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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 364: The person who gets the crown (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 364: The person who gets the crown (1)

Translator: miraclerifle

[Something like that is easy.]

Light soon flashed out of the giant’s eyes. The light was leading somewhere.

Mimir’s head was an artifact that would tell you knowledge and information about everything in the world. It knew the location of the Crow after having been in this prison for so long.

It would normally be just saying it, but it was different this time.


The green laser beams shooting out of its eyes were pointing somewhere.

It was pointing to Odin’s cell. More specifically, a small hole next to it.

[That is the shortcut.]


The artifacts quickly started moving as Ju-Heon put on Chi You’s mask.

[No! We cannot let him go that way no matter what it takes!]

Odin seemed to be the most desperate.

[Where are you going?! Hand over my treasures, you thieving bastard!]

That wasn’t all.

[Ragnarok will arrive for sure if that human becomes the Majesty!]

Odin was a god who would use any means necessary to achieve his goal.

He brusquely walked toward Ju-Heon.

[You will never be able to get the Crow. I will give that opportunity to the man you hate.]

Ju-Heon scoffed as Odin was about to cast a spell.

“Try it if you can!”

Ju-Heon turned into a black gust of wind and instantly moved past the Nose artifacts.



He then attacked Odin.


Odin immediately gave an order.

[What are you doing?!]

The thing that reacted to his order was the most famous hammer in the world.

Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir!

Thor used his hammer to call thunderbolts, but…


“Oh my, that’s so ticklish.”


Ju-Heon was fine after getting hit by the thunderbolt.

“I’m used to this after Kongming hit me so many times with his.”


They wondered what he had done to deserve being hit by thunderbolts.

Ju-Heon threw the lighting rod artifact that he usually used to deal with Indra and appeared in front of Mjolnir.

And then…



Ju-Heon destroyed Mjolnir without any hesitation. Ju-Heon then channeled his overbearing Dominance into Mjolnir.


It deserved to be a named-grade artifact as its resistance was beyond anything Ju-Heon had expected.

Thankfully it was weak after being in this prison for so long but the thunderbolts made the hammer so hot that his hand was burning and it was extremely heavy.

Maybe the weight was to be expected. Mjolnir was famous for being a hammer that only its master could pick up.

However, the burns from the thunderbolts were able to be covered by Chi You’s ability that gave him a god’s body.

As for the weight…he just had to change the master.

“Haha! You think I can’t take Mjolnir when I’ve already taken Gungnir?!”

And then, FLASH!

Ju-Heon confidently picked Mjolnir up. Thor wanted to die.

[Wait, no!]

“Alright, let’s get rid of these annoying pests first!”

Ju-Heon laughed out loud and struck down with Mjolnir.


Thunderbolts shooting out in all directions started destroying the Norse artifacts.




The rope quickly popped out as artifacts started exploding. It had a sparkle in its eye as it quickly gathered the pieces of the destroyed artifacts.


Where are you going?! Where are you going?!

There were some that tried to escape despite being in pieces, but…

Bang bang bang bang!


The rope whipped the pieces into smaller pieces. It then ground them up into dust.

[Ahhhhhhh! We are not chalks!]

The rope didn’t care as it swept the fine pieces of dust into glass bottles.

It then threw them into its bag.

The artifacts were calling the rope heartless and saying that turning them into flour would make them unable to be restored, but…


That’s okay! Our restorer will restore you! He will!

Neither Ju-Heon nor the rope were thinking about the amount of work their restorer would have to do.

Anyway, the rope put the bag full of artifacts on its head and crawled back to Ju-Heon.

Ju-Heon praised it as he took the bag.

“Now then.”

He flicked his finger and used his Dominance.

A familiar spear appeared on top of his palm!

A ray of light took the form of a spear before Gungnir fully appeared.


Gungnir was huffing.


I still haven’t stabbed that woman! I haven’t stabbed her!

Ju-Heon laughed after hearing it say that it needed to hurry back to stab that woman’s ass.

“Okay, I’ll send you back. But before that!”

Ju-Heon smiled viciously as he sent the spear flying.


“I’ll give you your item back, you little punk!”

The spearhead was pointed toward Odin.

Odin, who was chanting his spell, was shocked.

[That bastard!]

He never expected Ju-Heon to stab him with his own weapon.

But Odin wickedly laughed.

[That is my weapon. I should thank you for giving it back to me!]

Odin confidently tried to stop it.



Gungnir stabbed directly at Odin’s core.


Odin’s aura shook intensely at that moment. Gungnir was happy after stabbing Odin’s core.


I stabbed it! I stabbed it!

It had been extremely upset lately because it kept missing or had to stop because of Ju-Heon.

It was at that moment.

[Gungnir, you bastard…how dare you not recognize your master!]

Odin opened his eyes wide in anger and grabbed Gungnir, but Gungnir became angry.


You’re not my master! Get lost!


Gungnir ruthlessly stabbed its former master. Ju-Heon used that opening to laugh and turn back into black fog.

He then headed toward the hole Mímir’s head had pointed out. It was more important to meet the Crow than to make Odin submit.

As for Odin who was being stabbed by Gungnir…he was in pain but still did what he had to do.

[Hurry……hurry up!]

Astonishing things were happening outside the Great Prison at that moment.

“Wait, isn’t that Chairman Kwon Tae Joon?”

Irene was the first one to notice him.

It really was him.

He was in front of the entrance to the Great Prison.

He, along with many others who made Ju-Heon and the others angry, were standing in the middle of the city.

Irene confirmed them through the TV before calling Ju-Heon, but he could not be contacted as he was inside the tomb.

