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Transformation or Death chapter 60

60 – memory recovery (6)

Hong Ik-Oh is good at detecting and moving, but not very good at attacking.

It is a clear advantage that you can arrive at the scene quickly with the Chukcheon method of folding the sky and the ability to detect the power of the stars. In addition, it can be used for teleportation and communication between magical girls, so it is quite high in magic for support.

But when it comes to battle, the story changes.

Chukcheonbeop is a fast movement technique, but its movement is specialized for long distances, so it is not suitable for use against nearby enemies. This is because even a slight misadjustment will overwhelm the enemy.

In addition, since each Hongik-O is connected to Pink Deneb’s consciousness, each operation must be performed individually. In other words, simultaneous manipulation requires considerable concentration.

Even with the concentration strengthened as a magical girl, moving a large number of Hongik-Oh with her body is the limit of 10 minutes at most.

In addition, the attack power of each Hongik Chow is not very high.

The efficiency is not good compared to the concentration and mana used at once.

Because of this vulnerability in combat, Deneb has one humiliating title.

most defeats.

Compared to Red Vega and Orange Altair, who are often intertwined, the win rate is even more disastrous.

Commonly speaking, the weakest.

Such horses always followed Pink Deneb’s tail.

Dhanab, which is the etymology of Deneb, means tail.

Just like its etymology, numerous ridicule became fur and decorated her tail.

A tail made of miserable name tags.

Even Pink Deneb knows that. that’s why i came here

There will be no one better than you to deal with Virgo.

“Citizens need to be evacuated, so get rid of that bastard quickly!”

“You should evacuate! That woman…”

“Cluck! Cuckoo! Junior, is this a chicken?”

Imitating the crowing of a chicken, Virgo threw the bird in his hand.

Following the bird falling downward, numerous birds on its back flapped their wings downward.

One by one, they hacked through the air with force like blades.

Pink Deneb and Watcher spread out to avoid the group of Hongik-Oh.


Buckled immediately. The name of a star resounding amidst the noise of birds’ wings.


It is the greatest power, and it is the closest to Ursa Major among the powers currently possessed.

White claws formed in his hands.

“You crow, you bird-head! How does this look like a chicken?!”

“Oh, you’re doing too much. You’d better not say bad things!”

Pink Deneb unfolded the bird as if against Virgo. And immediately realized this was a mistake.

“Your pet who couldn’t overcome that violence runs away here too!”

All of the Hong Ik-Oh that rushed towards Virgo became an ornament to decorate her back. everything was stolen

“Didn’t I tell you to run away!”

“I’m fucking sorry!”

“I hope you can fix that angry personality!”

“What the fuck do you know!”

The Watcher immediately jumped into the air, using Hong Ik-Oh as a stepping stone.

The starlight filled the two claws resembling bear claws. The green starlight gradually began to mix with the white starlight.

“I will cooperate for now! You take the citizens and run away quickly!”

I don’t like it because it doesn’t do anything good for the image of a magical girl even if I act as a hero with the face of a monster.

I can’t help it now.

Chloe’s white-green starlight flashed brightly. Sharp flashes flew like snowflakes.

[SET. Baekwoong Twin Leeds.]

Dawn moved in the completely dark sky. Coldly and quickly, it swept the sky and spread the light.

The lightning that flowed like a river passed Hongik-oh. Where the flashing light passed, a spark followed. Birds gradually changed into lumps of feathers and into ashes.

Thunder followed the thunder.


A deafening sound, like a tree cracking, continued to bloom.

Hundreds of birds were reduced to ashes in an instant. It was an unreal sight.

[Successful expression of Baek-woong Twin Lightning. 100% reproducibility.]

Down in the sky where thunderbolts danced, Pink Deneb flew. Even if it is not a residential area, it is a part of the city. This was not an uninhabited city. Many buildings have melted due to the rays Virgo scattered before she came.

Through the cracks in the molten concrete, you can see the faces of people terrified. Pink Deneb reached out. Along with that movement, Hong Ik-oh moved.

Minimum amount required. They shattered the concrete, opening a wider gap. Then he went inside and surrounded people. Through the widened gap, Hong Ik-oh flew while carrying a person.

It was as if a new carpet was flying in the sky. Hong Ik-oh pretended to be spread under the people like a mat and moved the terrified people to another place one by one.

