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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 33: Chairman Kwon’s Mistake (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 33: Chairman Kwon’s Mistake (2)

Translator: miraclerifle

The incident quietly but quickly became a big issue.

And it happened in the way Chairman Kwon least wanted.



The explosion had happened in the cafe of a second-floor lounge of McCarran Airport. A strong gust of wind blew out with the explosion and the small self-serve coffee cafe inside the lounge disappeared without a trace from the violent explosion.

These were all the powers of the artifact Ju-Heon took out.

However, people who had no way of knowing this thought it was a terrorist attack and fell into chaos as they started to run.

“What the hell, is it a terrorist attack?”

“Kyaaaaaa! It exploded up there! Run!”

Of course, there was nobody in the lounge and the explosion wasn’t as serious as it sounded so no civilians were injured, but there was one casualty.

It was Lee Jin-A.

“S, save me! Please save me! Please!”

Lee Jin-A shamelessly started to crawl while looking at the powder threatening her. The powder that was moving as if it was a swarm of bugs was trying to charge at her.

The people underneath became shocked as they saw this.

“Holy crap, what is that?!”

“What is that thing that is moving? Are they bugs?”

People who could not see Ju-Heon or Lee Jin-A could not tell what was going on.

However, there was a group of people moving up to the second floor while everybody else was escaping in fear.

They were the Oh Seung Woo group.

“Ju, Ju-Heon!”

“What just happened?!”

“Are you okay?”

The Oh Seung Woo group seemed to have forgotten to call him hyung-nim because they were quite concerned as they ran up the stairs.

However, the place they arrived at was already reduced to rubble. The tables, chairs, everything in a portion of the lounge had been blasted away.

The only thing they saw was the crying woman and Ju-Heon who was staring at her like a mass murderer.


Ju-Heon told them things were fine and to wait there after hearing them call out to him.

“It’ll be over soon. Stand guard over there for a bit if you have nothing to do.”

Lee Jin-A’s body started to shake after hearing that.

“A, are you really going to be like this? Hey, do you know what the hell you just did? Using an artifact in the middle of the airport, are you f*cking crazy……?!”

“Who is the idiot who didn’t even realize the crazy bastard she was trying to mess with?”

Lee Jin-A flinched after making eye contact with Ju-Heon for a moment. Lee Jin-A became certain after seeing that gaze.

‘I really messed with the wrong person.’

This bastard was a crazy bastard.

‘He really doesn’t care if people find out about artifacts.’

How could he be like this? Lee Jin-A then turned pale thinking that Chairman Kwon would be angry. It was because she would be finished if Chairman Kwon found out about this.

No, this was not just a problem for Chairman Kwon. The many leaders of different nations and the colossus who were partnering with him would be angry as well.

‘The civilians know about artifacts now!’

“Damn it, you bastard! Wasn’t it a rule among artifact users to keep them a secret?! Are you crazy?!”

Ju-Heon’s scoff could probably be heard from the sky.

“Rule? Who decided on such a shitty rule?”

“W, what?”

“Let me give you a warning for my little junior lady. I’ve seen quite a lot of artifact users until now.”

Ju-Heon soon had a mischievous yet cold smile.

“The people who try to force those ‘who knows where the hell they came from’ rules are always the first to die.”

You know what I mean right?

That was what Ju-Heon’s annoyed smile seemed to be saying as he channeled his dominance and summoned two artifacts.


They were the Code of Hammurabi and the silver axe.

However, they looked different than usual. The Code of Hammurabi was not its usual pumice stone size or even the slate board the size of an ipad while the silver-axe no longer looked like a knife or a camping axe.

That was indeed the case. There was a 2.25m tall large slate board behind Ju-Heon. Not only that, there was a heinous silver-axe that looked as if it could easily butcher a woman in two.

These were the appearances of the artifacts threatening Lee Jin-A. They were also giving off vicious auras that could not be compared to before.

These were the artifacts’ true appearances.

These were the artifacts’ ultimate forms that were at the opposite end of the spectrum from their < camouflage > forms, and was something people could not call forth without having skills.

That was why Lee Jin-A could not help but shake in fear.

