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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 357: For the throne (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 357: For the throne (1)

Translator: miraclerifle

[The downfall of Pandora’s branches around the world.]

[Pandora was unable to survive the uprising that happened in multiple locations.]

[132 of the 150 Executive Board members are deceased.]

[Police investigating the surviving Pandora employees.]

[Investigations have started into Pandora, its member nations and companies.]

[Is this the beginning of the end for their unprecedented power?]

Many changes started to happen in the world. The riots of the citizens throughout the world had instantly crumbled Pandora to the ground.

Each country stated that they would thoroughly investigate the Pandora facilities.

“Every country has numerous Pandora-related facilities that have been built since the start of the Era of Artifacts.”

“It is true that those facilities have gotten more powerful day after day.”

People did not know much about artifacts.

Because of that… People had sent a lot of financial support to Pandora. They had relied and trusted Pandora with this life-or-death issue similar to how people believe in religion.

“The people related to Pandora gained too many benefits as a result. They also received significant tax credits as well.”

“This started with the Un-known incident, then we heard about the tomb syndrome incident, and now we are seeing evidence of significant corruption. We can no longer accept Pandora’s authority.”

This large organization called Pandora was burning down while being condemned by the people.

The foundation that had allowed the monopolizers to run wild in the past had crumbled.

As for Pandora’s HQ, things were still not settled here.

“Where are the remaining survivors?!”

“Find them!”

“Those damn tax thieves!”

The protesters were thoroughly searching every nook and cranny inside the Druid’s Clocktower. They were trying to find anybody who might be hiding from them.

The bastards inside, those ‘survivors,’ were grinding their teeth because of these people rummaging through everything.

‘To have been pushed back all the way here…’

Merlin, who was hiding in this hidden area, looked toward the Pandora System artifact and frowned.

This was extremely shameful.

These bastards were allowed to step into this tower with their dirty feet and make them feel like captured rats.

It was all John’s fault.

“John, that son of a bitch. Why didn’t he tell us that the Vatican was hiding the Akashic records…!

“Fuck those Vatican bastards.”

Pandora was a collection of many organizations with different interests from the beginning. They were quiet about groups while hiding things from each other because they were all gathered together for their own benefits.

‘But hiding the Akashic records was too much!’

They were probably thinking about using it to change everybody’s religion to Christianity or something of the sort.

“We wouldn’t have ended up like this if they told us they had that item!”

They ended up being seriously screwed over by Seo Ju-Heon as a result. There were only 18 survivors remaining.

The 150 members of the Round Table dwindling down to 18 in 30 minutes was something that should never have happened. It was truly a pitiful situation.

‘We only have five of the thirteen Knights of the Round Table left as well…’

Some of those important people had been dragged away by the police and were being questioned right now.

‘Damn it. All that’s left now is……’

The remaining Knights of the Round Table and lucky Executive Board members who were still alive were about 10 people. But not all of them seemed useful.

“U, uuuuuuuggh…! My whole arm is gone.”

“Save me. I feel like I am going to die…!”

They seem to have canceled their contract with the Round Table as quickly as possible, but… The medium for the Round Table artifact that had turned into a cursed medium had swallowed their bodies.

Their hands rotted and their airways tightened to make it difficult for them to breathe.

These were the signs of tomb syndrome.

It was the same pain that the people who became Un-known had felt before they died.

The Generals were wailing as they felt their necks burning.

“Merlin, healing artifacts…!”

‘Fuck, I can’t give it to you even if I want to.’

“Seo Ju-Heon’s subordinates have already taken over every area with artifacts.”

“What? Unbelievable……!”

It was the truth even if they didn’t want to believe it.

Ju-Heon’s subordinates had efficiently taken over the fortress as soon as it had opened.

The only place they could hide away like rats was in this area with the throne.

This area was the size of a whole floor of an average building and a special seal was placed around it, making it not detected by radars.

But it didn’t matter.

‘It basically means that we are captured here.’

In addition…

“This place gives me the chills.”

One of the Knights of the Round Table looked around as he said that. This tunnel-like area didn’t have a single window.

The only thing in here was the golden throne, Hlidskjalf.

This throne was the Majesty’s authority and heart that was currently being used as Pandora’s heart, the Pandora System artifact.


“That really is too cruel.”

He was looking at something sitting on the throne. It was giving off a stench even though it was too weak to say it smelled rotten.

Merlin sharply rebuked the person.

“That is the reason everything works. Got it?”

Someone else nodded their heads after hearing that.

“She’s right. I’m sure that even Seo Ju-Heon will not be able to find this place. We have enough food so let’s do whatever we can to survive as long as possible.

But at that moment…

Knock knock knock.

Someone knocking gave them the chills.

Someone was knocking into this area that didn’t have doors or windows!

It was as if they knew that someone was in here.

“Hey, be careful over there! Be careful!”

Jaeha was guiding the people who had been around the Druid’s Clocktower. The emergency shelter he had created with Da Vinci’s artifact had allowed these people to be safe from the soldiers’ attacks.

Jaeha started loading stuff into Sleipnir that had turned into a giant truck.

