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Transformation or Death chapter 54

54 – Call me by name (5)

“Ah! It’s because of Mr. Davih!”

“I-why is this because of me! It’s because of Senpai’s carelessness! Daughter! It’s Enzai! Enzai!”

“Enza…? Ah, anyway, clean it up quickly!”

Seeing the can falling to the ground and showing off its contents, the two scolded each other. Jo Ah-yoon was alone and blankly looking at the screen in her smartphone. The machine didn’t ring, but she was ringing alone. vibrated.

“Hey what is this?”

“By the way, what is a little girl…?”

“Oh right! It’s not Gyeonnyeo… It’s Jiknyeo! It’s Jiknyeo! I got confused with Gyeonwoo! Me and Jiknyeo and Ahhee have fused together!”

White Davich laughed and smiled innocently, and Baek Ah-hee nodded as if she understood her words. At that time, Jo Ah-yoon, who was trembling while holding a smartphone, shouted.

“Hey fuck! What is this!”

The scolding stopped and the curtain came down. The two teenagers, who had been clattering, had no choice but to shut their mouths in the rage of their elders.

“What, what is…?”

“Your boyfriend!”

“It’s not my boyfriend! Besides, he’s an adult, so if you go out with me, you’ll be arrested!”

“Ohhh! Age Killer!”


Without notice, White Davich tried to cheer up, but failed. Baek A-hee swallowed nervously, and Jo A-yoon growled and grabbed his smartphone.

It was fortunate that the smartphone did not get smashed because it was brute force in its pre-transformation state.

‘What, what…? Did you misunderstand that the magical girl was lost and distracted by love…? Ah, no, there are quite a few seniors who do that…’

A magical girl’s romance is a serious matter. This is because there is a possibility that private feelings will enter into the hero’s rescue activities and discriminate words and actions.

But magical girls are people before being heroes. Individuals have individual desires, likes and dislikes, and different likes and dislikes depending on the person.

Seeing people in their prime and telling them not to love them is a kind of abuse. Although, of course, most of their work consists of mental and physical abuse.

Even so, love is a difficult part of a person’s life to give up. However, magical girls are those who have a hard time living a human life. Those who receive more attention than anyone else in today’s world.

That’s why a magical girl’s love is quite secret.

Using the breakup that happened without anyone’s fault in the past as a turning point, and taking lessons from several incidents afterwards, they came to a conclusion.

If you are going to be in a relationship, you should disclose the fact of your relationship to the people around you, and then get cooperation without being caught.

It is similar to idol love.

Unlike the past days when there were sudden reports of paparazzi, etc., regardless of enemy or friend, after informing the company of their relationship, the company actively cooperates and tries to keep it a secret.

The dating of magical girls is also being done in such a way. The Magical Girls Association has a PR department and a media management department. There are also several magical girls with consummate abilities.

Attempting a secret love affair with collective cooperation is a common dating method for magical girls these days.

Above all, people’s perceptions have changed considerably, and opinions about not arguing about dating are quite emerging.

Even Baek Ah-hee knows a few seniors who have boyfriends.

‘I’ve heard that it’s been a minute late, but… Oh, is that because of that?’

Unfortunately, most of the endings of that love are catastrophe. It is common for a story to be catastrophic even before it reaches the media.

Because the work of a magical girl is difficult. Going to the hospital is as common and natural as going to a cafe, and it is often stressful externally.

It is not only you who suffer. The people around him are also together. It is always painful to see a loved one in pain.

In that respect, the hero’s lover can be said to be an emotional labor job.

Especially since some magical girls often complain about their lovers and use them as unintentional emotional trash cans.

Above all, there is significantly less time to meet. The fact that magical girls are busy is a fact that even children who play with magical girl toys in their hands know very well.

It is only natural that a hero’s love is as hot as fire and as short as a candle in front of the wind.

That’s why dating magical girls is not recommended. It was a moral promise to help the love that has already happened as much as possible, but not to make it happen at all.

But it wasn’t because of that that Pink Deneb was angry right now.

“Jaejoong oppa… no, why is Han Jaejoong here!”

“Huh? Do you know Jaejoong?”

“…Han Jaejoong?”

All three were surprised at the same time. Red Vega was surprised that the acquaintance he knew was strange, White Davich was surprised because it was a familiar name, and Pink Deneb was surprised that Red Vega knew nothing.

“Ah, ah! I know!”

