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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 368: The Majesty’s Ascension (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 368: The Majesty’s Ascension (2)

Translator: miraclerifle

Merlin gasped.

“Why are you so shocked?”


No matter how much she wanted to believe it wasn’t true, this was that bastard Seo Ju-Heon’s voice! The anxious Merlin urgently turned her head.

She could use magic to detect things even if she was cat poop right now.

And then…

“Oh wow, it looks like you can’t even go anywhere right now.”


The voice was coming from right next to her.

‘That bastard really is here.’

Merlin would be drenched in sweat if she could sweat right now. The anxious Merlin looked around, but…

‘There’s nothing here…!’

She could not feel anything or anyone.

The throne and the corpse were the only things with her in here.

‘What is going on?’

There was no way the corpse could speak, and even if it did, the voice was exactly the same as Ju-Heon’s voice.

She heard the voice as her mind was trying to process this chaotic situation.

“Over here, over here.”

Merlin almost fainted. How could she not when it was the corpse that was talking?

“H, how is that…?!”

The corpse on the throne continued to speak.

“Do you want my Treasures that badly? Huh?”


Merlin attacked the corpse in shock. She had used an artifact.

The corpse that had been sleeping on the throne went on defense.


The corpse used its golden vines to stop the attack.

However, it could not defend the tower at full power while blocking her attack as well.

Merlin heard the walls of the tower crumbling down.



Merlin quickly realized her mistake.

The Crow’s aura was destroying the tower walls as if it had been waiting for this moment. On the other hand, the corpse was quiet as if it never said a word from the beginning.

She finally figured out what had happened.

‘That bastard Seo Ju-Heon used such a trick…!’

That was right. The corpse of the former Majesty was guarding the tower walls right now. Ju-Heon pretended the corpse was talking in order to create an opening.

He thought that this plan had a chance of working.

Ju-Heon, who had shrewdly used an artifact that could deliver a person’s voice, was laughing.

He could now leisurely approach the building.

The original plan was 99% about messing with Merlin, but this was great.

‘I succeeded in getting into this fortress.’

He had thought that he would need to waste some energy to get through the defenses.


This tower with the throne was no ordinary building. This building was actually Odin’s palace, Valhalla.

Valhalla was an impregnable fortress in the land of the Aesir gods. It was Odin’s palace in Asgard and known to be the most beautiful palace.

Odin was said to invite the warriors who had faced honorable deaths to Valhalla to train them for the end of the world.

Anyway, it was said to be a place where nobody got sick or aged and they had sumptuous feasts and drinks on a daily basis. It was the palace of dreams where everybody could live like nobles.

Basically, it was a location-type artifact created from the Utopia in Norse mythology.

The reason this palace was called the Druid’s Clocktower was in order to hide the artifact’s identity and because it was used as Merlin’s fortress.

However, the real identity of this place was the Majesty’s Castle.

‘The throne in the myth was said to be a chair located on the highest spot of Valhalla.’

It wasn’t weird that the Valhalla artifact would be with the throne.

Ju-Heon excitedly started destroying the building once he was inside.

As he was doing that…

“Seo Ju-Heon, that bastard…!”

Merlin felt as if her ass was on fire as she listened to Ju-Heon stupidly destroying the building as he walked in.

She then turned back toward the throne to use the corpse again.

But at that moment…

“Use that final ace up your sleeve. Why aren’t you using it?”


She heard the mischievous sounding voice again.

She couldn’t hold it in anymore and shouted in anger.

“Seo Ju-Heon! Cut the crap!”


“What’s wrong? He’s telling you to use it.”


Merlin instantly got the chills.

Why? Ju-Heon was not the one to speak this time.

It was the corpse.

Merlin was truly anxious.

She was sure of it.

The corpse had its eyes open and had spoken to her. It was a bit dry, but the corpse that was still in perfect condition was glaring at Merlin.

They wouldn’t make eye contact since the holes where the corpse’s eyes should be were empty and…well, she was cat poop.

But Merlin was sure of it.

The corpse was definitely looking at her.

It then continued to speak calmly, as if it didn’t care whether Merlin was anxious or not.

“What’s wrong? You really can’t use it? Well, that’s fair. You should probably not use that ace if you value your life.”

‘Holy shit.’

Merlin started shaking and felt as if she would blank out.

“Y, yeah. T…this is all just Seo Ju-Heon messing with me.”

Merlin clenched her teeth and shouted in anger.

“Stop Seo Ju-Heon from getting in here! I’m tired of that arrogant bastard!”

Some artifacts quickly responded to her and started moving.

[Do you really think that we will accept you as the Majesty, you bastard?!]

[Get lost right now!]

Numerous artifact armies aimed for Ju-Heon, but…

“You little shits. You would have been fucked even if you came out slamming your heads against the ground but what?”

Ju-Heon smiled and took out a familiar artifact. This was Thor’s weapon!

Thunderbolts descended from the sky and destroyed the artifacts.




There were artifacts that he didn’t need to use Mjolnir to destroy, but it didn’t matter.

“Yes, I’ve been wanting to swing it around like this.”

He just used this Divine-Grade artifact for fun. Mjolnir, the artifact that had cast Thor aside and changed masters, had a glimmer in its eyes(?).


I promise my loyalty to my new master!

Thor would probably cry if he knew his weapon had betrayed him. But Mjolnir wagged its tail toward Ju-Heon.


What should we do now? Huff huff!

Ju-Heon just threw the hammer to the ground.

“Just sit there for now.”


