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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 405: Side Story 19 – Drunken Shit talk (The Devil has descended) (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 405: Side Story 19 – Drunken Shit talk (The Devil has descended) (2)

Translator: miraclerifle

“Mr. Ju-Heon, this way!”

A familiar girl grabbed Ju-Heon’s arm. It was not a nun this time.

“G, Galina!”

Ilya gasped after seeing his childhood friend. Galina was a blonde beauty.

Ju-Heon seemed shocked at her appearance.

Well, he was probably not as shocked as Ilya though.

“Galina, what are you doing right now?! Get away!”

However, Galina completely ignored him and pulled Ju-Heon.

“Come on, hurry!”

“Hey! Wait, stop right there! Galina!”

Galina was running off with Ju-Heon. The other priests grabbed the back of their necks as they watched.

“Why?! Why did it have to be that child?!”

“Anyway, this is not the time for us to be standing around.”

“Hurry up and seal all doors and activate the tracking artifacts!”

While they were doing that, Ju-Heon, who had been dragged away by Galina, was gasping for breath and was about to die.

“How the hell are you so fast?! That is not normal for people!”

Galina, who had run like a deer, started laughing.

“You’re just slow, Mr. Ju-Heon.”

“Bullshit. You used an artifact. I can smell it on you.”


Galina seemed shocked. Ju-Heon was able to feel an artifact’s aura that normal people would not be able to feel.

“Wow, Mr. Ju-Heon, you really have quite the talent.”

“It’s not talent. I just worked my ass off until it worked.”

“But you are not allowed to use artifacts despite such skills? You really couldn’t get permission from Pandora?”

Ju-Heon frowned in response. The comments from that motherfucking Pandora employee were echoing in his mind.

It was a few months ago.

‘Ah. You want to get the artifact user permit?’

‘Yes sir. Here is my application…’

‘Mr. Seo Ju-Heon, I’m sorry but you cannot be registered as an artifact user. As a result, I cannot give you a permit either.’

‘Excuse me? Why can’t I be registered? I can even use A-Grade artifacts!’

‘I’m not sure, but that is not enough.’

‘Are you joking? You should only need to be able to use B-Grade artifacts to be registered as an artifact user and get permission to excavate tombs!’

‘I already told you no. Umm, we have too many artifact users right now.’

‘Is that so? Then what about those B-Grade bastards over there shamelessly getting registered?’

‘Anyway, Mr. Seo Ju-Heon, please come back when you can handle a SS-Grade artifact or something.’

‘Those motherfucking Pandora bastards. I really need to go into tombs.’

Ju-Heon was an errand boy for the art thugs at this time. Well, he had been one until about two months ago.

He put his life on the line and escaped after his big bro, Inspector Kim, got seriously injured. Ju-Heon barely managed to escape while almost ending up as a human trafficking victim.

‘More importantly, I need money for his surgery.’

Inspector Kim had lost a leg while protecting civilians from a Tomb Appearance and also needed an organ transplant because of tomb syndrome.

However, the country didn’t do much for him. Well, the so-called ‘leaders’ called him a hero and gave him a certificate while taking some photos with him, but that stupid paper was useless.

‘The donations he got were taken from him too.’

Cousins, distant relatives, anybody related to him practically showed up after hearing he got some money and hindered him so much.

Anyway, they had tried everything but failed. In the end, Ju-Heon chose artifact smuggling.


‘Little punk, you dare to go through our area without our permission?’


The artifacts he worked so hard to get were stolen by large excavation teams. If he got lucky and managed to escape from them, he got caught by that shitty Pandora.

‘Fuck, this won’t do. I need to somehow get a high-grade artifact so that I can personally excavate tombs.’

That was why Ju-Heon tried to join an excavation team, but…

‘Fuck, this son of a bitch stole my artifact!’

‘I didn’t! I’m innocent. I didn’t steal anything!’

‘Then what is this in your bag?!’

‘Whaaat?! It happened again?!’

He didn’t know whether these artifact bastards were doing it on purpose, but they would often come into his bag to nap.

‘Damn it, these shitty bastards! What kind of grudges do they have against me?!’

The artifacts would jump up and down and say something every time.


