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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 388: Side Story 2 – The moment I fell for that man (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 388: Side Story 2 – The moment I fell for that man (1)

Translator: miraclerifle

“Wow, what are all these photos?”

Seol-A gasped while looking at the photos that covered the floor.

There were hundreds of them.

At the center of this flood of photos was……


I’m organizing them! I’m organizing them!

The rope was bobbing up and down in joy as it created an album. Every picture in this album was a picture of Ju-Heon.

Jaeha swore about how his eyes were rotting.

“Man, I know that even guys think that the Captain looks cool but this is just disgusting. Come on, you don’t have any photos of Irene or anything?”


I had some, I had some, but……!

Snip snip.

Mammon was next to the rope cutting through a photo with an angry expression on her face.

Mammon was mumbling to herself as she did that.

[Who do you think you are sticking so close to? Who gave you permission?]

The pair of scissors was ruthlessly cutting the women out of the photos.

[He wouldn’t get himself a girl no matter how many times I told him to do it in the past!]

Mammon’s angry cutting continued.

This devil had been unable to come out when Ju-Heon had ended up in the parallel world, but things were different now.

[What, there’s more?! It’s a different girl this tiiiiiiiiiime! They’re even kissing?!]

Mammon might drink her sorrows again later today.

Jaeha sighed while watching what was going on.

He was happy that he could collect photos of Irene thanks to Mammon, but…

‘The Captain-nim must be really tired because of his artifacts.’

The Crow sneered at that moment.

[Oh little devil. You are still wasting your energy on such useless deeds.]

[What did you say?]

[Can you please think about making better use of your overflowing energy? Why not use it to be more helpful for our master?]

Jaeha was happy to hear that. This palace must be considered a tomb or something as they could all hear the voices of artifacts inside Valhalla.

And then…

‘Good, at least he has one artifact that is helpful.’

Unfortunately, that was not the case.

[Such photos are useless. You need to gobble up the subject in the photos.]


The Crow’s Disaster-Grade aura burst out as it said that!

The domineering aura of predation was about to extend to this nameless woman who would be somewhere in this world.

Jaeha foamed at the mouth.

“Aaah! Stop, stop! That’s not it either! That is not helpful to him at all! That is not helpful to your master!”

The poor restorer had to stop Ju-Heon’s artifacts once again.

On the other hand, Seol-A’s eyes opened wide as she watched.

She had found an unexpected photo among the bunch.

“Hold on. What is this? How is this photo here?”

What photo was she talking about?

The photo Seol-A had found was a picture of her and Ju-Heon.

The problem was that it was a photo from before they regressed. The photo was taken in the TKBM tomb raiding team office and the date was different.

Jaeha’s jaw dropped while looking at the photo as well.

“What the hell? It really is a photo from that time. How is a photo from that time here…?!”

[How else?! I took it with this!]


The one to respond was surprisingly the worm.

The worm was jumping on top of Merlin’s camera. Whether it was Yang Chen or Dan’s future… This camera had been used in the past to show photos of themselves prior to the regression.

The worm’s eyes were flashing as it shouted that it had found a great source of income.

[That bastard Seo Ju-Heon shows up differently when I take photos of him with this. Don’t you think that I would make a ton of money if I sold this to the princesses as a decadent beauty concept?]


As a guy, Ju-Heon just looked very sick to Jaeha.

‘But I have to give this bastard credit for that Irene photo album he made last time.’

This bastard seemed to know what women and men would like.

‘This damn worm bastard… We might be able to make him run an entertainment company in the future.’

Of course, Ju-Heon had pummeled the worm and Jaeha and taken the album of Irene’s photos away.

It was at that moment.

“This is from when the two of you were running the tomb raiding team, right?”

Jaeha tapped on the photo of Seol-A and Ju-Heon.

Seol-A was the tomb raiding team’s first member.

Basically, this picture was from before the others had joined.

Seol-A smiled as if she was nostalgic about that time.

