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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 373: The Final Treasure (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 373: The Final Treasure (1)

Translator: miraclerifle

“Are you being serious? It’s this?!”

Ju-Heon seemed shocked while looking at the paper. He seemed so shocked that the others became shocked while looking at his expression.

“C, captain-nim?”

“What is it? What the heck did you see?”

Ju-Heon’s hands were shaking while looking at the paper. His reaction was to be expected.

‘These trashy perverted things!’

That was right. The artifacts drawn on the paper were the Byeon Kang-Soe and Ong-Nyeo artifacts!

Even Ju-Heon’s knees buckled in shock. He never expected to see these things here as well!


It was rare to see Ju-Heon questioning reality like this but those artifacts were definitely the ones Jaeha drew.

He did leave out some details as even he didn’t seem to want to draw them, but he was a master artist.

His casual drawing had more visible details than an average person’s drawing and seemed to show volume that Ju-Heon didn’t even want to see.

Ju-Heon started spewing flames out of his mouth.

“You fucking bitch, these shitty things are not my Cradle…no, wait, what the hell did you sell to her?!”

Jaeha looked as if he had done nothing wrong.

“What?! What the hell did I do?! The Monarch of Destitution was interested because I said that it was the Majesty’s Treasure of legends!”

“So she bought this?”

“Mm, well……the camouflage might have worn off by now?”

Ju-Heon slammed his head on the desk.

A shocked Irene might have thrown them away or destroyed them.

‘Damn it, my Treasure…!’

Ju-Heon then shook his head.

“No, those shitty things are better off destroyed.”

Jaeha annoyingly snickered after hearing that.

“Didn’t you say that you need that Majesty’s Treasure or whatever? It’s your loss if you don’t go get it… ugh!”

Yoo Jaeha was beaten up once again. Ju-Heon looked at the artifacts on the table with a serious expression on his face.

There were about six of them there.

They were all artifacts that were supposedly in the cabinet. Ju-Heon peeked toward June who was warily looking at him.

“Are these really all of the items that were in there when it was cleaned out?”

“Yes sir.”

Ju-Heon frowned at June’s response.

None of these artifacts looked like the Cradle.

The message window confirmed it as well.

[The Cradle’s aura is not coming from any of these artifacts.]

[Those perverted artifacts that are not here must be the Cradle.]

‘I know you little bastard. But why did it have to be those perverted shitheads?’

Of course, it was somewhat understandable.

When was it? Was it when Zhen Cai Yuan had barged into Ju-Heon’s hotel? Byeon Kang-Soe and Ong-Nyeo had managed to send the Supreme Leader artifact off.

‘Most importantly, the Majesty’s Cradle is an artifact that gives birth to artifacts. When you consider the creation of life…’


Ju-Heon slammed his head again after thinking about something. Most gods in mythologies are created through men and women becoming one.

But still!

‘The Majesty’s Cradle is supposed to be the highest of all artifacts!’

They were even higher than the Heirlooms.

‘But those shits are the Cradle?’

‘Aaaaahng, aaaaahng, sire. Please don’t throw us away.’

‘Sire, sire! Huff huff!’


Ju-Heon ripped the paper into pieces. He then rejected the reality of the situation.

“It’s a coincidence. It’s just a coincidence. There’s no way those shits are my Treasure.”

The reason he ended up getting sent here was because the Cradle was not in the other world. He would have noticed if Byeon Kang-Soe and Ong-Nyeo were the Cradle.

‘But do I still need to go check with Irene?’

Ju-Heon didn’t know what he should do.

But at that moment…

Boom boom boom!

“Department Head Seo! Don’t be like this! Please listen to what we have to say!”

“This will only put you in a terrible position!”

It was quite chaotic outside the office.

All of TKBM’s employees were watching with wide eyes as they had never seen something like this before.

It was because the people gathered outside the office were not just other Department Heads, there were board members and extremely important individuals at the company.

Even the support team members who had cursed Ju-Heon were here begging for Ju-Heon’s forgiveness and trying to calm him down. This would never happen for a regular employee.

They probably walked their haughty butts over because Ju-Heon was ignoring all of their calls.

“D, Department Head Seo? You should stop this now for your team members, no, for your own safety!”

“Yeah! Chairman Kwon has already told us! He said you can keep the artifacts you took from the safe! Isn’t this a great deal?!”

