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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 335: The Running Treasure (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 335: The Running Treasure (1)

Translator: miraclerifle


The Majesty’s Ring flashed once he said that. A message then popped up.

[All paths in the Great Prison are being closed.]

[All doors connected to the outside are being closed.]

The reactions started right after that.


Every gap that opened up in the Great Prison started to close. It was happening to the gaps all over the world!

The small gaps Ju-Heon had opened to lure the people in had no purpose anymore.

“Aaah! Waaaaaaait!”

The entire world was in uproar. China, Japan, South America, Egypt, etc…

Pandora members who were about to enter the Great Prison to loot the artifacts all started screaming.

“Wait! No, you can’t close yet!”

They had ignored Prometheus’s plan because they had been greedy for the Treasures. The teams right by the exits managed to get out but for the teams that had gone farther inside…

Bang bang bang bang!


Instead of looting artifacts, they were ruthlessly shut in by the doors.

“No! Wait for me!”

The people trapped inside tried to destroy the doors but it was useless.

Even the devices they had positioned to keep the gaps open were destroyed.

The Crow would have escaped a long time ago if it was so easy to get out of this prison.

They were stuck.

“What? You’re saying about half of the excavation teams are stuck inside?”

Pandora’s Generals clicked their tongue in astonishment.

“How can you do things like that?!”

“Are you unable to open the door back?”

This situation put them in a difficult position.

The reason was simple.

“Then there is no way to bring the Treasures out.”

“Fuck, we thought we might be able to get the treasures inside!”

Prometheus’s eagle wanted to rip its feathers out in anger after hearing them talk.

‘I knew it would be like this! I knew it would end up like this! Foolish humans!’

The eagle had maintained its position among the chief executives after receiving Prometheus’s order.

[Help the chief executives and prevent the revival of the Majesty.]

That was Prometheus’s last order to him.

But those damn chief executives were useless!

‘That’s why they should have just shoved him into the Imagery world without thinking about going in there!’

Prometheus had used the last of his strength to send a message for a reason! Prometheus had determined that opening the door to the Imagery world was the only way to get rid of Seo Ju-Heon for a reason!

‘But these fuckers were so blinded by the Treasures that they listened to shit!’

Even if they thought it was a waste to throw the artifacts in the Great Prison into the Imagery world, they should have listened to Prometheus. Now their stupid Great Prison excavation or whatever just helped Seo Ju-Heon awaken his powers.

Ju-Heon announced his intentions as soon as he came out of the tomb.

[I am coming to get my Treasure.]

He had turned his fists toward Pandora. He claimed that Pandora had his Treasure.

This news was quickly going viral world-wide.

“That shameless bastard.”

“There’s no way he noticed something, right?”

“What I know for sure is that this bastard will find the scattered Treasures. Even the one in our Pandora HQ……!”

“We have no idea when he might attack Pandora.”

The eagle frowned again.

‘This is the start of the third cataclysm.’

The first was when artifacts appeared with the Great Tomb Appearance. The second was when the Monarchs appeared with the appearance of the Heirlooms.

‘The third will be when the strongest of these Monarchs appear and gather the great Treasures.’

The king would appear to take his items. The eagle clenched his eyes shut as he thought about that.

‘And the last one……’

The eagle started grinding his teeth.

It really wasn’t far off now. Seo Ju-Heon will soon take over. He would be the final victor of the Artifact War as that bastard had been back then. Of course, Pandora’s chief executives seemed relaxed even during such a situation.

They had a reason for being so calm.

“At least we still have the portion of Prometheus’s power we split up.”

“That’s right. Didn’t he say that we can control the guards inside the Great Prison with it?”

That was the case. The reason Loki’s artifact user was able to order the guards and the fog inside the prison was because of that power.

Prometheus was one of the Supreme Leaders after all. The guards had reacted to his power.

“Loki’s artifact user is imprisoned there now too.”

“He should be able to order the guards to open the door and come back out.”

The eagle foamed at the mouth.

‘Like hell he’ll get them to open the door! No! It’s difficult now!’

The Majesty’s Key was the Majesty’s Key for a reason!

