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Transformation or Death chapter 65

65 – Beast’s Tail (3)

Pink Deneb had a headache. It was partly because of the alcohol he had just drank, but it was more to blame for the reality that was facing him now.

“I’ll turn, really…”

The purple woman in front of him made the daunting reality even more difficult.

The place where the whites of the eyes should originally be is full of black, and wings that should not be on the human back are grown on the back.

That heterogeneous appearance makes us notice at once that she looks like a human but is not human.

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Virgo laughed excitedly and turned her body like a dance. As the body moved in a clockwise direction, light grains like firecrackers came out. Each one was a powerful destroyer comparable to explosives.

“Yes! Let’s look around together!”


A distant explosion shook the ground once more. The monsters that were coming like bees burst like balloons and melted like cheese. The building caught fire.

“Isn’t it pretty?”

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Virgo, who was watching the scene in rapture, murmured. Behind her, without stopping, the cries and footsteps of new monsters resounded. The flames on the buildings were like torches illuminating the ominous advance.

Endless waves of enemies, new worst nemesis.

Pink Deneb felt like crying. didn’t cry

I knew to death from my past experiences that nothing would get better by crying, so I endured it.

Fortunately, most of the people here were evacuated. However, there may be people who have not yet been found, and if the monsters cannot be stopped here and now, the reason for evacuating them will disappear.

If all the magical girls are defeated here, the group of monsters will head straight to the shelter.


He immediately turned his gaze to see Blue Sirius.

Blue Sirius is strong. Few people will object to this. Even Red Vega, which has grown rapidly recently, is still just a child in front of her. The experience and mana accumulated over a long period of time are unmatched.

Even so, he is weak in front of Virgo.

All magical girls are like that.

Four Seasons (四季紫一).

The power to steal mana and control it at will is fatal to a magical girl.

“Uh~! It’s a bit chilly today!”

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Virgo frowned as she rubbed her bare, white arms.

At the same time as he complained, pieces of ice floating in the air gathered in the air and began to clump together. All the magic that Blue Sirius had manifested fell under her grasp. The sporadic magic soon coalesced into one giant snowball.

“So, don’t use ice. Huh? I’m cold! What kind of ice magic is it in winter?”

Gradually, beyond the snow and ice fragments, the ice on the side of the road and the ice on the monster frozen by magic rose into the air and became part of the snowball.

Before I knew it, the moon carved out of ice bloomed above the sky, blocking the moonlight.

There were fires all over the buildings and roads, and spheres of ice in the sky. The sight of the two conflicting heavens and earth had an ironic aesthetic.

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Virgo smirked and flew atop the giant snowball he had created.

“Hey, it’s high here.”

Around the snowball, Hongik-oh, which Pink Deneb had spread around, began to gather. On top of that, he covered it with purple flames, his magical power.

Several noises mingled. The sound of ice breaking and squishing, the sound of birds flapping their wings that might remind you of a swarm of insects, the sound of sparks vibrating the air.

Kwajijik, Patteruk, Hwarreuk. and made endless noise.

The monster under the ground excitedly started running towards the city.

A mass of overwhelming mass and size that rose to the sky poured a purple light like the setting sun. The advance of the monsters was clearly visible.

Thousands of animals came running, creating a tremor like an earthquake. Breaking through the flames, chewing on the remains of the building and breaking them with his feet, he stretched out his demonic hand towards the magical girl.

“Damn it! Senpai… Leave this place to me…!”

“What are you talking about? Did you freak out because you wanted to die? Oops…! Now I really need to stop drinking… Yes, yes!”

Blue Sirius made ice sheets everywhere and made the monsters slide. The falling foot and foot threw an ice pick and killed him instantly. He threw an ice awl at the monsters who didn’t fall, and made a wall of ice somewhere and made the wind of the ice blade blow somewhere.

It was magic close to art, but more than half of those magics were stolen by Virgo.

As mana consumption increased more than usual, physical strength consumption also increased. It was fatal to the head, which was already exhausted from alcohol.

Pink Deneb poured her mana without covering it. Hongik-ohs flew like sharp arrows and tore the monsters apart.

An explosion exploded from the dead monster, and blood gushed out.

By the time the bodies of the monsters outnumbered the rubble and flames of buildings, less than a minute had passed in the world, and their faces and clothes were covered in soot and blood.

I had to go up there and deal with Virgo. The monsters rushed in without a moment to spare.

He fought to the death, exhaling endlessly cold and harsh breaths.

It was truly hell.

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Virgo, who was enjoying the commotion from above, murmured.

“I don’t like the cold, but I also hate the noise.”

The lump that sucked all the magical energy from this place became enough to cover the entire street.

After taking a deep breath, Pink Deneb looked up at the sky.

“It’s like the real world…”

The altitude was not too high, but it was obvious that it would not hinder the destruction in the slightest. That mass and size would be enough to make a civilization out of this place and create a huge crater.

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Virgo smirked and stomped his foot once on the lump he was standing on.

That was enough.

The starlight that covered the moon lost its float and turned downward. Leaving a purple tail, it rushed toward the earth as if it were rushing into its mother’s arms.

It was truly a slaughter.

A comet, a star that will kill and tear everything on earth.

Pink Deneb laughed dejectedly.

