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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 365: The person who gets the crown (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 365: The person who gets the crown (2)

Translator: miraclerifle

It must have been a very long time ago.

It had contracted with the bastard who was swearing and dying on the streets screaming about how he needed to get a Heirloom.

Even the other artifacts made fun of it for choosing him as its master.

[I really don’t understand you Eastern bastards!]

[Man, even if you have no interest in the Heirloom War, you really contracted that guy?!]

[I don’t even want to go up against such an ugly and useless bastard.]

The other artifacts had laughed at it and even the Crow had sighed.

It had originally made up its mind to not contract with a human, but forget not contracting with one, it chose a bastard like this.

‘His only talent is that he is able to understand the artifact language.’

The slave felt wronged.

“Hey, Crow! What the hell is up with those shits?! They are sneering at a human when they are just stupid trinkets!”

The artifacts treated him as a pushover because his Affinity was high.

He was the butt of the artifacts’ jokes but the slave could only shout in anger as he couldn’t do anything else.

The other influential people and kings who had wanted the Crow were angry that they had lost it to this weakling of a slave.

“How did a bastard like that……?!”

“Hmph, look at that pearl necklace on the pig’s neck!”

“A lowly slave dares to put his hands on a king’s item?! He doesn’t know his place!”

“Take it away! Take away his rights!”

The Heirloom War had instantly turned into pandemonium. The slave would have been lucky if he wasn’t the slave who ended up dead in this fight between whales.

Actually, he would be lucky if he could even make it to the battle of whales.

“Ahh, hey Crow, I’m going to die…! Save me!”

[You stupid shit! Your opponent is a low-grade (C-Grade) artifact! How the hell are you going to be the Majesty if you can’t even defeat something like this?!]

“Ow! Stop pecking me! Stop pecking meeee! It hurts!”

The slave bastard was in pain while being bitten by a C-Grade scorpion artifact.

The Crow could only sigh while taking care of things for the slave over and over.

It wasn’t that the slave had no use.

He had his ability to hear the Crow as well as another buff ability.

Of course, the buff wasn’t that strong. He was able to see through an artifact’s abilities and bring out more of its natural powers.

But it didn’t matter.

[Haaaa, you useless bastard. You would have died a long time ago if you didn’t have me.]

Where did he get the courage to participate in the Heirloom War?

The slave just laughed every time it said that.

“You say that but you’re still by my side. It must be because you fell in love with me. Right? Right?”

[What did you say, you little fat pig?!]

“Look at the pot calling the kettle black.”

The slave felt wronged as other people sneered at him as they walked past.

“Damn it! Hey! I look like this right now because of that old bastard’s artifacts! I actually look pretty good! I’m like an unscratched lottery ticket!”

It was true.

The slave grew stronger at a surprising rate from the start of the war until he became as strong as the others and reached the peak of artifact using abilities.

He slowly regained his original appearance by using healing artifacts as well. People were shocked and he became popular with the women.

“Hey, Crow, what do you think? Do you think that you will fall in love with me now?”

The slave’s eyes were sparkling as he asked with hope, but…

[I am not interested in the human body.]


The Crow always saved the slave’s life in this battlefield of life and death. It was his partner that was always with him through all of the difficult times.

The two of them were now partners who could trust and rely on each other.

It was the case even after he became the Majesty. It was the case up until the moment the slave fell for the words of those traitorous bastards and threw away the Crow.

[Kill that trashy human king!]

[Kill him! Kill!!!!]

The Crow had been in pain after the Majesty died. It was more sad about the fact that it could never see him again than the fact that the king had betrayed it.

Had it developed affections for its partner despite never being interested in humans in the past? It had started to believe that all humans were lovable because of this one person.

Of course, the rest of the artifacts had sneered at it, saying that it was the curse of the Crow goddess.


It was because the Crow had been the executioner for the Crow goddess, Morrigan, who had loved humans.

Morrigan had been tried for loving humans and standing on their side.

The Crow’s predation ability had been used in the execution.

But even if her ability ended up becoming a part of the Crow, there was no way that her love of humans would have remained.

Because of that…

[How pitiful. So so pitiful. You will learn one day as well.]