The Majesty’s Key could open and lock up any tomb and space. There was no way that a door locked by the Majesty would be so easy to open. The Majesty’s Key was the strongest of the seal-type artifacts.

That wasn’t all.

‘That bastard has already awakened two of the keys!’

Only five remained until the key became whole.

‘But its power must be amazing already.’

The key became sturdier every time one of them awakened. It was basically a four number passcode evolving into a complicated lock with patterns, special characters, and all sorts of difficult to solve combinations.

The eagle was crying internally because he knew about that. He soon shook his head.

‘No. It’s just a two-tier lock right now.’

The high-grade guards on the inside should still be able to do some things.

Even Divine-Grade artifacts found it difficult to tame the high-grade guards, but…

‘An artifact user at Loki’s level should be able to tame them with Prometheus-nim’s power.


“Ah. I’m fucked.”

Loki, who just barely missed getting back out, put a hand against his forehead.

His subordinates became scared after seeing his reaction.

“Loki-nim, what is it?!”

“Please quickly use Prometheus’s power to control them and have them open this door!”

Loki’s artifact user just kicked the door.

Some other subordinates seemed to realize what the issue was and quickly started to speak.

“We understand. We will go bring the guards over!”

Loki instantly started shouting.

“Don’t call them! We’ll be fucked if you call them right now!”

“Excuse me? W, what do you mean……”

“It’s not here.”

“Excuse me?”

“Seo Ju-Heon took Prometheus’s power!”

“Excuse me?!”

His subordinates instantly had mental breakdowns.

Their reaction was obvious.

“Hold on a minute, d, does that mean we can’t get out of here……”

“That’s not the problem! The bigger problem is…”

Loki suddenly turned his head and his subordinates got the chills.

They felt as if the guards and traps were getting closer.

They were right.

[Intruders! Kill them!]

[Eat them all!]

“Damn it, holy shit!”

They truly were stuck in hell.

As for the person who took the power away…

Ju-Heon was smiling wickedly

“You should always take care of things properly.”

Ju-Heon was smiling while looking at this suspicious fragment.

This was Prometheus’s power. His team members clicked their tongues at him.

“You vicious bastard. When the hell did you steal that?”

“What’s wrong? You should always do things thoroughly.”

‘He’s going straight to hell for sure.’

Julian clicked his tongue again. Ju-Heon just laughed without caring.

“It’s not going to be that long. They just need to stay alive until we go back in there.”

It would be a miracle if they could stay alive that long.

“Let them have their fun mining for treasures in there.”

‘Like hell they’ll have fun.’

As Julian sighed…

“But Captain, you got another amazing artifact.”

Ilya was looking at Chi You’s mask with envy.

“Defense-type artifacts are so rare that even B-Grade ones sell at S-Grade artifact prices. But a SS-Grade defense-type artifact……”

“Wait, wouldn’t it be even higher since it is a Treasure?”

The team members were also envious that it was so cool.

“It’s not a regular defense-type artifact either. It’s totally for attacking based on what I saw earlier.”

“He takes all the good shit for himself.”

“But I have to admit, I’m surprised. I didn’t think that you would leave that artifact in there.”

“That artifact?”

Julian recalled the rays of light artifact that had attacked him.

“I’m pretty sure that was the Ten Commandments artifact.”

Ju-Heon nonchalantly responded.

“That’s just a copy. I’m sure that a different Knight of the Round Table has the real one.”


Ju-Heon smiled wickedly.

‘I’ll loot the real one later.’

He had already heard about the monopolizers, aka the existence of the Round Table, from Irene.

Those bastard Knights of the Round Table who have the Knight’s Buff were the Executive Board, a society created to artificially create a king.

‘Those people said that they cannot accept a king other than one they create.’

They had done so many terrible deeds that a random person becoming the Majesty would make things extremely difficult for them. Chairman Kwon was apparently a part of the Round Table in the past.

He had frantically gone to look for the Round Table once Ju-Heon became a candidate for the Majesty.

‘Please listen carefully. All of us Monarchs will have our artifacts taken away if that terrible bastard becomes the Majesty.’

