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Chapter 377: The Final Treasure (5)

Translator: miraclerifle

“This is your only chance to go back to the other side. What will you do?”

‘This bastard.’

Ju-Heon was looking at June with disgust. He could see it. June’s black hair was the same but this bastard’s eyes that used to be black were now a different color.

They were golden pupils that were extremely visible.

Ju-Heon was certain about it now.


June was definitely giving off the aura of an artifact. It was an aura he had never felt around June until now.

It was also very strong.

The anxious Ju-Heon glared at June.

‘Did an apocalypse artifact possess his body?’

No, it was not something like that.

[Warning. It is a dangerous SSS-Grade artifact.]

[The artifact is starting to reveal its powers.]


That was right.

It wasn’t that an apocalypse artifact possessed June’s body or that he was an Un-known. He had been an artifact from the beginning.

He was an artifact hiding among the humans, similar to how Prometheus had taken a human form.

He would have been like that long before he joined the tomb raiding team.

June’s eyes curled up and he addressed Ju-Heon again.

“I know that you are shocked, but you do not have much time. Please quickly make your decision.”

His eyes gave off the unique coldness of artifacts. He was smiling brightly but it felt so cold that even Ju-Heon felt as if he would freeze.

That was why he was shocked.

He didn’t know that this bastard was hiding such a gaze.

Ju-Heon had cherished June a lot as the new intern and he had also told the other team members to treat June well. But he, and even the great and mighty Kongming, had not noticed June’s artifact aura at all.

That was enough to show how dangerous and strong June was as an artifact.

It was at that moment.

[The gate of time and space has been opened.]


The reason the sky had looked suspicious from the moment June had revealed himself as an artifact was because an extremely strong power was gathering up there.

The clouds split and a black eye of the storm was visible, as if the heavens and earth were being created.

The presence of this eye of the storm that would teleport you to who knows where was extremely threatening. The gusts of wind and thunderbolts roaring around it were just extra.

June sounded confident.

“You will be able to return to your original world if you go through that.”


The bastard did not seem to be lying. He could tell because the apocalypse artifacts that were being destroyed by June were complaining.

[What the hell are you doing?!]

[Why did you open the gate of time and space?!]

[Are you really planning on sending this bastard back to his world?!]

This was definitely the gate of time and space.

Ju-Heon frowned and looked at June.

‘Does that mean that this bastard was the time and space artifact of the apocalypse artifacts?’

That bastard smiled brightly and said something else.

“By the way, you only have three minutes left to use that gate. You will never be able to return to your original world if it closes.”


“There is no chance of it opening ever again.”

Ju-Heon sneered and tried to summon the Crow.

‘Like hell this is my only chance. I can reopen it if I make this bastard mine.’

June smiled as if he read Ju-Heon’s mind.

And then…


The Crow’s aura disappeared. It had happened in an instant.

June had a relaxed smile on his face.

“You will not be able to rely on the Crow in this world. Did you really think you could take me down with less than 50 percent of its power?”

‘This bastard.’

Ju-Heon tried to summon the Crow but he really didn’t feel the Crow’s aura at all.

The Crow had started with less than 50 percent of its power from the moment Ju-Heon got here.

An apocalypse artifact probably had no problem suppressing it to 0 percent.

“I’ve made it very clear, my king. You have two minutes left now. I will use the gate and move to a different dimension once that time is up. It will not be this world or the other world but a completely different dimension.”


He was saying that Ju-Heon’s way to get out of this world would disappear.

One of the apocalypse artifacts shouted.

[Why do you keep trying to send this bastard to his original world?! We need to keep this bastard imprisoned here!]

[Shh! Are you a fucking idiot?! Seo Ju-Heon hasn’t found the Cradle. It’s beneficial for us if he goes over right now.]


June gently laughed.

“You don’t need to worry about that. You have already gotten the Cradle, my king.”


The apocalypse artifacts fell into shock. June looked toward Ju-Heon with a gaze that seemed to be saying Ju-Heon already knows.

“You should have already noticed it. You have felt the aura of the Cradle.”

June then pointed at the rope.

June then laughed.

“That is the Cradle. You have no reason to have any attachment to this dimension anymore.”

Ju-Heon silently looked at the rope.

The aura of the Cradle that had not been on the rope before was slowly getting stronger.

The apocalypse artifacts finally seemed to notice June’s plan and started protesting.

[Traitor, he is a traitor!]

[That bastard is betraying us!]

Ju-Heon, who had been looking at June with suspicion, laughed out loud.

“It looks like you are an apocalypse artifact as well, so why are you helping me?”

June nonchalantly smiled.

“There are some bastards I personally don’t like. I believe that you would be able to take care of them, my king.”

[Damn traitor!]

[Hurry up and tell the others about this!]

June didn’t care about them and was only looking at Ju-Heon.

“You have no reason to hesitate anymore. You have the Cradle. You can return to the other world without any regrets. Staying here will not be of any help to you, my king.”

He had a relaxed smile on his face but it seemed to be extremely disrespectful.

But he wasn’t wrong.

This was a different timeline. It was a parallel world and the same world where he had been thrown away and killed.

It wasn’t the world he would live in either.

Jaeha, who had been quietly listening, shouted in shock.

