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Transformation or Death chapter 69

69 – Severed Traces (2)

The shutter of the camera goes off incessantly. He waved his hand around with a bewildered expression, but the awkwardness didn’t go away.

“Deneb sister… Uh heh heh heh…”

“I didn’t think it would end like this… More… that we could have fun together… Senpai! Where did the promise to Minago Roshi (exterminate) the monsters together at that time go?! !(I didn’t) Ikanaide (don’t go)…!!!”

“You need to be quiet…”

Red Vega and White Davich, who are sadder than they are retiring and cry reluctantly. Golden Aldebaran soothes them. Blue Sirius with tears in his eyes slightly apart. An orange Altair frowning with a disapproving expression. In addition, several magical girls gathered for Pink Deneb’s farewell.

There were people I knew and people I didn’t know. A collection of magical girls that are difficult to grasp at once. Known for being busy, the girls gather in groups of threes and threes and shed tears. Jo Ah-yoon was dumbfounded.

‘Was I still a good person? …I don’t think so.’

At Jaejoong Han’s recommendation, I searched for Pink Deneb, a past self I didn’t know.

It was not impressive, it was very shocking.

The appearance of shouting to and fro at people running away.

-Hey, bastard, don’t you run fast? want to die?!

-When is it time to pack that lady’s bag?! Don’t scream and run fast!!

– Over there, this guy with a better body than the adults is looking for a comfortable way… Get lost! Jump on all fours! I’ll help you when you’re about to fall!

The appearance of gathering and spitting out all kinds of curse words toward the monster.

– Those bastards that look like fucking bugs!

-Oh, fuck you, fuck you! Hey, you bastards, don’t you hurry up?! Fuck me! Hey, where are my results going!!!

-Oh, damn it hurts, damn it!

‘Ahhh don’t think, don’t think. that’s not me! It’s not me! It’s embarrassing, damn it!’

I can’t say it because I have a good personality, but I never imagined that I would live with that level of swearing.

Wasn’t the magical girl still a public figure? Would it be okay if I cursed like that?

Of course not. This much could be known through common sense and experience, even without memory.

‘I wasn’t joking about commenting…’

I felt so bad after reading it that I covered it. To stick to a bad attitude while receiving that much external pressure, she realized very well that she did not want to be a magical girl.

He kept a firm smile and turned his unfocused eyes here and there. Reporters manipulating the camera with interesting expressions, some in the audience.

It was amazing.

I usually hate it because it’s bad, but now that it’s gone, I wonder if I’m sad and pay attention to it.

Even in the comment section of the video I looked at before, in the comments recently written, ‘I miss you’, ‘Looking at it now, there are no words like this right’, ‘Now that I’ve come back, you really worked hard to evacuate… How urgent it must have been.’ There were articles like this.

‘Are you really sad or do you just want to join in the sad mood? Or do you want to gain a sense of moral superiority by slandering the person who insulted you for not swearing at you?’

Because he had no memory, Jo Ah-yoon was able to see it with an objective gaze even though it was related to him. It was nothing more than a kind of national event.

A kind of event to give thanks for the magical girl’s hard work and mourn the sacrifice for a while.

‘No matter what, it’s not a good interest for me.’

Jo Ah-yoon felt burdened by all this attention. It was uncomfortable. Swearing and being sad were one-sided emotions, and they were nothing more than a nuisance.

The light from the camera made my head dizzy, and the rushing gaze made me feel sick. From the beginning, I didn’t like a place like a stage. This is why I gave up my dream of becoming a singer when I was young.

‘There’s a reason I cursed a lot.’

If you’ve been constantly exposed to this kind of environment, you might be nervous. Rather, I thought that Yongke had been doing something like this up until now.

‘I don’t have a particularly great sense of mission or dream.’

I have no dreams. I just want to play. She is a petit bourgeois who has always kept this in her heart, but what reason did she become a magical girl?

‘Living with swearing in my mouth every day.’

In fact, even now, I want to curse.

But since it’s the last time, it would be better to show a slightly better image.

Cho Ah-yoon opened her mouth while looking around at the various gazes surrounding her.

“I’m from today.”

With the public news that everyone knows, I politely shouted out.

“I have retired as a magical girl.”

As much as we want to live quietly in the future, let’s act quietly for today.

so promised



“Uh huh. Stay still. The sofa is shaking.”

Jo Ah-yoon, who was lying on the sofa and struggling with her limbs, touched Jo Ah-yoon’s head and told her to calm down. Nonetheless, Cho Ah-yoon’s post-authoritarian performance art showed no signs of stopping.

-I, I… That, that, that, that’s… Hey… Hey! Sin, sorry! everything, again! I’ll say it again!

