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Transformation or Death chapter 61

61 – Memory Recovery (7)

On top of the running one is the flying one.

There is a huge gap between those who can move freely in the sky and those who can’t.

Fortunately, there was Hong Ik-oh this time, so I was able to run around using them as a stepping stone, but the limits were clear.

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Virgo bit the flock of birds that were embroidering the sky in an instant, destroying the place to set foot. Those who lived only on the ground could only go down.

This caused me to miss Virgo for a while. It was a huge failure.

[Quest appeared. Get Pink Deneb.]

There was no need to materialize it as a quest. Of course it had to be done.

Increased the speed of the run. Fortunately, starlight was still detected just fine. It was clear where Virgo was.

On the other hand, I compressed the starlight at the tip of my feet. It was preparation for Chilseong Bogak.

To put it bluntly, all of Watcher’s techniques don’t stop at copying the techniques he saw from Belt.

When the belt observes the most effective use of starlight, it walks along that path.

But this alone is not enough.

All skills first received are based on Chilsung.

By limiting only seven stars, it is meaningful to use them most effectively.

I have already crossed seven steps. Even so, green starlight like fireflies continued to gather at the tip of his feet, increasing the size of Halo.

I felt that it transcended the existing technology.

Quadduk! Everywhere I stepped, I couldn’t overcome the pressure and cracks were drawn.

My beginning is the Big Dipper, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end. it’s just my beginning It’s just the starting line of the road that leads me.

Now I’m finally out of that line.

Stars and experiences accumulated over the years. Increased strength and proficiency. All of this organically interlocked and created a change.

transcend limits.

The beginning of a journey to a new constellation.

Both eyes caught a magical girl and what used to be a magical girl.

Pink Deneb had a lot of scars. I felt like crying. Even if he took the body of a watcher, it was inevitable to feel anger at the wounds of his relatives.

The past came to mind again.

I first met her as Seolhwa’s junior. I didn’t know it when we met, but there were several bruises under the clothes.

I remembered the scars left all over my body, which were smaller than now.

Still, there was no anger. My head was at peace. I was just quietly doing what I had to do.

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Virgo fired a beam of light from the tip of her finger. The purple line bloomed like a setting sun, destroying everything in its path.

That line was clearly headed for Pink Deneb. I kicked the ground even harder.

Everything in this world seemed slow. A sound followed my movement. Is it because of the starlight gathered on this bridge or the power of Ursa Major? I didn’t know what it was, but now it was a good thing.

It was a speed I had never experienced before. Fast, catching up with the wind and competing with the light. Megrez Form’s speed was beyond his rivals. It was a movement resembling a thunderbolt. Like a bolt of lightning that travels from heaven to earth in an instant, I succeeded in reaching my goal with just one step.

It was a way of moving far from delicacy. A wild and wild movement, like a thunderbolt drawing multiple lines in the sky.

Still, the goal was not missed.

I succeeded in wrapping Pink Deneb’s body before the rays. Slowing down moderately, I dropped her off next to where the beam would arrive.

The expression on her face as she blankly looked at me was very impressive.

“you you….”

“I’ll hear your complaint later.”

He immediately turned his head and moved his body again.

Fortunately, Hong Ik-oh was still hanging on Virgo’s back.

It was a good starting point.

It cannot be denied that the author suffered as a magical girl.

But all these circumstances do not exonerate her.

The atrocities committed by Virgo now are clearly evil. As someone who has to protect a magical girl, I can’t just sit idly by.

There was no pity.

“As expected, it’s difficult for me to chase them. They disappear from sight in an instant.”

Pillars of light appeared in the darkening sky.

It glowed intensely, like glass that had absorbed heat. It was dangerous as if it would melt at any moment, but it was still beautiful.

It was a dreamy light. The green light that was like a firefly shone like a jewel before I knew it.

Such light gathered on the bridge.

The expression on Virgo’s face as she looked at me was full of perplexity.

The eyes were right. No special emotions welled up.

I didn’t have anger at the person who did what I deserved to be angry. I couldn’t feel the intent to kill.

Still, the body moved. to do what needs to be done.

It was similar to mechanically walking the road.

“Thanks to that, I was able to take seven steps.”

