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Transformation or Death chapter 63

63 – Beast’s Tail (1)

Jo Ah-yoon did her best to be free.

I decided not to spend more of my mind and emotions than necessary on the many complicated things that happened yesterday.

Of course it failed.

“…why didn’t you contact me?”

I stared at the inside of my cell phone. Even when the sun reached the center of the sky, there was no sign of contact. I must have given you my contact information, but I guess I lost it.

Or have you met some kind of change and have been unable to contact them?

Suicide counseling, memory loss, the monster of the Big Dipper and his words. There was nothing that didn’t bother me. Each one was tired and dried up the blood.

She lay still in her hotel bed and tried not to think about anything. I didn’t want to go home. I hated it because I thought there would be traces of Han Jaejoong. I felt like I was going to regret it for nothing.

I’ll ask you some more. I’ll dig some more. I’ll just tell you to stay at home. Little regrets like this.

Besides, I didn’t even like the original house very much.

Jo Ah-yun often rents a hotel room like this.

It’s like when you’re tired or you think you’re going to get tired in the future.

A strange and private place is good.

Because you can truly have some alone time with no one to disturb you.

There must have been an uproar on the internet by now. It seems that the swearing during the evacuation yesterday was recorded on video.

The attitude problem will arise again, asking if it is okay for a hero to be like this.

This is something that Pink Deneb is very used to.

It is difficult to create consistently poor attitudes and good public opinion with a disastrous win rate.

To some people, that bad attitude seems like resistance to society, giving them the sensibility of ‘cider’, but Jo Ah-yoon had no intention of doing so.

I’m not kidding anyone about the ‘confidence that comes from a small body’.

Fans of celebrities who have a lot of anti-fans say that unity is strengthened internally. Pink Deneb’s fans did the same.

In a previous interview, the saying that she dreamed of becoming a singer when she was young is distorted, and Pink Deneb has become a “dreamful and admirable girl who holds on to her work as a magical girl while keeping her dreams of becoming a singer in her heart.”

In fact, for image marketing using this, the Magical Girl Association pushed and even released an album. It was exciting rock music.

It was absurd. What Pink Deneb likes are songs with calm indie sensibility.

Rock just looks like it’s there, so I put up a poster in my house, but I don’t really like it.

A lot of piercings, heavy makeup, a rough mouth, unstoppable behavior, and a hip image are nothing more than a kind of defense mechanism.

It was the beginning of my twisted mind that I would be looked down on no matter what I did, and if I would hate it no matter what I did, I would give me a reason to hate it. At least, I decorated myself with the thought that it would be better if I put on these strong images.

Reproduction of the ideal, not the original form.

It was close to reproducing the longing to become.

Cursing at will and being praised at will are specifications.

I just want to live without any interest.

Jo Ah-yoon threw her cell phone anywhere on the bed and tried to cut off various delusions. There is nothing good about worrying or worrying. All the more so in that it is unresolved. Let’s seek peace of mind.

Of course it failed. I blankly stared at the ceiling.

The high-quality lighting that was turned off caught the sunlight and lit up the outline.

Anyway, after Blue Sirius’s love affair, I gave up halfway on looking at public opinion on the Internet. In fact, I don’t even look at the Internet very often. Anyway, I’ll watch some cute animal videos.

Suddenly, I remembered what Virgo had said yesterday.

‘Forcing me to do this…?’

A bloody laugh leaked out.

‘You’re sounding normal. It’s not strange to look around right now, and who likes to be cursed at no matter what they do? Unless you’re a crazy bitch, I’m not going to like it…’

Realizing that there are quite a few crazy bitches, Jo Ah-yun turned over and buried her face in the pillow.

“What’s good about this…”

Jo Ah-yun sincerely couldn’t understand.

How many times a year do you want to play a magical girl when you see our retirement or death knights, knowing that they are all young people.

Why do you enroll in magical girl academy knowing that it’s a fraud?

why do you admire us do you envy

What’s good about dying while helping people?


The cell phone vibrated. I was flustered as usual, but when I remembered giving Han Jaejoong a memo yesterday, I quickly woke up and looked at the screen of my phone.

I got a text from an unknown number. Originally, I would have thought he was a vicious fan who found out the number, but today it was different.

The first line of letters is an unforgettable name character. The word Han Jaejoong came to mind.

Jo Ah-yoon raised the corners of her mouth and smiled.

“Why are you contacting me now…”

The text was written in a surprisingly polite style.

The content was nothing compared to the rhetoric.

I was happy to be able to talk with you after a long time. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to see your face for a while. see you next time There was a lot of clichéd content like this.

“No, this man is really…!”

The corners of his mouth, which had risen, were lowered before he knew it. There was nothing I wanted. Amnesia, tell me the cause and effect of the incident with the monster, or set a specific date and time for a reunion, or at least give it to me over the phone.

Annoyed, I tossed my phone on the bed again.

Once again, the monster’s words came to mind, and my head was confused.

“Crazy Dick Puckker … I’m not a fuck philosopher, but I can’t talk … Han Jae -jung is not here? Is it the purpose to save me? What is it?

Boom! I knocked on the blanket and let go of my anger.

I don’t know too much, so it’s hard to make a wild guess.

It’s not difficult, it’s scary.

What if he is truly a monster? Even if you are not a monster, it is true that you have a deep connection, but what if that was a relationship that helped the monster’s activities? should it be punished?

Ignorance is scary.

Sometimes, knowing more than ignorance is frightening.

I want to get closer to satisfy my curiosity and intellectual desire, but I am afraid of what will happen beyond the truth.