“Okay okay, hurry up and move these things.”

He patted the car’s butt and Sleipnir honked, as if telling Jaeha not to touch it.

Sleipnir continued to honk, trying to tell Jaeha that it would not be acting as a damn moving van if it wasn’t for Ju-Heon’s orders.

As they were getting close to finishing…

“So how are things going?!”

“Huh? Look at that!”


The team members raised their heads after feeling a familiar aura getting closer. They saw something viciously flying toward here.

It was Gungnir!

Ju-Heon and Ilya were on top of it. They couldn’t see it with their eyes but they could feel the aura of Ilya’s devil artifact!

The team members gasped after seeing that.

“Holy shit! Is Ilya riding on that right now?!”

“I, is he still alive? Huh? No, wait! Why are they coming this way?!”

Jaeha screamed after seeing Gungnir flying toward him. And the moment Gungnir stabbed right into Jaeha!

“Everything good?”

Ju-Heon stopped Gungnir.

His technique was almost magical no matter how many times they saw it! It was amazing that he could handle this spear that never misses its target with ease.

Of course, Gungnir was shouting in anger after being stopped.


Let me stab him! Let me stab him!

Chloe and Julian quickly checked on Ilya.

“Hey, are you crazy?!”

“The Captain-nim put someone else on Gungnir with him?!”

Ilya, who had been tied tightly onto Gungnir by the rope, seemed unconscious.

Even if he had become superhuman with his Heirloom, Gungnir gave off an aura that would make most people’s flesh burn if they even put their hands on it. Furthermore, it traveled at the speed of a missile.

His body would not have been able to handle it.

Ju-Heon just picked his ear.

“I don’t think so. Anybody on my team will need to be raised to be strong.”

‘Should I just quit?’

The team gasped as it sounded like Ju-Heon wanted to put all of them on Gungnir at least once.

It was at that moment.

Honk honk!

Sleipnir, their currently moving van, came up to Ju-Heon and complained.


Why did you ride something like that when you have me?! Why?!

That seemed to be what it was saying. Ju-Heon just ignored it and looked around.

“There seem to be some survivors. Where are the rest of those bastards?”

Ju-Heon’s goal was the throne inside the Druid’s Clocktower. His eyes flashed and Seol-A accurately pointed somewhere for him.

“They’re around there somewhere.”

“Okay, I need someone to show me the way.”

Ju-Heon then walked into the Druid’s Clocktower.

That was what had happened prior to this knocking.

Knock knock.

“Anybody there?”

Ju-Heon was knocking on what seemed to be a normal wall. The team members inspected the wall as if he had gone crazy.

Was there a hidden area inside this wall?

“Are you sure that they are in here? I can’t feel the presence of an artifact or anything.”

“I’m sure of it. They are in here.”

Seol-A had accurately pinpointed the location of the survivors. She was the only radar Ju-Heon trusted in the world. There was no way she wouldn’t be able to find something like this.

Ju-Heon nodded his head and started smiling.

He didn’t know why, but the Treasures were getting antsy the closer he got to this place.

‘The throne is in here.’

Those motherfucking rat bastards were hiding in here as well.

That was why he knocked.

“Anybody there?”

Boom boom!

Of course, the ‘knocking’ was so strong that it felt as if the walls would break.

“I’m breaking in if you don’t respond. Okay? I will give you three seconds.”

The smile on his white face made him seem like a murderer in a thriller movie. It would have been perfect if he had an axe or chainsaw in his hand.

He started humming and counting down.


The survivors in the hidden area started foaming at the mouth.


“Do something!”



They then heard the walls breaking down.


Then they heard the chilling voice.

“Three. I found you.”


The survivors started running after seeing that Ju-Heon had broken through the wall. He had used the Majesty’s Key to open the seal.

The survivors all became frantic.


They were instantly brought down by a swing of Ju-Heon’s sword. Xiang Yu’s sword that seemed to be cutting through the air had cut off their legs.

Ju-Heon then put the sword against his shoulder and his eyes flashed.

“Throw these bastards to the people outside.”

“Yes sir!”

Ju-Heon then grabbed Gungnir and threw it.

Gungnir suddenly flew in the opposite direction!

Ju-Heon leisurely followed Gungnir. He finally arrived at an open area past the long tunnel.

There was a golden chair wrapped in golden vines.

‘The Majesty’s Throne.’

As for Gungnir, it was extremely happy that it got to hit its target this time.

It was the medium that Ju-Heon had chosen as his target.

He had targeted the Pandora System.

Gungnir had destroyed the monitor but seemed upset that its target wasn’t a human.

The golden chair that was connected to numerous devices was crackling and shaking.

The System was starting to break after being hit by Gungnir.

“I finally found this thing.”

Ju-Heon walked closer to the chair.

Something seemed odd.

The Crow seemed to be getting antsier the closer he got to the throne. It was acting different from usual.

He could feel anger and pain.

Ju-Heon figured out the reason after getting close enough to the throne.

‘This is?’

Ju-Heon then said a single sentence.

“These motherfuckers.”


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