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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 80: Get lost, I called dibs first (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 80: Get lost, I called dibs first (3)

Translator: miraclerifle

They heard someone’s familiar voice not too far away.

“Hey! Farmers!”

‘That punk is?’

The person speaking was none other than Yoo Jaeha! And as they were about to be happy about seeing him!

“It’s the Asian monkeys with the artifact!”

They heard another voice in the opposite direction. This time, it was the TSOF that they had been running away from. The soldiers they thought had gone away had found the Oh Seung Woo group.

“Get them!”

“Damn it!”

There were about thirty of them.

They were quickly running toward the Oh Seung Woo group thinking they finally got them. They couldn’t run away because the cops were pointing their guns at them!

“Ah, this is driving me nuts!”

They were slowly getting closer, 100 meters, 50 meters, and then 10 meters!

As they were about to have the artifact stolen and be wrongfully arrested for being perverts…


They disappeared.

The soldiers who were trying to grab the Oh Seung Woo group and the cops instantly disappeared.

They were swept up by an artifact’s light as if they were kidnapped by a god.

“Huff huff.”

The soldiers and the cops who had been trying to grab the Oh Seung Woo group became confused as their surroundings suddenly changed. It couldn’t be helped as they had just been in the middle of New York City.

But they had opened their eyes to find themselves on a grassy plain.

It was a wide plain where they could clearly see the horizon!

“W, what happened?”

Of course, that wasn’t the only thing that was weird.

Honk! Honk honk!

The vast plain that should be quiet was oddly noisy.

It sounded like the hundreds of cars that filled New York City. The mysterious plain was quite noisy with hundreds of people chatting away.

“Where is this?!”

“We were on top of the road! Why are we suddenly on a grassy plain?!”

Of course, they were not the only ones who were confused.

The horses and goats that had been grazing on the plain were confused as well as they saw a pile of cars on this vast plain.

Furthermore, the animals were looking at the newly appeared US soldiers and cops with a, ‘what the heck, some more weird things have appeared.’ expression. Then they started to sniff them.

The US soldiers and the cops became even more flustered but the people who had gotten here at least ten or so minutes before them were starting to get angry.

“Ow! I’m going crazy! Is this California?”

“F*ck! Where the hell is this?!”

Where was this place?

This was a vast plain in Mongolia.

The Oh Seung Woo group blankly stood there after their chasers disappeared. The people coming for them had suddenly been swept up by a light and disappeared.

“Just what…”

They heard a familiar voice as they stood there in shock.

“Good job staying hidden.”

Ju-Heon had found the Oh Seung Woo group. He was leisurely walking over with Irene.


They looked deeply moved as soon as they saw Ju-Heon. They were about to cry in joy at the fact that they could finally complete their mission.

They had almost died multiple times getting rid of those damn yankee bastards!

“Thank you for coming! Please take it!”


They handed the Herb of Eternal Youth that was in a mini pot inside the bag to Ju-Heon.

The Herb of Eternal Youth started to cry as soon as Ju-Heon got it, but Ju-Heon didn’t care.

The Oh Seung Woo group then looked around to look for the disappeared soldiers in confusion.

“But Hyung-nim, where the hell did they go?”

Ju-Heon chuckled.

Where did they go?

Ju-Heon slowly looked at the mobile news on his phone.

[400 people mysteriously disappeared in New York City!]

[Is it a god playing a prank or is it an artifact? Reports of distress coming from Mongolia.]

Ju-Heon laughed out loud after seeing that.

“Looks like they are in Mongolia right now.”

“M, Mongolia?!”

“Just how?!”

Ju-Heon waved a train ticket after hearing that question. The Oh Seung Woo group screamed after they realized that was the < A lonely god’s invitation > he took from Chairman Kwon.

“That is that Kamikakushi (Mysterious Disappearance) or whatever!”

“Isn’t that the thing the damn TKBM Chairman tried to use on us?!”

“You used that?”

Ju-Heon chuckled.


The train ticket Ju-Heon had, the < A lonely god’s invitation > was a warp-type Japanese artifact that forced people into a different world.

It was able to warp things in front of the person, regardless of number, size, or material to another place.

They just ended up warping unscathed because he had Irene use her artifact.

From America to Asia…

While driving a car in New York City…

Or while uselessly aiming for the Herb of Eternal Youth…

He was planning on letting the civilians come back soon, but as for those bastards who had been aiming for the Herb of Eternal Youth…

“Let them keep sending distress signals.”

Ju-Heon started to chuckle.

He had Irene use it to train her but the results were magnificent.

Of course, the user could send subjects to space or even unknown spatial pockets if they were willing to take the risk, but that wasn’t important right now.

“Anyway, we are heading to the Holten residence now.”

However, Ju-Heon called someone before they started to move.

He needed a talented knight to move in order to checkmate the General.

On their way to the Holten residence…

Ju-Heon was starting the Herb of Eternal Youth’s awakening process inside the limousine. He was trying to upgrade this sexual enhancer to a healing artifact.

He picked up the Herb of Eternal Youth that the Oh Seung Woo group was carefully holding as soon as he started.