“Quick turn that off!”


Han Jaejoong was watching TV while enduring the trauma for some reason. The person in the screen is Cho Ah-yoon lying on the sofa here. She had just returned from a press conference.

-That… So… Future plans… That, that… Black, Mo, Mottageseo…

I can’t be nervous, so I’m being eaten up by the tension. If tension personified, would it look like that? She stopped talking and eventually burst into tears, and the screen was captured.

“Bo, don’t look at me, really aaa!!!”


In the end, she snatched the remote control from Han Jaejoong’s grasp and succeeded in turning off the TV.

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“What’s wrong!”

“It’s cute, but why?”

“Ears, cute…? What’s cute about that? Oppa’s sadistic hobby? You like it when women cry? That, sadism? Is that so! Or why do you like that!”

“Ugh, where did you learn that? I’m a wholesome person with no perverted tastes.”

Han Jaejoong was serious about the unexpected scandal. Jo Ah-yoon stared at him and snorted.

“Even if it’s a phrase, there’s no such phrase. Because I found out about your search history before…”

“Now then, Ah Yuna. Shall we start making plans for the future?”

“Switching the horse… ok.”

Jo Ah-yoon, who was lying on the sofa, got up and sat upright. Han Jaejoong got off the sofa, sat down on the floor, and opened a notebook on the desk. It’s not like I’m going to be writing, but it seems like there’s a side to it. As Han Jaejoong leaned back on the sofa, Cho Ayoon gently touched his hair and opened his mouth.

“Now, how do I earn money? You’ve seen it before…. As you’ve seen in the interview, you’ve opened a small shop in a secluded place…”

“No, not that.”

“My brother is also unemployed, so I have to earn money.”

hit a sore spot Han Jaejoong groaned in agony, then suddenly came to his senses and tilted his head upward. The back of his head touched his soft thighs, and Jo Ah-yoon’s face caught his eye.

“Yes, money is also important. There is the most important thing.”

“What is it?”


Cho Ah-yoon stabbed Han Jae-joong’s side with his foot without hesitation.

“Ah! Why! What else, what’s the problem!”

“Th-don’t say that… you know? I thought I was going to die…”

Rubbing her arms as if they had grown chicken skin, she rolled her eyes back and forth. The corners of his mouth that had gone up were calmed down as much as possible.

“Yes, that was a misleading statement. I’ll say it again. Right now, it’s more about figuring out about you than money.”

It is true that money is important. Han Jae-joong, who cannot have a proper job, and Jo Ah-yoon, who have just lost their job. Both of them were in a hurry to find a way to earn money right away, but now there was something more important than this.

“…Yoonah, have you ever been forced to transform?”

“No… is it? That’s right. It’s strange. According to my brother, it would be normal for me to continue to be abused… Just like my brother who went to hunt monsters earlier.”

“Don’t say that. I was at least my choice. It’s a price to pay. But you’re not.”

Cho Ah-yoon stopped playing with Han Jae-joong’s hair and turned his gaze to the iron ball. An iron ball with a dry and cold texture was floating around today as well.

“I… I haven’t even been talked to by this ball yet. It doesn’t seem like there’s really anything like that, a strange quest?”

“That’s right…”

With a complicated mind, I just brushed innocent Han Jaejoong’s hair again and again. It was frustrating. It’s obviously the same machine, but the symptoms are different. In the first place, I have no memory of the time of the contract, so I don’t even know what kind of deal was exchanged.

“That’s fortunate.”

“Yes…? Good luck…”

“That means you don’t have to go through high school like me.”

When I think of what I have suffered in the past, these are pains I would never recommend. He was genuinely relieved that she would never end up like him. Jaejoong Han stretched out his hand and caressed Jo Ah-yoon’s cheek. The soft and warm touch was the same as when they were playing pranks in the past. Wouldn’t it be the best thing not to get hurt by such fine flesh?

“I know you don’t like fighting. You’re the kind of kid who only watches healing human stories in movies. It’s still clear in my eyes that you closed your eyes and shuddered every time something cruel came out… Ahh! Why are you hitting me again!”

“It’s because I only remember strange things. They say I have amnesia…”

“It’s not that I don’t remember everything, and I could be… Anyway, you wouldn’t want to be like me either.”

Han Jaejoong sat upright with his body reversed. He raised his head slightly and looked into his pink eyes. Its pupils could be compared to lotuses floating on the moon reflected on the lake. It’s mysterious and elegant, but there’s also a bit of splendor. It always gave me the impression of being beautiful.

