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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 372: I’m here (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 372: I’m here (3)

Translator: miraclerifle

What had happened before they got here? Let’s take a look.

Yoo Jaeha was really wondering if this guy had gone crazy.

“I told you that I’ll fuck you up if you ignore it.”

Ju-Heon then put his hand on Jaeha’s shoulder. He looked so different from usual.

He looked like the same guy but the expression on his face……

‘Crazy son of a b…!’

Jaeha could only have that thought for a moment before he let out a painful scream.

He had suddenly received an uppercut!


He felt as if he was seeing stars after taking a hit to his chin. But that was just the beginning. Jaeha was beaten to a pulp.

Pow! Pow! Pow!

“You son of a bitch, you need to die in order to snap out of it.”

“Ugh, no, wait, I mean, damn it, you pushover, what do you ahhh!”

Jaeha foamed at the mouth as Ju-Heon kicked him again. The Jaeha at this time had learned self-defense but he had turned into trash in a moment.

Most importantly, Ju-Heon was only hitting places that would hurt to punish Jaeha.

“It’s called limits. Taking my money wasn’t enough so you forge my signature as a guarantor and then swipe my artifacts?”

“No, you see! Aaaaaaaaaah!”

Seeing him being beaten like a dog made the clients turn pale and try to escape, but…

“Oho, these old bastards were the ones who dared to buy my stuff?”

They could not leave and received the same mental training.


“Huff! Seo Ju-Heon, Seo Ju-Heon has gone crazy!”

There was no way they wouldn’t know about Ju-Heon. He was that famous.

He had never officially shown his face but he was one of the most talked about people in the world.

But most importantly, he was Chairman Kwon’s loyal dog. He was known for being quite gentle despite his infamy.

He was like a vicious looking Dobermann that was trained properly.

He showed the dignity of a well-trained dog. But this seemed to say that all of it was a lie……

“You’re all fucked.”

The way his eyes flashed made him look like a wild Pit Bull Terrier! He looked like a vicious Tosa baring its fangs and attacking them!

The saw bloody flesh starting to come off!

“Ugh, uuugh! Wait, hey retarded Captain, wait, uuuuugh!”

It looked so terrible. This bastard would never go this crazy without his master’s permission!


“This bastard has seriously gone crazy!”

The bloodied Jaeha had run for his life. As a scammer, he was a genius when it came to escaping.

It was easy for him to escape from Ju-Heon.

Of course, he looked like hell.

His expensive suit was ripped and his well-styled hair was a mess. His glasses he wore for fashion were destroyed as well.

He might have lost some teeth in the process as well.

He escaped to the parking lot and shook in fear while hiding in a corner.

“Did that pushover bastard really go crazy?! Why is he suddenly acting like this?”

The crouching Jaeha could not understand what was going on.

He knew that Ju-Heon had a bit of an attitude issue. However, everybody had treated him as a pushover because he never showed that side of him despite everybody knowing that it existed.

Ju-Heon was basically a dog who couldn’t even remove the muzzle without Chairman Kwon’s permission.

So what was going on……!

‘That bastard was capable of something like this?!’

It was shocking.

Why did a bastard who could do something like this not do anything for so long…!

Jaeha soon shook his head.

“N, no, he must have gone temporarily crazy. It must be an artifact’s risk or something.”

He probably ended that way because he only got inferior and weird goods from Chairman Kwon all the time.

That was probably the reason. He quickly got up and ran for his car.

‘I need to inform that Chairman bastard about this…!’

But as he opened the door to his car…



He heard something breaking and the door of his expensive Porsche was sent flying.

“Uhh, uhhhhhh…!”

Jaeha fell back on his ass. In front of him was a crushed car that looked as if it had been struck by a meteorite.

Ju-Heon, who sent the silver car door flying without mercy, was smiling.

He seemed to be smiling in joy that he finally found Jaaha.

“Oho, pushover. You used to ride such a nice car. Just the options on this car must be worth thousands of dollars.”

Jaeha was a Monarch after all. He was pretty well off compared to the other tomb raiding team members, but…

‘He never saved money because of his nouveau riche mindset.’

He had quite the twisted personality.

Rather than making money off his own paintings, he gathered money doing evil deeds that he used up all his money no matter how much he made.

‘This car must be the same. Look at all of the useless options.’

Jaeha was shaking in fear.

“N, nooooo! The car I got from Chairman Kwon…!”

The car crumpled up as if it was a piece of paper as he said that.



It then turned into dust and disappeared without a trace. That car that was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars was gone in an instant.

Ju-Heon cracked his knuckles with a smile on his face.