The Herb of Eternal Youth started to scream as he handled it roughly and pulled it up by the branches as if he was pulling a rabbit up by its ears.


I hate him, I hate him, I hate this human.

Go away, go away.

The Herb of Eternal Youth really hated Ju-Heon as if he was a heinous kidnapper. In some ways, it also looked like a rebellious daughter pushing away her father.


Return me to my servants, return them to me!

It must have not liked Ju-Heon’s violent Dominance. This artifact was one that someone with high affinity (called affinity but really more of someone’s level of being a pushover), could handle.

The Herb of Eternal Youth cried to protest but it couldn’t run away as it was contracted to Ju-Heon.

Ju-Heon viciously smiled knowing that was the case.

“Aigoo, this little cutie sure can cry so loud. It makes me want to pull off all of its leaves.”

The Oh Seung Woo group, aka the babysitters, started to sweat and plead with Ju-Heon.

“Aigoo, hyung-nim. That child will cry again if you handle it like that. It’s a sensitive child so the leaves will go bad.”

“Hmph. A few leaves going bad won’t damage its efficacy.”

Ju-Heon then ripped the Herb of Eternal Youth violently out of the pot. The Oh Seung Woo group gasped while the Herb of Eternal Youth launched a scream.


You bloodless, tearless pervert!

The Herb of Eternal Youth was crying frantically as if it had become naked.

The Herb of Eternal Youth’s roots were moving like tentacles. It tried to attack Ju-Heon with them, but sadly, they were too short. They could not reach Ju-Heon.

Ju-Heon then took a glass bottle out of his pocket.

Xu Fu’s artifact, the greedy worm was inside it. The Oh Seung Woo group’s eyes opened wide at what they saw.

“What are you going to do with that worm?”

“Fuse them together.”

Ju-Heon then moved the Herb of Eternal Youth into a different big pot. He then threw the worm toward the roots before instantly covering the pot with dirt.

The two artifacts that were forced to stay together were screaming for different reasons.


What is this filthy thing?!


Oohhhh, I finally found you! My beloved!

The Herb of Eternal Youth looked scared seeing something foreign coming into its house while the worm seemed to be crying in joy.

However, it didn’t end there.

‘Now I need to force the Herb of Eternal Youth to awaken.’

Ju-Heon channeled a large amount of Dominance into both artifacts.

A bright light flashed.



The Herb of Eternal Youth then started to change appearance.

The baby almond tree that used to fit in a mini pot was changing to a shrub-like tree.

“It’s appearance…!”

“Look, look! There’s a different fruit where the almond flowers used to be!”

The shrub had red fruits that resembled a Korean cornel dogwood fruit or a magnolia berry.

He finally had the true Herb of Eternal Youth in his hand.

Ju-Heon smiled while looking at it.

‘Yes, this is it.’

Ju-Heon roughly pulled a batch of fruits off.


The Herb of Eternal Youth screamed as if someone had pulled its hair out and the worm was being scared of its new house, but Ju-Heon didn’t care.

The important thing was that squeezing the juice out of this and feeding it to the Holten couple would heal them.

“Now we just have to get to your parents.”


Irene was very happy.

It was at that moment.

It happened as she excitedly walked into her house.

“B, brother?”

George Holten was unconscious inside the house. Not only that, he was a bloody mess.

A pale Irene and the driver ran toward George Holten.


“Young master!”

George Holten was barely breathing with a giant hole in his stomach. Ju-Heon started to frown while looking at George’s condition.

Ju-Heon had seen enough corpses inside tombs to know how he was.

His life was in danger.

That wasn’t the only thing.

‘An artifact did this.’

Ju-Heon urgently slapped George Holten’s cheek.

“Hey, can you hear me?”

George Holten grabbed Ju-Heon’s arm with as much strength as he could muster.

“My mother and father… They were sucked into a weird pict…”

He then heard a scream coming from the other room.

“Young miss! This is bad! The master and the madam have disappeared!”

The servant who went to check on the Holten couple had screamed.

However, there was no need to ask who did this.

Someone called the house at that moment.

However, they didn’t answer the phone so it went to voicemail and the voice echoed in the room.

[Why aren’t you picking up? I know you’re there.]

Keira was the one who was calling.

[I have the Holten couple. I taught that guy who should be on the ground a lesson because he tried to attack me when he’s not even an artifact user.]


[Irene Holten. I will return the hostages if you swear to follow us. Personally call me on this number if you will follow us. I will tell you and only you the location.]

The one-sided call then ended.

“Ow, that crazy bitch!”

The Oh Seung Woo group and Yoo Jaeha shouted in anger while Ju-Heon scoffed and got up from the floor.

“Feed George Holten some of the Herb of Eternal Youth.”

“H, hyung-nim, what about you? Are you going to rescue the two of them?”

“No, it’ll be settled without needing to do that.”

Ju-Heon looked at his phone as if he was checking something.

“Mm, something is odd. The knight that I asked to land the checkmate should be showing some results by now.”

It was at that moment.

Ju-Heon who was checking something on his phone started to smile.

There was urgent news regarding Keira popping up on his phone.


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