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Transformation or Death chapter 70

70 – Severed Traces (3)

“Hmm, it’s a coincidence of interests. That’s reasonable.”

“Ha ha ha ha! That’s funny! What is it? You want to ask?”

His tone was funny, but the dignity shown in his gestures was not funny.

With power, bluff is no longer bluff.

They have the power to turn the bullshit they spew out of their mouth into truth.

“You tried to turn me into a monster. That would mean that you’re well aware of turning me into a monster.”

They’re the kind of guys who never know when they’ll get up on a whim and do crazy things. The tension burned his throat dry.

But I wasn’t particularly afraid.

I am also a person who deviate from the standard to the extent that they are similar.

“Because I suddenly became interested. What does it take to turn a person into a monster?”

The current me is neither a monster nor a human, but an ambiguous existence.

Is the reason why this phenomenon happened because I made a contract with the star while turning into a monster, or is it just the effect of the star contract itself?

Also, why did the memory loss happen?

Until now, I only thought of myself, but not anymore.

There is Jo Ah-yoon, who has become the same as me.

Forced to sacrifice so far, she must avoid being pushed back into the pit of sacrifice again.

In order to cancel a contract, you need to know about it first. Information is needed to make her a pure human being.

Even if you endure any humiliation, you have to get information about this monster and the belt for today.

Fortunately, monsters have a naive side. No, it should be called blindness, thinking of nothing except for one’s own purpose.

They have few secrets. Because there is no reason to make

When making a secret, it is only to protect one’s own purpose.

For them, who have no shame, no shame, no effort to protect social relationships, secrets are like making snowmen in the summer.

You can make it, but don’t bother investing time and effort.

“That’s right, isn’t it negative and starlight?”

yes, like now.

The first to speak was Pegasus.

“Just as debt causes bigger debt, desert makes bigger desert, collapsing ground makes bigger pit! , Become a monster! Ho ho ho!! How is it? Isn’t it interesting?”

I knew this.

“…This, it seems that you know.”

Pegasus bent over and came close to me. The horse head on his chest was burdensome. The face was a pure white oval face with no eyes or nose.

“Then what is this special starlight? Aren’t you curious?”

It was uncomfortable to be pushed into the face like an egg ghost, but it was still unbearable. I listened to him, thinking about where to look to express eye contact.

“The starlight emitted by several monsters at the same time. That is the special starlight that causes the monster to become a monster. Not just one starlight, but multiple starlights. The first step towards becoming a monster is achieved only when the group of lights and negativity meet.”


This is a new fact. I nodded and showed sympathy.

“The transformation into a monster cannot be achieved by the monster alone, and it was a change that could only be achieved with the cooperation of the monsters. So immediately… Ha.”

I couldn’t help but laugh involuntarily. I calmed down the corners of my mouth that went up and continued.

“Monsterization is a phenomenon that does not occur unless it is intentional. You guys had a purpose to turn me into a monster.”

In turn, I saw Pegasus, Gemini, and Jason.

“What was it? For what purpose did you guys try to turn me into a monster?”

Jason replied with a big smile.

“hahahaha! Didn’t I tell you before? To find my comrade! To find someone who is a monster like me but doesn’t know my purpose!”

Gemini was next.

“Where does the difference between two identical beings come from… aren’t you really curious? Are the self as a human being and the self as a monster really different? Or are they the same. How about it. Will you help me find my answer? Whoop whoop whoop…”

Finally, Pegasus opened his mouth. I don’t know where the mouth is, but a voice came out.

“Can a being who was originally born ugly really become beautiful… Isn’t that an impressive proposition? I heard that you are a monster now and that you were hated by everyone before that. Can you really be loved?”

The reason was Jung-gu heating, but summarizing it like this.

“It was to achieve a purpose through me.”

It was to achieve their purpose through the existence of being a monster from a human being.

Perhaps it was the same reason as Virgo. In her case, there seems to be no ties to the past, but in the end, it was clear that the core purpose was the same.

In order to achieve their own goals, people with no great ties gathered and attacked ordinary people.

What a great friendship.

“hahahaha… I see. Yes.”

In the end, I was no more than caught up in their selfish ends.

Anger welled up, but he held it in.

It was not yet time to break up. My strength is not there to satisfy the desire of the moment, and I have been able to take a look at it.

“Then… was it worth doing what you guys saw as stupid?”

“Then, of course! I got such good comrades…”

“No, ask the question differently.”


“You on that day.”

He looked at them quietly and asked.

“Did you succeed in turning me into a monster?”

Did the star contract happen after becoming a monster or before that?