“You son of a bitch, you got what from who when the others are struggling in pain? Huh?”

“N, no… Ugh!”

He had to suffer intense pain once again! Jaeha tried to escape with da Vinci’s artifact but it was useless.

And some weird grey yarn appeared to choke him as well!


Where do you think you’re going?! Where?!

“U, ugh! Hold on, I’m really going to die. The world’s only SSS-Grade restorer will be gone from this world if I die…!”

“Get lost. I know that you won’t really die even if you die, you son of a bitch. You use that stupid red fire chicken.”


Jaeha then lost consciousness.

Ju-Heon had beaten him to a pulp before dragging him here.

Returning back to the present…

“Hmm, I guess I really do need a key.”

Ju-Heon was standing in front of TKBM’s safe after causing that ruckus with the support team.

The closed safe truly seemed like an impregnable fortress.


“Hey pushover, hurry up and make a key.”


“Why do you think I brought you here without killing you, you son of a bitch?”

Jaeha was in disbelief. How did this son of a bitch know about his Heirloom and what the hell was he thinking trying to loot TKBM’s safe?!

‘This guy is just a stupid dog…!’

“Hold on. Are you crazy? Is this really an Artifact Side Effect? What the hell did you eat…ugh!”

“Make sure you speak respectfully.”


As a beaten Jaeha was about to create a key for the safe…


Ju-Heon’s phone was going off like crazy, probably due to the chaos he caused.

Buuzz! Buzzzz!

He had missed over ten calls from the board members.

Ju-Heon leisurely picked up this next call that was making his phone vibrate like crazy.

“Hello, Executive Director-nim. What can I do for you?”

The person on the other side sounded ready to spit flames out of his mouth.

[Are they telling the truth about what happened at work? M, more importantly, what do you mean you’re submitting your letter of resignation?]

The board members must have all heard about how Seo Ju-Heon had caused a ruckus. But their asses were on fire more for the fact that Ju-Heon was resigning than at the fact that he had caused a mess.

That was to be expected.

Although he wasn’t being treated like it, the current wealth of TKBM was supported by Ju-Heon’s tomb raiding team.

As the leader of that team, Ju-Heon’s existence was vital for them.

He was the only person who could clear SS-Grade tombs now that it was getting more difficult to clear tombs.

He was responsible for TKBM being the only place to continue getting stronger and wealthier. He was someone who could threaten Chairman Kwon’s position if he was not suffering from tomb syndrome.

That was why they had no choice but to try to keep Ju-Heon with them.

[I understand. Tell me if you have any complaints. We will give you what you want. So don’t do this…]

Ju-Heon just scoffed.

“That’s why you should have been nice to me when you had the chance.”

They became anxious.

[We will give you whatever you want! So…!]

“Get lost. I told you I’m submitting my letter of resignation. Good luck taking care of the remaining high-grade tombs since you thought we were shit.”

[Wait, hold on! Please! Don’t do this…!]


Ju-Heon nonchalantly hung up the phone and took the key from Jaeha’s hand.

The door to TKBM’s safe easily opened with it!

Jaeha seemed truly shocked at this.

‘Wait, I just made a random key because he told me to make it…! He really opened it with that?! H, how the hell did it open?!’

This safe was a SS-Grade artifact. Only Monarchs should be able to use the key as well based on how he made it.

‘Fuck, I’m really fucked! I didn’t think he’d be able to open it!’

But Jaeha thought that it wouldn’t be an issue.

‘No. This bastard won’t be able to take anything. The security in there is suffocating…’

He just had to talk his way out of this.

‘Okay. I will just pretend to be the victim when the guards show u…’

As Jaeha started smiling…


He couldn’t help but gasp.

‘What the hell is that?!’

A chaotic aura was surrounding Ju-Heon’s body as he walked into the safe. It was faint but it was definitely a dark purple aura.

Jaeha gasped in shock.

‘What kind of artifact is it that it can give off such power…?!’

Ju-Heon then activated his predation ability.


The Crow seemed happy but concerned at the same time.


[Unable to use 100% of power in this world.]

[It might be better to conserve power for the Cradle.]

[Chairman Kwon’s guards might show up.]

Ju-Heon smirked in response.

“It’s fine so eat them all up! I give you permission.”

The Crow’s eyes flashed as if it had been waiting for this and started to gobble up the delicious food inside the safe.

“Really? Seo Ju-Heon did that?”

Inside the office of TKBM’s Unsanctioned Excavation Team.

The tomb raiding team members gathered at the office could not hide their shock.

They had rushed over after hearing that something had happened at the TKBM HQ, but……

“The entire company is in chaos.”

“Even the board members seem anxious…!”