Ju-Heon kicked the door with his foot as he shouted.

“What the hell?! Those things are already mine!”


“If he wants to make a deal, he should be handing over a majority of TKBM’s shares. Do you think I’m a fucking idiot?!”

All of them gasped after hearing this shocking condition. Even the team members inside the office were speechless.

Ju-Heon didn’t care and just kicked people out of his way.

“Get the fuck out of my way if you understand. And tell that Chairman bastard to hand over the shares unless he wants his head chopped off again.”


“I’m busy so bye~!”

Their expressions were quite the spectacle.

The timeline Ju-Heon came from was quite the mess at this time.

“Kyaaaaaa! What is that?!”

“Save me!”

The apocalypse artifacts popped up in a lot of places now that Pandora was gone. They were bringing disaster to the world.

Boom boom!

“What is that snake?!”

“What about that wolf?!”

There was the world swallowing World Serpent from Norse mythology and the god eating Fenrir. There was also Armageddon that shows up at the final judgment, Sodom and Gomorrah, and all sorts of disaster artifacts.

These apocalypse artifacts would have shown up in this world sooner or later.

They would originally have been used like nuclear weapons by Pandora, but these bastards were not artifacts the mere humans could control.

The proof of that was how they were excitedly destroying things left and right.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

It truly seemed as if the end of the world was here.

“Ugh, save me! Eeeek!”

They started with simple virus artifacts. They truly seemed to have made up their minds to rid the world of all humans as terrible virus artifacts were spread out throughout the world.

“Holy shit, this is the Black Death!”

These viruses were subordinates of the apocalypse artifacts. Plague doctors wearing crow masks spread out through the city.

The people who got sick had their bodies rot black, bled out of every orifice on their body, or even showed weird symptoms like biting the flesh off of the people next to them.

The city and the country was quickly paralyzed.

[Capture all humans!]

[We will now rewrite history!]

The disaster artifacts in mythologies were not the only apocalypse artifacts. They were artifacts that existed in history but were erased by the records of the victors. These bastards were all forgotten by people.

They were now attacking humans in anger.

However, the reason that they haven’t had much impact on the world yet was because Ju-Heon’s team members and the Holten family were doing their best.

That was probably the reason.

[Those humans are in our way!]

“We won’t let you do as you please!”

Ju-Heon’s team members were all using their Heirlooms to protect the city. They were able to hold back the apocalypse artifacts for now. The reason was simple.

‘Those bastards don’t plan on killing everybody just yet.’

They had a goal in mind while killing random people as they moved, so they were not out to completely rid the world of humans just yet.

[Hurry up and find Seo Ju-Heon’s sister!]

These bastards were looking for Joy.

They sent Ju-Heon, someone they couldn’t use as a puppet, far far away while looking for the easier to deal with Joy to turn into the next Majesty.

These bastards had released artifacts to investigate each and every person they came across.

[Hurry up and find that bastard’s sister and then remove the Akashic records from Seo Ju-Heon’s body!]

[Make her get rid of all artifacts and rewrite history!]

The team members were blocking them right now but knew that they would not be able to last long.


“These bastards are artifacts only the Majesty can handle.”

They already knew that was the case.

[That bastard Seo Ju-Heon will not be able to come back here no matter how long you wait.]

[Hurry up and hand over Seo Ju-Heon’s sister.]

As that was going on…

Joy, who was hiding inside a car, flinched. She suddenly got chills, probably because apocalypse artifacts were flashing their eyes outside the window.

They were the searchers sent to find Joy.

These bastards pushed their squirming tongues into Sleipnir. The tongue crawled toward Joy as if to inspect her.


It was extremely disgusting to see.

“These bastards…!”

As Joy was about to smack the artifact away…

‘You must not use your powers no matter what. You got that?’


She remembered what Julian had told her in a serious tone. Joy had no choice but to grab Jaeha who was next to her.

“Jaeha oppa.”

Of course, she could be freed from this moment of danger if she used her Affinity that was as stupidly high as Ju-Heon’s Dominance.


‘Those bastards will recognize you.’

These bastards have not recognized her yet because Jaeha had changed her appearance.

That was why…

‘I can’t use my powers right now.’

So instead…

“Excuse me, Jaeha oppa. Please take care of these bastards. Please?”

She smacked Jaeha who was here as her guard. However, she heard no response from him.