In the crucible of strange astonishment and silence, the first to speak was White Davich. He raised his hand and shouted in a cheerful voice like before.

“The bastard, the god of school violence, dating violence, and gaslighting! I’ve seen pictures on the net before…”

Before she could finish her words, Pink Deneb glared at her. The cute grumbling was not the anger and curse words mixed with affection that he often shot at his juniors.

Not looking for a corpse and eating it, but a sharp gaze that seemed to make a corpse and eat it. It was close to killing intent.


A very low-temperature voice rang in my eardrums. Even Cho Ah-yoon himself was surprised. However, I finished the anger that I quietly spit out without showing off.

“Be good at guarding your mouth. Do it in moderation, you crazy bastard bitch.”

White Davich immediately took a stand at attention and saluted.


“Ehh fuck…”

I sighed over that awkward and mischievous attitude and glared at Baek Ah-hee again.

“That bastard…? Jae-Jaejoong? Why?!”

“That baby … yeah, yes. Ahee didn’t know it was strange.”

A love affair with Blue Sirius. This is one of the most controversial events among magical girl romances.

If you think about it now, it was an incident where there were so many gossips that you wonder why, but soon this fire was quickly extinguished. No, it would be correct to say that it was moved to another place.

Jaejoong Han worked with the reporter and put all the responsibility on himself. In the article, he was an abuser who suppressed his lover’s actions, a trainer who manipulated them, and a coward who refused to admit his responsibility.

One culprit was created whose responsibility was clear and clear.

Those who cursed Blue Sirius, those who ignored him for making too much of a fuss, and those who were indifferent gathered together and cursed him.

In some places on the Internet, he shared his photos and spread his address, even committing crimes, and made an effort to justify his hatred.

Of course, this was a typical Internet dead person’s game, so it wasn’t strange that Baek Ah-hee, who was still young and would have been an informational weakling, didn’t know.

After this incident, Blue Sirius showed good activities and performance, and had an irreplaceable external image among magical girls.

As such, the relationship with the bottle in the past, ‘that bastard’, was kept quiet, and the guy who took it out was treated as a malicious ugg.

The proof was that the name Han Jaejoong was covered, damaged, and dismantled, becoming “that bastard,” as if even the name was insulting.

In some vulgar places, I also made a low worship of a magical girl, saying that I wanted to play with magical girls like that.

However, most of the worship was just a play for satire and humor, seeing that even that worship was not called by name and was ‘that bastard’.

Now, several years have passed since that love affair. There was too much sand of information piled up on it to dig up anew. Few people try to dig up filth that is not even a treasure.

Baek Ah-hee would also know about Blue Sirius’ love affair, but it was clear that he would not know the details behind it. There’s no way I know the name or the face. In fact, even netizens at that time would have forgotten about it now.

Even among magical girls, those who know the atmosphere at that time do not carelessly mention it, and even those who do not know do not mention it while paying attention to their seniors.

In the first place, there is no reason to raise the disgrace of a colleague as a topic of conversation or to touch it.

“you do not need to know.”

“Yes? Then what Mr. Dabih just said…?”

“I said you don’t have to know!”

Now Jo A-yoon was very emotional. Baek Ah-hee had never seen her so angry. Although he always raises his voice as if he is angry, he is a person with a calm coolness.

I couldn’t even fathom why she was so angry.

“Anyway, this man. Are you my boyfriend?”

“You said no!”

“Yeah, I expected that. There’s no way this oppa would go out with Mija… Even when he was dating a senior… Oh, anyway. So, where did you meet?”

“It’s just as written on the back…?”


Durani, what are you talking about? This question was resolved without even needing to be spoken about.

‘Congratulations on completing Red Vega’s suicide counseling!’ A plan card with such phrases written on it. Because it was behind the couple in the photo.


For a moment, her brain stopped thinking. The expression of refusal to understand would be more accurate.


Jo Ah-yun asked the name very calmly. Just like a child hearing a word from its mother for the first time.

“Uh, sister…?”

“…No, wait. Shut up.”

“Sister, calm down for now…”

“I told you to shut up!”

Only after venting his anger at the nasty opponent did Cho Ah-yoon accept the word.

“They tried to… commit suicide…? That brother?”

Recognized, accepted and understood.

After understanding the weight and symbolism of the word suicide, the remaining process was imagination.