Mjolnir was just a heavy hammer to Ju-Heon.

“Hmph, I should shove it in the same place as Zeus later.”


Sucking up did not work on this new Majesty.

That wasn’t all. The new Majesty’s violent nature was ruthless.

More artifacts started charging toward him.

[This is the one bastard who cannot become the Majesty!]

[Stop him!]

These ones had survived Mjolnir’s attack but it didn’t matter.

“Fine, I will swallow all of you!”

Ju-Heon’s eyes flashed and the Crow roared viciously. The aura of predation quickly shot out and stretched out toward the artifacts.

It seemed to be reaching out far enough to cover the size of most cities!

[An artifact has been consumed.]

[An artifact has been consumed.]

[An artifact has been consumed.]

[An artifact has been consumed.]

The artifacts that had been hiding around the city to avoid Ju-Heon had all ended up as his food.

Ju-Heon was walking closer to the throne as he did that.

But at that moment…

“Ugh, hurry up before that bastard sits down on the throne…!”

The Monarch of Evangelism who was still nearby urgently tried to stop Ju-Heon.

He had come here with a team of mercenaries but had not been able to have any fun because of Ju-Heon’s subordinates.

‘When did they get so strong…?!’

He was talking about Ju-Heon’s team members. They were talented in the past as well, but they had been nothing compared to the Four Emperors. That was not the case anymore.

He couldn’t shake them off.

“Hey you son of a bitch! Where do you think you’re going?”

Ilya held the Monarch of Evangelism back. The Monarch of Evangelism started swearing. Maybe that was to be expected.

“Fuck, I thought that I could do things in peace now that John is gone! Why am I being chased by a damn druggie?!”

The Monarch of Evangelism was someone who used Islamic artifacts.

That was why he did not like people who used Christian artifacts.

People talk about how Islam and Christianity has the same roots, but the two religions have been bitter enemies throughout history.

There were many bloody religious wars such as the Crusades.

As a result, the artifacts of the two religions were always hostile with each other. They never let up until their enemy was destroyed.

Ilya was surprisingly using the Christian artifacts that John used to have on him.

“How is this bastard using John’s artifacts…?!”

The story behind how Ilya ended up with John’s artifacts was simple.

John actually came back to life after three days using Jesus’s artifact.

Of course……

‘Hey there dumbass.’

A smiling Ilya was there waiting at the tomb.

Ilya then sliced John’s neck off and took his Christian artifacts. Although Ilya mainly used devil artifacts, he was a former Vatican priest.

He could use John’s artifacts since he used other Christian artifacts during his time as a priest.

But it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies.

“Ugh! Fuck, I feel like I’m dying! So hurry up and kick the bucket!”

A devil artifact user using Christian artifacts made him feel as if he was going to die.

Ju-Heon noticed Ilya’s condition and asked from the distance.

“Ilya, are you okay?”

“Do I look okay to you?! Cough!”

But at least his actions were extremely effective. He was able to go up against the Monarch of Evangelism better with these artifacts than his devil artifacts.

Ilya shouted again as Ju-Heon seemed to change directions to come help him.

“I’m okay so just go take care of business! I will take care of this son of a bitch!”

The Monarch of Evangelism let out a painful scream as soon as Ilya said that. Ju-Heon was curious to know who would win but continued walking forward.

He needed to focus on the throne right now.

Ju-Heon confidently entered the tower.


A giant hole was created on the door using Ju-Heon’s now crazy strong destruction skill.

The golden vines tried to get in Ju-Heon’s way but they were too late.

“Alright, where could you be hiding.”

His evil laugh echoed through the building. Merlin’s ass was on fire hearing Ju-Heon’s laughter coming from below.

But at that moment…

“Like I said, use it. Use that final ace.”


When had he gotten up here? Merlin gasped after hearing Ju-Heon’s voice right next to her. She then couldn’t help but scream.

She felt as if she was floating for a moment before she was flung away!


She was flung into an extremely smelly restroom!

Furthermore, it wasn’t a modern flushing toilet.

She was flung into a porta potty or an outhouse that she had no idea where Ju-Heon could have summoned it from!

“Ugh, uuuugh!”

To be more specific, it was just a full chamber pot.

‘I could kill her with a sword, but…’

Ju-Heon didn’t want to get shit on his hand or his artifacts.

“So just suffocate in shit. It sounds like a fitting end for you.”


Ju-Heon wiped his hands and headed toward the throne. The rope slowly crawled over and wrapped itself around Ju-Heon’s arm.

Ju-Heon’s artifacts were all anxious.

One step, two steps…

He was getting closer and closer to the throne. The Crow on his shoulder shivered.

The Crow seemed to be shaking more as he got closer to the throne and the corpse.

Maybe it was to be expected.

This was the Crow’s first time seeing the former Majesty after thousands of years.

It had seen the corpse in its clone body already, but that was just like seeing something through the TV.

The corpse looked even more pitiful as it saw it with its real body.

Ju-Heon was now at the steps heading up to the throne.

“Hand over the throne now. Isn’t your ass sore after sitting on it for thousands of years?”

He then went up one step.

He stopped after going up the second step and started smiling.

“Get up. I know that you can move.”


The artifacts were shocked to hear that.

Ju-Heon didn’t care and just smiled wickedly.

It was as if he knew that this bastard was awake.

“I may be a super nice guy, but I don’t want to share a chair with a damn corpse.”

The corpse that had been pretending to be asleep opened its eyes.

“A super nice guy my ass.”

The former Majesty snickered.


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