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Transformation or Death chapter 67

67 – Beast’s Tail (5)

A bird flew around Pink Deneb. The number gradually increased to two, three, tens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, and so on. Crows flew, leading the strong wind and the halo of light.

The hair and the hem of the fabric fluttered incessantly. Even the moonlight did not overcome the wind and bent. The sound of the wind suppressed even the screams and showed off itself. It was the overwhelming wind of the century.

Pink Deneb does not have the ability to manipulate the atmosphere. This was the same even when it became a black dwarf and close to the nova.

Now, all of this wind was created by Hong Ik-oh’s flapping of his wings. The movements of the beasts gathered together and a storm-like wind blew.

“What are you doing? Let’s dance?”

She laughed thickly, covered in blood and tears. The evidence of her pain decorated her like a watercolor painting and created a more alluring atmosphere.

I drew my hand horizontally. A fine curve was drawn, and crows moved along the line. The group of Hongik Chow, which showed orderly movements, showed a silky elegance.

Cheer up!

Hongik-oh, which stretched out like a road, flew towards the people.

“…What are you doing? That magic isn’t very good in such a small space, right? Rather, it only increases the possibility of colliding into each other and getting into danger. There’s still only one escape route. Oh, the ceiling? Did you want to use it here?”

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Virgo smiled and moved her arm after Pink Deneb. Like a lake maiden dancing under the moonlight, splendor and elegance coexisted.

Hong Ik-oh moved as she moved. Theft of magical power due to the Four Seasons.

The robbed Hongik-oh went up to the sky and filled the empty seats like clouds. Even the moonlight was erased, and the darkness unique to the underground descended far and wide.

“What now? In the first place, how were you trying to defeat me with only a few birds? You can’t defeat me with magic like this… Ah, it’s been a minute now.”

Even in the dark the wind blew without stopping. The strong wind blew away the stale air below and circulated the fresh air.

“Now that the ceiling is blocked… It’s a pity. I don’t think we can evacuate. It’s okay. The touching sacrifice that burned your life now will be meaningless enough, but it will still be mourned in moderation in society.”

The starlight emitted from Pink Deneb was the only light that lit up the darkness.

“What are you talking about?”

She laughed lightly at Virgo, who had stolen her magic, and moved her arm again.

“Didn’t you grasp my ability while handling my magic right now? Didn’t even the head become a bird’s head just because you handled a bird?”

Hong Ik-oh’s abilities are diverse.

It can unfold like wings on its back to fold the sky and run, and it can detect starlight, and with its sensing ability, it can act as a bridge connecting magical girls’ intentions in real time.

yes, the bridge.

A structure to make something go over.

Even if there is an ocean below, even if there is a swamp, even if there is lava, even if there is a sky, if you cross the bridge, you can overcome it.

No matter what kind of hardship there is, it helps me to jump over the danger. The way this is the bridge.

Just as the crows gathered and became a bridge to connect Gyeon-woo and Jik-nyeo, her Hongik-oh can also play a similar role.

“I don’t need the old road.”

The role of a path connecting one magical girl to another. A kind of teleportation that ignored realistic distance or spatial obstacles.

Originally, it was only possible between magical girls.

However, now that he has awakened to his divinity, those restrictions have disappeared.

“You don’t have to walk down that narrow road.”

Cheer La Rock.

Hong Ik-oh unfolded and passed people like the wind. The shadow that hurriedly moved forward disappeared.

Like a clogged drain, the people who were in the evacuation route, which was densely filled with foreign substances called people, disappeared one by one.

Hong Ik-oh did not move to hug anyone anymore. It moved to become a stepping stone for them to step on and a path that would guide them to the right path when they walked.

“Because I’ll make a new road.”

Those who walked the path of Hong Ik-oh came to walk in the city center where people’s lights shine brightly in the damp and dark basement. It was in a large park.

As I looked around with startled eyes, one by one, I began to see other people in the shelter here one by one.

The commotion spread like waves.

It was a fuss of joy that he had survived.

All Hong Ik-O flew and landed to become the road. I sacrificed myself so that he could lightly trample on his head and go away.

The crow flew and flew again. Tens of thousands of birds flapped their wings at the same time so that even if someone took it again and again, it would not interfere with their work.

Odan Hong Bridge.

The crow spread out like silk and became a bridge to life.