Before I put those words into practice, I imagined the pain he must have endured. The many hardships I had to go through without family, friends, and no place to turn to, countless hostile gazes and gossip, and many curses I saw on the Internet.

It could have been just imagination, it could not have ended just with imagination, and the various pains that could have been more than imagined.

Soon, this imagination led to the source of the pain.

The self who thought he had to forget with a hopeful observation that he would simply live well, and the self who somehow turned his eyes away and lived in reality.

I got goosebumps. I thought it was disgusting.

“…synthesis… is it?”

She smiled and approached Baek Ah-hee. Baek Ah-hee, who had been cowering for fear of being scolded again, shook her head in embarrassment.

“It’s synthetic. Shit. It’s not. Why, why, why did this oppa go here? Why do you even think about dying… I, there’s no reason…”

Jo Ah-yoon kept her mouth shut. There is no reason. Rather than that, there were too many.

It is still springing up. The countless reasons to die, the many pains that must have been inflicted on him, stirred his head.

She thought it would do him good to be alone, away from her. He suffered because he was close to a magical girl. I thought that if I approached it, it would only hurt me again.

Because to her, Han Jaejoong was a strong person. Because he was someone who would overcome the pain and find his own answer.

It wasn’t.

He too was a weak human being. A normal person, weak to endure all the pain alone.

I was doing the idolization I was so disgusted with. Thinking that he was a superman, he pushed his optimistic and hopeful imagination to himself.

Are you setting up a shop in a secluded place? That sounds funny. It’s stupid optimism.

What nonsense to say to someone who was even thinking about dying…

Jo Ah-yoon’s body was freed from strength. Baek Ah-hee’s smartphone, which she was holding tight, rolled on the floor.


Baek Ah-hee quickly picked up her smartphone before the beer that had been rolling on the ground soaked into the device.

“This, this is not really synthetic…”

“It’s not synthetic! I know I’m a professional! This is definitely a real photo!”

White Davich gave strength to Baekach’s remarks. The more he did, the more power drained from Jo Ah-yoon’s body.

“This… this, this is…”

She forced herself into a body that was about to kneel and walked backwards with staggering steps.

“Never, never tell Sirius-senpai, okay?”


“The bitch next to me will explain why.

“Of course! I’ll explain! The majesty of that bastard…”

“I told you not to say shit like that… Huh, no. You’re shutting up. Ah-hee. I’m sorry about today. I’ll explain everything later, okay?”

Baek Ah-hee was greatly surprised. The sunbaenim’s eyes, which seemed to have no blood or tears, were gloomy to a degree that he had never seen before. Not only this. There were cold drops of water on his eyes.

“I now… have someone to meet… someone to find…”

Childish tears that match the appearance. Pure sadness, without masks, armor, or thorns.

Before she could hear an answer, she hurriedly ran out of the break room.


Back at the empty seat, Baek Ah-hee asked in a weak voice. Of course there was no answer.

He never imagined that a photo of him and himself would become such a big deal.

In addition to pretending not to know him, he knew that he had a secret hidden.

Baek Ah-hee still did not know Han Jae-joong.


Han Jaejoong laughed as if it was absurd.

“I’m popular. I never thought there would be so many people looking for me.”

I clicked my tongue and looked around.

“What’s your business? Jason, Botis.”

It was a pleasant smile to return to the mockery.

“Hmm, I’m glad you called my name right away.”

“Um… Why do you call only Jason right? Call me right too.”

The monster in the seat of the shepherd moved his characteristic wide-brimmed clothes and put his hand on his chest.

“Call me Beau, not Botis.”

“I’m fed up.”

A sympathetic sneer came from behind him.

“Yeah, that’s really fucking crazy.”

It was a bright, cool smile.

“All the same scumbags are making names for themselves, isn’t it? Green monster?”

“You’re talkative, but I agree. Sirius.”

“Don’t take my name out of your mouth. It makes me feel bad.”

The floor slowly began to freeze around her. Not just the land, but the air as well. The frozen air was no different from a fine blade. It was like a kind of disease in that breathing alone caused blood.

“I see. This is such a coincidence. Just seeing your face makes me feel bad.”

The Watcher raised the scarf over his mouth and continued.

“But you can say my name whatever you want. I’m not a small-minded guy who gets offended by anything like that.”

A name that is not a real name, but a common name.

“Call me Watcher.”

Jaejoong Han introduced himself.

Ignoring the monsters in the middle, I focused my attention on only one person.


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