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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 51: Sorry, but you picked the wrong opponent (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 51: Sorry, but you picked the wrong opponent (2)

Translator: miraclerifle

‘T, this bastard!’

Yoo Jaeha was at a loss for words after hearing Ju-Heon saying such things so casually. ‘So, this captain bastard is saying we should sell a fake?

He wants to do that to the US government?’

There was only one thing Yoo Jaeha could say right now.

“Captain-nim, are you crazy?”

His true thoughts may have flowed out at that moment. However, Ju-Heon just laughed at Yoo Jaeha’s expression.

“What’s wrong? I’m being serious.”

Yoo Jaeha really wanted to cry after hearing Ju-Heon’s response.

“It’s even more of an issue if you are being serious! You’re trying to scam a country!”

“A country? What nonsense are you spewing? The one being tricked is Edward.”

Yoo Jaeha screamed in response.

“Either way, the one who will get blamed is me! Captain-nim, do it alone if you want to do that! I don’t want to be marked by the US. Do you want to end up on the Interpol’s wanted list?”

Ju-Heon pointed at Irene and smiled.

“Why are you freaking out like that? The Interpol’s wanted list? I can easily see you on that if I tell George Holten that you are still alive.”

“Damn it!”

Was he really going to be like this?

‘Okay, honestly speaking, let’s say that we can trick Edward. But what about after he sells the artifact to the US?

Ah, I’m going crazy here!’

Yoo Jaeha was in pain thinking that his life became even more difficult since he met Ju-Heon, but he decided not to worry about it for now.


Even if he needed to forge a fake artifact, that was for later. It was only possible if Ju-Heon managed to swindle the artifact.

‘That’s why…’

“I hope you get caught by the Chinese.”

He accidentally said that out loud and ended up getting punched by Ju-Heon.

“Wow, we’re really here.”

Yoo Jaeha pulled at his hair while looking at the sight in front of him.

The hot sunlight of the afternoon, the buildings in the cities that looked like an ant’s nest… People speaking Cantonese all around them… The view of Macao from the observation deck of the 58 story tower was amazing.

That was indeed the case.

They were currently in China, well, in Macao, located in the outskirts of Hong Kong.

“I’m going to go crazy.”

They had gotten on a plane as soon as that call with Edward ended. Forget their belongings, eating, or anything, they left LA right away. Macao didn’t even require a visa, so they just got on the flight with their passports.

That wasn’t the only thing. They were told that there were only first class tickets left at such notice, and this young twenty three-years-old handed his credit card over as if it was nothing!

Well, he realized this guy wasn’t normal as soon as he saw him rent a 10 billion won penthouse as if it was nothing, but…

‘That punk is treating taking a plane as if it was taking a bus!

Planes are not public transportation!’

Yoo Jaeha got to ride first class for the first time in his life, but he felt like dying the whole time.


He was dragged here and had to restore artifacts on the plane and could not get any sleep because Ju-Heon told him they’ll be heading right into a tomb!

‘I still have seven left, damn it.’

Right after the restoration would come the reproduction.

‘Damn it, when the hell can I get some sleep?’

However, Ju-Heon who was energetic as he got some sleep was talking to someone on the phone.

[Excuse me?! You’re in Macao? Right now?]


He was talking to the Oh Seung Woo group who were farming, no, raising the Herb of Eternal Youth in the LA penthouse.

[Wait, what do you mean?! We thought you might have had a satisfying night with Miss Irene since you never came back all night! We thought you might come back today but what did you say, sir?]

[You went to Macao with Yoo Jaeha?!]

“Is there an issue?”

[Quite a lot of issues!]

The Oh Seung Woo group on the other side of the call were in despair as they stood there with dirty hands. They had prepared a lot of food and were waiting for Ju-Heon to come back with Irene.

[Aigoo! We were so happy here thinking that we were getting a sister-in-law!]

That was indeed the case.

They had thought that he was using these artifact teaching lessons as an excuse to go on a date with Irene since Ju-Heon said he would bring her home. That was why they thought they were being smart by creating this event for them, but what the hell!

[Hyung-nim, you’re too mean! We were growing this sexual enhancer for you with everything we had because you said Miss Irene was coming!]

[That’s right! It has a flower and is even about to grow a fruit now! We worked so hard to make it for you…!]

[But you don’t even come home… And you are in Macao with another dude instead of being with sister-in-law!]

They sounded as if they were ready to cry.

Ju-Heon scoffed after hearing that the Herb of Eternal Youth already had a flower. It was already blooming when it hasn’t even been that long?

‘These punks, I guess they did give it their best.’


‘But they seem to have the wrong idea about its effects.’

The Herb of Eternal Youth was a healing artifact and not a sexual enhancer.

‘Well, I guess it is just a sexual enhancer if I don’t awaken it with another item.’

“Either way, you really must have worked hard for it to already have a flower. You did a good job, a very good job.”

[Yes sir! We did it thinking we were meeting our sister-in-law…! Ugh!]

“Good. I will make you guys my sla…no, no, subordinate number 2 from now on.”

[Sob, thank you very much. But when will sister-in-law come back…]

Ju-Heon was in disbelief after hearing them get upset again.

“But you guys seem to have the wrong idea by calling her sister-in-law since earlier.”

[Wrong idea?! Do you know how rare a chance like this is for someone like you who has been single your whole life, hyung-nim?!]

