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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 84: Goodbye, first to be eliminated (4) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 84: Goodbye, first to be eliminated (4)

Translator: miraclerifle

A bright light soon flashed.

Keira’s appearance changed with the light and so did the TSOF’s expressions.


The TSOF fell into shock as soon as the light flashed. How could they not when there was a shocking sight in front of them that could have never expected?

“K, Kei…”

There was a person lying down where the bug had been.

Her long black hair was messy and her naked body was covered in blood.

That was definitely…!

“Lieutenant General Keira-nim!”

Yes, it was her.

The subject they had excitedly shot at was none other than Keira. The naked Keira was coughing up blood as she glared at her subordinates.

“You idiots…!”

“Lieutenant General-nim!”

Her subordinates turned pale.

They were going, ‘damn!’ wondering what they had just done.

However, the extremely angry Keira shouted toward her stupid subordinates.

“You morons who can’t even recognize their superior…!”

“T, that’s not it…!”

“Shut the hell up! You’ll all be executed!”

However, Keira had to turn around after hearing someone laugh.

“What a nice view, General-nim.”


Ju-Heon was laughing from on top of the stairs. Keira who had ended up naked because the transformation was reversed had a stunning body.

That wasn’t the only thing.

[The owner’s Dominance is shaking due to receiving serious injuries.]

[The artifact of war is unable to utilize its powers.]

Ju-Heon smiled in satisfaction while looking at that while Keira was grinding her teeth in anger.

“Seo Ju-Heon, you son of a bitch!”

But she was definitely at the Monarch grade for a reason as Keira’s overwhelming Dominance was threatening Ju-Heon. However, Ju-Heon violently laughed.

“I want to enjoy this view for a little longer but I have no business with any of you anymore.”

A strong aura burst out as soon as he said that. Yoo Jaeha had activated Van Gogh’s incomplete art-type artifact in his hand.

[Vincent Van Gogh’s incomplete painting(?) (S-Grade(?) – Legendary Hero Grade (?) – Consumable Artifact)]

– Remaining Uses (7/10)

Vincent van Gogh was originally an artist who always finished his paintings, but had not finished Tree Roots that was said to be his last work before his death.

While it was questionable whether van Gogh committed suicide or was murdered, this painting that was revived as an artifact sucked anything and everything in so that it could complete itself.

And that artifact was activated right now!



“You bastard!”

The painting vigorously sucked the TSOF in. The worker ants that came to protect the Queen Ant were all sucked into the painting.

A new picture then appeared on top of the tree roots painting. The TSOF who had come to rescue Keira had turned into characters in van Gogh’s painting.

Ju-Heon started to laugh after seeing that the artifact was properly activated.

“It’s your turn next.”

But Keira was sneering even after her subordinates were sucked in.

“How foolish! We were the ones who were using that artifact before. Do you really think I won’t know how to get out of it even if I am sucked i…!”

“Shut up and get inside.”


Keira started to scream as she was sucked into the painting. She also appeared on the canvas in her naked form.

Ju-Heon quickly looked toward Yoo Jaeha as soon as they were all sucked in.

As Keira mentioned, it wasn’t over after he put them inside the painting.

“Number 1. Activate it.”

“Please leave it to me.”

Yoo Jaeha took out an artifact he’s had since the beginning. It looked like a regular oil painting brush at a glance. However, paint automatically appeared at the tip of the brush once he activated the artifact and he started to draw on top of van Gogh’s painting.

He was using his best imitation of van Gogh’s style to add a tentacle monster to it.

He must watch quite a lot of you know what as the red tentacle monster looked quite realistic.

Something amazing started to happen at the same time.




They could hear screams coming from the painting.

The appearance of the people on the painting soon changed.

The TSOF and Keira who had been standing there now looked to be in pain after being captured by the tentacle monster. They were actually being tortured by the monster inside the painting.

“Aaaaaaaaah! Let go of me!”

“Let me go! Mmmph! I’m going to kill you first as soon as I get out!”

Ju-Heon was wowed as he looked at the painting.

“You drew really well. They must be in serious pain.”

Yoo Jaeha’s mouth almost ripped from joy after being praised that way.

“Hehe, you know I love to draw. Should I bind them even tighter?”

“Yes, I leave it to you.”

The rope that was roaming around Ju-Heon seemed to be jealous after hearing Ju-Heon praise Jaeha.


I know how to bind them really well too! I know how to bind them really well too!

It seemed as if the rope was considering the tentacles inside Yoo Jaeha’s painting to be its rivals.

However, Ju-Heon didn’t care whether the rope was jealous and started to speak to the TSOF soldiers in pain inside the painting.

“Okay. Spill some information about the TSOF’s military intelligence. Then I will let you out of the painting.”

Of course, there were loud objections coming from the painting.

“You think we’ll listen to you?!”

“Get lost! I’m going to kill you! You pervert!”

“How dare you sexually assault the General like this!”

“Hey number 1.”

“Yes sir.”

Yoo Jaeha calmly started to add to the painting. He started to add sticky fluids to the tentacles he drew earlier.

The responses were explosive.

“Aaaaaaaaahh! What the hell, it’s slippery!”

“I…I feel!”

“Sob! Okay! I got it! Stoooooop!”

“I have something on me! I’ll give it to you! A, ahhhh! Save me!”

Keira started to grind her teeth at her subordinates’ shouts.

“You idiots! How dare you fall for the enemy’s threat!”

However, the people who just wanted to get out of this situation were willing to do anything.

A new object appeared on the painting at that moment. One of the TSOF members must have dropped it as a black object that looked like a USB appeared on the painting.

