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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 50: Sorry, but you picked the wrong opponent (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 50: Sorry, but you picked the wrong opponent (1)

Translator: miraclerifle

“Uhh, the Captain-nim is here, but…”

Yoo Jaeha peeked toward Ju-Heon. Irene and Ju-Heon were both looking at Yoo Jaeha. Who was the person on the phone?

However, Yoo Jaeha seemed to hesitate as he asked the person a question.

“Why are you looking for the Captain-nim? You don’t have another evil plot, do you?”

The person was probably not Korean as he was speaking in English.

It was at that moment.

Ju-Heon who had no patience had reached his hand out toward Yoo Jaeha.

“Hand it over.”

“Huh? But…”

“They’re looking for me. It’s fine so hand it over.”

Yoo Jaeha had no choice but to hand Ju-Heon the phone. Ju-Heon greeted the person in English as soon as he received the phone.

“I heard you are looking for me? Who are you?”

The silent person on the other side of the phone started to laugh. He seemed to have been frustrated as he wanted to chat with Ju-Heon but Yoo Jaeha that bastard was not handing the phone over.

[Are you Seo Ju-Heon?]

The old man’s voice sounded cheery but not insincere. Ju-Heon who was familiar with the voice was able to instantly tell who it was.

“Oh, it’s old man Edward.”

He was certain.

This was the wealthy former weapon merchant from the past who roamed around the monopolizers and traded artifacts and information.

Edward was shocked after hearing Ju-Heon’s response.

[You know who I am?]

“I know who you are very well. You’re the old bastard who would do anything for money.”

‘This punk?’

Ju-Heon smirked without caring whether the old man was shocked or not.

‘I didn’t expect this bastard to come looking for me first. It saves me the trouble of tracking him down.’

Edward was an investor who would be called the < Monarch of Wealth > in the future and a major player in controlling the economy of the artifact market. He was also a middle man who connected artifact users with each other, so he was planning on searching for him anyway.

There were no better informants than him when it came to information about other artifact user’s situations and artifacts.


‘Naive idiots will just be this bastard’s prey.’

Edward definitely came with important information, but there were many users who would see blood after being swept up by the information. It was similar to how someone would lose a lot of money if they bit onto the wrong investing information. That was why he was the subject of anger for some people.

‘But you can make a shit ton of money if you use Edward properly.’

Although idiots would fall victim to him, Ju-Heon was confident that he could suck out benefits without ending up as Edward’s prey. He knew a lot about Edward because Edward was one of Chairman Kwon’s important partners.

‘He’s probably working with Chairman Kwon and Richard anyway.’

But such a person was contacting Ju-Heon?

‘It’s obvious why he’s calling.’

Ju-Heon knew the bastard’s plan all too well, but decided to feign ignorance.

“I already know about you so there is no need for an introduction. So, get to the point and tell me why you were looking for me.”


Edward who was thinking that Ju-Heon’s tone was arrogant started to laugh.

[I guess this will go quickly if you know about it. It’s nothing much. I was just curious because I heard that you were the expert who was making Chairman Kwon eat shit.]

‘As I expected.’

Ju-Heon started to smile.

Edward knew how to smell where he could make money and was extremely observant. He was the type to reach out early to these ‘trees’ that he thought might make it big. He also brought those trees a job that could make them a lot of money.

And lo and behold.

[What do you say, how about we have lunch together?]

However, Ju-Heon just sneered at Edward.

“Hey Edward. We’re both busy people. So, stop with the nonsense and get to the point.”


“Didn’t you call me to hire me for a job? For example, asking if I want to go into a tomb that China has put a reward to clear?”


Edward could not help but be shocked. It was because Ju-Heon said exactly what he had been planning. Ju-Heon smiled toward Edward who could not respond.

“What is it? Am I wrong?”

No, Ju-Heon was correct.

Edward who had learned about Ju-Heon wanted him to do a job for him. That job did indeed have to do with the tomb that China put a reward to clear.

Multiple nations throughout the world had been looking for artifact users ever since the Great Tomb Appearance, and China was one country that was offering $10,000,000 for anybody who worked with their nation’s excavation team. Of course, the artifact users would only get the money and the artifact would belong to China.

Edward who had been hesitant after hearing Ju-Heon’s tone had no choice but to agree.

[Yes. It looks like you already know about the Chinese tomb. Then first……]

“You want me to join that excavation team as a mercenary?”

[Huh? Uhh? Uhh, yes. And then, after you join them…….]

“Swindle the tomb’s artifact without the Chinese realizing it and sell it to you?”

‘Damn it. Is this punk reading my mind or something?’

The shocked Edward asked in response.

[Did you hear something from Chairman Kwon or Jaeha?]

“No? But you are that type of person.”

Edward then started to laugh before answering in a refreshing manner as if he was admitting defeat.

[Yes. You are right, you are totally right. I thought there was nobody else who could do this job after hearing that you stole Chairman Kwon’s artifacts. You were said to be like a ghost. I want you to use your genius-level talents to swindle the Chinese tomb’s artifact. I’ll give you a good price for it.]

“The pay?”

[20 million dollars.]

20 million dollars was about 20 billion won. It wasn’t a low amount of pay. That was why Edward continued in confidence as he thought it was a good offer as well.

[You won’t be able to get a good price if you swindle it and try to sell it on the black market because China will put a bounty out for it. But you can get their pay for joining the excavation team and then sell it without any issues to me to get paid again.]

Edward laughed while stating that something like this would be as easy as taking a walk for Ju-Heon.

