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Transformation or Death chapter 68

68 – truncated trail (1)

An echo is embroidered on the marble floor. Running in the hospital hallway was not highly recommended, but now she was not in the right mental state to maintain light manners.

Mystical hair, slightly blue, fluttered here and there as she ran.

His feet were urgent, his breath was urgent, and his eyes were urgent. She moved her feet quickly, unable to tell whether she was running away or pursuing, and soon stopped in front of a certain room.

He was breathing heavily, but before he had time to calm it down, he opened the door.

“Ah Yuna!”

The owner of the hospital room is Cho Ah-yoon. She was a girl who could no longer be called a magical girl.

“Uh, uh… are you here?”

The owner of the room smiled awkwardly and waved his hand. It was clear that he had forcibly made up his courage. On one side of her smile was loneliness and sorrow.

Yoon Seol-hwa’s eyes filled with sadness.

“Ah, Ah Yuna, really you…”

“What’s wrong with that expression, it’s not like he’s dead. I’ve been trying to quit for a long time anyway.”

Modern people sometimes have drinks with acquaintances to take a break from their busy lives. Yoon Seol-hwa did just that.

It was just that…

As with all accidents, misfortune comes without the slightest warning. It was like that this time too.

The sudden mass advance of monsters and the appearance of Virgo. To prevent this, Pink Deneb extinguished its own starlight.

No matter how much he wanted to retire, he probably didn’t want to retire in this way.

He was a person who should have had a more moderate and warm end, amid applause.

black dwarf.

The cost of this technique is not simply losing her powers as a magical girl.

A technique that burns everything in oneself into instant light.

The aftereffects remain.

Minimum deadline.

At most, 20 years, the worst is a few days. The length of time a black dwarf has lasted determines how long it will live.

According to the record, the time used was 10 minutes. The rest of my life would be about 10 years at most.

pop. A drop of water fell on Yoon Seol-hwa’s hand as she was caressing Jo Ah-yoon’s hand. The tears showed no signs of stopping.

“Because of me… I’m sorry… I’m sorry, Ayun-ah… I really…”

If it hadn’t been that day when he said to drink, if the place he drank wasn’t there, if he had controlled his drinking just a little bit, if only he had been a little stronger… He would be able to defeat any monster. If only it was strong enough.

Many ‘what ifs’ came to mind, but I couldn’t undo what I had already done. All you have to do is to dwell on the past while feeling sorrow and regret right now.

She knows too. The biggest fault lies with the monster. None of this would have happened if they hadn’t attacked in the first place. Even so, the sense of bewilderment never went away.

“Uh… No… Senpai? I…”

“I’m really… sorry…”

Yun Seol-hwa wept as if clinging to this poor girl. I was disgusted with myself for what qualifications I shed tears. I couldn’t do anything, nothing…

But the tears showed no signs of stopping.

The guilt I always felt, one more reason to have that shabby feeling was added.

If you have the power to protect it, why can’t you protect one? I couldn’t keep a single thing I really wanted to protect. Many people were saved in this incident, but the one who wanted to live the most was close to death.

The feeling of bewilderment was endless. Like a snowman melting in front of a spring, it collapsed endlessly in front of the pain of loved ones.

‘Why do I always have to be taken away?’

It was unfair at the same time. Lovers and friends both suffered from the monster.

Why should this happy daily life always be threatened? Why should they suffer? Why did misfortune have to befall them? what’s wrong, what’s wrong

Monsters always take away. Your own happiness, precious things.

As the guilt grew, so did the hatred.

“Senpai… don’t cry… it’s not your fault… if you cry like that… hi.”

Ayun, who was holding Seolhwa’s hand tightly, also began to have tears in her eyes.

“I’m getting sad too… don’t cry… senpai don’t cry uhhhhh…”

Before she knew it, she began to weep louder than the tale.

‘How hard this kid must have been…’

I burst into tears again. It reminded me of Jo Ah-yoon when I was a student. She was a timid woman who couldn’t control her emotions and cried often.

How sad is the current situation, would you cry so sadly? Shall I shed tears as they were in the past?

‘What did I do to a child like this…!’

Seolhwa hugged Ayun. As if they had gone back to being children, they hugged each other and conveyed each other’s warmth.

“Senpai… No, unnie… I’ll take good care of you… I’ll do my best to help you live a quiet and happy life… Let’s be happy… Be happy… Huh?”

“uuuh-sister! Don’t cry! Higuk, don’t cry… I’m really fine… I’m fine…”

Ayun cried like she really went back to her student days.

“Oooh… Noisy… I’m crying… Just leave me sad…”

In the meantime, I was talking to the empty space.

‘…! I can’t feel the loss of the mascot…’

As she loses her magical girl powers, she also loses her ally, the mascot. Normally, the mascot would be comforting. In fact, Seolhwa was also listening to the mascot’s consideration.

[Guardian… don’t cry…]

Perhaps Ayun is used to it and is still saying that now that she has lost her mascot. Thinking about it made the girl in his arms look even more pitiful.

“Ah Yuna…”


The two hugged each other and cried for a long time.

Yoon Seol-hwa, worried about Jo Ah-yoon’s stability, returned after she cried so hard that dehydration symptoms arose.

Later, the nurse scolded him for disturbing the patient’s stability, including running in the hallway.


“…sniff. My head hurts like hell.”

It was so windy that it made the sound of blinding noses. Ayun got a headache as a result of the tears shed in poor condition. I grabbed my head and fell into bed.

[I should have cried in moderation. It’s because a sick child cries while screaming.]