Joy turned around in confusion and…


Her so-called bodyguard had turned himself into a chair to hide! Joy foamed at the mouth in disbelief.

“Hold…! Hey! You’re only going to hide yourself like that?! Damn it! Turn me into a chair too! Huh?!”

But Jaeha seemed to have fainted as he did not respond. An angry Joy took out a knife artifact Ju-Heon had given to her for protection and…


Stabbed Jaeha who had turned into a chair.

He immediately screamed.

“Aigoo! Hey! How can you stab someone like that!”

Jaeha shouted that he would get caught if she stabbed him like that.

“Damn it! Ju-Won, you keep them distracted for a moment!”


‘I thought he was supposed to be my bodyguard!’

A shocked Joy’s eyes flashed as she continued to stab the chair.

“You just want to save yourself?! Huh, huh?! You petty bastard!”

“Aaaaaah, stop, stooooop!”

Jaeha’s transformation was released and he returned to his original appearance. However, at that moment!

[You smell delicious.]

[You smell like that girl too.]

He gasped after seeing an apocalypse artifact right in front of his face.

“Aaah! I’m not a fighting expert, get lost, you bastards!”

Jaeha then used attack-type artifacts as best he could. He was still a Monarch after all!

He could activate high-grade attack-type artifacts, but…


What the hell are you doing, you idiot! You idiot!

The attacks were flying in random directions, probably because his Affinity was high.

“Damn it!”

The apocalypse artifacts destroyed the attack-type artifacts they had.

[Haha. What a jackpot! Both of them are Monarchs and should be great meals.]

[We will eat you guys up to satisfy our hunger!]

The wolf shaped apocalypse artifact opened its jaws wide. The Pushover duo hugged each other and screamed.

But at that moment…

[Hold on! This is bad! Seo Ju-Heon!]

[What? What happened?!]

The apocalypse artifact flinched as they must have been summoned. Joy and Jaeha blinked while still extremely scared.

[They want us to hurry back!]

[Okay, then let me eat these rare treats and…]

[It’s urgent!]


Joy sighed in relief and plopped down once those bastards disappeared.

“I’m relieved. Did Ju-Heon wake up…?!”

As Joy turned toward Jaeha…

“We can relax n…huh?!”

Jaeha was messing with some artifacts.

“What are those artifacts?”

“Ah, these? Teleportation artifacts.”

Joy blinked a few times in confusion.

“Uhh, uhh… Wait a minute, what about the other team members? Is it okay to leave them here?”

“It’s fine. You can stay here in my place.”


“Now then, goodb…!”

“Where do you think you’re going?!”


Jaeha fainted as Julian jumped into the car and punched him.

“I thought you were a better person now but your old habits are still there. You don’t ever change, do you?!”


Jaeha was ruthlessly beaten up. Joy urgently asked Julian at that moment.

“Kongming oppa! The apocalypse artifacts were talking about Ju-Heon, where is Ju-Heon? Did he wake up?”

“Ah, that…!”

And at the same time…

The apocalypse artifacts that had gathered around Ju-Heon were grinding their teeth. Ju-Heon was still unconscious and looked like a corpse because his mind was sent to a different dimension.

They did gasp when he grabbed them earlier, but then he did something even more shocking.

[Fuck, this bastard is moving!]

That was right.

Ju-Heon who had grabbed the apocalypse artifacts earlier was now standing up.

[Did this punk’s mind come back?]

[No. His mind is still stuck there!]

But the Majesty’s Dominance coming out from Ju-Heon’s body was extremely strong. They then felt a familiar aura.

[This is?!]

Someone recognized the identity of this aura.

[I’m sure of it. This is the aura of the Cradle!]


They looked as if they were screwed.

[Then perhaps…is the Cradle where Seo Ju-Heon is right now?]


[Fuck, that damn former Majesty bastard…!]

The Cradle was an artifact that could both create and destroy artifacts.

It was similar to space. It was the place where stars were born but also destroyed.

The Cradle was the large chaos, silence itself that created all artifacts and could turn them into nothing.

The apocalypse artifacts would be destroyed if they returned there as well.

It was the same place Prometheus had tried to send Ju-Heon and the entire Great Prison with the last of his powers.

That was why the apocalypse artifacts were shaking while looking at Ju-Heon.

What they were seeing would be impossible unless Ju-Heon ran into the Cradle.

That meant that……

[Did this bastard make contact with the Cradle?!]


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