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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 359: For the throne (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 359: For the throne (3)

Translator: miraclerifle

There was a bright flash of light.

Screams and groans could be heard as well.


However, they were not coming from Ju-Heon.



One he Knights of the Round Table who was hiding coughed up blood and fell to the ground.

Ju-Heon laughed.

“Ahh, so that’s where you were all hiding?”

“Are you okay? Hey! Hey!”

“What the hell is going on?!”

Ju-Heon laughed after hearing voices nearby.

‘Like hell he’s okay.’

How could he be okay after being struck by Gungnir?

The people who were hiding could not hide their shock.


“That bastard definitely touched the corpse!”

“Why is there no reaction even though he touched it?!”

They urgently started to look for someone.

“Merlin! Where are you?!”


“The trap didn’t activate! This is different from what you told us!”

“Fuck, where the hell did that woman run off?!”

However, they had to quickly stop talking.

Crack, baaaaaang!

The wall crumbled after what sounded like a missile crashing into it. The thick wall was destroyed in an instant!

There were thunderbolts crackling around the debris of the wall.

The person who appeared through the destroyed wall was……

“So this is where you were all doing your shady business.”


It was Julian.

They shook in fear while looking at Julian. Julian seemed extremely angry.

He usually had a cold expression but he was extremely gentle on the inside.

But it was different this time.

“Creating Un-known wasn’t enough that you had to mock the dead like this too?”

His voice was full of murderous intent before people started screaming. It was because vicious thunderbolts struck down on them.


“Ow, stop, stoooooop!”

On the other hand, Julian couldn’t help but fume with anger.


Unlike the others, he could clearly see it.

‘That corpse was alive until recently.’

Well, recently was still about 25 years ago, but this corpse belonged to a human from thousands of years ago.

That meant that…

‘He was left alive in this state without being able to die for thousands of years.’

He must have been conscious and able to feel pain.

Staying in this taxidermied condition without being able to die for thousands of years was probably a worse pain than death.

‘These bastards should have known that he was alive until recently.’

“So why did you do something like this?”

They screamed in fear after seeing the angry glimmer in Julian’s eyes.

“Aaah! I don’t know! They said something about how all of the Majesty’s Treasures will stop working if the Majesty isn’t on the throne!”

“They said that all artifacts would turn into regular antiques!”

“They said all artifacts would disappear! Let’s be honest, that would be a waste…”

“Are you joking?!”

“Ahhhhh! Save me!”

The Pandora Executive Board members screamed in pain. They felt as if they would go crazy with frustration.

They didn’t care about anything else right now.

‘It would be over if we can turn Seo Ju-Heon into a taxidermied doll!’

“Why?! Why isn’t the trap activating?! Why?!”

What was the reason behind it?

Julian lightly chuckled while looking at Ju-Heon.

‘I did think that it was weird that he was touching it without any hesitation.’

It was obvious what had happened.

‘He must have used the Akashic records.’

That was indeed the case. However, the corners of Ju-Heon’s mouth were twitching for a different reason right now.


[You are unable to use the Akashic records.]

[The records modified by Seo Ju-Heon are unable to take effect.]

[The Akashic records is being fixed by an external power.]

[The records fixed by the human, Seo Ju-Heon, have returned to normal.]

What was going on?

The Akashic records was not working.

Ju-Heon was not the Majesty yet. He could not use all the abilities of the Treasures.

He was shocked that he could not even browse the records of the throne with this corpse, however…

‘There were no issues modifying the trap though.’

But something weird happened the moment he put his hand on the throne.

[An external power has infiltrated the Akashic records.]

[The records have changed back to normal.]

[ < A person who respects Pandora will dry out as a living corpse > has changed to < A person who has negative thoughts about Pandora will dry out as a living corpse. >]

The Crow must be responsible for the trap still not working on him.

The Crow that had blocked the trap was frantically moving around.

[You cannot dominate the throne.]

[The corpse is trying to label you as an enemy.]

[The Crow’s power is preying on the trap’s aura.]

[It is consuming the aura with everything it has.]

Ju-Heon, who had stepped away from the throne already, started frowning.

The corpse’s aura showed no signs of stopping despite the fact that he had moved away from the throne.

The Crow tried to protect Ju-Heon until the end but its aura started to become faint.

[It cannot hold on any longer.]

[This is the limit with this clone body.]

It could not do anything about it.

[Hurry up and come here…the real body…must contract…]

That was the last message before all messages from the Crow stopped.

The Crow’s aura that had been doing everything it could to protect Ju-Heon had disappeared.

He glared at the throne.

‘It looks like the former Majesty bastard’s power is still there.’

That former Majesty bastard must have been the one to infiltrate the Akashic records as well.

Seol-A seemed to have detected something as she urgently shouted.

“Captain-nim! The corpse’s aura seems dangerous!”


A chaotic aura shot out of the throne as soon as she said that.


The throne was moving in an odd way.

Julian quickly figured out the reason.

“Someone is making the corpse go berserk from the outside!”

Ju-Heon realized something and quickly called Gungnir to his hand.

And then!


He threw the spear once more as soon as Gungnir ended up in his hand.


The remaining Executive Board members became frantic.

Just the fact that Gungnir was flying was filling them with fear.

But Gungnir unexpectedly flew out of the building.

Jaeha’s eyes opened wide after noticing it leave.

“Who did you throw it to?”

“Merlin. She went outside.”

Seol-A was shocked.

“That’s not possible…nobody has left the tower…!”

Ju-Heon had given Gungnir the same order a while ago. He had told it to set Merlin as its target.

Gungnir had hit its target earlier.

“Seol-A, check on the woman on the 24th floor.”

Seol-A was shocked after sending one of her ghosts to check.

“Her soul left the body before she died…!”

