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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 411: Epilogue 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 411: Epilogue 2

Translator: miraclerifle

Some of the team members looked nervous.

Most of them didn’t care whether it was a son or daughter, but Ilya and Jaeha, the two who had heard about Julian’s sabotage, looked extremely serious.

‘No way it is another son, right? Is it really another son?’

Even if that artifact had not been that strong because it was based on a superstition, even if Ju-Heon had changed that artifact so it wouldn’t do what it was supposed to do, and even if it had all been coincidences until now…

It still had been son after son until now. It was as if the gods had listened to Julian’s curse(?).

That was why they were anxious.

‘I’m sure the Captain-nim will love his youngest kid even if it is another son, but…!’

Ju-Heon wouldn’t show it, but based on what he had been doing for the past 10 months……

Julian was the only one smiling with satisfaction.

‘It’s a son.’

He wasn’t just trying to curse Ju-Heon. This was for world peace(?) but also for Ju-Heon.

And at this moment…

Everybody’s gaze focused on Jaeha’s question about whether it was a boy or girl.

Ju-Heon looked toward the doctor as well.

The doctor had a slightly awkward expression on his face.

“Oh my goodness.”

Jaeha frowned, thinking it was a third son after hearing the doctor’s response while Julian was getting prepared to console Ju-Heon.

“Ah, see, it really is another son…”

“You have an extremely beautiful little princess.”

Some looked full of joy while others looked full of sorrow as the doctor smiled brightly after having successfully set the mood for the reveal.

“This makes no sense.”

Julian was questioning his eyes after looking at what was in front of him.

He checked and checked again and Ju-Heon’s youngest child was indeed a daughter. The child in the newborn baby room was definitely a healthy little girl.

Julian despaired(?) while the others were all happy.

“I really wanted a niece! My goodness, to think that I would really get to have a niece…!”

“I feel like she looks like the damn Captain bastard, but it’s fine. It’s a girl, it’s a girl!”

“Kyaa, I’m going to have so much fun dressing her up!”

“I’m going to enjoy being a babysitter now!”

Joy and Jaeha were holding hands while jumping up and down with excitement.

That wasn’t all.

“Baby, baby!”

Ju-Heon’s second son, Seo Seol-In, who was only two years old, seemed amazed as he kept reaching his little hand out while being held by Seol-A. “Mwaster Yoo, don’t get too cwose. She’ll get dwirty.”

His eldest son, Seo Ah-In, scolded the drooling Jaeha.

Ju-Heon could not hide his smile while looking at his daughter through the glass.

The newborn couldn’t even open her eyes yet, but she was very small and cute.

He had been awkwardly standing there because he was not used to having a daughter, but she must have noticed as she smiled brightly for her daddy.

“Hey Ju-Heon, even your gums are visible.”

Ju-Heon shrugged at his twin sister’s teasing before looking toward Julian.

Julian looked like a statue.

“What’s wrong? Are you upset I had a daughter?”

Julian awkwardly responded to the joking question.

“Of course not. Congratulations. I am very happy too.”

He really was happy. The large quantity of flowers Julian had ordered since the baby was born was proof that was the case.


“You haven’t forgotten that there is still one issue left now that you had a daughter instead of a son, right?”

“Of course not.”

Ju-Heon smiled.

Both four years ago and two years ago…

His children had been born safely because they were both boys.

It was because of the dictatorships trying to do something to Ju-Heon.

They had plotted, in a location that was in Ju-Heon’s blindspot, to abduct his children.

They knew that it was impossible to negotiate with Ju-Heon. If they couldn’t negotiate with him, they might as well aim for his kids.

They believed that Ju-Heon’s children would have artifact tamer talents similar to the Majesty’s.

The artifact they used was an artifact related to Sleeping Beauty.

They were going to put his daughter to sleep, and then use the artifact of the prince who could awaken the princess to take her as their bride.

No matter what Ju-Heon did, they believed they would definitely be able to take her as their bride with this plan.

They used that artifact four years ago, as rumors about Ju-Heon’s first child being a daughter was spread around.