‘I, impossible! This is something only the Chairman-nim could do…!’

She could not help but gasp again after seeing the large slate board summoned behind Ju-Heon.

‘The Code of Hammurabi.’

It had disappeared from the Louvre Museum a few months ago but this was the same appearance she had seen in pictures.

‘Chairman Kwon was looking for the Code of Hammurabi because it is one of the four major codes of law artifacts.’

But this bastard had it on him.

Ju-Heon soon approached Lee Jin-A.

The scared Lee Jin-A must have thought she was really going to die as she used her artifact. Forget the senior’s mood or order, this bastard was about to kill her.

The item she took out was a water bottle. Water shot out toward Ju-Heon once she activated the artifact.

“Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.”

The water returned to Lee Jin-A once Ju-Heon quietly recited the phrase.


The pressured had also changed to something that resembled a water cannon. Lee Jin-A who now looked like a drenched rat started to cough.

‘T, this bastard!’

Ju-Heon smiled with his eyes as if he was complimenting her. He was amazed that she did not easily turn into a zombie as Yoon Shi Woo had done even after touching the zombie powder.

“I guess your dominance is pretty high to last so long.”

Ju-Heon then raised the heinous-looking silver-axe. Lee Jin-A was shaking as she started to shout.

“S, stoooooop! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please don’t kill me!”

However, it was useless. Ju-Heon was not the type to go easy on his enemies even if they were women.

“Go, silver-axe. Rip apart the enemy who tried to take my stuff.”

The silver-axe coldly flashed in the air, making Lee Jin-A curl up in fear and scream.

“S, save me!”

Both the sound of Ju-Heon’s silver-axe striking down and the woman’s desperate scream could be heard.

However, something shocking happened. A noise that was too light to be the sound of bones breaking echoed in the area.



Lee Jin-A now gasped for a different reason. The fancy suit that Lee Jin-A had been wearing had been ripped into pieces.


It was not just her suit. Her fancy underwear, her expensive purse, cellphone, accessories, every material item she owned was destroyed!

Riiiiiiiip! Riiiiiiiip! Riiiiiiiip!

Lee Jin-A screamed.

“Kyaaaa! What the hell is this?”

What else would it be? It was the silver-axe’s power.

That was the case.

The silver-axe’s power was to take care of anyone aiming for its master’s belongings. As a wealth-type artifact, it could destroy the enemy’s belongings.

And clothes are also belongings humans pay money to purchase!

That was why even the clothes on her back were destroyed by the silver-axe.

The effect became even stronger with the more expensive items!

‘In simple terms, it’s for creating eye candy, no, no, disarming the enemy.’

Ju-Heon then chuckled.

Lee Jin-A could only cover her large breasts and curl up her white body and cry. [1] She unfortunately ended up as the second strip show after Yoon Shi Woo.

However, Ju-Heon was giving a thumbs up internally without any malice.

‘Nice body.’

A message popped up in front of Ju-Heon at the same time.

[The other party’s dominance is drastically falling after experiencing severe indignity.]

[The other party’s dominance has temporarily fallen from A-Grade to D-Grade.]

Ju-Heon lightly motioned with his hands as if he had been waiting for this. The zombie powder covered her body in excitement.


The zombie powder worked properly now that her dominance had weakened. Lee Jin-A became a zombie slave similar to how Yoon Shi Woo had ended up and started to aimlessly move around naked like a drug addict.

Ju-Heon sneered as he watched.

‘Good luck finding an exorcism artifact to return these bastards to normal, Kwon Tae Joon.’

Ju-Heon then picked up an artifact among the items Lee Jin-A had dropped. It looked like a ink bottle used with a fountain pen.

[Ink belonging to an artist on Paris’s Montmartre Hill / B-Grade(Rare-Grade) – Consumable Artifact]

– Remaining Uses (50/100)

The durability seemed to have lowered because of his belonging destroying silver-axe.

‘Well, it doesn’t matter.’

Ju-Heon didn’t really need art-type artifacts. He still put it in his pocket as he thought he might find some uses for it.

It was at that moment.