“It may still be a little too early for relief. Misfortune always strikes without warning. You too have a dreadful duty, and I cannot give up the possibility of being pushed back into battle again. But… I won’t do anything to make that happen. won’t.”

He cupped her hand in his own. It was very small for my hand. How many people could have been saved by these little hands? Respectful, yet compassionate. How much pain was put into these little hands. There must have been so many pains that I couldn’t even dare to hold.

“I won’t make you suffer anymore.”

Jo Ah-yoon is no longer a magical girl. But that wasn’t a reason not to.

If protecting a magical girl is a guardian’s mission, protecting Cho Ah-yoon is a human Jae-joong’s mission.

“I will definitely protect you.”

Once again, Joayun’s feet hit his side.

“Ah, why again!”

“Mmm, what, what are you going to propose? My brother is too serious… I’m an adult too. I can cover my own path.”

In her pink eyes, which were still filled with anxiety, a subtle line like a crescent moon caught on them.

“But whatever… I’ll be grateful if you help me.”

Jaejoong Han smiled.

“The tsundere trend is over.”

“Really behind.”

Swoop. Jo Ah-yoon lifted her leg. He casually put his chin on his shoulder and asked with a smirk.

“So, my dear older brother. Is there any way? A way that won’t make me suffer.”

“Yes, I am Joa Yoon. There is no way right now…”

I don’t know anything about belts, or even monsters. Even Cho Ah-yoon doesn’t know if she can turn into a monster.

Can I take away the star I’ve already contracted with, or can I turn from a monster into a human?

Information is needed.

“I’ve been thinking of some ways to find a way.”


“Long time no see comrade!”

“What’s been a long time? It’s not even been a day since I haven’t seen you.”

The Compass monster, Jason.

I waved my hand at him and hurried my steps. The frown on his face couldn’t hide his displeasure. Fortunately, I was transforming, so there was nothing to show my expression.

Without the slightest hint of displeasure, Jason walked a little further in front of him.

“It’s not always nice to see someone you want to see! It doesn’t matter if it’s for a day or two or a few hours! It’s important that I’m happy right now.”

“It’s a positive mindset. Compliments.”

“Ha ha, thank you!”

Jason, with a big smile, guided him. The ability is to make one lose one’s way, and in fact, the person himself is also a guide to a pilgrim, so he was anxious, but that doesn’t mean he can’t help but move his feet.

I moved slowly after Jason. It only took a few minutes. After walking for a bit, a white table decorated with golden candlesticks caught my eye.

“Here! We have arrived! This is the meeting place! hahahaha! Everyone is gathered!”

Jason, with his arms wide open, turned around and declared to Han Jaejoong.

“As comrades say! I’ve gathered the monsters I want to see!”

The monsters, whose outlines were revealed following the light of the candlelight, greeted him with cool gazes.

“Keukkeuk, this is… a reunion after a long time…”

Gemini, the monster of Gemini.

“Sure! It’s been a while! Hey you! Even though you’ve seen it again, you don’t think I’m a horsehead?! You’re not afraid of my ugly appearance, right?!!”

Pegasus, the monster of Pegasus.

“Hello~ It hasn’t been a while… but you still missed me? You’ll understand my feelings? Oh, that’s right, I haven’t come back. I can’t see where I went.”

Botis, the monster of the shepherd’s seat. She was wearing her hood deeply, as before. After all, you don’t want to show your face carelessly.

“And I’ll say hello again! My name is Jason! Your comrade!”

Jason said goodbye and sat down.

When there was only one seat left, he sat down too. It was said that manners were respected.

“Yeah, well… Seeing the faces I didn’t want to see makes me feel so sick. What can I do? Even if I don’t like it, isn’t it a social life to bear with?

He opened his mouth at the same time as he tossed the cup of water that had been placed in front of him into the distance.

“Do monsters have mental illness one by one?”

“Oh, how did you know that? That’s right. That’s right.”

“Keukkeuk… Each of us has a place of darkness within us… Can you drive this darkness away?”

“I’ll turn.”

It was the first time I wanted to go back home as soon as I sat down.

“But what’s the matter, comrade? You called us.”

“There’s something I’d like to ask you.”

I looked back at the faces sitting in this seat. Those who tried to turn Han Jaejoong into a monster and those who had the belt. Like all of them, they wanted to fold their backs tightly, but they endured it, thinking of their bravery like a lake and their rabbit-like younger brother waiting for them at home.

“Isn’t that the way it used to be? Just like that side wanted me and came here, this time I just wanted that side and found it.”

Being able to try becoming a monster means that you are well versed in becoming a monster.

These are Han Jaejoong’s enemies and nemesis, and at the same time, they hold the information he wants the most.


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