He moved the Chilseong Bogak towards Virgo’s head. Leg strength that transcended the limit attacked her.


[Successfully reproduced Chilseong Bogak. 101% reproducibility.]

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Virgo fell like a comet. An obvious fall, not a descent. A huge explosion occurred where she fell.

After that I fell Landing was safe. There was nothing to lose my balance, so it was natural. Watching the explosion, I realized quietly.

The force beyond this limit is clearly that of Ursa Major.

A piece of power I don’t yet have. The power to shake heaven and earth like a natural disaster.

Speed and power that are on a different level than before.

At the same time as I realized the authority of the power I wanted to have, I realized the side effects.


This power brings him closer to the monster than he is now.

The moment the limit was transcended, the emotion disappeared.

Not being angry at the things that should be angry, not being compassionate for the things that should be compassionate, not feeling the intent to kill those who should be burning.

Still, the work doesn’t stop.

No, I want to finish more elaborately and clearly.

I just kicked my head without hesitation and tried to rip that part off my body.

Even though Virgo and I didn’t know what happened in the past, I tried to kill him without hesitation.

The appearance of throwing away all human values for the sake of a purpose. That’s what a monster is.

“…A runaway.”

Yes, it feels like he went on a rampage as a monster while pursuing power.

Fortunately, the power used this time is insignificant and short, right? What would have happened if he had fully awakened the power of Ursa Major? Just imagining it makes me shudder.

The power of Ursa Major should not be used in a hurry, but should be gradually acquired. As carefully and delicately as taming a wild animal.

“Hey! You! Your purpose is…”

“for a moment.”

Even after Virgo fell to the ground, the voice of quest completion did not sound. The reason soon became clear.

“Your name is also tough.”

I wrapped my pink Deneb and lay down on the ground. A bright flash passed over it.

Where the explosion had been, a purple roar flashed. It was more like a column than a line.

If I hadn’t prepared in advance, I could have just cut my back and died. It was fortunate that he had developed a habit of not being vigilant since Libra.

The back and lower back melted a little, but it’s a wound that will heal if you apply some ointment and sleep for a few nights. There was no problem. It hurt, but it hurt so bad.

“Yes… yes!”

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Virgo staggered to her feet. There was a bit of a smile on his lips. A trickle of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth wide open.

He was covering his left eye with his left hand. Blood flowed like a flood through the cracks in his hands. Did you just lose an eye in the previous attack?

“Do you have someone to protect you? It’s thanks to me! Thank you!”

I pointed at Ayun with the other finger that was not holding my face.

“Very… Thank you! We won’t be aiming for the end of the world today! Be thankful!”

With a hearty smile, she wrapped Hong Ik-oh around her back again. Blood dripped from Virgo’s feet. Soon after, it soared high into the sky. It was a flight at a speed that the eyes could not follow. obvious consecration. The skill of folding the sky and flying.

[Quest completed.]

I slowly got up. The expression of Ayun, who was lying under me, was not very good.

“It’s good. No one died.”

I threw a good word to evoke the atmosphere.

“What are you?”

Unfortunately, no good answer came back.

“What is the purpose of helping me even while getting hurt?!

Her gaze was on the right side of my waist. Tattered armor and protruding fragments. Skin melted by the blood and heat that came out of the slight crack.

“…Are you really Han Jaejoong? Are you my brother? Don’t cover your face in frustration! Don’t talk back! Give a proper explanation!”

Ayun, who had been struggling for a while, quickly ran her hair in front of her, as if her head was hurting.

“First of all, thank you for helping me! Still! Talk to me! I’m so frustrated, really!”

Seeing him express his gratitude straight away made me feel proud. Even though he cursed a little, he didn’t become crooked.

“Are you ready?”

“Prepare something.”

“Ready to know the truth.”

The answer came back without hesitation.

“Does that matter to me? Once the situation is shut up, then it’s something to go and prepare for! Talk quickly!”

“Then you shouldn’t know me yet.”

not yet.

It is still too early to reveal the identity. Doubts may exist. There may be hostility.

Ignorance is scary, but at least it’s not painful.

I know Ayun’s sincerity.

When she finds out that someone she knows is a monster, she will contemplate whether to kill me. It will be quite painful.