She then contacted the rest of the team.

The team members couldn’t help but be shocked after getting her call.

“Chairman Kwon appeared? Are you sure it really is him? His head is attached as well?”

“That’s odd. The Captain-nim should have shoved that old bastard in the underworld with his head still disconnected.”

That wasn’t all.

“That’s the Monarch of Evangelism! He came with his mercenaries too…!”

They gasped.

Why was one of the Four Emperors of the past here? But there was something that shocked them even more.

Seol-A, who had come out with Ju-Heon when he escaped from the Druid’s Clocktower, frowned.

“That is Louie…!”

Chairman Kwon had appeared with Louie Martin. Jaeha scoffed in the group call after hearing that Louie had appeared.

[Why the hell do they have him with them? Do they want to make him draw something right now?]

He was trying to say that Louie would not be of much help.

But Irene disagreed.

“You’re wrong, Mr. Jaeha. That child might be able to make it.”

[Excuse me?]

Irene sounded serious as she rushed into a car. She was going to head over to stop the two former Four Emperors.

Irene had not been paying much attention to Louie because she had heard that he was probably dead, but…

“That child might be able to make a copy of the Majesty’s Key!”

The rest of the team members were shocked. Julian was the one to respond.

[Uhh, we know that he is an artifact.]

Julian had tried to destroy Louie but he could not be destroyed with regular means.

[I told the Captain as well that he is about a S-Grade artifact…but he shouldn’t have that kind of ability…]

Only the former Monarch of Fraud Yoo Jaeha was the only one who could replicate a Treasure.

Irene urgently shouted as if they were wrong.

“That child is…he is the Un-known created from Mr. Jaeha! He probably has the Monarch of Fraud’s abilities!”



The team members gasped.

They had heard that they ended up as Un-known after Ilya’s investigation, but…

[Holy shit! What the hell did you say?! I don’t think I heard correctly!]

[Wow, is that why the DNA test came back like that? I knew something seemed weird about it…!]

[Wait! Why is someone who should be in the future here?!]

Jaeha seemed completely out of it.

“Umm, Mr. Jaeha? Mr. Jaeha!”

[Damn it!]

Jaeha, who quickly snapped out of it, seemed to be heading somewhere.

Irene then asked a question.

“Mr. Jaeha, are you perhaps able to make the Majesty’s Key? What I’m asking is…”

She wanted to know if Louie could make it as well. Jaeha still seemed to be in a daze as he responded.

[……Yes! Even if it isn’t 100% complete since I don’t have the real thing to look at, I can at least make a 30% similar copy using my imagination!]


[Anyway, I’m heading over there!]

They then heard a loud explosion. Irene’s car screeched to a stop.


Irene slammed her head in the process but looked outside first.

And then…

‘The prison door has opened!’

Irene was extremely anxious.

The Monarch of Evangelism and Chairman Kwon were standing outside the prison door.

Chairman Kwon was holding something.

It looked like Ju-Heon’s Majesty’s Ring, but…

‘Something is off.’

That must be the Majesty’s Key replica that Louie had created.

As for the person who had made the key, he was almost destroyed and in the process of dying.


Chairman Kwon stepped on Louie’s head as he laughed.

“You truly were helpful so many times until the end. The Monarch of Fraud. You are a very helpful bastard.”

“This shitty old bastard…!”

That was right.

Chairman Kwon was the one who had turned Ju-Heon’s tomb raiding team into Un-knowns.

He knew about their abilities and how to use them.

Louie could not use his abilities properly as he lost his memories, but that didn’t matter to Chairman Kwon.


He could forcibly draw out an artifact’s power.

That would allow him to make the key.

It makes the artifact he used be destroyed, but he didn’t care about something like that.

The proof was the fact that Chairman Kwon’s eyes were full of rage.

“I have a key now as well, Seo Ju-Heon…! I can go get the Crow!”

Chairman Kwon seemed to be holding back a lot of pain as he put his hand to stop his neck from bleeding.

His eyes were bloodshot as he tried to walk into the tomb.




Chairman Kwon’s and the Monarch of Evangelism’s army’s artifacts started to be destroyed.

Irene had appeared!

The Monarch of Evangelism and Chairman Kwon frowned with astonishment.

They were very much aware of the past Monarch of Destitution’s existence.

Ju-Heon didn’t let her use her abilities that much because in addition to the risk, it seemed to take a lot of toll on her body, but…

“You know what happens if you go in even farther, right?”


The two of them were part of the group of people who had made Irene use her abilities left and right until she died in the past.

There was more.

“Man, that old bastard is so persistent.”

“That perverted old bastard.”

Ju-Heon’s team members all appeared in front of them. Ilya had used his devil to quickly gather them here.

Chairman Kwon laughed viciously despite being in pain.

“Look who it is. It’s those bastards who died with their Captain they loved soooo much.”

The team members all laughed back at him.

“It’s your turn to die now.”

Very deep inside the Great Prison…

The Crow imprisoned here lifted its head in shock.

The Crow was not the only one to react.

[This aura is…?!]

They became wary at the chaotic Dominance slamming its way here.

The high-grade guards and the rest of the guards in the prison were all gathered at the Crow’s tomb already.

They were here to stop the birth of the Majesty.



Black fog burst in through a hole in the ceiling.

The guards flinched in shock after seeing the familiar goblin mask.

[He’s here! The bastard is here!]


The Crow’s eyes opened wide.

The black fog gathered together and started to take the shape of a person.

The person slowly appeared with a vicious glare in his eyes.

“Move away from my belonging, you shitheads.”

It had actually missed this face.


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