Your bag is perfect for naps!


Man, this bastard seems quite useful! Hurry up and serve us! Serve us!

Of course, he had no idea what they were saying, since he did not have Mammon at this time.

But things like that kept happening until he got blacklisted as a thieving bastard and couldn’t join any excavation teams.

“Well, whatever. I will excavate a high-grade tomb on my own then.”

Galina laughed at him.

“Is that why you came to the Vatican? You wanted to get your hands on a SS-Grade artifact?”

Ju-Heon pouted.

That was right.

He came to the Vatican to get the SS-Grade artifact that was said to be here.

Most artifacts at that level had masters already, but this artifact was being displayed to the public without having a master.

‘I can be at the level of the Monarchs if I get that.’

He would have power. He would be able to openly register as an artifact user as well.

Those Pandora bastards would no longer be able to say that they won’t let him register or any other bullshit.

“Anyway, I don’t plan on leaving the Vatican until I get my hands on it.”

As Ju-Heon was about to move…

“Hmph, you think someone like you will be able to handle that?”


Ju-Heon was kicked by someone.


The person pushing down on Ju-Heon as if to stomp him was Ilya.

“I got you now, you thieving bastard.”


Ilya took out some rope and started tying Ju-Heon up.

“You damn thieving bastard, you’re going straight to the police station…”

“Kyaaaa! Ilya! You dare to step on our Mr. Ju-Heon?! Move your dirty foot off right now!”


Ilya couldn’t believe it after Galina became angry and kicked him off.

“Galina! Whose side are you on?!”

“Do you even need to ask?! Of course I am on Mr. Ju-Heon’s side!”

“W, what?!”

Ilya had a mental breakdown for a moment before his eyes opened with anger.

“Ah, whatever! I’m going to hand this bastard over to Pandora today. You’ll never be able to see his face…”

“Who is going to hand who over?”


Ju-Heon kicked Ilya this time.


Ju-Heon had gotten out of the ropes and was sneering at Ilya.

“Do you think it is my first time being tied up? You retard. Ah, I’m so fucking hungry.”


Ju-Heon looked toward Ilya with annoyance.

“Anyway, I’m completely penniless right now. I used every cent I had to buy a plane ticket to come here so I don’t even have a place to stay. So, please and thank you.”

“For what?”

“Are you dumb? I’m saying let me stay at your place starting today.”

‘Is he fucking crazy?’

“You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. I can just sleep at Galina’s house. It’s getting too cold to sleep in the streets now.”

‘What the hell did this shameless bastard just say?’

“Unbelievable. But it is useless. Galina is too cautious of a girl to let a bastard like you into her hou…”

“My goodness, you are welcome any time, Mr. Ju-Heon! Do you want to use my bed too? I can sleep on the floor!”


The expression on Ilya’s face was quite the spectacle. Ju-Heon then slowly put his hand on Galina’s shoulder.

“No, no. I can’t let a lady sleep on the floor. Let’s just sleep together. Hehe.”


Ilya had a mental breakdown and immediately grabbed him.

“Okay, I’ll let you borrow my room so don’t go to Galina’s place! DON’T EVER GO THERE!”

“Okay, we have a deal.”

Ilya was snorting internally.

‘You’ll just be captured at my place. I’ll call the Pandora people over while you are there.’

But as he had that thought…

“I don’t care if you call those Pandora bastards, but Galina may be taken too.”


“I’m going to tell them that Galina helped me.”

‘This son of a bitch!’

“So be a good boy and serve me well. Food should be Korean and as for the bed… a queen bed will do.”

‘Oh father in heaven, do you have no desires to take this son of a bitch away right now?’

Seo Ju-Heon.

The Asian guy suddenly appeared in the Vatican a few weeks ago.

Ilya was grinding his teeth while making rice and boiling soup.

Today’s menu was something called Kimchi-jjigae. He didn’t know what kind of dish this kimchi-jjigae was, but…

‘Isn’t it similar to a borscht (a Russian traditional red vegetable soup made with beets)?’

It was at that moment.

“You call this a kimchi-jjigae? Make it again, you idiot.”

Ilya’s hands started shaking. ‘I’m going to kill him!’