After becoming a monster, did he become a human again? if not…

Did he become a monster from a human due to a contract with the stars?

This is important.

Due to this difference, Ayun’s condition is confirmed now.

“Don’t ask for the obvious. You succeeded.”

“You’re bluffing, I thought you were a failure at first.”

“Shut up.”

what are you talking about Before even asking this question, the answer came back.

“Ah, that was so amazing. A light flashed from a comrade who was turning into a monster! Didn’t he suddenly return to being a human?! Of course I thought it was a failure!”


confirmed with this After becoming a monster, I signed a contract with Byul.

If this is the case, I can understand the difference between Ayoon and me.

It would be possible for Ayoon to turn into a monster through the Star’s contract, but that obligation is much weaker than mine.

There are no quests or obligations to transform.

The difference between contracting while dying and contracting after death as a human being.

There would be no purpose peculiar to monsters, so of course they would get far fewer side effects than me.

I was sincerely relieved. Ayoon is safe.

“Aha, now I know.”

Botis smiled and shook his glass. Without hesitation, he put the milk in the cup into his mouth and started talking again.

“I was wondering why you made this place… You were worried about your fellow child? The owner of the belt I had.”


It wasn’t a fact that I was trying to hide, but I didn’t say anything that I didn’t say.

“Don’t worry too much. The belt is just a tool to observe possibilities. It has no power to pose a threat to the user. If such a function were added… it would be your own choice. Oh, do you have any stabbing points? Don’t push yourself too hard. Don’t stick it. It’s your choice. It must be right.”

No ability to pose a threat? There is no such thing as bullshit. I responded without the slightest delay.

“Don’t bullshit. So how is amnesia explained? I hope you don’t fall into the sophistry that oblivion isn’t a threat.”

“Aha that? I told you. It’s your choice. If you choose, shouldn’t you be responsible?”

Botis says. All of this was your choice.

“If you’ve decided to achieve something with the stars, shouldn’t you prove your innocence as well? Losing your memory is one of the contents of that contract. Being able to carry out your will even in a state of ignorance. You can act even if you’re not conscious. How great is it if there is? A star only brings such a test to those who choose it.”

It seems fair at first glance, but it isn’t.

Opportunity presented before death. Is there anyone who won’t catch it?

The circumstances at the time of selection are never a personal choice. The situation is external pressure. Pressure to force a choice.

A forced choice can never be called a choice.

it is violence Violence to attribute all unjust results to individual responsibility.

“If the child loses his memory, it must be the result of the child’s choices. A choice to achieve the possibilities he saw.”

“How can a forced choice be a choice?”

“No, I was never forced.”

Botis adamantly denied it.

“Just like you and I, belts appear to those who want a chance. It’s not that a shooting star appears and makes a wish. When you make a wish, the star comes to you.”

It was sharper than his usual warm, idyllic voice.

“Do you know everything about yourself? That child is the same. There are things that even you yourself don’t know. You just didn’t know, you must have wanted a chance. That’s why the belt appeared. I’ve said it many times, the belt is a machine that observes possibilities. .. It appears in front of those who want the possibility and lets them see it. It is a medium that connects the stars and people.”

Her gaze went to my waist.

“People and stars… It’s a machine made for people… Woong-nyeo made it to save people…”

He muttered miserably, then quickly covered his face and smiled.

Of course, the smile was hidden behind the hood. Even so, it was not difficult to guess that she was laughing, as the atmosphere she created was infinitely closer to a smile.

“Besides, you guys have a chance to recover your lost memories. I don’t have it.”

Maintaining that gentle atmosphere, Botis rose from his seat.

“The only way to cancel a contract with the stars is to do your duty. That’s all I can tell you.”

Slowly went into the dark.

“I’m sorry, but I’ll excuse myself here today. You know your colleague. Bring him next time. I’ll prepare something delicious and wait for you.”

“Wash your throat and wait.”

“Huh, yes, I’ll dress up pretty and clean, and I’ll wait. You have to introduce me, okay?”

Swoop. In an instant, Botis’ figure disappeared before my eyes. I must have entered the Goldilocks Zone by myself.

I looked back and looked at the faces of those who turned me into a monster.

Gemini, who met my eyes, frowned as if in displeasure.

“You said earlier. Are you satisfied? Ha! Could it be? I expected a terrible tragedy of killing relatives and confusion of self-identity… What is this! You have it!”

He pointed his finger at Jason and screamed.

“That idiot may be happy, but I’m different! Nasty! Very nasty! I want the bloody festival to start right away!”

