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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 383: Tomb Raider King (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 383: Tomb Raider King (1)

Translator: miraclerifle

The team members were really shocked. Ju-Heon had disappeared and could not be seen anywhere.

They were anxious for a moment before they became angry.

“This guy did it again…?!”

“Did he use Chi You’s artifact to move again?!”

They thought that Ju-Heon had left them once more. Ju-Heon would frequently use Chi You’s artifact to disappear like this ever since he got it.

“Well, I’m sure that he didn’t go far, but…”

They brushed sand off of their bodies and stood up. They could see Valhalla that had turned into a pile of dust.

The team members felt that it was a waste.

To be more specific, Jaeha felt that it was a waste.

“Hmm, I don’t know why he did it, but he broke this precious thing. Fuck, I wanted to live in a palace like this at least once! It’s so freaking cool!”

“I don’t know about that. Didn’t he break it for you to restore?”

Jaeha became angry as Ilya snickered while floating in the air.

“Are you joking?! If he wanted me to restore it, the humane thing would have been to not destroy the core! Even the banks only accept it if you have at least half of the bill! He needs to leave at least 50 percent intact if he wants me to restore it! This is bullshit! Anyway, even I can’t fix this!”

Ilya continued to snicker as if he had seen something.

“I don’t think so. I think that you will have to fix this no matter what.”

“What? Why?”

Ilya pointed to the ground and everybody else moved higher up to see as well.

They could see some writing in the sand.

[Fix it.]

[Make it elegant.]

[You’re dead if you can’t.]


‘Is this supposed to be some kind of crop circle?!’

Ju-Heon’s unique calligraphy was visible in the middle of the desert.

There were other messages as well.

[By the way, make the design have a vintage feel but also futuristic. Make it elegant and simple.]

“Shit! Is he fucking joking?!”

He was sure that Ju-Heon used Chi You’s artifact to write in the sand before leaving, but…

“Hey, you damn son of a bitch! I don’t know where the hell you ran off to, but I won’t fix this. No, I can’t fix this! You got that! Plus, what the hell is a vintage feel but futuristic?! Elegant and simple are not words that go together! Fuck!”

While everybody else was laughing at the angry Jaeha…

“Seol-A, what’s wrong?”

The team members tilted their heads in confusion after seeing that Seol-A was oddly quiet.

“What’s wrong? Why is your face so pale?”

It was rare to see Seol-A shaking like this.

“It’s gone.”


“The Captain-nim’s aura is completely gone! I can’t feel it at all!”


The team members froze for a moment. They were smart enough to know what that meant.

“The Captain-nim’s aura is gone?”

“Hey. Doesn’t that…”

They tried their best to laugh.

“You probably can’t feel it because he turned into fog with Chi You’s artifact.”

But they all soon sulked.

Seol-A would have found him even if Ju-Heon turned into a minuscule kernel of dust and disappeared to the other side of the Earth.

And most importantly…

“Aren’t these the Captain’s artifacts?”

Ilya was pointing at some things. His devils had gathered Ju-Heon’s artifacts from the sand.

Pen, necklace, ring, belt, artifacts ranging from the doggies to many others were all here.

There was a pickaxe the size of a finger that was extremely anxious.


That pickaxe was Mammon. They couldn’t tell what the pickaxe was saying, but they could tell it was desperately looking for Ju-Heon by its actions.

Julian’s expression turned serious as he looked at the artifacts.

“Holy crap, how could…”

“What’s wrong? What’s going on?”

“The contracts on all of Ju-Heon’s artifacts are released…!”


That was right. The consumable artifacts didn’t have any possession rights to start, but the contracts with all of his possession-type artifacts were canceled.

It was as if he had disappeared from this world.

The entire team couldn’t help but turn pale.

“Doesn’t it mean that the person is dead or gave up the rights if the contract is canceled?!”

“There’s no way that that artifactphile would have given up on the rights…!”


The minds of the team members were chaotic as they urgently started to look for Ju-Heon.

[The apocalypse artifacts have disappeared thanks to Seo Ju-Heon. We would not be exaggerating to say that Seo Ju-Heon saved the entire world.]

[Authorities have discovered evidence that Pandora was planning on using the apocalypse artifacts for a resurgence which has caused shock around the world once again.]

[Almost every country has decided to kick out anybody related to Pandora and has stated they would apologize and compensate any victims from Pandora’s actions.]

[We probably don’t need to say this, but let’s be honest; all of this would have been buried and we wouldn’t know about it if it wasn’t for Seo Ju-Heon. Isn’t it interesting?]