“Damn it…”


A lump of all sorts of magical powers and starlight fell to the ground.



He kicked the head of the monster who rushed in, then cut off the waist of another monster who turned around.

Chow ah!

Without even wiping away the violently splattered blood, he moved forward and whipped his claw. Lightning struck and about six monsters turned to ashes.

I was out of my mind. I never thought I would be dealing with more monsters than before. It was quite difficult to fight with Dube’s form, which has an advantage in majority battles.

It consumed a lot of stamina and starlight, but I couldn’t stop moving.

Five red lines appeared in my field of vision at the same time. The attack prediction path given by the belt, four could be blocked, but the other one was impossible.

After tearing off the heads of the four monsters, I put my shoulders on the predicted path.


Hideous teeth bit into the armor of its shoulders. A terrible sound of steel being drawn was followed by a swing of my arm. Claw knelt down on the monster’s stomach and sent out a bolt of lightning.

pop! The monster exploded around the pierced stomach. He was covered in blood from a huge meat bomb, but he just roughly rubbed the blood covering his visor and continued his action.

“It’s not some kind of zombie…”

There was no end. If he didn’t explode his head, he continued to act.

how many did you kill? Hundreds, thousands, maybe ten thousand now. They were all monsters with the same appearance, so there was no sense of accomplishment even after defeating them. I felt trapped in infinite time.

How many people have he killed so far and turned into this monster? Botis was caught in part of the field of vision.

I tried to move my feet in anger and frustration, but in an instant, the sheep’s head surrounded my eyes. They are still very kind monsters to Mokdong who raised them.

I don’t know if that person made them incompetent.

[SET. Baekwoong Twin Leeds.]

Chloe gathered white-green starlight and released it without hesitation.

Dismissed! Koo Goo Goo! As the thunderbolt spread in all directions, a sound followed him, and the heavens and the earth shook. As if it had been erased with an eraser, Jae-ra left only traces and her eyes became clean again.

However, that number was filled up again, covering the front.

“Fuck it…!”

bit it tight.

There was no end. Botis has yet to take any attacks. Can I deal with this zombie-like sheep monster at the same time?

Even if I had to fight Botis after defeating all these people, it would be a problem. Will I be able to maintain my normal body condition while fighting her?


I distanced myself for a while. His eyes were still fixed on Botis.

“Aren’t you killing my sheep too much?”

I didn’t have the strength to reply, so I just caught my breath and glared at her. The golden eyes were absurdly benevolent. As if even this slaughter could be forgiven meekly.

“But what… I’m blocking you. I have nothing to say. Don’t be too hasty. Life sometimes has to take turns. If you always try to go straight, you’ll get tired. You won’t reach the end of the road and you’ll just fall over. That’s all I want to tell you.”

Passing those words in one ear, I asked Belt one thing in my mind.

Fortunately, the answer worked for me.

“Besides, you still don’t know who you are and what responsibility it might come back to as a result of abusing the thing hanging from your waist.”

While Botis was talking, the monster did not move. If you try to run again anyway, the monster will stop you again. To catch my breath, I listened to the story for a while.

I slowly gathered the starlight in my hand.

“You are blind right now. To your ideal, to that splendor. You know what? When people are blind, it’s when they see the light, not the darkness. Isn’t that exactly how you are right now? You’re blinded by the ideal, even though you don’t know anything. Going forward without thinking. Don’t you know how dangerous that is?”


The starlight gradually took on a shape.

“You’re right. I’m ignorant. I have only vague knowledge, like climbing a peak in stupidity.”


That’s not wrong. No, that’s accurate.

I have no memory.

Having no memory means that there is no foundation that makes up me. How ignorant and foolish it is to go on a path without a foundation.

I was blind. That’s right.

How thick and mighty are the walls that block your way, how sharp are the thorns that brush your feet, how deep is the swamp. I don’t know yet.

It’s like something you can’t see.

You don’t know what the consequences may be by going on the road without knowing.

“But even such an ignorant country knows.”

Nonetheless, now I have to move on.

“Now I must stop you.”

The city will be in chaos by now. By the other monsters requested by none other than Botis.

The same number of monsters as in the nightmare of the past, when the monsters first appeared, must be raiding the city.

“We have to stop innocent people from dying. This is a fact without a second thought.”

I attached the piece in my hand to the buckle of the belt, the central part where the lens is.

“So, I just do the obvious. I don’t even have to think about ideals.”

I haven’t filled all the stars yet, but it’s possible to draw that power.

Ursa Major. that barbaric power.

Of course, managing it is impossible for me now. Does not matter. Because there is no one here that I can touch.

“I will become, literally, a blind beast.”

As I turned the belt’s focuser, a very noisy voice came out.



Jo Ah-yoon opened her eyes.

In the cloud of smoke that seemed to make my mind disappear, I caught a piece of ice in my field of vision.

I knew that Blue Sirius used magic to protect me.

I looked to the side again.

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Virgo was holding her by the neck and lifting her up.

Jo A-yun was protected, but it seemed that he could not protect himself. The whole body was covered in blood. She trembled as she grabbed Virgo’s arm, which was holding her by the neck.

“Oh… that’s pitiful.”

Without even thinking, she ran out. Wearing Hongik-o on his back, quickly.

Grabbing Virgo, he folded the sky and ran.


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