“It was. The Vice Captain-nim joined about half a year later.”

Jaeha smiled wickedly as if he was amused.

“What the hell? Then was it love at first sight or something?”

Seol-A fell to the ground clutching her stomach as she laughed.

“What? Love at first sight?”

No woman in her right mind would fall for that Seo Ju-Heon at first sight.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Seo Ju-Heon.”

His shaggy hair, his skin and lips that had no color to them… This man could be found buried in the file room as if he had no interest in people at all.

The 27 years old Ju-Heon was a man who didn’t know what it meant to smile.

Ju-Heon was deciphering a document without even looking over.

The thick shadows on his face looked cool but he gave off an odd and gloomy feel.

He was the emotionless and indifferent type of man who would appear in a hard boiled movie. [1]

‘But he’s a team leader while others at his age are minor employees.’

The first impression she had of him was respect. He gave off the seasoned and mature vibe of someone who had been through a lot.

‘We’re so different even though we are only two years apart in age…!’

That was the reason Seol-A told herself that she would learn everything she could from this man and energetically bowed.

“Please take good care of me. I was assigned to the TKBM Unsanctioned Excavation Team and my name is………”

“Ah, it’s fine.”

“E, excuse me?”

Ju-Heon flipped a page in the document as if he wasn’t interested.

“What’s the point of learning your name when you’re going to die soon?”


A shocked Seol-A quickly raised her head but Ju-Heon completely ripped Seol-A to shreds.

“You don’t even look like you are going to last a week. Are you sure you came to the right place? Shouldn’t you be Chairman Kwon’s secretary or something?”


Ju-Heon looked annoyed and tried to walk out of the file room. The employee who had brought Seol-A here became anxious and grabbed him.

‘What the hell is this bastard saying?!’

“Ju-Heon, wait! She’s your subordinate now and will protect you. You should protect her too if she needs…!”

Ju-Heon put a cigarette in his mouth and scoffed.

“Why should I? Who cares if she kicks the bucket in a tomb?”

Seol-A scowled after hearing that.

‘I take back saying that I respect him.’

The Ju-Heon of that time was a total bastard.

“Miss Seol-A, Miss Seol-A, how is team leader Seo Ju-Heon?”

“He is a nice guy like the rumors say, right?”

Seol-A scowled again while listening to the questions from other female employees. It was currently lunch time. She had had a smile on her face until just now as she was about to eat a late lunch.


“What did you just say…?”

The female employees who had gathered around Seol-A grumbled.

“Aww come on, why are you feigning ignorance? Miss Seol-A… You were assigned to Team Leader Seo even though you haven’t been at TKBM very long.”

“Miss Seol-A, you were assigned to a team that is being personally supported by Chairman Kwon!”

Seol-A had been working for the Chinese government until not too long ago.

To be more specific, she was working on the Chinese excavation team with Zhen Cai Yuan. She was a secret member of Team Red.

However, Chairman Kwon had brought her over to TKBM.

‘The most accurate description is to say that I was sold like a slave.’

Chairman Kwon liked her radar ability and purchased her from the Chinese government.

She had been about to be executed because of her stupid cancerous family members.

‘The fact that he managed to get me out means that he must have made some sort of deal with China.’

She was then assigned to Ju-Heon’s Unsanctioned Excavation Team as soon as she arrived at TKBM.

She thought that the team was considered as baggage as it was unsanctioned, but it seems to actually have quite the attention.

It was probably because of the team leader, Seo Ju-Heon.

“Team leader Seo Ju-Heon is a genius who cleared one of the 7 Great Tombs on his own before he was scouted! He’s one of the top-rated people in TKBM! He’s probably at the Monarch level if you just look at his skills.”

“He worked alone even after arriving at TKBM. But such a genius is creating a team with few other elites. You are pretty much set to get promoted quickly! I’m so jealous of you, Miss Seol-A!”

Seol-A glared while holding her chopsticks.

‘Like hell I care about a promotion right now!’