So, some of the people-carrying birds began to fall out.

“Uh, uhhhhh! Help me!!”

“hahahaha, it looks like Jenga.”

As if playing a joke, she lightly flicked her finger, and the bird moved to her side equal to the number of flicks.

“This shit really…”

Pink Deneb replenished as much as the number missing, but each time it was lost to Virgo. It was close to a one-sided joke. The person sitting on the back of the birds shuddered and trembled.

“You have to focus on me! If you ignore the senpai like that…”

“You are.”

Behind Virgo, a shadow with glaring claws approached.

“Shouldn’t you be focusing on me?”


Like a bear kicking a ball, he lightly waved his right arm. Virgo almost fell down, but he made a cushion using the crow he had stolen to prevent the fall.

Above the crows he stood again.

“It’s the second round, isn’t that what you said?”

On the organically swaying platform, I collected lightning in my claws again. he asked in the resounding brilliance.

“Have you ever seen a star?”

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Virgo replied with a smile.

“I don’t know.”

In line with the white-green starlight, I collected purple starlight on my fingers.

“Because I forgot to see it!”

The two lights met in the middle. Kugu Palace! Thunder roared, and a hazy halo of light like the setting sun flowed like mist in the sky.

Pink Deneb looked at it blankly, then shifted her gaze to the civilians.

“Move the injured, the elderly, and the children first! Those with two intact legs, just run! You, you! Run! Quickly!”

“I-I’m carrying that new one too…”

“What? What nonsense is a bastard with intact legs! Just run! Run to your death! Otherwise, you’ll really die!”

Phyung. A ricocheted beam flew at them. Pink Deneb quickly put Hong Ik-Oh on the track. It flashed, and in an instant, an object turned to ashes. Even without direct contact, it was tremendous heat.



The citizen who asked for it ran away in a hurry. The situation was tense.

There was no time for detailed explanations, nor time for polite, respectful orders. People are so smart, there are cases where you don’t understand properly when you speak politely.

Strong and violent, in an emergency situation, you have to give a quick command in such a tone so that even those who do not understand the situation will work hard.

Action comes first, understanding comes second.

If life can be saved, then there is. But the moment you lose here, there is no next time. Life is the most important value.

I don’t care about momentary rudeness or displeasure.

“hahahaha!! Juniors, I really like these friends you gave me!”

“I would have told you to focus on me!”

Quarreung! A storm raged even though there was not a single cloud in the sky. Lightning flashed wildly in the dry darkness, and among them were Hongik-oh and Virgo, who had been taken away.

Unlike just before, it continued to fly, moving around and spreading destruction without end.

The damage gradually increased.

Pink Deneb decided to entrust Virgo’s opponent to the monster from the Big Dipper.

The fact that that monster used violence against a junior he cared for and had a deep relationship with a dear person.

The fact that if you entrust a monster opponent to a monster like that now, you can’t avoid being evaluated as incompetent.

In addition to this, the fact that there will be controversy over violence and attitude again today as we treated citizens with a mixture of curse words and orders.

All these facts were ignored.

Give what you give.

The humiliation of having no choice but to rely on the monster, the anxiety of being stung by others, the guilt of the other fans’ checks and hardships that one’s fans will receive, and so on. threw it all away

Today’s pride will not save these people tomorrow.

We will use everything that can be used and give up everything that can be given up.

You just have to go and think about the crisis that will come tomorrow.

The only thing that can save them at this moment is yourself.

In fact, Pink Deneb was distraught right now. Quite a bit too. Of course, the place where Virgo appeared was not too far from her house, and the monster of the Big Dipper was dealing with her.

Time is also time.

Just when someone left her house and was slowly walking home.

I’m looking at the injured with Hongik-o, but none of them were talking to me at home just before.

A point of anxiety that I might have already died, and a point of relief that I might have actually gone a different way.

Lastly, one point of suspicion that he may already be here right now.

This heart became three flowers and bloomed profusely. Next to these flowers another flower bloomed. It was a lot of things that happened today. Suicide counseling, dating, memory loss, regret, and more.

They were the flowers of anguish.

Such a bouquet swayed with the wind in the midst of battle. One petal fell with each flap of its wings.

The speed at which the petals fell gradually increased. abandoned, abandoned didn’t keep any In the hectic battlefield, he shouldn’t have left any delusions like that. The bony branch soon became her sharp weapon.