“Wait a minute, what the hell is he talking about?! What does he mean by original world?! Captain, you’re someone else? You came from a different place? What the fuck is going on?!”

He was flailing in the water because June had pushed him off the boat, but he seemed to have heard everything.

“Captain! I’ve been thinking that you’ve been weird recently, is it because…?!”

Ju-Heon smiled at that.

‘Yes, I have been weird.’

Jaeha’s comments made him realize it. This world was not his world. He was planning on leaving after he got the Cradle from the beginning.

“I understand what you are saying. This is not where I am going to live and I don’t need to care whether my subordinates die or not.”

June nodded his head and reached his hand out.

“Yes, my king, so it is time to return…”

But at that moment…

“Don’t give me orders, you son of a bitch.”

Ju-Heon pushed June off the boat.



Ju-Heon stole the boat and headed toward the tomb without looking back.


June was shocked after instantly falling into the water.

The fact that he fell into the water didn’t matter since he could swim. It didn’t matter that the boat was taken either.



Ju-Heon instantly rowed away, as if he didn’t care about the gate of time and space at all. He was headed toward the Crow’s tomb.

He was headed to the tomb where his subordinates would be imprisoned.



‘Is he not planning on going back to his original world?’

June was flabbergasted. He never expected Ju-Heon to act this way.

‘Is he really planning on saving his subordinates here?’

He had expected Ju-Heon to jump over without any hesitation.

‘Then the plan…!’

“Wait, you got the Cradle! So why?!”

Ju-Heon scoffed at him.

‘You want me to believe that the rope is the Cradle? Like hell I’d trust a damn artifact. I’d be fucking crazy to do that.’

June looked up at the sky and urgently shouted as Ju-Heon got closer to the tomb entrance.

“The gate really will close! You won’t be able to go back ever! Just forget about your subordinates here! They’re all fake to the current you!”

Ju-Heon completely ignored June’s suggestions.

“No matter where they are, they are still my people.”


The reason his team would have gone into the tomb without him was simple.

Those bastards would have gone into a tomb without his order for just one reason.

‘I will harm your Captain.’

Those bastards would not have gone in there without a threat like that.

There was no way he could just ignore and leave such loyal subordinates to die.

Well, he would probably make the same decision even if this wasn’t the case.

“I’m quite a greedy person. It’s not my nature to choose just one.”

June seemed shocked but soon scoffed.

“It’s useless! Going in there without the Crow’s power is committing suicide! There are apocalypse artifacts in there!”

Ju-Heon didn’t care and was about to go into the entrance.



The Crow’s power that had been suppressed by June exploded out.


[Overcoming the suppression.]

[Power is returning.]

[Power has fully recovered to the 50 percent limit.]

Ju-Heon’s eyes turned red as he saw those messages.


June seemed shocked. He couldn’t believe it was able to overcome his suppression.

He could feel the Crow’s power getting stronger on Ju-Heon.


June closed his eyes while looking at Ju-Heon.

Something shocking happened at that moment.

[The restricted power is slowly returning.]

[60, 70, 80… 90… 100! Abilities are able to be used at full strength!]

He had gotten his full power back! It was extremely powerful.

Jaeha, who had swam to shore, couldn’t help but gasp.

“H, holy shit! What is that?!”

The Dominance he felt was so strong that he felt as if it could make the mighty Monarchs and even the Four Emperors submit.

It was the strong power of the Treasure that would consume numerous artifacts.

He was now able to use the full Majesty’s power he had in the other dimension!

Because of that…

The violent black aura viciously spread throughout the Amazon, and…


It quickly consumed all of the artifacts hiding in the Amazon.


A black shadow soon covered all of the Amazon!

The aura that was so violent that it looked as if it would even consume the sun finally infiltrated the Great Prison. The aura that infiltrated the Great Prison swallowed everything in there.


A black aura burst out of the tomb entrance. The tomb that Chairman Kwon had confidently called up was destroyed.

“Haha, now Seo Ju-Heon and those other thorns in our eyes will disappear.”

“We will have some losses but that was the right decision. Based on Seo Ju-Heon’s recent actions, we have no guarantee that that bastard will stay calm forever.”

“That is true.”

In a private room at a bar in the city…

Women were busy bringing alcohol or cuddling up with the TKBM board members and Pandora leaders who were laughing. They were thinking that they made the right decision to get rid of Ju-Heon and his tomb raiding team.

That was probably the reason.

“We will overlook your mistakes.”

They laughed out loud while looking at Yang Chen and John who were left behind by Ju-Heon.

“Normally we would punish you for your failures but we will forgive you for today is a great day.”

“It looks like the attendants we planted on the plane managed to shove him into that tomb.”

“That area is full of monstrous artifacts. There’s no way they’ll make it back alive.”

The two of them lowered their heads.

“Thank you very much! We will make sure something like this never happens again.”

“Yes, it is a great day, so hurry up and come here…”

At that moment…


“Oh, so the booze here is that great?”


The place they were in started to turn into a tomb at that moment.

[A tomb is appearing.]

The women and staff disappeared and they ended up inside a tomb.

“Wait, what the hell happened?! What is this?!”

They were extremely shocked already but almost fainted in shock after turning their heads.

“Why don’t you pour me a glass if that booze is that great?”



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