[I also have thoughts about considering you as a VIP client if you accept this commission.]

It was a decent commission.

It was also something that was not very difficult for Ju-Heon.


“It looks like you are looking down on me quite a bit.”


“You’re going to buy it from me for 20 million dollars and then sell it to the US for 100 million dollars?”

[W, what?]

“I know that middlemen tend to inflate the price when they resell items, but that’s just too much.”

Even the sly Edward lost his cool at that statement. He had not told anybody about it, but Ju-Heon knew who he would sell it to and even the exact price.

‘W, what is going on?!’

That was indeed the case.

Everything Ju-Heon said was correct. Edward was dealing with the US government and had received this commission from the future Monarch of War.

The US had always been wary of China, but they had especially not liked how China had tried to create an excavation team since the Great Tomb Appearance.


‘China rejected joining Pandora.’

The Pandora business was something that different governments and wealthy individuals were stealthily creating in secret. That business would not allow regular people to use artifacts and would push for shared ownership of artifacts among its members.

In simple terms, all tombs and artifacts would be restricted to those members. China chose to create their own excavation team and earn artifacts as they had a vast amount of land where tombs could appear.

Either way, that was why the < Monarch of War > was using Edward here and there to get information on the Chinese tombs and commission him to swindle those artifacts.

But that was something only Edward knew about.

It was not something Ju-Heon should know.

But how?!

Thanks to that, the extremely shocked Edward asked back, wondering if information had leaked.

[Who told you such things?]

Ju-Heon snorted in disdain.

“Are you ignoring me?”


“Hey Edward. I don’t care who you deal with or how much you sell it for. But if you have any thoughts about dealing with me in the future, you need to remember something.”


“I’m not a worker ant you suck money out of, I am your partner. Got it? I can bring the artifacts you want out of the tombs and are skilled enough to grow your business. You know what I mean, right?”

Of course he did.

Don’t do anything to get on his nerves, don’t hide anything and share all information.

Edward started to laugh out loud.

He had called because he wondered what kind of bastard managed to suppress Chairman Kwon and steal Yoo Jaeha away.

‘It’s not just luck, he’s not an easy opponent.’

He couldn’t tell for sure because he couldn’t see Ju-Heon’s face, but he could understand why Chairman Kwon struggled so much. He might even have a prophetic artifact or a sensing artifact that can discover information about people.

‘I can’t use him as I please.’

He was trying to use Ju-Heon as he seemed skilled like Yoo Jaeha.

‘I haven’t seen his face yet, but this bastard might be someone who becomes bigger than Chairman Kwon or any other artifact users.’

Edward who had a great sense in investing became extremely interested in Ju-Heon. That was why he said the following.

[I understand, I will share the information I know. The US has a female general named Keira Clark who is collecting map-type artifacts. I suspect that the artifact in the Chinese tomb is a map-type artifact.]

‘A map-type?’

Ju-Heon started to smile at the unexpected news. Ju-Heon had not known the details as the information about Chinese tombs during this time in the past were quite restricted.

But for it to be a map-type artifact…

‘The timing is great.’

[Anyway, the US wants it because they are wary of China, but also because they are collecting map-type artifacts.]

Ju-Heon then chuckled.

“Fine, I will join the Chinese excavation team and swindle the artifact.”


“However, I’ll sell it to you for 80 million dollars.”

[W, what?]

“You’re going to sell it for 100 million anyway.”

[You……! Raising it from 20 million to 80 million like that, I won’t profit at all! 30 million dollars!]

“Stop acting like I’m robbing you. Fine, I’ll go easy on you. 70 million dollars.”

[Damn it, 40 million!]

“60 million for doing the dangerous role. I won’t take any less than that.”

[What do you mean, the dangerous role?!]

“What is it? Think about it. The Chinese bastards might execute me if I get caught swindling the artifact. Are you not going to pay me extra when you are sending me to do a dangerous crime?”

Edward thought for a moment before groaning and agreeing. He needed to maintain the US’s trust and this job needed to succeed for that to happen.

[I understand! I pray for your success!]

“Good, see you in a week.”

The call ended once he responded. Irene and Yoo Jaeha who had been listening were blankly staring at him. They had heard everything as Edward’s voice was quite loud.

That was why the two of them were looking at Ju-Heon as if he was crazy.

“There’s no way China would sit still and let you take the artifact……!”

“That’s right. They will send you to the firing squad if you get caught!”

Ju-Heon just smiled instead of responding.

“We need the map-type artifact from that tomb to cure your curse anyway.”


Yoo Jaeha who realized something shouted in shock.

“Huh…….? Hold on. You’re going to cure Irene’s curse with it? But didn’t you agree to sell that artifact to Edward? I thought Edward was going to sell it to the US.”

“That is the case, but… Slave, I mean Subordinate number 1. Let me confirm something before that.”

“Excuse me?”

“Does Edward know that you can make fake artifacts?”

“Uhh……no? He only knows about counterfeiting regular items. I thought it’d get complicated if he knew I could make counterfeit artifacts……”

Well, Yoo Jaeha actually kept it a secret to scam Edward in the future.

However, Ju-Heon’s eyes sparkled after hearing that.

“Really? He doesn’t know?”

Yoo Jaeha started to sweat as he got an ominous feeling after seeing that gaze.

“U, umm, Captain-nim. There’s no way, right……….?”

Ju-Heon was smiling.

“Keep your hands loose. You’ll struggle a bit to make a fake.”

‘T, this bastard!’


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