Give what to give.

Give up not only the ego and image of the moment, but also the delusion and anxiety.

Think only of living and surviving.

“Okay! You’re the last one! Run away now…”

Deneb let out a sigh of relief as he evacuated a young woman who seemed to be about the age of a college student. for a while too.

“Our juniors~”

Taang! Virgo flew in and shoved her with his shoulder.

“What are you doing? You didn’t want to see me? I’m not!”

Taking advantage of Pink Deneb’s fall, she straightened her index finger and pointed at the woman who was running away.

While shabbyly rolling on the ground, Pink Deneb moved her hand.

Pink feathers like flower petals dance. The antique crow flew straight as if connecting the path of the cowherd and the weaver girl.


Cheer la la rock! The sound of the flapping of wings rang through the sky like firecrackers. Dozens of Hongik-Oh wrapped around the woman and flew through the sky. Virgo’s ray passed through the empty space.

“Are you giving me another present?”

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Virgo immediately pulled most of the Hongik-Os out. Meanwhile, he began to gather the beams of light at his fingertips again. Pink Deneb replenished the number of Hong Ik-oh going to Virgo, but it was not enough.

A little more now and the woman falls to the ground.

As soon as I looked at it with interest, I felt like I was flying in midair. The shoulder was grabbed and filled as it was.

“Crazy bitch, do you call stealing a gift?”

Quaang! It fell to the ground before the person who was aiming for it. The rays of light that were gathering passed through strange places. It was empty. Taking advantage of this gap, he succeeded in evacuating the former woman safely far away.

Pink Deneb knows that her abilities aren’t suitable for battle. So, while she was practicing magic, she practiced something else. It was a martial art.

Originally designed for the weak to win over the strong, a skill that transcends strength.

I tried to enter the hardening as it was, but Virgo flew to the sky first. Even though my joints were bent, I got up and floated my body in the air again. Pink Deneb clicked his tongue at that bizarreness.

“ha ha ha.”

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Virgo blankly looked at her and smiled.

“You’re really weird too.”

She raised her finger and pointed at her.

“You don’t want to do this job, do you? It’s all over your face. Hide it a bit! Most magical girls at least find it rewarding to save people… but you’re not. You’re bored.”

It was a laugh.

“As expected, my juniors seem to resemble me. Are you forcing yourself? This job.”

“Did you make fun of monsters with their jaws? It’s an art to use your tongue. The bullshit is impressive.”

“hehehe, how about pretending not to know?”

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Virgo slowly collected purple starlight at the tips of her fingers. The sunset light was reproduced at the time past evening.

“You’re amazing too! You finally evacuated everyone! The girl from before was the last one! But…”

A very slow attack. It was an obvious joke.

“What about you? You’ve exhausted your mana. You won’t be able to fly anymore. Oh, you won’t be able to move?”

It was the correct answer. Pink Deneb couldn’t move a finger. Hong Ik-Oh is a magic that consumes a lot of mana. There was even Virgo’s robbery, so the consumption of magical power occurred very quickly.

The consumption of mana is proportional to the consumption of physical strength. Due to the previous movement, in an instant, all of the mana and stamina were exhausted.

“My poor junior. You’ve become covered in scars and dust from protecting people, but there’s no one to protect you.”

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Virgo’s ridicule gradually grew clearer. It was also a delightful laugh.

“Will you be the answer to my question?”

A brilliant purple light gathered at the tips of her fingers. ready to shoot. Pink Deneb forced her body to move. The direction was its own jewel.

Quaang! The beam fired and melted everything in its range.

Smoke billowed over the streets filled with the darkness of the night.

As the smoke clears, Virgo’s eyes twitch.

There was nothing in the place where the ray passed. ie nothing.

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Virgo quickly looked away.

Pink Deneb, who had been breathing blankly, was staring somewhere. It was after Virgo.

“As expected, it’s difficult for me to chase them. They disappear from sight in an instant.”

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Virgo proudly decorated her back with the Hongik-O that she took from her. Using Hongik-oh as a stepping stone, someone jumped up.

“Thanks to that, I was able to take seven steps.”

The bridge was filled with a strong green light that turned the moonlight into something. It was like a pillar of light.



[Succeeded in Chilseong Bogak expression. 101% reproducibility.]


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