Even if that goddess had cursed it, it shouldn’t have ended up loving humans.

‘We will banish the Crow who mocked the king.’

Furthermore, it shouldn’t have any regrets for this already dead human.


“You damn bastards, see if I trust any bastard with artifacts from now on!”

Why did it have this odd sense of longing when it met a human similar to that slave?

Furthermore, this guy was not kind to the artifacts as that slave had been. This guy was the greatest tyrant under the heavens who had no problems destroying artifacts left and right. Even though it knew that this was a different person…

“Move away from my belonging, you shitheads.”

Why did just hearing his voice make its heart beat wildly?

“Look at these shitheads gathered together like beggars.”

Ju-Heon almost stomped forward while wearing Chi You’s helmet. His body that was made of black fog scattered with every step he took and his voice was extremely vicious as he growled like a wild animal.

His calm but vicious demeanor made the guards gulp.

Maybe that was to be expected.

The vicious Chi You’s helmet… His overbearing Dominance… His confidence that was higher than any artifact or human…

And his indomitable charisma befitting the Majesty…

[It’s the bastard, the bastard is here!]

[Here’s another human bastard who doesn’t know their place and is trying to become the Majesty!]

It might make sense that the guards were scared while looking at Ju-Heon.

Most of the guards here were all part of the faction that had executed the former Majesty. They were feeling as if that dead bastard was coming back to life.

And even if the former Majesty was a pushover, he was still the Majesty.

His gentle charisma he showed to the artifacts every so often had clenched the hearts of the artifacts.

But this bastard here clenched their hearts for a different reason.


[How can he be so heinous…?!]

[This bastard is worse than the former Majesty!]

They were certain that Ju-Heon was worse.

They had heard a lot of rumors about Seo Ju-Heon but he was even worse now that they saw him for themselves.

[Damn it!]

[Who said that they were similar?!]

He was still human. They expected that he would be just another pushover.

But Ju-Heon was giving off a heinous aura that seemed to be telling them to shut up and kneel in front of him, as if being gentle was for the dogs.

That was why he seemed much worse than the former Majesty in all aspects…!

[Kill him!]

[Do not let him out of here alive!]

The Crow that had been blankly starting at Ju-Heon flinched after hearing those shouts.

It knew better than anybody else that the guards here were not normal.



Ju-Heon’s eyes flashed and he disappeared after seeing the guards gathered around the Crow.


A thick fog started to spread in his place.

[Where is he?! Where did he disappear?!]

The inside of the prison was abnormally silent. The guards gulped after getting chills from this silence until…

[B, behind you!]


They soon started hearing some guards scream.



The noise was coming from quite far away!

The claws of the fog ruthlessly struck down on the guards.


The guards were sliced and dissected by Chi You’s merciless fog. Ju-Heon leisurely moved past the guards as he sliced them apart.

The guards around him were being sliced by the fog with every step he took.


The ones that managed to still get close to him were blasted by his Dominance.

Bang! Bababang!

[……This human!]

Ju-Heon seemed quite angry. He usually exploded artifacts without caring about them but he at least left a bit of scraps so that they could be restored.

But things were different now.

“I told you to get lost. You’re in my way.”

He seemed to be getting rid of the trash without leaving any scraps behind.

A path appeared between the guards that had charged at him like a pack of dogs. It resembled Moses’s miracle of splitting the Red Sea.

The rest of the guards became anxious as Ju-Heon came closer.

[The bastard is heading for the Crow!]

[Set the barrier!]

[The traps!]

[Just hold on until the high-grade guards come over!]

Unfortunately, the traps were no use.

Ju-Heon grabbed the guards and dunked with them as if they were basketballs!


He destroyed the traps using the guards and continued to move toward the Crow. The Crow’s pupils shook every time Ju-Heon took a step toward it.

There was only about 10 meters left between the two of them.

“I will let you out of there soon.”

The Crow couldn’t move because it was tied down by chains but it must have harmed itself as it was covered in blood.

And then, Ju-Heon was finally right in front of it.

Ju-Heon reached his hand out toward the chains that were binding the Crow down. This must be the artifact that is suppressing the Crow’s power.