Ju-Heon put his hand on the object and channeled his Dominance.

The roughly drawn USB then popped out of the painting and turned real.

He was certain this probably had the TSOF’s list of artifacts and their personnel information.

Ju-Heon quickly brought a laptop over and connected the USB to confirm the contents. But Ju-Heon started to frown.

‘Tsk, there’s a password.’

“Number 1. Make them give the password.”

“Did you hear him?! He said to give the password!”

Yoo Jaeha drew a torturer with a rope, whip, and feather as soon as he said that. He heard some more desperate screams as soon as the torturer appeared.

“Aigoo! Stop it, you bastard!”

“Ah, ahahahahaha! T, the password is…!”

Keira started to swear as her subordinates who could not handle the pain were about to blurt out the password.

“Are you bastards really trying to sell the US out?! Mm, mmph!”

“The password is Veni, vidi, vici! (I came, I saw, I conquered)!”

Ju-Heon plugged in the password and started to smile.

“All done.”

The soldiers inside the painting desperately pleaded to Ju-Heon after hearing that.

“Then please let us out!”



Yoo Jaeha peeked toward Ju-Heon to ask what he was going to do. He needed a decision on whether to remove the things he had added.

“Should I let them out?”

Ju-Heon started to laugh.

“Are you crazy?”

Ju-Heon took the painting and headed down to the first floor without any regrets.

He then did something shocking.

He threw the painting into the fireplace without any hesitation!


Ju-Heon was planning on getting rid of those bastards and the artifact from this world. This artifact was the type that would make everything inside it disappear with it once it was destroyed.

‘Keira’s artifact is strong but is useless because of the terrible risk.’

There were many other artifacts with similar effects. The painting that was thrown into the fireplace instantly started to burn from the fire that was created by an artifact.


“Ahhh! Save me!”

The soldiers inside the burning painting were screaming. Keira was screaming as well. She was crying in pain while still angrily shouting.

“Seo Ju-Heon, you bastard! You won’t get away with this!”

But Ju-Heon just started to smile.

“Goodbye, one of the Four Emperors. I will make sure to take your place.”

The painting soon disappeared without a trace.

Keira and the TSOF were gone as well.

[Lieutenant General Keira Clark is missing, unable to determine whether she is still alive.]

[Members of Keira’s personal TSOF team are all missing as well, will the US Tomb Exploration Team, the TSOF, be disbanded?]

[TSOF’s artifact information disappeared overnight.]

Ju-Heon was chuckling while looking at those articles.

He managed to take care of the US Excavation team that had been strong from the beginning at once. They might have disappeared forever with the painting or were currently stuck roaming a world from which they could never return. They might be able to return to this world in a couple thousand years if they were lucky.

‘The important thing is that an obstacle is out of the way.’

That was enough for Ju-Heon.

Furthermore, he had received a great title after sending Keira away.

[ You have received the title of < Person who got a goddess drunk >.]

[Your Fit with artifacts focused on destruction has increased.]

[Your Dominance has increased.]

[Your Dominance will temporarily increase whenever you face a goddess-type artifact.]

[You are now able to manufacture artifacts to take on goddesses.]

[Your detection of high-grade artifacts has increased.]

Ju-Heon then heard a man scream.


The person screaming was none other than George Holten.

“Do I really need to do this?!”

Yes he did. They were currently in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Now that things were resolved, they were currently vacationing on top of one of the Holten family’s luxury cruise ships.

George Holten only had rash guards on while shaking at the bow of the ship. It was so that he could face his punishment.

However, George Holten shouted while shaking.

“Hey, damn it, even I will die if I fall into the Pacific Ocean!”

However, Ju-Heon who was leisurely relaxing on a sunbed after receiving the Holten family’s support started to smile.

“What’s wrong? You were the one who said you would jump into the Pacific Ocean if I successfully saved your parents. Did you forget about that?”

“I know I said that, but…!”

“A man keeps his word.”

“Damn it!”

“Oh and hand over your entire fortune as well.”


“You said you would hand it over.”


George Holten shouted while looking at this bastard who looked so calm while trying to extort him of his fortune. George, who had realized that Irene was interested in Ju-Heon was already shaking in anger because of that.

“F*ck! Father, mother, this bastard might be your savior but he is an extremely dangerous bastard! This bastard will take your wealth and your daughter!”

Yoo Jaeha who could not stand it any longer was biting a piece of expensive meat as he walked toward George Holten.

“You have so much to say. Please stop talking and just jump in.”

He then pushed George off the bow.

However at that moment!

“Damn it, you come with me! You scammer!”


George Holten and Yoo Jaeha dived and screamed together. The rope artifact soon pulled them back up while Irene and the Holten couple walked over laughing in their swimming suits.

The couple who had returned to health thanks to the Herb of Eternal Youth were extremely thankful to Ju-Heon.

“Mr. Ju-Heon, everybody in our family had our lives saved thanks to you.”

And it wasn’t just their lives… The Herb of Eternal Youth had many effects. Irene’s father was extremely happy that he was quite lively at night again. The Holten couple liked Ju-Heon quite a bit. Of course, it was possible this was the case because he had saved their lives.

“Please let us know if you need anything. We will do everything we can to support you.”

Ju-Heon was relieved that they were safe but also smiling at the benefits of this expedition.

‘I can easily do the Herb of Eternal Youth and Tea businesses now.’

He just needed to leave the business side to Edward while he continued to loot tombs.

It was at that moment.

[I guess you are enjoying yourself.]

Someone started to speak to Ju-Heon.


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