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Transformation or Death chapter 66

66 – Beast’s Tail (4)

“Retirement… I don’t think it’s time yet.”

This was the purpose of Yun Seol-hwa calling Jo A-yoon today.

She needed to resort to the power of alcohol to refuse the favors offered by her dearest sister.

I thought it was a really good person to think so painfully about a proposal that was just spit out.

Ah-yoon Jo was embarrassed about how she should convey her meeting with Jaejoong Han, how much she should say and how much she should hide.

No matter how many years have passed, in the end, people’s fundamentals have not changed.

I felt it from the first time I became a magical girl. She said she would never be like the other magical girls.

I felt proud when I helped people, but I couldn’t risk my life with this feeling alone.

money? Money is good, of course. But it wasn’t good enough for the attention that came with it.

I just felt irritated by the work of a magical girl day by day.

I wanted to erase the name Pink Deneb as soon as possible.

Like the meaning of the name Deneb, it was a life like a tail.

life at the end.

A life where you can’t do anything properly, and you have to follow someone like a tail and focus on helping them.

A life of writing records at the very end when others record happy victories one by one.

Compared to other magical girls with a dragon’s head, a life like a bird’s tail, not even a snake’s tail.

Jo Ah-yoon realized that she had become the tail of a beast.

I wanted to quit at any time. It has been quite some time since the growth of starlight has stopped. Even the activities of the dilemma there.

It was the right time to retire. More magical girls will be born now, and her place will soon disappear.

However, disappearing like this alone is lonely, so I hoped that there would be a companion. I didn’t want to disappear like someone’s tail until the end.

In addition to this feeling, I did not want to go through the experience of losing my family again.

When she woke up in the hospital after being hit by the monster in the shield seat, she was relieved that Seolhwa Yun next to her was alive rather than the fact that she was alive.

It was terrifying at the same time. From now on, I have to fight against that S-class monster over and over again.

There is no guarantee that the subsequent defeat will end with being brought to the hospital.

I shuddered even more at the thought of the death of a magical girl that happens several times a year.

This is crazy.

You have to stop right now. It also needs to be stopped.

Earning a living, being immersed in work, hating someone, aren’t things to think about after living in the end?

My older sister who was with my family. This was the reason he recommended Blue Sirius to retire.

Regardless of how strong she was or how great a position she was in, she was just a person to Ah-Yoon Jo.

But at the same time, Ayun Jo didn’t really look forward to her retirement.

Unlike herself, she has both the ability and the will to defeat monsters. What do you regret about retiring?

Blue Sirius does not retire. It would be happy news for the public, but it wasn’t very good news for Cho Ah-yoon.

I know that the request is nothing more than a mere rant.

The past passed by like a kaleidoscope.

“Ahahahahaha! The sky is so clear! Isn’t it?”

The wind also blew by.

Jo Ah-yoon realized again that she was flying in the sky with Virgo in her arms.

My body jumped out before I could even think.

What was held in his arms was a dangerous molecule that could not be compared to a time bomb. Pink Deneb’s back felt chills.

[tutelar! what are you doing! put it down now! Keep your distance! Dangerous!]

A jewel attached to the ribbon, an order came from the mascot in a hurry.

Jo Ah-yoon hurriedly released Virgo from her arms. After falling down a bit, it started flying again.

“what a waste!”

Phyung. A ray of purple light savagely cut through the night sky and disappeared.

Even though it didn’t even touch the skin, the heat was transmitted. Pink Deneb was appalled and distanced himself further.

“Thank you, parrot.”

[It’s not a parrot, it’s a swan! no need to thank It’s not over yet… I’m coming again!]

Lines like flowing lava and sunsets were drawn several times across the night sky.

Pink Deneb has succeeded in getting out of all lines, churning through the sky like an aerobatic flight.

At that time, Virgo approached at a speed that the eye could not catch.

“Ahahahahaha! This time it’s my turn~!”

Hong Ik-oh spreads out behind his back. Now I realized that he stole his celestial law.

The landscape is elongated like a continuous line, and the clouds are torn. This feeling of folding the sky and running could never be mistaken.

“Oh shit! Hey! Let go!”

“Don’t say that~ It’s disappointing, huh?”

bang! bang! I hit him on the back with my fists and elbows several times, but to no avail. As if he couldn’t even get a massage, he laughed lightly and grabbed her and ran out.

“You’re amazing too. I don’t think you want to die, but what do you think about kidnapping me alone? Would you mind me drilling a hole in this boat? I think it would be a nice decoration!”

“Fuck… fuck!”

“Oh my gosh. Don’t curse at me~ It’s scary. Don’t you know that magical girls shouldn’t use curse words? And again…”

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Virgo raised the corners of her mouth in an arc and spat out in a voice that seemed to be submerged in powder.