And the moment he was about to destroy the chains!



A large snake appeared in front of Ju-Heon.

This was the bastard who had eaten him in the past.

While that was going on, Chairman Kwon was scoffing in disbelief.

“How arrogant.”

Meeting Ju-Heon’s team members felt completely different now that Chairman Kwon had his memories back.

These bastards who had been his slaves just said what?

“You bastards apparently can’t see straight after getting Heirlooms and becoming Mona…”

Chairman Kwon couldn’t help but groan at that moment. A vicious thunderbolt had struck him.

Julian was the one to launch the first attack.

That vicious thunderbolt burned furiously. Chairman Kwon would have been burned alive if the Monarch of Evangelism had not stepped in.

“Who do you think you are to say such bullshit?”

There were flames shooting out of the team members’ eyes. None of them had any plans on forgiving Chairman Kwon.

They had no intentions of letting him into the prison either!

“You betrayed the Captain’s trust and insulted him.”

Ju-Heon had not even hesitated to lower his head to Chairman Kwon for them.

But he dangled hope in front of them until he threw them away as if they were trash.

That wasn’t all.

‘That is the Un-known created from grinding up Jaeha’s corpse.’

It was not just Jaeha.

He was not satisfied with using them like dogs and then killing them! He grabbed their bodies and turned them into artifacts!

“What you did was inhumane…!”

“Is that why you made me face such indignities?”

He just scoffed at Ju-Heon’s team members.

“Yes, I should praise you for pushing me this far down. But the race is not over yet.”


“Who cares about the people who run wild in the beginning of the race? The victor is the one who finishes first in the end.”

They wondered what bullshit he was talking about but Chairman Kwon laughed and summoned some things.

They were the Un-known artifacts created from the team’s corpses!


Chairman Kwon raised his voice.

“No matter how hard you try and flail around, the results will be the same!”


“Did you bastards already forget about what is in that tomb even after dying in there? That tomb does not have normal artifacts. Your Captain made it this far but he will just end up dying in there again!”

He would be the final victor.

Chairman Kwon soon took a step into the prison.

Around that same time…


A giant head burst through the ground.

Ju-Heon stepped back and frowned.

“What the hell, this one looks quite familiar.”

He was certain of it.

This bastard was the one who ate Seol-A alive in the past and took his legs.

It had constricted his body until the last moment and drooled while thinking about how to eat him.

The feeling of the saliva dripping on his head was about to come back to him.

Well, he didn’t know what artifact it had been back then but he could tell now.


This artifact with the terrible stench coming out every time it breathed out was an extremely violent artifact that was called the king of the snakes.

It attacked Ju-Heon as soon as it appeared.


[You look delicious!]

It’s venomous aura was strong enough to make any living being die instantly.

Ju-Heon wouldn’t have been able to stand it either if Chi You’s helmet had not given him a god’s body! Things were different now compared to the past.

“I can’t even eat you as sashimi, you damn bastard.”

Murderous intent could be heard in his voice.

A sharp blade stabbed into the basilisk’s head at that moment.



The basilisk flailed after having its eye stabbed but Ju-Heon used his skills that had even turned Leviathan into sashimi to skin this snake’s skin.


It’s large body fell to the ground after being skinned alive.


It was as fast as lightning.

The snake that had once eaten Ju-Heon was instantly turned into snake meat in the air.

The guards gasped.

The basilisk was a pretty high-grade guard. It had ripped Ju-Heon to shreds in the past.

However, Ju-Heon did not even have a moment of hesitation as overbearing Dominance flowed out of him.

And then…

“I remember telling you to get lost.”

The guards around the Crow then exploded.

Bang! Bababang!


[H, hurry and get the high-grade guards……!]

But Ju-Heon’s Dominance channeled hand reached the chains before they could do that.

And at that moment!


Ju-Heon frowned after feeling the resistance of the sealing chains.

Intense heat and pain damaged Ju-Heon’s hand. The Crow felt pained seeing the injured Ju-Heon but it was only for a moment.


The chains binding the Crow started to crack.

And finally…


The chains that had been binding the Crow for thousands of years were finally broken.


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