An iron ball floating in the air. A familiar voice came from there.

“Yeah, but… sunbaenim cries… I… get sad too… oppa isn’t sad…? Seolhwa sunbaenim cries like that…”

[If you say that, I think I’m a dog.]

It was Han Jaejoong’s voice. Ayun, frightened by the contents rather than his voice, quickly lowered her head.

“Hee, hee… is that so? I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to do that, but it’s not that I didn’t consider your feelings…”

[Hey, I’m not scolding you. do not do that. I’m more like an asshole… That’s right.]

Garbage among garbage that manipulated the case without the person’s will, dived farewell, and disappeared for a long time. The voice that came from beyond the iron ball mixed with resentment.

[Anyway, since I met Seol-hwa, you know now, right?]

“Yeah… it looks like it’s real… sniffle.”

He tapped the floating iron ball with interest. Even if it was pushed a little, it found its original position again.

“That I was a magical girl.”

Last night, when I first opened my eyes, I saw this iron ball. A strangely designed iron ball. Behind him was Han Jaejoong. A very bad guy who only showed up after a few years. I wanted you to be happy, but I must have gone through all sorts of hardships, the guy who told me about scars and suicide. still love you

I remembered everything about what happened to him.

However, he couldn’t remember why he was here right now. Jo Ah-yoon had to look around for a long time with a dumbfounded expression. What reason must there be for this brother and myself to be alone in the night mountain?

Could it be that you were running away at night somewhere…?

Around the time I was questioning things like this, I received shocking news from Jaejoong Han.

The fact that she was a magical girl who died burning starlight just before.

“Honestly, I still don’t get it…”

Memories of acting as a magical girl, only those memories disappeared.

It’s not even a monster. According to the knowledge gained through common sense, becoming a monster is the disappearance of all memories of living as a human. There are still human relationships

I was wondering where the convenient amnesia is that only certain memories disappear. According to him, it is possible.

He says he is the same.

He pointed to an iron ball floating in front of his eyes as the cause. To be precise, I pointed my finger anywhere in the air. I missed the iron ball slightly. I asked if he couldn’t see it, and he said he couldn’t see it with his own eyes.

He pointed his finger in the air, saying that he had the same thing. Of course, Jo Ah-yoon did not see it.

She thought Han Jaejoong was crazy. Where did you go through a lot of hardships and get a mental illness?

What a heartbreaking news that my brother has become a crazy bastard. By the time tears welled up in Jo Ah-yoon’s eyes.

Friction occurred as the ball collided with the ball. At that moment, Jo Ah-yoon witnessed it with her own two eyes. Except for the iron ball in front of him, the other one.

“Aww, why is this… Uhm, can you believe it now?”

“I thought you were surprised too?”

“No, I knew everything… then. The reason these two collided is why.

“It’s true that you don’t know.”

That playful tone rather relieved Jo Ah-yoon’s tension.

“…Anyway, I don’t think you’re lying. What is it, brother? Something happened to me and something happened to you.”

Back, Han Jaejoong calmly reported everything that had happened to him briefly. Also, what happened to Cho Ah-yun?

“I think you signed a contract with the star like me. Maybe…”

I didn’t feel it.

To think that she was a magical girl, and that she had just been dead and then came back to life.

And that life came into contact with this iron ball.

I couldn’t really feel or understand what was going on. Everything seemed like a lie.

“Ah, no, what is that planet’s contract? What is that transformation…”

“It must be faster to show than to talk.”

He got up from his seat and put his hand in the air. Then, a mechanical device was created in that hand. A strange mechanical device resembling a telescope somewhere. When I attached it to my waist, I heard a choke, and the iron rope spread out and wrapped around my waist. became a belt.


As Han Jaejoong muttered, a round green starlight came out of the belt. Starlight wrapped around his body and transformed him into a different body than before. Transformation literally means to change into a different body.

Afterwards, a magical girl arrives to rescue him and the story ends as he runs away.

Fortunately, the act of colliding with the iron balls just before was to establish a network of communication with each other.

The story of being rescued by a magical girl, which seemed like a bad joke, gradually took on reality.

The brother who really transformed.

The magical girls who pretended to know and were very worried, even the reaction of Seol-hwa, who had just visited the hospital.

Jo Ah-yun was a magical girl. Even without memory, she couldn’t help but be so sure.

“I… a magical girl…”

[Because it’s real.]

“I thought my brother was talking bullshit to make fun of me…”

[I told you to search the Internet. Then you would know right away.]

“Ugh… I don’t like that… but it’s been a while since I quit because I always curse at my brother or my senior… I don’t even know what a popular song is these days…”

[Ah Yuna.]

“Ehh?! I’m sorry I was acting too bad again…”

[No, not like that.]

A surprisingly kind and warm voice came through the cold machine.

[I’m sorry.]

Ayun was silent for a moment, then smiled.

“What is it? You’re the person I rely on the most right now, what if you say that? There’s no need to be sorry. If you’re that sorry, please do better in the future.”

Looking at the scenery of the city through the window, I licked my lips again.

“I… was a magical girl…”

No matter how many times I thought about it, I couldn’t believe it.

“…Aren’t magical girls only good guys…? Like Seolhwa-senpai… she’s so kind and pretty… but why am I…?”

I couldn’t understand. What on earth did Byul see in her to make her choice? What was he thinking when he did that?

“Why did I become a magical girl…? How did I…?”

No matter how many questions I asked, no answers came back.

It was because the person who needed to know the answer did not know.

Jo Ah-yoon was silent. I questioned my past self.

why did you become a magical girl

The past self was also silent.


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