Ju-Heon laughed after immediately figuring out what had happened.

‘It looks like her soul left the body the moment Gungnir stabbed her.’

It was a temporary solution but it did allow her to get away from Gungnir’s target.

Ju-Heon just scoffed.

“That bitch sure knows how to use her head.”

But it was not a solution she could use that many times.

The Executive Board members started shouting after hearing that.

“Does that mean that bitch ran away from here on her own?!”

“I’m sure she didn’t just run away! She must be planning on using the final trump card!”

Ju-Heon became interested.

“The final trump card?”

“Haha, like hell we would tell y…ugh!”


The Executive Board members foamed at the mouth as Seol-A pointed knives at their necks.

“Aaah! Okay! Okay! S, she went to get the apocalypse artifacts!”


“Pandora has already lost its authority. The only way for us to gain our power back is through unmatched force!”

Jaeha seemed to have realized something.

“Unmatched force? Are they talking about the end of the world artifacts?”

These apocalypse artifacts were the worst artifacts to exist.

The Executive Board members started quietly whispering to each other.

“But isn’t the Majesty the only one who can use them…? Is she trying to make that corpse use it?”

“Gungnir is headed for her! We’re done if Merlin dies too!”

But at that moment…

[Gungnir should stop if I kill its master.]


Merlin’s voice echoed through the tower.

[Ha, hahaha! The gods are helping us! They gave us such an amazing opportunity!]

“What? What does she mean by opportunity…?!”

Merlin became angry after the Executive Board sounded confused.

[That bastard Seo Ju-Heon has lost the Crow’s power right now! Don’t you know what that means?]


Seol-A and Julian realized what she meant.

‘The Captain-nim’s Crow’s aura!’

The Crow’s aura had disappeared after going up against the former Majesty. It was because it was only a clone.

But that was not the problem.

‘He can’t use the Treasures without the Crow!’

Ju-Heon’s contract with the Crow was probably the reason he could use the Majesty’s Treasures.

Merlin urgently shouted.

[This is the chance to steal the Treasures from that bastard!]


[We might even be able to go get the Crow. So use this chance to get rid of the bastard!]

This was the chance of a lifetime for them.

It was shocking that a mere clone could handle the power of this corpse but they didn’t have time to sit around being shocked.

This was probably the only chance they had to kill Ju-Heon.

One of the Knights of the Round Table started running wild as if to launch a suicide attack.

“Haha, if he can’t use the Treasures he’s just a punk who can only use Divine-Grade artifacts!”

“Fuck, Captain-nim!”

A chaotic evil god artifact went berserk.

But at that moment…


Chi You’s artifact activated and the evil god artifact exploded in an instant.

Bang! Bang! Babababang!


Ju-Heon turned into black fog and ruthlessly dissected the enemy into molecules that didn’t even leave any bones behind.


It was complete destruction!

Chi You’s black fog had absorbed everything without leaving anything behind.

This was the end for this foolish person who had tried to attack Ju-Heon.

Ju-Heon snorted in response.

“You retards, who said that I can’t use the Treasures?”

The others gasped after looking at him.

“Did he just use a Treasure?”

“B, but the Crow is gone! How…?!”

“Wasn’t he relying on the Crow, the Majesty’s Crown to use them?!”

The enemies were not the only ones to be shocked. Julian and the others were shocked as well.


‘He wasn’t able to use the Treasures just because the Crow was his Heirloom!’

There was a more fundamental reason.

‘The Treasures are recognizing the Captain as their master.’

That was why he could still use the Treasures despite the Crow’s power being gone.

‘Does it mean that he has that much talent?’

The Executive Board members screamed once the fog-form Ju-Heon turned around to look at them.

“T, this monster bastard!”

Ju-Heon nonchalantly took Chi You’s mask off and gave an order to his team.

“Split into two teams. Half will stay here and protect the throne while taking care of these bastards. The other half go chase after Merlin.”

“What about you, Captain-nim?!”

“I am going into the Great Prison.”

“Will you be okay?”

Ju-Heon smiled.

“I won’t take that long.”

He needed the full Majesty’s power in order to destroy this damn corpse.

‘And who is aiming for who’s Heirloom?’

Ju-Heon smiled viciously.

“I am going to go get the Crow from the tomb.”

‘I can become the full Majesty if I get the Crow’s real body.’

“I should thank the Crow while I’m at it.”


“It sent me back to the past so that I can achieve a lot of things. I can’t ignore its wish for me to get it out of its tomb.”

Julian looked at Ju-Heon as if someone had switched Ju-Heon with a clone that just looked like him.

“Ho, for you to say something so nice…”

Of course, Jaeha just scoffed.

‘There’s no way this guy has such good intentions.’

He would be right.

He definitely was not being nice and trying to fulfill the Crow’s wish.

‘Do you really think I would share authority of the Treasures with a damn corpse? I will take care of you soon, you former Majesty bastard.’

That was probably the reason. The Knights urgently shouted as Ju-Heon started to move.

They had heard his plan.

“T, that bastard is going to go get the Crow!”

They turned pale.

“We can’t let this bastard get the Crow!”

“He will fully become the Majesty if he gets it! It will be the start of a new generation!”

“We can’t let him get out of here no matter what!”

The throne flashed as if it was responding to them.

The golden vines started to create an impregnable fortress. The enemies laughed as they watched.

“We know that you awakened three of the keys!”

“But do you really think you can destroy the iron walls created by the Majesty at your level?!”

Ju-Heon just made a call with an expression that seemed to be saying, ‘ oh is that what it is?’

“Ah, it’s me.”


“You started installing grinders in that prison a while back, right? Yes, that thing. Can it be used right now?”


“Oh, really? Then activate it. Yeah. Grind up all of the evil gods.”


Something shocking happened a moment later.



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