It bloomed like a rainbow at night and drew a beautiful line in the sky.

“Because I’ll be the way.”

There were no lanterns, even the moonlight disappeared, and when darkness fell, she became the light and guided the people.

Like a star that showed the right path to a sailor who was lost in the open sea.

The way to escape from death, the straight line where you can find relief the fastest, that straight line, pointed to the north.

In this moment, she was the North Star.

The vacancy gradually increased in the underground shelter. Even among the many people who disappeared, the two figures did not move.

Those who will no longer be magical girls, and those who are no longer magical girls.

Two similar and yet different beings looked at each other.

“Are you out of your mind?”

An arc was drawn at the corner of Virgo’s mouth. It was a smile full of displeasure.

“Are you crazy enough? You didn’t use your magic to defeat me right now, but you used it to evacuate those idiots? Are you really planning on going after it?”

As the popularity disappeared, the pink Deneb’s light also decreased.

black dwarf.

The last starlight emitted by the magical girl. As much as it burns everything and emits light, the more the light is emitted, the more it diminishes.

It was like a candle.

If this starlight goes out now, it’s over. It is impossible to regain strength and fight again. The starlight that has now flowed away will never return.

Not just starlight, but even life. If the transformation is canceled in a forcible way, even the life accumulated in the body will be scattered and die.

Even if he cancels his transformation with his own will, his terminally ill life is confirmed.

Because this is a skill that burns everything you have into starlight. Of course, life is among them all.

“That teleportation, the mana seems to be coming through quite a bit. Ehh, now it’s really over. You can’t kill me with the amount of mana you have left.”

It was a tone of blatant disappointment.

“I heard that it was a secret game that would replace even my life force with magical power, so I was expecting what kind of desperate effort would be made… Ugh~ Is it just an evacuation? But… Now, the only future left is to be killed by dogs, so I feel sorry for you…”

Disappointment, then ridicule, then criticism. Virgo slandered her.

Pink Deneb didn’t care at all and spread her arms.


The red tent made of crows, the silence is lifted.

Silence has arrived.

All I could see was blank. A neat empty space where not a single ant will be seen.

“Talk about it.”

There was no one behind her. Numerous innocent people who had been hurriedly shaking their feet just before had disappeared.

We succeeded in evacuating everyone present.

“I wasn’t fighting to win anyway.”

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Victory, of course, is good value.

But not as much as life.

“I don’t care what shit you spit out of your mouth. I just do what I have to do.”

No matter how many monsters you can kill, if you can’t protect it, it’s useless power in the end.

You don’t have to try to win. Just save

This was Pink Deneb’s rule from the moment she first became a magical girl.

Fortunately, his ability was adjusted accordingly, and this iron rule was still being followed.

She often goes out with other magical girls and doesn’t notice it, but she always did what she could.

Pink Deneb.

Magical girl with the most defeats.

Magical girl with the most rescues.

The record for the most losses has always been the record for the fewest deaths.

“I can’t win? I know. I don’t live to win. Even if I win, short-term satisfaction is the end.

Pink Deneb’s feet kicked the ground. A pink halo hugged Virgo’s waist and soared upward.

“If people fall behind, it’s the end. You can throw away that victory.”

He pierced the Hongik Odeul, which Virgo had blocked in advance, and flew upward and upward again.

It tore through the night sky and flew. The chilly winter air filled my lungs, and tears welled up in my eyes, perhaps because of the cold. A cold wind once burned away the tears and flew away.

“Didn’t I just feel really sick, bitch?”

maybe i will die here

After thinking about it calmly with my mind awakened by the cold wind, I came to that conclusion.

Of course there are many regrets.

It’s sad, it’s boiling hot, and I want to gather all the bad words and throw them into the world right now.

Instead, with all this resentment, he decided to feed Virgo taffy.

A way to keep the evacuated people far away from being pursued and at the same time inflict some damage.

“Try it to yourself, bitch.”

Pink Deneb, who had been soaring upward for a long time, slowly made her lean down. Virgo, who was caught by her, also naturally turned downward.

“It will hurt a little.”

At that moment, he flew at the maximum speed he could. Leaving behind a trail of light like a meteor, the two fell down.


Botis was looking up. swallowed a laugh

I can’t believe that all the monsters I’ve made so far will lose more than half of them in a single battle today.