It’s different from Red Vega. They are crazy about their ideals and do not have the shamelessness to not care about the rest. I went through too many hardships to have such a fresh heart.

“My answer is the same as last time. Han Jaejoong is not here now.”


Smoke billowed up around the belt.

“…! It’s… it’s… is it because you lost your memory?”

she asked through a gap in the smoke. I didn’t bother to answer. Instead, I left an answer to another question.

“And my purpose will not change tomorrow. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, whatever day comes, whatever troubles come, you curse me with your tongue and strangle me.”

I wrote the answer in my blurry vision.

“I will always wish you to live.”


After arriving home in Alkaid, I fell asleep without a break.

I gained memories and strength, met a person who had a connection with the past, and even met a monster who might have a connection with the past. It was an environment in which fatigue was inevitable.

Without thinking about healing the wounds on his back and back or washing himself, he lay down on the damp yellow floor and went to sleep without a blanket.

Fortunately, the tiredness outweighed the sickness, so I was able to fall asleep without any problems.

In the meantime, what woke me up was the ringing of my phone. It was the first time that it had performed its original function properly since its opening.

“Uhh… Hello…”

I received a phone call in a daze. I should have checked properly who the call was from.

“You were sleeping?! Then no! What time is it! You have to live more diligently! Laziness of the body and wrongly formed habits lead to lethargy in the mind…”

“It’s Mr. Vega.”

“Uh-huh, I should call her Ah-hee!”

It was Red Vega.

“What’s going on. From this morning.”

“It’s not morning at 11 o’clock! Anyway, how are you?”

I stood up helplessly and stared at the bloodstains on the floor. It was an avant-garde art created from the wounds inflicted yesterday.

“Uh… no?”

“I thought so! I haven’t seen anyone who can light up your heart like a comet! Why haven’t you contacted me?”

“Isn’t calling a suicide counselor… rather a bad thing?”

“We are friends who are more than just counselors and clients! Friends who share secrets! Of course we can stay in touch!”

“It’s so unhealthy for a counselor and client to have a private relationship… So, what’s the matter?”

The sound of swallowing breath came through the receiver. It was a clear sign of tension.

“Ugh… I’m sorry, but there’s something you didn’t tell me.”

“Isn’t that what we agreed to do?”

“No, not that! That, the old story. Eh, I’ll just ask you straight-forward.”

The confident girl’s voice rang in my eardrums.

“The reason I was cyber bullied.”


I was embarrassed, but I didn’t show embarrassment. Somehow, I wondered why Ayun suddenly found me. This friend was the cause.

“Did you see a controversial item when you searched for my name?”

“No, I heard from a friend.”


He swallowed a sigh and shook his head. Is it because I just woke up? My mind was hazy and dizzy.

“So, what do you want to say?”

It was a slightly thorny answer. Even when I said it, I was surprised. I guess I was more reluctant to bring this up than I thought. Well, I just got back my memory of yesterday. You must have become unconsciously sensitive.

I softened my voice and explained.

“Tell me… what do you want to hear?”

“Yes, that’s correct! My sisters taught me that if there’s an original case, it’s only right to listen to both sides! They say it’s disgusting to incite reporters!”

“Ah yes….”

“So I’m here to listen too!”

smart. A knock was heard.

“…Mr. Vega. No way.”

“Some things you can’t tell by phone.”

smart smart Bang bang! The knocking gradually intensified. It was at the same time that the voice on the phone was full of noise.

“Shouldn’t people also talk face to face?”

Come to think of it, there was a space to write down the address in the consultation questionnaire I had filled out before.

My heart pounding with anxiety overlapped with the sound of a knock, I walked to the front door and opened the door.

“What are you doing to the neighbors?”


In front of him was a smiling girl. She had long glossy black hair and was wearing a tteokbokki coat. The coat was long enough to cover the skirt. Between the stockings and coat, her bare legs were slightly exposed. It’s winter now, but I thought it was cold.

I didn’t really want to bring it into the house. I’m sorry.


The uninvited guest reached out and touched his chest.

“Like a red comet to your heart, I have come… heh… hehehehe…”

The identity of the uninvited guest was a magical girl.


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