‘But there is no guarantee that Seo Ju-Heon will become the Majesty, and even if he does, if we can convince him to work with us…’

‘You probably need to have all of your artifacts stolen by your slave to wake the hell up. That bastard will probably release all of the artifacts we are monopolizing. Is that what you want?’


He had then confidently said the following.

‘It’s no big deal. We just need to kill that terrible bastard before he can get a Treasure.’

‘You’re right, it is more beneficial for us not to have a Majesty like that. It’s better to have a dummy Majesty we can control as we please.’

‘Let’s get rid of Seo Ju-Heon since he doesn’t look like he will listen to us.’

Ju-Heon had laughed after hearing about all of that from Irene.

‘Those bastards really did know about me.’

He would pick the path that they would be most afraid of.

“Anyway, we are going to stock up and go back into the Great Prison in a few days. Our number one priority is to get the Crow and the Majesty’s Treasures.”

“Yes sir. Did you hear that? Stop pretending like you’re not there and get to restoring the artifacts, you damn pushover……”

They all opened their eyes wide.

“What the hell? Where did he go?”

“I was wondering why he had been so quiet without talking about being envious of the Captain.”

That was the case. Jaeha, who they had all been thinking was being extremely quiet, was gone.

The team laughed and started shouting.

“Hey! Did you make a run for it because you don’t want to restore the artifacts? We know where you are hiding so hurry up and co………”

It was at that moment.

“……Umm, Captain-nim!”

A pale Seol-A grabbed Ju-Heon’s arm.

“What is it?”

“U, umm, that…I don’t think Jaeha made it out of the Great Prison……”


“Hey, is he really in the Great Prison? Why?”

Why else?

[I’m sorry!]

[We made a mistake and threw that human bastard in too!]


What did this artifact just say? Jaeha must have gotten swept up when they were shoving Pandora’s excavation team members into the tomb.

The artifacts that threw Jaeha in there were currently being disciplined. They were even writing letters of apology to beg for forgiveness.

But it didn’t matter.

“Forget forgiving them, that means Jaeha is in the Great Prison on his own right now!”

“Technically, he’s not alone. Pandora’s excavation teams are in there with him.”

“That’s even worse!”

The team members gathered here were tapping their feet anxiously.

“That tomb is extremely dangerous.”

“Do we need to prepare his funeral?”

It was rare to see Dan and Chloe looking so serious as well.

They all knew how dangerous that tomb could be since they all died in there.

“It’s just karma. He’s the only one who hasn’t died in the Great Prison before. Isn’t that right, Captain?”

“Ilya! How can you say that?!”

Although Ilya probably didn’t mean it, Ju-Heon surprisingly nodded his head.



“Don’t worry about it. She can feel that he is alive and he’s not someone who will die so easily. It looks like the rope went in with him as well.”

“……You seem quite anxious for someone who is telling us not to worry.”

Ju-Heon’s finger that was tapping on the table stopped moving.

“Umm, Captain-nim?”

Ju-Heon got annoyed and said something.

“Hey. Who told them to shove all of those people into the Great Prison like that?! Who told them to lock the door?! Huh?!”

“You’re right. Who told them to do that again? Oh wait, it was YOU!”

Ju-Heon rolled his eyes after sensing Julian’s gaze.

The team members all said something as well.

“Ah, poor Jaeha. He’s probably crying in there right now.”

“He might already be dead.”

“It’s all bad luck for meeting such a terrible Captain.”

Ju-Heon couldn’t hold it in anymore and jumped up.

“I’m heading out for a bit.”

“Are you going to open the Great Prison?”

“We’re almost at the peak. We can’t leave something behind in the middle.”

But at that moment…


Ju-Heon’s eyes opened wide after seeing who was calling him.

He tilted his head in confusion and quickly picked up after seeing the caller’s name.


[Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Captain-niiiiiiiiiiiiim! I did something totally worthy of all the praise but fuck, I’m going to die before I can tell you! Do something about this damn horse!]

Ju-Heon moved the phone away from his ear after hearing the shout. He then frowned as he asked.

“What the hell? You should be outside the tomb if you can make a call. Where are you?”

[Where else?! Behind you!]


They heard an explosion.


What burst through the building was a horse with eight legs, no, it was a Lamborghini Aventador.


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