Seol-A was ready to shove this chopstick up Ju-Heon’s nostril.

Other people kept talking about how Ju-Heon was a talented and respectful superior who had a great personality, was so kind that he cherished the lives of his subordinates over his own, but……

‘I’m about to be kicked out of TKBM because of that guy!’

That was right.

Seol-A was in danger.

It was all Ju-Heon’s fault.

“Excuse me? I stole Chairman Kwon’s artifact? I never did anything like that!”

“Then why have you not handed over the artifact?”

Seol-A became anxious after being questioned by the employee from the artifact administration department.

“Not handed it over…?! I handed it in to team leader Seo a week ago.”

“Excuse me? Team leader Seo stated that he had not received anything!”

An anxious Seol-A immediately went to look for Ju-Heon, however…

“Really? I don’t recall getting it from you.”

Seol-A was about to go crazy.

“Sir, what are you talking about…?! I definitely handed it to you a week ago!”

Ju-Heon picked his ear as if he found her annoying.

“Who knows? Maybe I threw it away because it was trash.”

“Team leader-nim!”

That was right.

Ju-Heon was always like this with her. It didn’t matter that he made her work late every day and even took away her weekends and forced her to take care of things for him.

‘I don’t like your handwriting. Do it again.’

‘Even an elementary student would do better than this.’

‘Don’t you see the dust on here?’

Ju-Heon ripped apart things that others would have called amazing.

It had been four months of torture for her.

Seol-A was shaking once again as she asked.

“T, then what about the issue with the artifact administration department? Apparently you told them to talk to you if I wasn’t there…?”

“Yes, I told you about it yesterday. I told you to organize file A and send it to them.”

“Excuse me? But I never heard…!”

Ju-Heon clicked his tongue.

“Are you already suffering from dementia at your age? Or are you just an idiot with a pretty face? Maybe you should go to the hospital instead of showing up to work.”


“Well, I won’t hold it against you so try to do a good job. Don’t receive another F in your evaluation. How can someone receive an F? It was your initial evaluation. Even dogs can get As on their initial evaluation.”

Seol-A wanted to shout and cry.

‘You’re the one who gave me that F!!!!!!!!!!’

That was right.

Seol-A was still an intern. She needed to get an A or higher during her probationary period to remain on the tomb raiding team.

‘I’ll be kicked out of TKBM if I can’t stay on the tomb raiding team and I won’t be able to get my family out.’

That was a condition on her secret contract with Chairman Kwon.

But she somehow seemed to have gotten on Ju-Heon’s bad side so her evaluation was the worst one in history.

Furthermore, Ju-Heon seemed to treat her as if she was invisible and when he did treat her as a subordinate…

She was always an errand girl or a baggage carrier. There was this one time she became completely bloodied after being injured by enemy attacks, and Ju-Heon……

“Hey. Hold it properly. My bag is ruined.”

“Like hell it’s ruined! There’s just one strand of thread sticking out!”

“Whatever, go wash it. You got blood on it. It’s dirty.”


He treated her worse than he treated a 10,000 won bag.

How would any woman fall for a bastard like this?

‘Pettiest son of a bitch in the world…!’

Seol-A cursed Ju-Heon every day. She even put salt instead of sugar in his coffee to get revenge.

“Wow, jackpot. The Captain-nim was really like that at first?”

Jaeha’s jaws dropped as if he could not believe it.

He had thought that Ju-Heon and Seol-A’s relationship had been good from the beginning. They seemed very close by the time he joined the tomb raiding team.

It was to the point that he grumbled about Ju-Heon favoring her because she was a girl.

But apparently that had not been the case.

Seol-A had pretty much been harassed by Ju-Heon!

“Then why the hell did you fall for him? Oh, I get it. You were a masoch…ugh!”

“Well, there was a reason he acted that way.”

Seol-A had understood why Ju-Heon had acted that way about a month later.

1. Hard boiled refers to a cold attitude that does not reveal emotions or is not influenced by emotions.


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