[We know what it is like to be forever alone. I’m sure you don’t know what to do when you are alone with a woman!]

[That was why we were going to thoroughly support you…!]

Hearing that made Ju-Heon press his temples as if he was tired.

‘These punks, I told them I had a girlfriend before.’

“Enough, just keep doing a good job growing that tree. If Chairman Kwon calls, tell him to get lost because you won’t hand the phone to me.”

[Ugh, I understand sir.]

The call then ended.

‘Looks like there’s no issues with the Herb of Eternal Youth for now.’

Ju-Heon looked out at the scenery once the call ended.

It was very odd seeing a young man wearing sunglasses and posing like a model eating cotton candy, but it didn’t matter.

The important thing right now was his prey that had gobbled up Macao.

‘It looks like two-thirds of Macao has ended up in the Tomb Appearance.’

Macao was only as big as Seoul’s Jongno-gu. However, having two-thirds of that turning into a tomb meant it was a large tomb.

The only places left safe in Macao was Macao Tower that Ju-Heon was on right now and the nearby streets.

People were calling it a disaster and shaking in fear, but Ju-Heon just scoffed.

‘It makes sense for China to step forward for such a large tomb.’

They said they were gathering an excavation team, but how would it go?

Most of them wouldn’t know how to even use artifacts properly right now.

‘It’s fine to go into most tombs alone, but…’

Ju-Heon took another look at the tomb with the binoculars on the observation deck just in case.

He couldn’t see too well because of the fog, but it was an above ground tomb. He could see the Toombglyphs around the tomb once he focused the binoculars some more.

Ju-Heon deciphered them for a bit before starting to smirk.

‘As expected, the entrance conditions make it so you cannot enter alone.’

He had expected it, but they needed at least 30 people.

‘Then I guess I have no choice but to join the Chinese excavation team at least to get inside.’

After that was Ju-Heon’s specialty.

Ju-Heon who finished checking the tomb out was about to move to participate in the excavation team when…

Something odd started to happen.

“Ack! My item!”

“Huh? What happened to my artifact?!”

People started screaming at the tower’s observation deck.


What’s going on?’

Ju-Heon looked around after noticing this odd situation.

Many people had gathered on this observation deck to enter the tomb. There were civilians who were here for the reward while there were some rare artifact users as well.

The number of people with weaker artifacts had exponentially increased since the Great Tomb Appearance. Thanks to that, there were many people who wanted to enter the Macao tomb.

But some of those people were flailing around and checking their belongings.

The number started at one, then two…

Until it quickly reached ten people!

“W, what is going on?!”

An ominous feeling struck Ju-Heon’s group as well.

It started with Yoo Jaeha.

“Huh? My artifact!”

Yoo Jaeha quickly started to rummage through his pocket after feeling the aura of his artifact suddenly disappear. However, he couldn’t find his restoration artifact no matter how hard he looked.

“What is it?”

“N, no. My artifact!”

Yoo Jaeha’s face turned pale. His artifact had instantly disappeared.

Next was Ju-Heon’s turn. A shocking artifact’s aura had brushed past Ju-Heon’s side.

However, Ju-Heon could feel the hand headed toward him unlike this others.

‘This is?’

A message popped up as if to confirm Ju-Heon’s thoughts.

[A cunning thief’s artifact is aiming for your artifact.]

‘Ha, as I expected!’

He had lost three items.

It had really happened in an instant. However, Yoo Jaeha immediately started to ask with an anxious expression as if to fan the flame.

“Captain-nim! Did you not lose anything?”

Ju-Heon just snorted unlike the desperate Yoo Jaeha.

“Someone stole the artifacts.”

Yoo Jaeha gasped after hearing Ju-Heon’s casual response.

“How can you be so calm?! Isn’t that really bad?!”

And lo and behold.

People who had their artifacts stolen were grumbling everywhere. Someone who knew numerous artifact users would gather here seemed to have planned this theft.

Thanks to that, the tower turned into chaos.

“You bastard! Who is it?! Did you take it?!”

“Hand it over! You bastard!”

Cantonese, English, Portugese, multiple languages mixed together to cause chaos on the observation deck. However, Ju-Heon didn’t care about the shouting and quietly focused before heading in a direction.


“Shh. Just follow me.”

Ju-Heon waded through the people before unexpectedly heading to the restroom. However, Yoo Jaeha gasped after seeing where Ju-Heon was trying to go.

“H, hold on! That’s the women’s restroom!”

Yoo Jaeha asked Ju-Heon who had no issues walking into the women’s restroom if he was crazy, but he still followed him.

They then heard two voices in the empty restroom.


“Mm, mmph! Mmmph!”

It was the mischievous voice of an artifact and a person in pain. Yoo Jaeha became shocked while listening to the voices.

“Someone must be inside, right?”

“Why don’t you take a look?”

The moment they opened the door to the stall with the voices…!

They saw something unexpected.

There was a young blonde child tied up and dangling in the air with the artifacts she stole on the floor.


The child flailed around as if telling the rope to let her go as she glared at Ju-Heon.

On the other hand, the rope was going, ‘master, over here, over here!’ It was dancing around as if asking Ju-Heon to praise it.

Anyway, Yoo Jaeha had no choice but to get anxious after seeing this child.

“Who is this child?”

Ju-Heon scoffed after hearing the question.

‘Who else could it be?’

“An artifact thief sent by the US government.”


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