The whole team couldn’t believe it. Ju-Heon was the guy who always went ‘yes sir, yes sir.’

But that Ju-Heon sent someone on the support team flying?

He even said that he would submit his letter of resignation?

“Well, this is what we’ve all been hoping for as well, but……”

“Hmph, I don’t believe it. There’s no way that our pushover of a Captain did such a thing.”

June, the intern, peeked somewhere after hearing Ilya’s words of doubt.

“But it does seem true based on that…”

He was looking at Jaeha’s seat. A bloodied Jaeha was groaning in pain there.

“Uuuuugh… Captain-nim, I’m sorry. Please forgive… ughhh.”

The entire team looked toward Jaeha with disbelief.

Ju-Heon had never done something like this to Jaeha before.

“Ah, but it does feel refreshing. I’ve always wanted to beat that guy up for acting so pompous.”

“But I still feel sorry for him after seeing him in this state.”

It was at that moment.


“What the? Why are you all sitting around like that?”


Ju-Heon walked into the office.

The team gasped once more after seeing the item over Ju-Heon’s shoulder.

‘That’s Chairman Kwon’s Divine-Grade bag……!’

‘Fuck, it was true about him looting TKBM’s safe?!’

They seemed to be in shock.

“C, Captain. You were capable of doing something like this?”

They could also hear board members outside the office shouting, ‘it’s okay if you keep all the artifacts you looted! But please don’t quit!’

They sounded extremely frantic.

Ju-Heon ignored them and locked the door before sitting down in his chair. He then woke the somewhat unconscious Jaeha up.

“Now then, start talking. List everybody you sold my artifacts to. Huh?”

Jaeha looked ready to cry.

“W, wait, that… hey Captain~”

“You mean Captain-’nim.’ Don’t you, you son of a bitch?”

Ju-Heon’s eyes flashed like a vicious tiger and Jaeha immediately sat up in fear.

“C, c, c, Captain-nim I respect so much! The only one left now is the Monarch of Destitution…!”

The team members’ jaws dropped after seeing Jaeha answer with his tail tucked between his legs.

This guy who treated anybody other than his fellow Monarchs as trash was acting so subservient…!

Ju-Heon smacked Jaeha’s head with a hardcover book.

“You’ve even sold them to Irene…no, the Monarch of Destitution?”

Pow pow pow!

“Aaah! I’m sorry, please forgive me!”

“You need to stop putting your hands on other people’s artifacts.”

“T, they were just inferior artifacts the old man didn’t care for anyway…! Retarded Captain… no, Captain-nim, even you don’t use them very often so what’s wrong with selling them? I was planning on using the money to fill your cabinet with better artifacts…ugh!”

“Shut the hell up. Stop the bullshit.”

‘Damn it, he knows?’

“Plus, why the hell were you cleaning my cabinet when nobody told you to do so? Who was it? Who gave you the key?”

A shocked June jumped up and lowered his head.

“I’m sorry sir! I…!”

June was one of the tomb raiding team’s supporters. He was a young boy who had just graduated from high school.

He was the newbie of the team who joined recently… the intern who joined the team when Ju-Heon was about thirty years old.

He made mistakes every so often, but he was pretty talented for an intern and he was quite sharp so Ju-Heon cherished him.

‘Well, I still haven’t found him in the other world.’

He was a similar case to John.

He might already be dead in the other world as he had been unable to find any traces of him no matter how hard he looked.

That was why Ju-Heon was quite happy to see June in this world.

That might be why Ju-Heon consoled the shaking June and glared at Jaeha.

“It’s okay, don’t shake in fear. This son of a bitch is the bad one.”

The Cradle might have been in there.

He got most of the artifacts back but the artifact that might be the Cradle was not among them.

‘He said he already sold one to Irene. Of all things to sell…’

That might be the one that was giving off the aura of the Cradle inside the cabinet. But Ju-Heon had not seen that artifact yet.

Chairman Kwon had said it was useless and handed it to him and June had put it inside the cabinet.

Jaeha had swiped it before Ju-Heon could even take a look.

“Anyway, I’m going to go get that back. Tell me what it looks like before I go.”

Jaeha sniffled and drew a picture of it on a piece of paper.

“I was able to sell it for a lot of money because it was apparently one of the legendary Majesty’s Treasures… Sob sob.”

Although he didn’t usually draw anymore claiming that art was a scam, he was truly a godly artist as the picture looked extremely realistic.

“It’s this, you little punk. Sob sob.”

“Okay, let’s see what this damn Cradle looks li…”

Ju-Heon frowned after looking at the picture on the paper.

“Are you being serious? It’s this?!”


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