Just then, the phone vibrated once again. Not a short oscillation, but a continuous oscillation. It was a signal that there was an incoming call.

Jo Ah-yoon quickly reached for the phone and put it to her ear.

“Ah, did you finally feel like contacting me?”

“Ayun… Ah?”

“Uh heh?! Seo, senpai…”

It was Yun Seol-hwa, not Han Jae-joong. I was also preparing a six-headed character at the back. My back shuddered at the thought of almost committing a great offense.

He had something to hide from her. A corner of my heart was heavy with guilt.

“Ah, no, what I just said to you was…”

“Aha, I thought it was a prank call? It’s okay. It’s me. Seolhwa Yoon.”

“Yes Yes…?”

“You’ve been getting calls a lot. Prank calls. From people who don’t know if you’re a fan or an anti…

Yunseolhwa asked rather worriedly. That attitude further stimulated Jo Ah-yoon’s conscience.

“As expected, why don’t you change your phone number now…?”

It was a phrase I heard often. Since she is a magical girl, it is not uncommon for sasaeng fans and other families to find out her number.

However, Ayun Cho did not change her number even after suffering from such vicious phone calls for several years. I hope he will contact you someday. It was because of this kind of trust.

“Ah… I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to say this, but… No, Deneb, are you free tonight?”

“Well, then! Of course not! Why, what’s going on?”

“No, it’s nothing special… I thought we’d have a drink together after a long time.”

“No alcohol.”

gently cut off

“Why, why! It’s okay! You haven’t spoken to me since I drank before? You know~ Just one drink! Huh? It’s been a while since we drank together!”

The expression of Yoon Seol-hwa, who was crying over the phone, was drawn. Jo Ah-yun relaxed and smiled. No matter how much you hide something, you feel comfortable in front of this person.

“Okay. It’s just one drink! Hey? You know?”

“Then! Trust only the senpai!”


“One cup is sickness…”

“Jaejoong-ah… I’m sorry… Please come back… No… Because you don’t have to come back… hehehehe! Please be happy…”

Cho Ah-yoon walked down the street, supporting a woman who was in many ways bigger than herself.

Naturally, it was Blue Sirius, Yun Seol-hwa.

It was difficult to carry a girl who is over 170cm tall with a small body that is barely 150cm tall.

“Geo-senpai… Hey-senpai! Wake up!”

“Ugh… Ah Yuna… Thank you so much for being there… Thank you…”

Yoon Seol-hwa was hugged and hugged by that small body and conveyed her sadness and gratitude mixed with alcohol over and over again.

“…Thank you so much. I’m more grateful. No, I’m not thankful now. Walk on your own bitch, please! Is this your senior!”

There, he responded carelessly. To Ayoon Jo, saying thank you always felt awkward.

She remembered the past.

When I was still young, when I was smaller than this, when I was bullied a lot because of my smallness.

When I was being ostracized for the worst reasons, there were people who saved me.

“To think that this is the best thing in our country is the world… It’s so dark that a society that relies on alcoholics for everything. Isn’t that right, senior?”

“Nah… Alcoholism, hehehehe! No… Ayun is cute, but her words aren’t cute…”

“Yeah, it’s better if you know what I’m talking about. You haven’t gone properly yet, have you?”

She was now on her shoulders and he was on her heart.

Pink Deneb’s heroic activity is nothing more than a little copy of those of the time. Ayoon Jo could have said that.

I didn’t want to do anything like this, but I had no choice but to grit my teeth and go out because I thought that there were people in the world who were trembling with fear like me.

Jo Ah-yoon sat Yoon Seol-hwa down for a while and took out her phone to hail a taxi. There were a few swearing texts and a few missed calls, but I blocked them all. Han Jaejoong’s number had already been registered.

“Ah Yuna… don’t you… hate me…? Everything was ruined because of me…?”

Yoon Seol-hwa was still drunk. Serious self-deprecation. It has been like this ever since Han Jaejoong disappeared. Maybe she just put up with it normally, but now that drunken alcohol is what she really is.

Holding back a sigh, Jo Ah-yoon picked up the phone. I didn’t bother to respond to that. Anyway, she has decided that she is the only sinner in her. I don’t listen to anything you say

Her hand manipulating the screen stopped.

– Kreuk.

An awkward sound to hear in the city came from nearby. The sound of a beast growling.

– Kreureuk.

– growl.

Not one. It rang in several places at the same time.

“What the fuck…!”

A bunch of monsters.

Jo Ah-yoon took the mascot, hoping that tonight would be quite long and that she would not be able to take a break properly.

The mascot in the form of a swan quickly turns into a ribbon. He waved it in the air and murmured.

“Dress up.”

[Dress up your star!]



The suspicious person in front of me muttered that. I was pretending to wear a belt around my waist.

“hahahahaha, of course I can’t. There’s no chance I’ll use this.”

It was Botis, the monster of the shepherd’s seat.

“If you want to play pranks, I like you. Do it with dying lambs. I’m busy.”

Taking a deep breath, he murmured.

There was no pause to get here. Arrived at this place while slaughtering all the monsters that came in like waves.

The watcher’s body was full of blood, filth, and scratches.

“Yeah, of course not.”

The monster in the shepherd’s seat laughed and stood up. Gently shaking the belt around his waist, he came closer to him.

“Did I tell you before? I’ll give you this. But there’s a condition! You just have to answer one of my quizzes! What that means…”

“Magical Girl Green Arcturus.”

The Watcher stretched out his hand.

“Quickly release your belt and recite all the information you know.”

He looked pretty impatient.

“What have I done here?”


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