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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 346: Putting your mansion on fire to catch a bedbug (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 346: Putting your mansion on fire to catch a bedbug (2)

Translator: miraclerifle

“I took it off of him. He paid quite the fee to get it off.”

Both Henry and the Allenby couple opened their eyes wide at Ju-Heon’s comment.

They could see the artifact in Ju-Heon’s hand.

[Elizabeth Báthory’s blood sucking artifact (S-Grade:Legendary Hero Grade – Possession Artifact)]

It looked like a small miniature keychain people would usually have on their bags.

However, the shape of it was…

‘Iron Maiden.’

Quite the interesting shape.

Elizabeth Báthory was the Queen of Blood who was famous for potentially being the inspiration for the vampire stories.

She was also one of the most evil women in history who was believed to have created the Iron Maiden, the famous torture device from the Middle Ages.

She was a noble woman who was said to have killed young girls and bathed in their blood to retain her youth.

Of course, many believe that these stories are unreliable and created by someone to make her look even worse.

Anyway, this was the artifact that had been attached to his twin sister. Ilya and Julian must have not known as they looked quite shocked.

“When the hell did it move to that old bastard?!”

“No. I knew that it was on him but when did you remove it?”

‘When else?’

It was when he had barged into his own company to ask about the old man being in the Round Table.

‘Anyway, that bastard used this to get approved by Pandora to join the Round Table.’

He had heard that the Executive Board consisted of about 150 people on the round table including some generals. The Knights of the Round Table were 13 people including King Arthur.

It was easy for the old man to join the Round Table since he was just one of the 150 and not a knight.

Merlin could have noticed Báthory’s artifact but it was unlikely.

‘They said that Merlin doesn’t appear in front of people very often.’

But there was something Ju-Heon found to be odd.

Even with Báthory’s artifact, it was too easy for the old man to enter the Round Table.

But he understood it now.

Edward had a way with people but most importantly, it was this Báthory’s artifact.

‘It’s perfect for killing people.’

It would have been a wonderful pair to help them create more Un-knowns. They probably thought he was one of them since he used an artifact that killed people.

Anyway, Henry and the Allenby couple seemed to be having some mental breakdowns.

‘We can’t use it against Seo Ju-Heon like this!’

They needed something to hold Seo Ju-Heon down. They couldn’t let this bastard leave now that he knew about Un-known!

‘He let everybody know about Keira’s situation as well.’

Ju-Heon had shown what he could do in situations like this once already.

Keira had been relegated for suspicions of using mind controlling artifacts on people.

But this situation would not end with relegations or demotions.

‘We’re done for if people find out that we are using humans as ingredients for artifacts.’

Pandora had numerous companies and countries associated with it. There were so many that they couldn’t even count it!

But they all helped spread disease to kill people and smuggle their corpses so that Merlin could use them to create Un-knowns.

They had a whole supply chain to create these artifacts.

‘Pandora’s entire existence will be in danger.’

Pandora had been receiving public support as people believed their goal was the safety of the public.

That was how they were able to gain power and although there were some complaints against Pandora, most people saw Pandora’s monopoly as understandable.

‘People will riot if this gets out.’

Artifact users will appear from everywhere saying ‘fuck Pandora’s laws’ and the system they had spent so much time to create would completely crumble.

They needed to stop that from happening.

‘We worked our asses off to create this system!’

Their only choice was to convince Ju-Heon and have him work with them.

It was at that moment.

“So… You guys were the ones who shoved this artifact inside Ju-Won?”

The Allenby couple were now being threatened by Ju-Heon. They were shaking as Ju-Heon put his hands on their shoulders.

“Umm, Ju-Heon. It’s not like that…!”

“Shut the fuck up. Why are you saying my name like we are close or something?”

Ju-Heon then smiled.

“Whatever. It’ll be fair if I shove something in your bodies as well, right?”

Gunshots could be heard as soon as he said that.


“Ugh, uuuugh!”

There were bullets in the couple’s arms and legs! They were the same places that the Báthory’s artifact had caused Joy pain.

That wasn’t all.

[The maiden of blood is being activated.]

Báthory’s artifact that Ju-Heon had been pointing at the couple… The Iron Maiden was activated.

“Ahhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!”

They gasped after seeing the Iron Maiden that looked the same as the one they could see in a museum.

However, the Iron Maiden instantly closed.


Screams could be heard coming from inside the Iron Maiden. But they will not die instantly.

This artifact was not made to kill a person instantly.

And then…

“Drag them away. Make sure they spit up everything they’ve taken from Ju-Won until now.”

Henry became desperate.

‘I’m going to be held responsible if those two are dragged away!’

The male Allenby was one of the generals on Pandora’s Executive Board. It would be quite the headache if a general was dragged away from a facility under his watch.

The Executive Board would rip him to shreds for one of their own being abducted.

That was probably the reason.

“Calm down. The two of them are not at fault! The one at fault is your sister for having such high Affinity!”


Ju-Heon started to frown.

Henry continued to speak while telling Ju-Heon to calm down.

“Merlin wouldn’t have considered turning her into an Un-known if her Affinity wasn’t so high. We would have wanted her as an ally.”

Ju-Heon’s eyes opened wide in shock. It was the same for the others.


Henry smiled after seeing that they were interested. He started telling them things hoping that it would calm Ju-Heon down.

“Yeah. The ones we use as ingredients for Un-known are all people with high Affinity. Our ingredients need to be suffering from tomb syndrome…and those dumbasses with high Affinity are the ones most likely to get it!”


“That is why your sister was a perfect medium for creating Un-known since her Affinity is so high.”