“I cannot use my strength for my own personal desires, but I must silently contribute to the common good. I must always sacrifice my time and protect the time of others. I must put up with bad words and not fight back. I must protect the lives of others, but You wouldn’t do it if you put your life first, you’re an asshole. Aren’t you? You know that, right?”

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Virgo laughed and looked down with glimmering eyes.

“Oh, I’ve decided where we’ll go on our date. Aren’t you excited?”

Lines drawn horizontally became vertical. A gust of wind blew from below. Birds flying forward lowered their heads and flapped their wings madly.

descent. oblique fall.

The friction heat made my back very hot. It was about to catch fire.

“Ugh, aaa!!”

“Does it hurt? Be patient~ It’s okay! Our juniors, fighting! Cheer up!”

Tears welled up in pain for the first time in a long time. Once again, the memory passed like a kaleidoscope.

The fear transmitted by force is familiar to Cho Ah-yoon. The memory of a violently caught body being trampled upon was quite familiar.

Short. It’s easy. Memories of the past, when I was bullied just for that reason, came to my mind.

They took away their possessions, confined their freedom, and wielded violence by putting the majority and their superior body at the fore. That coercion reminded me of Virgo.

Memories that floated like soap bubbles soon hit the ground, exploded, and evaporated.

“Keep, heck… billion… ugh…!”

“Does it hurt? It hurts a lot? Umm… I don’t see that kind of face just because I’m in pain… Ah! I got it!”

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Virgo looked down at Jo A-yoon, who was lying on the ground.

“Are you scared? I’m scared! Right?”

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Virgo was delighted. Jo Ah-yoon moved her arms and touched her face. A small bite felt along with traces of dirt and blood.

It was a tear. A stream of water that started from pain and ended with fear.


The monster’s words were correct. The trembling and trembling fingertips contained more meaning than proof of excessive force on the body.

Her expression was that of a terrified one.

I was acutely aware of what I was afraid of. There was no need to express it verbally.

Instinct hardened my body, dried my tongue, made tears in my eyes, a throbbing heart in my heart, and endless breathing in my lungs.

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Virgo’s purple eyes coolly reflected on Jo Ah-yoon. Reflected in it like a mirror, she wasn’t a magical girl, she was just a girl.

A shabby look like a ten thousand tails. Jo Ah-yoon paradoxically erased fear from her terrified appearance.

Instead, I laughed out loud.

“Fuck really…”

“Huh? It’s okay to curse here too? This is… um, where is it? Anyway, there are many people.”

There are many people. At that remark, Jo Ah-yoon couldn’t even laugh dejectedly. The corners of his lips curled slowly.


She slowly raised herself up at the speed of the corners of her mouth.

Behind Virgo, strong moonlight fell. The moonlight was coming in through a hole in the ceiling.

However, it was filled with artificial light brighter than moonlight, so its presence was less than outside.

The thick ceiling was melting because it was blocked by some kind of hot ray.

The molten metal dripped down like rain and brushed her cheeks, cooling her. Without even realizing the heat, I looked around blankly.

people, people, people. Everywhere you look there are people.

Shelter, underground shelter.

Chills ran down my spine. Even the cold sweat that had flowed until just before had evaporated and disappeared. A cold body made the mind come to a quicker recovery.

Numerous gazes were staring at one of them, holding their breath.

Numerous people who abandoned their livelihoods and gathered to continue their lives. As if ridiculing their efforts, the monster invaded.

“Hello everyone? I have appeared to warm everyone’s hearts! Nice to meet you all~”

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Virgo smiled and waved gently at the surroundings.

“I just became a monster…”

someone muttered that The hoarse voice spoke for all those who did not even have the strength to scream.

As if a drop of water had fallen on the calm surface of the water, the murmur caused a murmur to spread.

Why is that monster here, what happened to our shelter, is the shelter no longer safe, are we dying now, what did the magical girl do?

look at that I’ve been trying to stop but…..

fuss like that.

As soon as I entered the classroom in the past, I remembered hearing various whispers.

A look of disappointment, a gaze of fear, a gaze desperately searching for a place to escape, and a gaze revealing something of anticipation and longing.

And often, a gaze that revealed compassion and empathy.

Jo Ah-yoon’s body stiffened as she was buried in the waves of her eyes.

He knows that he must evacuate immediately and deal with Virgo.

But is there any way to make it work?

A shelter that is quite narrow compared to the road, and if this many people run to the emergency exit at once, they are in a very dangerous situation. If Virgo fires a single beam at the location where the group of people are, several hundred people will die in an instant.

Deploying Hongik-oh, keeping Virgo in check, and moving people toward the ceiling? There’s no way that would be possible.

Everything will be taken away by that detestable maiden. They will mock and trample on you.

[Guardian… I…]

The mascot raised his voice with difficulty.