“I heard that possessed items were coming out of tombs and roaming around. Those rumors were true.”

The one making the comment was one of the Oh Seung Woo group who had fallen over in shock.

Ju-Heon chuckled.

“Now that you got a good view of it, prepare to write a thorough eye witness account on SNS.”

“Ex, excuse me? Is that okay?”

Ju-Heon smiled and looked toward the Oh Seung Woo group. He did not seem to be too concerned about this situation.

Ju-Heon had done plenty of illegal things against pretty much the entire world as he led his tomb raiding team. They came in and swept things up and slithered away like eels to escape. Ju-Heon was that kind of person.

There was a reason people called Ju-Heon a ghost, the leader of the world’s most evil tomb raiding team who appeared and disappeared without a trace. So, something like this was child’s play.

“Is that really okay?”

“It doesn’t matter. The one who will get upset about this news spreading is some old man and not me.”

“But the level of damage…! Hyung-nim, aren’t they going to arrest you?”

Ju-Heon then smiled like a fox.

“Do you think I’ll get caught that easily?”

‘No, definitely not.’ The Oh Seung Woo group instinctively gulped. It may sound as if he was speaking without thinking, but Ju-Heon knew something they didn’t. They knew the cops could not arrest him right now.


‘Chairman Kwon will try to minimize this incident as much as possible.’

Chairman Kwon was the one who would end up in a terrible situation if Ju-Heon was arrested. Chairman Kwon should know for sure now that he gave a blatant warning.

‘He should now know that I have no desire to keep the artifacts a secret.’

That was why the situation Chairman Kwon least wanted to happen would occur if Ju-Heon was arrested. Ju-Heon might reveal the artifacts to the police if he was getting questioned.

That was why Chairman Kwon who wants to keep the artifacts a secret would take care of things on Ju-Heon’s behalf and do his best to protect Ju-Heon even if he hated the fact that he needed to do so.

Ju-Heon knew Chairman Kwon’s personality well. Chairman Kwon was someone who would definitely do that.

‘But he’s already late.’

News about artifacts would slowly spread out to the world through word of mouth.

Ju-Heon actually looked down on people who wanted to keep artifacts a secret. Ju-Heon didn’t care whether people benefited from artifacts or even scammed others to take artifacts from others.

He just felt it was disgusting and petty to keep the information to themselves so that they could monopolize all artifacts.

Ju-Heon’s belief was that even if you scam others to get it, let’s do it on a fair playing field where everyone knows the rules of the game.

On the other hand, Chairman Kwon’s method was to scam someone who didn’t even know the rules of the game.

Chairman Kwon’s methods would lead to more clueless people dying because of artifacts, and large numbers of people dying was something only the artifacts would enjoy.

Ju-Heon did not want to see Chairman Kwon laughing nor the artifact bastards enjoying something.

That was all he wanted.

‘So eat shit, old man.’

‘Anyway, let’s head to North Las Vegas airport. This woman and Chairman Kwon Tae Joon who should be nearby will take care of things here.”

“Huh? Huh? Kwon Tae Joon? That person is nearby?”

“How do you know that?”

‘How do I know?’ Although Ju-Heon didn’t know the identity of Chairman Kwon’s artifact, he clearly remembered the aura of that bastard’s artifact. Maybe he couldn’t hide the aura because he was flustered, but Ju-Heon could feel that evil artifact bastard’s aura in the distance.

“Anyway, let’s go before people come to see what happened.”

It happened as Ju-Heon tried to walk outside.

[You’re here, the human who has the qualifications to possess me.]

Ju-Heon jerked his head after hearing a spooky voice echoing through the airport.

The aura he felt meant it was at minimum a Divine-Grade artifact! However, it was much more heinous and violent than the likes of the Herb of Eternal Youth.

On the other hand, the Oh Seung Woo group found Ju-Heon’s expression to be odd.

“What’s wrong?”


‘Am I the only one who can hear it?’

However, Ju-Heon was anxious for a different reason.

This voice was the crow’s voice he had heard before.

1. most of Asia finds whiteness to be beautiful, which is why the author makes a point about her body being white here.


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