[I guess an easy conclusion is that we received a lot of help from him.]

The world was in uproar.

It had already been half a year since the apocalypse artifacts disappeared.

The world had quickly changed from that scene that resembled an apocalypse movie.

[Thankfully, 90 percent of the destroyed cities have been restored in the past six months thanks to the power of artifacts.]

[The Monarch of Devils, Ilya Volgof and the Monarch of Pushoverness, Yoo Jaeha have taken the lead in the restoration………]

But that was not what people were shocked about.

[The most shocking thing is that no tombs have appeared since then.]

[That’s right. No new artifacts have appeared since then either.]

[That’s not all!]

The press was having a field day with the changes happening in the world.

[The artifacts scattered around the world are not reacting at all for some reason. They turned into antiques that can’t move!]

[That’s right. Nobody in the world is able to use artifacts anymore…!]

[Actually, Seo Ju-Heon’s excavation team members are the only ones in the world who are able to use artifacts…]

[The governments of pretty much every country in the world along with major corporations are submitting requests and being consulted by Seo Ju-Heon’s excavation team for everything.]


Irene turned the TV in the workroom off.

The world had changed. This was especially true for the members of the excavation team.

‘Mr. Ju-Heon.’

Even though it was just one person missing, Ju-Heon’s absence made it feel as if there had been a major change to the team.

‘Where are you and what are you doing?’

Irene did not believe that Ju-Heon had died. She had not heard anything and nobody had seen him, but Irene had faith.

‘Most importantly, there are these…’

Irene looked at the pieces of papers on the desk. They were letters that had arrived at the workroom without a sender listed.

They each had a single sentence written on them such as…

[I told you to fix it.]

[Make it majestic.]

It had a familiar handwriting as well.

Of course, Jaeha swore up and down and ran out after reading the letters.

“Mr. Ju-Heon.”

This was clearly proof that Ju-Heon was alive.

As Irene was about to pick the papers up while longing for Ju-Heon…

Ding dong.


Irene’s eyes opened wide after suddenly hearing a noise.

Ding dong.

She was currently in Jaeha’s workroom that the tomb raiding team was temporarily using as their base.

‘Who could it be?’

Irene’s heart was beating wildly.

‘None of us would ring the bell.’

Irene was debating what to do when she heard something punching in the code.


Irene gulped as she waited. The mailman or delivery person would not be putting the code in.

She started to wonder.

‘Is it Mr. Ju-Heon?’

Irene moved to the door as if she was possessed. A pickaxe started to jump up and down as well.

[Human! Is that human finally back?!]

Mammon was shouting with joy.

Mammon had sat by the window day after day sniffling and waiting for Ju-Heon since the day he disappeared.

The other artifacts told it to give up, but Mammon never gave up.

‘That stupid rope disappeared with him too.’

The Crow was gone as well, but Mammon didn’t care about that bastard at all.

It was sure that Ju-Heon was still alive!

The door finally opened and a tall man entered.


Both Irene and Mammon were about to get mesmerized by the silhouette of the person.

“I’m here to deliver 10 boxes of fried chicken.”

Until they heard that comment.


“Huh, that’s weird. The order said that the door would be open and to just leave it inside if there was no response……?”

The now obese doggies were drooling and wagging their tails. They were so fat now that they were practically crawling on the ground to move.

[Hooooraaaaaay! The half-garlic half-spicy chicken is here! Hurry up and put it down, human! Huff huff!]

[Damn it, hey! Why did you order it from here again?! We said we would look for a new place because we were tired of this one!]

[Huh? What the hell? You didn’t order it?]

Irene and Mammon’s eyes flashed at that moment.

“Who are you?!”

As the two of them tried to capture the suspicious delivery person… The man must have realized things didn’t go as planned and tried to escape.

“Hold on!”

“Damn it!”

Irene’s eyes flashed and she activated her power of destitution. She was like the rest of Ju-Heon’s team and could still use artifacts.

[Hold on! Make him put the chicken down first even if you’re going to attack…ugh!]

It was at that moment.

“We got you now, you bastard!”

Someone grabbed the escaping delivery person and sent him flying.



The person who twisted the delivery person’s arm and sent him flying was Dan. The one who was shouting with joy was Jaeha.

“We got you now, you little bastard.”

“Fuck! Let go of me!”

“They really are everywhere.”

It was rare to see the team members who usually returned late at night gathered here at this hour.

They each had a suspicious person with them.

Jaeha was kicking the delivery person Dan pinned down as he talked.