But in the end, he had a son.

The curse naturally skipped him while the culprits gasped in fear.

What the world did not know was that many countries had disappeared from the map before they could even run away.

Julian didn’t know how Ju-Heon took care of those bastards, but it must have been terrible since both artifacts and people around the world never thought about messing with Ju-Heon ever again.

‘Well, he seems to have taken care of that curse at that time, but…’

They still didn’t know for sure.

Although the artifact was destroyed at that time, the curse should be active until he has a daughter.

He could modify it with the Akashic records, but it still had its limits.

‘That was why I hoped the third child would be a son too.’

Of course, nobody knew whether that was the real reason he was working so hard for Ju-Heon to have a son…

“Don’t worry about it. I changed the contents of the curse four years ago.”

Julian had an ominous feeling after seeing Ju-Heon’s wicked smile.

‘W, what the hell did this bastard change it to?

He does seem to have changed it since the baby has not fallen asleep.’

One of the side effects of that artifact was becoming an extremely ugly woman.

It would turn the girl into an ugly monster that nobody would want to kiss.

But this baby, despite being a newborn, had such sharp facial features that Julian could tell that she would be a beautiful girl.

‘Well, even his eldest son is like that.’

Ju-Heon’s eldest son resembled his extremely beautiful mother and handsome father that it was almost a disappointment that he was a boy. That was why, with this girl…

Even Julian couldn’t help but think that she would be the most beautiful girl in the world.

“Well, it’s fine. That’s not the important thing right now.”


Julian pointed outside after seeing the confusion on Ju-Heon’s face.

Dan was rushing over to them.

“This is bad. The reporters somehow already caught wind of it.”

Julian sighed and started to walk out in order to deal with them.

“Irene’s rest is the most important right. I will go and make them leave…”

It was at that moment.

“No. I already came up with a name so at least give that to them before you send them off.”

“A name?”

Ju-Heon smiled with confidence.

“Okay. I thought long and hard to come up with my daughter’s name.”

But Julian couldn’t help but swear after receiving a piece of paper from Ju-Heon.


Everybody looked at Ju-Heon in disbelief.

“You’re not really planning on using this as your daughter’s name, are you?”

Ju-Heon frowned after seeing their gazes.

“Why not? What’s wrong with it?”

‘Does this bastard really not know what is wrong?’

Julian chucked the paper to the ground.

“Who the hell would not be embarrassed to have such a name?! You damn bastard!”

Ju-Heon groaned back.

“Why would she be embarrassed? It would be the most eye catching as nobody else would have her name in this world. You retard.”

‘Is he being serious?’

“Do you even know how many letters are in here?! 1,000 letters! It is 1,000 letters! You motherfucking Majesty!”

“Hey dumbass… She can’t be the target of curses if her name is too hard to memorize. Are you really supposed to be my chief advisor while being so stupid?”


Julian got a headache at Ju-Heon’s oddly convincing argument.

“Aren’t you going to make her nationality Korean? Don’t you know that there is a character limit to a person’s name in Korea?!”

Ju-Heon blankly stared at Julian as if he wondered why Julian thought that that was a problem.

“So what? You just need to rip that law up and make a new one.”


“You can’t even do that?”

Julian felt so aggravated.

“Of course not! Even you can’t…!”

Julian then shut up.

He felt that this son of a bitch would really change the law.

Ju-Heon had the power to do that.

The scarier thing was that he didn’t know whether Ju-Heon was joking or being serious right now.

He would sometimes tell the truth in a joking manner and he had a poker face that was impossible to break.

Joy chimed in at that moment.

“Hey Ju-Heon. It’s too hard for anybody to memorize.”

“It doesn’t matter. It is fine as long as her parents can memorize it.”

“That’s not true. If she gets married in the future, her husband…”

Ju-Heon snorted in response.

“Will die if he gets even one letter wrong.”

Everybody realized it after seeing his gaze.

‘That’s why he came up with such a stupid name.’

Irene had no choice but to step in.

“Honey, I think that this would be best.”

Irene was talking about the last thing written on the piece of paper.

