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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 356: The dismantling of the strongholds (5) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 356: The dismantling of the strongholds (5)

Translator: miraclerifle

“Hey! W, what the hell?! Look at that!”

The doors to this impregnable fortress were opening.

They were actually opening on their own!

Pandora’s guards and the Executive Board… Even the Knights of the Round Table could not close their jaws from the shock.

This was something that should never happen!

“Why is that opening?!”

“What the……?!”

They checked again and the doors to the tower really did open. These doors were supposed to be closed shut but why had they opened?

That was what they could not understand.

It made no sense for anybody to open the doors in the current situation.

‘Who the hell?’

The lower floor became rowdy as they wondered what had happened. The people trying to destroy the doors had barged in once the doors opened on their own.


“Drag all of the executives out!”

“You guys treated people like animals? Why don’t you bastards feel what it is like to get sick and die?!”

The Executive Board members started shaking after hearing the frantic shouts.

These people holding weapons looked ready to pummel them to death if they were found.

The Executive Board members turned pale as they heard the shouts get closer.

“H, hurry up and stop those people!”

“Hurry! What are you doing?!”

The guards and employees headed downstairs after being yelled at. The Executive Board members were grinding their teeth.

They still couldn’t believe what had happened.

“How did those doors open?”

“Did Merlin do it?!”

The person responsible for the tower’s doors was the Tower Administrator. Basically, Merlin was the only person who could do it.

The Executive Board members and the Knights outside all opened their eyes wide in anger because they all knew that fact.

“Was it Merlin?! Did that bitch do this?!”

“Did she betray us?!”

But Merlin was feeling wronged.

Even she could not believe what was going on as she looked down from the top floor situation room.

That wasn’t all.

“The doors won’t close.”

Merlin kept giving orders to the fortress but it was not responding to her.

‘What the hell happened?’

Merlin heard a familiar voice, as if someone was responding to her question.

[Hmm, did this work properly?]


The voice seemed to be echoing in the sky.

Merlin gasped after hearing the voice.

‘This is Seo Ju-Heon’s voice! Why am I hearing this bastard’s voice?!’

His relaxed voice continued to speak.

[Mm, well, it should be fine since I changed its functions.]

‘What did he just say? The functions?’

Merlin jumped up from her seat in shock. She then rushed toward the location of the throne.

It was the most hidden place in the entire Druid’s Clocktower.

She opened the numerous locking mechanisms and went deep into a laboratory.

This was a place that even the other knights could not enter as they pleased.

Only people with permission or at Prometheus’s level have been in here.

A large open hall appeared after she walked down a long tunnel-like corridor.

The hall was completely dark without any windows, except for a chair at the center that was glowing brightly.

“Huff. Huff.”

Merlin was breathing heavily as she approached the chair. There were golden algae and vines growing like spiderwebs around the chair.

Finally, there was the gold-colored chair that was glowing radiantly.


This was the Majesty’s Throne.

Hlidskjalf was Odin’s throne; an item that gave the king of the gods omnipotent power.

It was said that a person sitting on this throne could see everything in the world. That was why this Treasure was also the Pandora System artifact that allowed them to observe all artifact users and artifacts.

However, she was not observing the chair itself.

She was observing the person on the throne.

It was not just a figure of a person. She confirmed that this person was still buried under the golden vines and started frowning.

‘What the hell? It’s the same as usual!’

That meant that the Pandora System had not gone crazy.

Her mind was a chaotic mess right now.

‘What was it? I definitely heard that bastard…I heard Seo Ju-Heon’s voice!’

As she felt that it was odd…

A message popped up on the display connected to the chair.

[Pandora System’s precision search is being activated.]

[Warning. The functions of the castle have been modified.]

[Someone has modified the abilities of the Round Table.]

[Addition to the Round Table’s abilities: “Ah ah, King Arthur’s Round Table was originally a table where the knights could sit in a circle in order to not discriminate based on their ranks or titles. Henceforth, the castle gates will be opened so that anybody could come and go as they please to discuss with each other. Everybody will be happy because alcohol and meat will be provided out of hospitality once people start talking. The meat would be so delicious that nobody will be able to get up before all of the meat is eaten.]