Pegasus also responded.

“I agree. I expected beauty from an ugly existence… What’s the difference between you and a human now? If you take off that heinous armor right now, wouldn’t it be possible to mingle with a human? It’s disgusting. Satisfied? Would you like to do that?”

I always nodded my head. I was proud.

“I’m very happy that you guys are like me.”

Then I, too, followed Botis and got up from my seat.

Ayun is not the same contract as me.

There is a reason Ayoon doesn’t even know that she signed a contract with Byul.

The reason for the loss of memory and how to end the star contract were also told.

It’s not a lot, but I’ve heard enough.

Now that you’ve heard everything you’ve heard, it’s time to fulfill your second objective.

“As you probably already know, I also have a purpose. I’m not blind like you guys, but I have a pretty glorious dream. Like I said when I first came here, I came here because I wanted to ask you something. But this alone is the reason I set out. is not.”

I slowly gathered the starlight in my hand. The green starlight, similar to that of a firefly, flickered into my hand.

“It’s the same as you, too. To achieve a purpose.”

Small green dots gathered to form lines, lines gathered to become planes, and planes gathered to form three-dimensional objects.

Also, the three-dimensional material gradually changed from green to white.

“Just as you all gathered to dispose of me, a failed experiment, so am I.”

Jason looked back at the two with a cold expression.

“What… What are you talking about…? Was that the reason? That’s why I met a comrade…”

“There’s no reason to save someone who would interfere, let alone achieve their goal. I think it’s natural.”

With the other hand that wasn’t gathering starlight, I headed for the belt. I put my hand on the lens part and took it out.

The lens and the part of the wheel that turns the lens focus are separated from the belt.

“I’ll say it again. The reason I came here is the same as you.”

And the three-dimensional material that was made in advance. A new lens part was installed in the vacant spot.

Unlike the existing lens, which was just a black circle, the lens is in the form of a bear’s ferocious mouth biting the lens.

The focusing wheel of this lens is also sharp like a beast’s claws.

“I know your habits. You don’t think about ethics at all for your purpose. You guys will attack people once again. Also, you will try to kill the magical girl who tries to stop him without hesitation.”

They will continue to experiment with humans to achieve their goals.

Even if it doesn’t, the fact that it will cause pain to the magical girl will not change.

Gemini, who helped a lot in killing several magical girls, including White Davich.

Pegasus caused a massacre in the city just because he was offended.

Both are villains who cannot be rehabilitated.

I am still weak enough to fight and defeat all these monsters.

“So, don’t feel too unfair.”

It is weak to fight while protecting reason.

I haven’t been able to gather enough starlight to complete the entire constellation yet.

Now this is kind of a trick. expedient.

Unlike monsters who cannot increase the power of a star the moment they complete a constellation, I can continue to grow my starlight.

Therefore, the starlight collected so far is distributed to several stars that have not been activated so far, and is dimly illuminated.

It’s like pouring a precious drink.

You can’t fill all the cups, but you can distribute a little to all the cups you have.

It’s not bright, but it can create a line by connecting the stars.

Starlight poured out of my body like an explosion.

Gemini and Pegasus arose.

“You are the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one Don’t think!”

All the starlight that flowed in the body was reversed, and blood flowed out of the hole in the body.

It is different from the starlight that flowed comfortably inside the body until now. Pain as if a stone had been inserted into the veins and forced to flow.

barbaric and violent but be warned

breathing changes. intensifies slowly but stable Not rough or irregular. Like a metronome, his rough breath runs rampant in a steady rhythm.

All the starlight in the body was drained out, and a new white halo began to flow from the body.

The candlestick on the table swayed and the candle staggered as if it were being sucked out somewhere and soon disappeared.

All the air in this place shuddered and vibrated as if it were gathering to me.

“Get paid for ignoring me!!!”

The disgusting hand of Pegasus drew closer.

I turned the wheel of the belt.


At that moment, lightning struck.

It wasn’t hitting, it was blowing.

A white bolt of lightning crossed the world like a wind.

Inside the trajectory that crossed was the neck of the person who had just punched out.

Today’s dinner was displayed on a table with the lights off.

it was the moon The white and fine moon. It fell over the horizon like the moon entering the sea ending the night. It was the twilight sea. The white sea was dyed with red petals falling profusely.

On the top of the dreamy petals, the traces of a monster ascending to the other world cooled down.

After passing by, a sound arose.


thunder shakes the night


“Hey… hahahaha! That’s amazing!”

When Pegasus’ decapitated corpse falls helplessly to the ground.

Lightning struck again.


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