“I’m going to go to Galina’s house if you don’t make it properly.”

“Damn it!”

He seemed to detest Ju-Heon as he slammed down salt into Ju-Heon’s rice bowl.

Ju-Heon laughed as he asked.

“You like Galina, don’t you?”

“Like hell I like her!”

“Then did you become a Vatican priest for her too?”


Ilya frowned.

Ju-Heon was not wrong.

‘Galina is possessed by a devil.’

Galina was Ilya’s childhood friend and the woman he loved. However, Galina was possessed by a low-grade devil a few years ago.

They had called all of the famous exorcists, but all of them failed.

‘I heard that the Vatican has the only way to heal her.’

However, they did not share that method with just anybody. That was why Ilya had made up his mind.

‘I will go in there myself to find out.’

It didn’t matter that he would have to become a priest, practice abstinence, and never be able to marry.

He would give it all up as long as Galina could be happy.

It could have seemed reckless, but Ilya had the talents to do it.

Of course, Galina did not like him becoming a Vatican priest.

‘Ilya, stop it if you are trying to become a priest for me.’

Ilya had sneered at Galina when she said that.

‘Are you crazy? Why would I choose a life of abstinence for someone like you?’

‘What? But…’

‘Get lost. Your little princess syndrome is too much. I’ve been studying divinity because of my uncle and I’ve been religious my whole life. I also heard that priests and pastors make a decent amount of money. They also have power.’

‘……You’re going to receive divine punishment.’

Anyway, Ilya finished his studies and started as a new priest before he caught the attention of a bishop and was able to become an Exorcism priest.

‘I should be able to heal Galina in a little bit.’

It was perfect now that he knew the method. But this bastard Seo Ju-Heon…!

“I’ll buy you some candy. Can you please go back home?”

“What? I can’t leave this country until I get that SS-Grade artifact you guys have.”


Ilya put his hand against his forehead as if he was tired.

“That SS-Grade artifact is the artifact of God’s Authority. You won’t be able to handle it.”


“Can’t you only use B-Grade artifacts? I can tell with one glance.”

Ju-Heon became angry.

“Hey, don’t look down on me! Although I don’t have one right now, I can easily handle a SS-Grade artifact! I’ve done so before!”

“Oh wow, for real? But someone with enough talent to be a Monarch has to rely on petty theft because he can’t go into a tomb?”

“This son of a bitch doesn’t believe me.”

“Hmph, Pandora would have respectfully escorted you to their offices if you really could handle a SS-Grade artifact. And…”


“That SS-Grade artifact is mine.”


“It is the artifact that can heal Galina. I should be able to get that artifact if I build up my foundations a bit more in the Vatican.”

“Man, I’m going to take it before that happens.”

“Like I said, you will never be able to handle it.”

“Okay then, let’s make a bet.”


Ju-Heon smiled.

“What will you do if I can use that SS-Grade artifact?”

“I swear in the Lord’s name that I will be your errand boy.”

Ilya then laughed.

“That’s right, you son of a bitch. You are my slave now.”

Ju-Heon chuckled as he snuck into the museum.

The Vatican museum was very dark as the lights were off. It was easy to get lost but it didn’t matter to Ju-Heon.

He just needed to use the artifact Galina gave him.

‘Mr. Ju-Heon, this should help you get that SS-Grade artifact.’

Galina had saved him from dying in the streets of Italy. She seemed to want for Ju-Heon to take that Divine-Grade artifact.

‘Well, something like this would be easy even without Galina’s help.’

As Ju-Heon got close to the SS-Grade artifact…



The museum lights suddenly turned on and both priests and guards rushed over to him.

Ju-Heon frowned. Ilya must have sniffed him out and brought the others over.

“You are done for, Seo Ju-Heon.”

Ju-Heon just sneered and used an artifact.


Ju-Heon broke the glass case as soon as the flash grenade exploded.


The SS-Grade artifact inside the glass case was an artifact in the shape of Saint Mary.

“Sorry, but this is mine!”

Ju-Heon activated the artifact to contract with it right away.

“T, that bastard!”



Ju-Heon, who looked as if he would contract with the artifact, suddenly frowned.

It was not because it was fake.

‘This is…!’


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