[The Round Table artifact has a new ability. The ability to ‘make food appear’ has been added.]

[Keyword, ‘Very delicious.’ People at the table will be able to taste a true feast.]

[The castle doors will remain unlocked at all times.]

‘What the hell did it just say?! Who the hell would add such an ability?!’

She didn’t need to think long about who had done it.

‘Seo Ju-Heon!’

The Akashic records was the only Treasure capable of doing something like this.

‘But I didn’t hear anything about the Akashic records appearing.’

Merlin, who had no idea that John had hidden the fact that it was inside the Vatican, started grinding her teeth.

That wasn’t important right now.

‘He modified the abilities of the Round Table?’

Merlin started shaking.

It was only making food appear and leaving the castle door unlocked for now, but……

‘Will he stop here?’

And then…

[The Knights of the Round Table are people who always think about their king and the citizens. They must never attack the citizens and cannot stop those who come to see the king. The Knights of the Round Table who go against their Knight’s Creed will perish. They will die instantly!]

Merlin turned pale after reading that message.

‘No! Everybody needs to cancel the contract!’

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! They’re the bastards on the list!”

“Get them!”

“Give me back my dead daughter!”

The people who quickly barged into the tower were viciously taking over the tower.

The members of the Executive Board who had run away to the parking structure were screaming.

They couldn’t help it because people had sealed the parking garage, destroyed their cars, or gave them flat tires to prevent them from escaping.

“Break it! Block them!”

“Blow it up! Make it so that these bastards cannot escape!”

Bang! Bang!


The Executive Board members foamed at the mouth as they watched their cars turn into scrap.

“Do those shitheads know how much that car costs?! That costs more than all of the money you will make throughout your life! Do you know that?”

“I’m going to sue all of you!”

“I don’t care about that! Bind him!”

Screams echoed through the parking garage. The situation was pretty similar on the higher floors as well.

The Executive Board members escaping through the stairs freaked out while seeing people come up.

“Fuck! Those bastards are already here!”

The elevators, stairs, and windows were all sealed. The angry people were holding guns, pipes, flaming bottles, and other weapons while glaring at the Executive Board members.

“Alright, time to explain yourselves. Did you really know about the artifacts?”

“Did you bastards really spread the disease on purpose?!”

“We’ll fuck you up if you don’t respond!”

The Executive Board members snorted at them.

“Sure, go ahead. We are all immortal.”

“You will be the ones to die!”

The protesters and the Executive Board clashed against each other. The soldiers and the Knights of the Round Table used their weapons while the protesters used their guns.

However, the protesters’ guns weren’t working as their opponents had received the blessings of the Round Table.

“I, I saw them get hit.”

“They’re not even bleeding……!”

The Executive Board members didn’t even seem to feel pain as they just snorted and headed toward the protesters.

“We are special people so we don’t bleed or feel pain.”

“You can’t think that we are the same as you inferior fools! How arrogant of you to think that we are the same.”

The protesters anxiously stepped backward.

“Fuck, I guess the thing about Pandora’s Executive Board not being human was real……!”

“Drag them all away! Make examples out of them!”

The Knights of the Round Table took the weapons away from the people. The Executive Board members sneered and started kicking people away.

“Get out of my way if you understand the situation!”


A little girl bit one of the Executive Board members on the arm.

“Dwon’t twouch mah dwaddy! (Don’t touch my daddy!)”

“This little bitch, I told you that I can’t feel pain……”

But at that moment…


The expression on the face of the Director who was having his arm bit instantly changed.

And then…


There was a terrible screech that made his fellow knights anxious.

That wasn’t all.

“Wait a minute, this, this is blood. Blood!”

The Executive Board members started getting anxious after seeing the blood flowing out from their bodies. They then felt terrible pains and fell to the ground.

