he jumped up and landed in the sky.

Resurrection of Pegasus’ abilities, wind manipulation, free flight.

It was all known from the original.

There was no need to be surprised because he already knew the information that he would resurrect after cutting off the head of Pegasus.

Also, the fact that this resurrected body has power that is incomparable to that of the previous body. In particular, the fact that the blade of the wind and the fact that it is dangerous to charge while wrapping the wind around the body. Know.

Even now, having lost his emotions due to the power of Ursa Major, he has not forgotten that fact.

I fixed the handle of the ax and collected the lightning on the ax blade. It was more appropriate to see it as a huge mass of energy rather than an axe.

“It’s foolish to go up to heaven by yourself! That’s my place!”

Pegasus changed the angle of his head to prepare for a charge. A sharp wind like a spear gathered in my head.

pop! It jumped up like a cannonball and flew towards him. Intense speed and power that would tear your body apart as soon as you touched it.

If it doesn’t reach you, it’s over.

Undaunted, he made eye contact with Pegasus, then swung the axe.

I didn’t really have any skills. Like a professional executioner, he moves his blade indifferently and without emotion.

That was enough.

He looked away for a moment and looked down. As expected, what should have just died was still moving.


I shouted hard, but it was already too late. I didn’t even have to look.

The ax blade hit exactly where it was supposed to reach and scattered lightning.

Kwajik! Kwakwawang!

Again, the sound was delayed. Intense thunder roared as if tore apart the sky, and the two monsters plummeted down at the same time.

“Damn it! That’s why I told you to avoid it! Idiots! Why are there so many stupid people in the world?!”

Gemini was indignant and ran towards the place where they had crashed. The body that had just been decapitated was still there.

replica of the body. This is Gemini’s ability. Using this ability, Gemini copies their bodies in advance and replaces them whenever their bodies become obsolete.

“Quaaagh!! My eyes!!! My eyes!!!”

Pegasus screamed as it flew to and fro in the sky. Half of his face melted away. The right eye was disfigured, and the wing around it was terribly fluttering with other feathers.

“Keukkeuk, yes, it’s worth fighting for at least that much.”

Gemini laughed lightly.

He fell down with no injuries. He was staring at Pegasus without any surprise.

When Gemini swung his fist, he dodged it with a nod of the head.

“You idiots! This guy’s weakness is simple!”

The sound the fist made was quite menacing. Bullets that could easily sink even a monster’s armor. Most weapons will become mere toys in front of these fists.

Unlike his boyish body, his main weapon is martial arts. The body wrapped in starlight freely drew a line in the world, and the smell of slaughter emanated from the trail.

“It’s time, it’s time! Just like that idiot Virgo!”

Fists pouring down like a meteor shower. bang! bang! Kwakwang! Just by colliding with the air, it made a vibration like hitting a stone. Quickly and precisely split the lightning right in front of my eyes.

“Kukkeuk, isn’t this guy wasting starlight right now? If you just drag the time, it will spread on its own. We’ll win!”

Gemini smiled thickly. The body I am using now has more stars than other bodies.

Even if you clone the body, you can’t clone the soul, so you need to put a star in order to manipulate one body.

That’s why the usual Gemini isn’t strong enough. It’s just a body to use lightly.

But now it’s different. It has a star with a different output than the ones I’ve used so far.

“Look at how he’s wearing lightning bolts that he doesn’t even use! The power is great, but it’s a waste.

Gemini was sure.

‘I’ll be able to win in about 3 minutes now.’

I feel it the more I punch. The lightning is gradually weakening. It must have been because it was wasted a lot from the first time it became that way.

Although Pegasus’ foolish charge hurt him, he still had effective power.

Even Gemini herself has no scars.

Thanks to Jason’s thankfully taking the time, he’s noticeably weaker now compared to when he first encountered his starlight.

Now a little further. In a little while, this light fades.

And in an instant, there was a gap in him.

“Keukkeuk, that great power was a waste. We have to use it efficiently. The starlight is like this…”

The starlight surrounding Gemini’s fist became more sophisticated. Just like calculating firepower and angle before firing a missile, I sent the perfect amount of power to the perfect location.

Then one fist gained the power of cloning and became two, then three. One regime quickly had three orbits.

“Exactly. I have to write it.”

It didn’t end once. A rush of fists like a meteor shower just like before. All of these fists gained the power of duplication and moved in dozens of trajectories.

The fist rain poured down without any retreat.

Chronic heavy rain.

There is no escape. The remaining means are either blocked or received as is.

Both were fatal to him now. If you block it and emit starlight, you would have to waste more starlight, and if you catch it, it will come as a pretty big shock. If I don’t, I’ll die just like that.

The threat did not end with Gemini alone.

“The ugly monster must be punished!!!”

At some point, Pegasus moved behind him and started charging once again.

Embossed front and back tightly closed. Now he was literally crushed to death.

The lightning-like movement was quite menacing, but it was useless now. It was already too late to start avoiding. It was clear that no matter where he moved, one part of his body would be blown away.

At that moment, victory is confirmed here.

Gemini smiled viciously. It was something that had to be discarded anyway. It was a being he created, but he had no regrets about disposing of it.

‘Let’s listen to that amnesia patient from now on.’

Just before the meteor-like shower of fists and the wind spear-like charge of Pegasus reached him.

he swung the axe


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