“Umm… I must have underestimated it too.”

It’s more scary when a kid who used to flirt gets angry.

He stroked the severed horn. My body throbbed every time my fingers touched the severed area. It hurt quite a bit.

There was nothing in your hand. No wooden staff, no belt. The wooden wand was lying undisturbed beside it, but the belt was gone.

It’s probably out looking for the owner.

Happiness hung over her face, and she smiled.

“Still… nice.”

I recalled the battle from before.

The appearance of that ferocious yet thorough destroyer.

A savage and mechanical bizarre monster.

“I look forward to seeing you next time…”

Botis smiled contentedly.

Thinking of his own blind sheep, who came to become more handsome every time he met them.


“A bunch of monsters… Is this a trick to widen the distance? Oh, it’s shallow.”

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Virgo brushed off the dust and stood up. His back was full of traces of falling from a high altitude.

The surroundings were full of monsters.

It was a remote mountain road quite far from the city, where quite a few monsters advancing from Dark Matter remained.

“But, I’ll let you pass this time. You’re strong too. It’s forced, but it’s needlessly high in responsibility… Yes, you won. It’s great. I’ll give you a round of applause. Clap clap! You did a great job!”

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Virgo quickly clapped her hands, then stopped and looked at Pink Deneb.

haggard look. She didn’t even have to touch it. If left alone, the monster will kill you, or you’ll die on your own. will be one of the two

“Congratulations on your retirement junior~”

He looked at her with cold, sunken eyes and waved his hand gently.

“It’s a relief that I didn’t end up like me~ Well… I guess it’s similar to being a monster.”

Turning around mercilessly, he disappeared in the darkness of the night.

Jo Ah-yoon canceled the transformation.

– Kreuk. Kruck.

I tried to get myself up. My legs staggered and I fell back to the ground.

He had no strength to move his mouth, let alone his legs.

The voice of the mascot, which had been noisy by now, was also quiet.

What cuts through the silence of the night is the monster’s threat.

After quietly gazing into the darkness, Jo Ah-yoon slowly closed her eyes.

Oh, that’s it.

It was pretty silly. Right before the end, the kaleidoscope was nowhere to be seen.

He quietly accepted his death without thinking about the past or anything else.

At that moment, the front of my eyes turned white.


Powerful brilliance that penetrates even when both eyes are closed. Did it come at dawn, or did it arrive in the afterlife?

A stream of white light flowed endlessly and slaughtered the monster.

The thunderbolt left a beautiful trail like the trail of a falling star, like the tail of an animal.


I smiled and filled my eyes with the sight.

“Ah Yuna!”

The source of light came and hugged her. A warm voice that did not suit the cold body.

All the ferocity from earlier had dissipated in front of her.

“Oh Yuna! Ah Yuna! Ah Yuna… no… don’t do this… what is this… what happened…”


The trail of light that remained like a tail disappeared, and the figure of the approaching person was also revealed. It was as I thought before.

“As expected, my brother was right…”

my lovely brother

Why does this person always appear in times of crisis? Jo Ah-yun laughed deeply.

It wouldn’t be bad to have this person by your side at the end.

He slowly closed his eyes, rubbing his teary cheeks with his raised hand.

“What, what. Why is this here. What is it. What is it… Uhh wait, hey! Don’t do it! Hey!”

My ears were ringing and I opened my eyes.

“Oppa, I’m dying… It’s noisy… Cry quietly…”

What I saw right in front of me was not my brother’s face. iron ball. An iron ball floating alone in the air.

it came into his hands. As soon as you touched it, its shape changed.

“…what the fuck.”

The iron ball turned into a strange mechanism.

A machine resembling a telescope somewhere.

The black lens reflected Jo A-yoon like a mirror.

There was a distant light beyond the lens.

The light looked at her, and she also looked at the light.

Soon the light enveloped her.

The night of the day when December had just begun.

A terrible incident occurred that trampled on the longing that marked the beginning of the month.

Monsters who lived in Dark Matter entered the city in large numbers.

This incident, which could have been a great tragedy that will go down in history, succeeded in ending with much less damage than expected through the early suppression of the magical girls, especially the sacrifice of Pink Deneb.

The currently identified casualties are:

A total of 8,568 residents chose to evacuate, and 258 residents suffered minor or moderate injuries.

However, there were no fatalities.


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