What was it?

‘Seo Ah-Rin.’

Both his first son, Seo Ah-In, and second, Seo Seol-In, had the first character match their mothers, so this name would match as well.

Julian shook his head after Irene brought it up.

“I’ve been telling this bastard that what you said just now would be best, but he won’t budge…”

“Honey. I think Ah-Rin would be good.”

“Then Seo Ah-Rin it is.”

Julian wondered why he wasted the last few hours trying to convince this guy when he would agree so easily.

Julian started boiling inside but decided to drop the issue.

He felt a bit sorry for praying for Ju-Heon to have a son multiple times despite knowing that Ju-Heon really wanted a daughter.

“Okay. You’ll be giving her a present like you did with Ah-In and Seol-In, right? What will it be this time…”

“Nothing much.”

Ju-Heon made a motion with his hand.

What appeared was an extremely scary SSS-Grade apocalypse artifact!


Julian and the others all gasped.

“D, Doomsday?!”

The artifact that was giving off a chaotic aura created a gap in the dimension and appeared, arm first, after Ju-Heon summoned it.

It resembled an octopus.

Ju-Heon’s daughter seemed amused to see this artifact that could destroy the world as she started to laugh, while Julian turned completely pale.

“I really like this one but based on what I saw with my sons, I think she should be able to handle something like this?”

“W, what did you say?”

“Ah. Whatever. Kongming, it’s all your fault if things go wrong. But it’s all thanks to me if things go well.”


Julian was sure of it.

Ju-Heon was getting revenge for his plotting for Ju-Heon to have another son.

But Ju-Heon’s sons, who had no idea about any of that, were extremely excited to see the artifact.

“As expected of fwather!”

“Sqwuid! Sqwuid!”

These sons of his were getting higher and higher standards for artifacts by the day.

[Is this our new young liege?]

[Yes. I believe so.]

Not long after that…

The artifacts finally met Ju-Heon’s daughter after she came home from the hospital.

The Divine-Grade artifacts of the different cultures were anxious as they met Ju-Heon’s daughter.

It was because they already had two young masters.

These artifacts had been in charge of Valhalla’s security and stayed here while waiting for Ju-Heon to summon them, but their job responsibilities had changed once Ju-Heon’s sons had been born.

[W, what kind of esteemed individual are we serving now?]

[W, who knows?]

Anubis, Set, and Osiris. The three of them, plus the artifacts from the Greek culture and the newly moved-in Celtic culture, were shaking in fear.

They had already experienced quite a bit of their two young masters’ powers.

They still could not forget what happened the first time they met the other two children.

The first time, they looked down on the baby, thinking the baby was nothing much, but…

‘We almost lost our lives.’

‘His natural instincts were to destroy Divine-Grade artifacts.’

‘As expected of our liege’s sons.’

The first born matured(?) and stopped after doing it a few times, but the now two-years-old second son, who was full of curiosity right now, had a sparkle in his eyes and tried to destroy any artifact he saw.

‘Swhiny! Swhiny!’

He had a bright smile on his face as he chased after them.

It was pretty much a death sentence for any artifact he laid his eyes on, as he would run over and destroy them without holding back.

Of course, their first young master was still scary as well.

‘Artwifact. Why do you hwave something weird dangling on you?’

‘Aaah! No! No! That’s my family jewels!’

That damn first son enjoyed modifying artifacts to his taste.

He seemed to have received Ju-Heon’s Dexterity.

He recently started using the damn restorer’s workroom as his playground and they lived in fear that their liege would kill them if anything ever happened to him in there.

One bastard was always destroying them while the other was modifying them, so they were going crazy.

But now they had a new young mistress now?

[At least it is a young mistress this time.]

The newborn seemed happy even around these chaotic SS-Grade artifacts as she was laughing.

She was extremely beautiful.

They could see the signs of a future beauty despite her being a newborn.

The artifacts were a bit relieved.

[It looks like the young mistress seems to take after her mother more.]

As the artifacts sighed in relief and were about to greet the baby…


The artifacts questioned their eyes.


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