These people who had claimed that they were immortal zombies were foaming at the mouth and screaming.

The color returned to the protesters’ faces.

“Look, we can do it!”

“I don’t know what is going on, but this is our chance!”

The Knights of the Round Table started whispering to each other.

“What the hell is going o……!”

It was at that moment.

[Hurry! Hurry up and cancel your contracts!]

The Knights of the Round Table heard Merlin’s voice through their walkie-talkies. The knights became anxious.


[Cancel your contracts with the Round Table artifact!]

“What do you mea…”

“Are you crazy? If we cancel the contract in this situation…!”

[Just follow my orders! Do it if you don’t want to die!]


However, at that moment…

[Hahaha, then goodbye, you sons of bitches.]


Merlin heard it again. She heard Seo Ju-Heon’s sneering voice.

Some of the Knights of the Round Table coughed up blood and fell to the ground at that moment.



They were bleeding out of their eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. The terrible pain that felt as if their organs were being ground up was just extra.

The rest of the knights became anxious and quickly tried to cancel their contracts after seeing some people die, but……



Everybody who had contracted with the Round Table suddenly felt unexplainable pain and started to explode.

It had really happened in an instant.

Even Ju-Heon’s group was bewildered while watching the knights and Pandora’s Executive Board members falling in front of their eyes.

“What the hell…?!””

Julian was the most shocked.

He had clearly seen what had happened.

“The medium for the Round Table suddenly turned into a cursed medium.”

They each had a medium in their body that connected them to the Round Table.

It had done so many different things for them, such as maintaining their youth, vitality, beauty, etc.

The Celtic mythologies had a lot of connections to fairies. The Round Table artifact and its knights would have been deified through those mythologies and received those blessings.

But it was completely different now.

‘The abilities are…completely opposite now!’

Having contracted the Round Table was making their bodies rot, making them sick, and making them feel so much pain that they would rather die.

It had instantly turned into a cursed artifact!

“Did Ju-Heon do this?”

He was exactly right.

“This is the end of Pandora.”

From inside the completely destroyed Vatican library….

Ju-Heon had come out of the Akashic records and was laughing while watching a screen.

[Pandora’s Executive Board members have died.]

[List of the deceased.]

Ju-Heon was extremely excited right now.

‘There were three reasons Pandora could act so arrogant.’

Untouchable power, the blessing of the Round Table, and the impregnable tower.

They would not be able to maintain such power after the evidence that had been spread.

Most importantly, the Round Table, that medium that had made those bastards oh so arrogant…

‘Immortals? They thought they could play God because they received the blessings of a stupid Round Table? Those shitty bastards.’

It was at that moment.

Ju-Heon frowned after seeing the tablet he was looking at tilting to the side.

“Hey, hold it properly.”


Ilya moved the tablet so that Ju-Heon could see properly. But he was looking at Ju-Heon as if he was extremely envious.

‘He really changed the abilities of an artifact! I’m jealous. I’m so so jealous!’

This artifact would allow someone to change the risks of artifacts as well! As Ilya slowly tried to put his hand on the Akashic records books next to Ju-Heon…



Ilya groveled to the ground without even being told to do so.

It was at that moment.

[M, my king!]

The Akashic records started talking to him. The Akashic records that had been so cold to him asked for a favor.

[Please let me renew the contract.]

‘Pfft, wasn’t this thing just throwing a fit until a few minutes ago claiming that I wasn’t the Majesty?’

Ju-Heon picked his ears and got up.

“We will meet up with the others at the HQ right now.”


The Akashic records became anxious after being ignored.

Ju-Heon didn’t care and pulled out Gungnir.

Now that the castle doors were wide open and those annoying Round Table bastards were gone…

‘The only thing left is to get the throne from there.’

It didn’t matter if a few people noticed and managed to cancel their contracts to survive.

‘Actually, I hope that the person who can guide me to the throne is still alive.’

“For example, Merlin or someone like Merlin.”

He had an extremely vicious look in his eyes.


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