[I will respect every choice you make. I will support you.]

said metaphorically. I can’t do anything here, and everything I do from now on will be a struggle. Also, it would be an extreme choice.

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Virgo shouted mockingly at her.

“Everyone! Don’t say too much to this cute junior! Everyone is afraid of something, right? This friend is only afraid of monsters! Just like you!”

Phyung. It shot a beam of light into the sky. Once again, the thick ceiling cracked and let the moonlight in.

The lights on the ceiling flickered, and soon even the artificial lights went out, consumed by the darkness of the night.


Finally, screams broke out, and people started to run away from Honbibaeksan Mountain. All of them headed for the stairs, some pushing people and others holding their relatives’ hands and rolling their feet.

“It’s okay! Run away! Run away as much as you want! Yes! If you’re afraid, you should run!

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Virgo’s words could not have been limited to just those citizens.

“I’m the tagger. Okay? I’ll give you one minute.”

He smiled happily and raised his finger up. A beam of light emanated from the tip of that finger. Like a nightlife in a deep underground, the bright light blinked repeatedly. With each flash, the ceiling melted.

In the melting molten iron, Virgo and I met eyes.

In an instant, the laughter disappeared, and the cool eyes were directed at Jo Ah-yoon. There was no ridicule or madness. There is one thing, interesting. I looked down with a cynical gaze.

Since yesterday, Virgo used to insist on her similarity to Pink Deneb.

She is looking forward to what choices she will make and what actions she will take.

looking forward to running away I’m looking forward to trying to survive. They expect you to prioritize yourself.


Pink Deneb and Cho Ah-yoon want to do that now.

I want to run away. I want to survive leaving everything behind.

What’s the point if there is no life? Isn’t life the most important value?

Isn’t duty, responsibility, mission, image, and pride to be preserved only when there is life in the end? If you live, you can recover someday. can fulfill But when you die, it’s over. I can not do anything.

Someone shook Jo Ah-yoon’s shoulder. It was a middle-aged woman who could be seen through the dim moonlight.

“My lady, run away quickly. If you lie down like that, you will die.”

I gave advice and ran away. A short but distant good will that a petit bourgeois would leave behind. clear good intentions though.

Did you misunderstand someone to worry about because you were blind? Laughter came out.

“Hey parrot…”

There is no heroism in Cho Ah-yoon. I don’t even want to be such a great being.

no sense of duty It’s just disgusting to do something forced.

Body and strength are weak. I am always compared to others, and I cannot win a proper victory.

“You know what I’m going to do?”

[Of course, it’s stupid.]

Even so, there is a reason to continue this hard work and save people.

[It was an honor to be together.]

Because you have power

It’s weak compared to other powerful people, but it’s definitely power.

With power comes responsibility. It’s a very old and outdated word. Still, there is a reason why it continues.

“You’re right. I’m fucking dying for my life.”

Ayoon Jo has no great sense of mission.

Because I have power, I just use it.

Act because you can use your strength to save now, and just move because you can move now.

“It’s not that it’s a waste of power again.”

she chuckled. It was absurd. What’s wrong with the year that has the lowest win rate? What is regrettable and what is not worth it.


he is weak It’s hard to beat a monster even if it’s A-class, and you have to rely on the help of other magical girls. The external reputation is also not good. Maybe it’s because I don’t like my words and actions, so there are a lot of antis. He is weak and has no allies.

Then, you weak and wretched one.

Now, do you have time to look down?

“You have to give something.”

Jo Ah-yun abandoned.

To save lives, one’s external reputation, value, pride, respect, and finally, now power.

A life that has always been like a tail. A life that was shaking at the end.

Even such a life, even a life that was like the tail of an animal, was cut off by itself.

It’s nothing now.

It ceased to hold any value.

That was enough.

“You want me to run away? Why am I doing something nice for you? Fucking monsters like you is my greatest pleasure, bastard.”

Pink Deneb woke up. His limbs were shaky and he didn’t have a heroic smile, but the fact that he had woken up didn’t change. Along with the thick makeup, the already ferocious impression crumpled even more ferociously. A light like an explosion emanated from the ribbon in the center of her chest.

A source of hope in the dark night.

black dwarf.

Magical Girl Last Resort.

The strongest light that a star emits last before it burns away.

The words disappeared from the mascot. The field of view gradually narrowed. Pink Deneb rose elegantly, wearing a vast amount of magical power she had never handled before, like a fairy’s winged robe. The moonlight and the crimson light met and curved, adorning her mysteriously.

She gently lifted the wing robe with her fingers and asked gracefully.

“Have you ever danced under the stars?”

Her appearance as a magical girl will probably be her last. Pink Deneb recited the end with a feeling of relief.

“If not, let’s dance together.”

Together under a ray of light before eternal darkness arrives.


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