At that moment…

“So you’re saying that you guys were thinking about turning my twin sister into this Un-known or whatever?”

“Yeah. That couple just listened to Merlin’s request. So let them be. But that is not the important thing……”

“That’s why they shoved that artifact into her?”

“Uhh, uhh?”

Henry felt as if he made a mistake.

“Yes, I’m starting to understand it all thanks to you.”

“U, umm?”

Ju-Heon seemed to be finally interested as he started walking toward Henry. But his intentions did not seem positive.

The proof was the dangerous looking Dominance coming out of Ju-Heon’s body.

“Even if my sister’s Affinity is high, that’s just too much.”


“Then that means it was you guys in the past too.”

“What? The past? What are you talking about? We only did it recently…”

Henry started screaming before he could even finish his statement. It was because Ju-Heon took out Gungnir.

“Fuck, that’s the thing that killed that bastard Loki!”

Henry became desperate while still on the motorcycle.

“What do you mean by the past?! We didn’t do anything like this in the past!”

Henry was anxious but Julian and Ilya instantly understood.

The past he was talking about was naturally their past life.

Ju-Heon had met Joy in his mid-twenties instead of early twenties like right now and Joy had been suffering from an extreme case of tomb syndrome.

It was advancing too quickly to be natural.

He had seen a similar case in this life.

It was what had happened to Irene’s parents.

He originally thought that it was because her Affinity was higher than other people, but…

“I’m getting tired of this. They messed with Joy in the past to turn her into an Un-known as well.”

Julian gulped after hearing Ilya’s comment.

“That’s not the problem.”


“Maybe our entire team.”


Ju-Heon’s tomb raiding was pretty small but all of them had been suffering from tomb syndrome.

Ju-Heon had requested a healing artifact from Chairman Kwon but he would only give pain relievers.

“He hasn’t raised his Affinity on purpose this time but the Captain’s Affinity wasn’t low back then.”

Ilya thought for a moment before nodding his head.

“Yes, in some aspects, I admit he was quite the pushover.”

Of course, it wasn’t as bad as the current Jaeha.

He had believed in the good of people to the point he trusted someone like Chairman Kwon.

“Well, he was enough of a pushover to not kick Jaeha out after all of the times he screwed us over.”

Anyway, they suddenly had a hypothesis about what had happened in the past.

Maybe the reason Chairman Kwon didn’t give them the healing artifacts was not just to keep them as slaves. Maybe he wanted to turn them into Un-known as well.

Julian started to frown.

“If you think about it, our entire team had decent levels of Affinity. Chairman Kwon could have seen it as an extra investment.”


It had been quite weird.

It was one thing to completely ignore their numerous requests, but that old bastard had not given it to them even when they had said that it would affect their performance.

They had all found it to be weird.

‘That bastard who would pay whatever he needed to pay to get results wouldn’t give it to us?’

But if his goal from the beginning was to get them sick until they died…

“We were talented bastards he was too scared to keep as his subordinates forever. He probably wanted to use us until he killed us. But if he could then use our bodies to turn us into artifacts…wouldn’t that be a magnificent way of recycling?”

Ilya got the chills.

“Fuck, don’t say such disgusting things. Does that mean that our corpses were pulled out of that tomb and turned into artifacts?”

“I’m just saying it’s a possibility.”

Ilya couldn’t believe Julian’s calm analysis.

“How is that possible?! How can they get our corpses out of that shitty tomb?!”

“Prometheus could have ordered the guards to get our corpses out……that Crow’s tomb appearing in the Amazon was probably Prometheus calling out a portion of the Great Prison as well.”

Ilya wanted to barf.

He didn’t want to imagine their corpses being carried out of the tomb by the guards.

He really didn’t want to imagine their corpses being ground up to be turned into an artifact!

“Holy shit, this is making me so angry. Then I should also go through the heads of all of those Pandora bastards to find out if that is true or not.”

“Should we do it?”

“Yeah. We have a great person to start with right here.”

The two of their eyes flashed while looking at Henry. Henry started shaking in fear.

It would be a lie to say that three Monarchs releasing their chaotic auras was not scary.


“Sure, do whatever you want.”

Henry then started screaming.

It was because three Monarchs attacked him at the same time.


Indra’s thunderbolts, The Monarch of Devils’ fires of hell, and the sandstorm of the Egyptian gods.


Terrible disasters descended on the R&D facility.

Scary fires from the ground, sharp thunderbolts from the sky… And then there was the murderous tornado sweeping through wherever the fire and thunderbolts could not reach.

This terrible pandemonium that seemed to be a mix of multiple natural disasters struck down on the Pandora facility.

It was a severe disaster.

Pandora’s R&D facility, a building that was known for its strong defenses, started to crack and break and rip apart.

The combined attack of these three Monarchs was too strong.

The fires shooting up seemed as if an entire volcano had been summoned while the thunderbolts falling from the sky destroyed everything as if they were meteors crashing down.

The murderous sand tornado was even worse than those two.

The terrible tornadoes that appeared every so often in the US were child’s play compared to this.

It would have been a complete set of disasters if a tsunami was included in this.

Ju-Heon started speaking after ruthlessly destroying the facility.

“Over there. Isn’t that the Un-known creation facility?”


Ju-Heon checked Jaeha’s text message on his phone and gave the order.

“Go get some proof.”

Julian quickly started to move. Henry twitched but could not get up.

‘I’m glad that they got me off of that motorcycle, but……!’

It didn’t matter.


Ju-Heon stomped on Henry’s head.

And then…

“Go through his head.”


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