“So… You guys came to steal something while delivering chicken again, huh? You motherfucking dogs of the government!”


That was right.

The suspicious people the team members had with them were all government employees sent by different countries to keep an eye on them.

Now that Pandora was gone, a temporary artifact organization was created to handle artifact issues. It was mainly created for the artifacts that Ju-Heon, who had become the Majesty, had left behind.

Maybe that was to be expected.

“People were able to use artifacts fine until they pretty much couldn’t overnight!”

“But Mr. Seo Ju-Heon’s Treasures are not normal artifacts.”

“Yes, especially that Akashic records…we probably need that in order for people to be able to use artifacts again!”

“But still, that is the Captain-nim’s artifact……!”

Their eyes flashed.

“Seo Ju-Heon died with the apocalypse artifacts anyway! According to the laws of the new artifact organization, any artifact that is no longer contracted to someone will be considered the property of this temporary artifact organization!”

“We also can’t leave such artifacts in a person’s possession. It needs to be maintained at the country level. That is why our Japan, as the representatives of Asia…”

“What the hell are you talking about?! The dead Seo Ju-Heon is a citizen of our great Republic of Korea!”

“Seo Ju-Heon died in the US! The US has accommodated him for a long time. In addition, the US is capable of maintaining such an artifact…”

The spies from the different governments suddenly screamed.

It might be because of the angry Irene.

“Mr. Ju-Heon is not dead yet.”

The captured individuals clutched their stomachs and butts and felt as if they were going to die.

“U, ugh…! Hold on! The restroom! Please let me use the restroom!”

“Ugh, p, please! I’m sorry!”

The world was anxious about this sudden change.

The odd phenomenon that happened after Ju-Heon disappeared…

The disappearances of the tombs…

The artifacts all over the world that turned into antiques…

Well, to be specific, the artifacts had not actually turned into antiques.


[Hey, isn’t it pretty much confirmed that Seo Ju-Heon is dead?]

[You’re right. Is there a need for us to keep acting like antiques when that bastard is not here?]

[Yeah, I agree. That bastard would have appeared a long time ago if he was still alive.]

All of the artifacts followed the Majesty.

However, most of the artifacts were scared of Seo Ju-Heon.

That was why they were like this.

[Seo Ju-Heon gave a royal decree before he disappeared. He told all artifacts to shut up and act as if we were dead.]

[That’s right, that’s right…]

[But doesn’t it seem like he fell into Chaos along with the apocalypse artifacts? There’s no throne or palace and we can’t even feel the Majesty’s aura.]

[You’re right. My body is getting stiff. How long do we need to do this for? The Majesty isn’t around anymore!]

[Uhh, I guess…?]

A few hours later…

As the team members were about to drag those spies away…

“W, what is that?!”

The spies suddenly screamed. It was because they saw some things charging down the street.

“Wait, aren’t those artifacts?!”

“W, what?!”


The world was in uproar again.

The artifacts that had turned into antiques were rampaging as if they had woken up from hibernation.

[Seo Ju-Heon is dead! I’m sure of it! I confirmed it with my own eyes!]

[Ohhhhhhhh! Really?!]

[Hooraaaaay! I’m so glad that damn tyrant is dead!]

The artifacts that had been safely moved to museums or government facilities started to rampage.

The cities and press around the world became busy once more.

[Breaking news. The artifacts that had turned into antiques suddenly…kyaa!]

An earthquake struck the entire world at that moment.

Something like this had not happened even once in the past six months.

“T, the signs of a Tomb Appearance?”

Everybody around the world, including Ju-Heon’s team members, couldn’t help but gasp while watching the TV.

“W, w, wait, that!”

They were sure of it.

The thing being broadcast live on the screen was a Tomb Appearance. These had not happened since the apocalypse artifacts disappeared!

“M, my goodness, that size…it’s definitely a level 2 tomb!”

“It’s a low to middle-grade tomb, but who cares! Hooray!”

“N, no, that’s not the problem.”


People dropped their jaws after seeing the artifacts that had been rampaging. The artifacts that had been running wild like fish in water just now…

[Hey. I, is this for real?]

They were now shaking in fear as if they detected something. They looked as if they were looking at a devil.

People questioned their eyes after seeing something on the screen.

Even Ju-Heon’s team members were surprised.

“Wait a minute, that……!”

Something familiar came out of the tomb that was being broadcast around the world.


We finally made it out! We’re out!

A familiar rope’s eyes were sparkling as it squirmed.

[Hey bastards. I told you guys to shut up and play dead. Do you want me to kill you?]

A familiar young man was smiling viciously.


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