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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 326: The Emergence of the Majesty (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 326: The Emergence of the Majesty (1)

Translator: miraclerifle

[You have completed 1,000 blood sacrifices.]

Ju-Heon laughed once he saw that message.

[The artifact of pride is the first to awaken as the Majesty’s Key.]

A bright light flashed.

1,000 blood sacrifices.

The artifacts he destroyed ranged from C-Grade to SS-Grade, however, he did destroy 1,000 cores.

That was the reason Ju-Heon’s artifact of pride changed.

The one to react among the artifacts of pride was the Egyptian artifact.

[My name is Ozymandias, I am the king among kings. You so called strong individuals, look at my great undertakings and despair.]

It was the Ramesses artifact that he had sent to Chairman Kwon before it returned!

Ramesses turned into a golden stream of light before heading toward Ju-Heon’s finger.

His team couldn’t believe how strong it felt now.

And then…

[It has awakened as the Emperor’s Key.]

[You have gained the Key of Pride.]

[You are able to open the Door of Slaves.]

A bright light flashed and something appeared on Ju-Heon’s middle finger. It was a golden ring with Toombglyphs on it.

[Majesty’s Key (SS-Grade:Divine-Grade – Possession Artifact)]

Julian was wowed as he looked at Ju-Heon’s ring.

‘What the hell is that artifact?’

All he could tell even after using Kongming’s artifact was that this was clearly different from other artifacts.

Ju-Heon seemed quite amused while looking at his ring as well.

This ring seemed to be that Majesty’s Key or whatever.

It was supposedly SS-Grade as well, but its powers were much stronger than regular Divine-Grade artifacts.

‘It’s still just a shitty artifact.’

The area around them became loud once the key appeared.

[Ohhhhhhhh! A stupid human bastard can handle that?!]

[D, did he really awaken that?!]

[No, that’s not possible!]

[What do you mean that’s not possible?! This aura is definitely the aura of the Majesty!]

[I, it’s the Majesty!]

The prisoners were getting excited in their cells. The Crow was also excited at both the fact that Ju-Heon awakened the key and the artifacts’ reactions.

It wasn’t visibly showing it, but Ju-Heon could tell.

The Crow’s aura that was stretched out seemed to be slightly bobbing up and down.

[You suddenly have a desire to take that key and go to the lower levels.]

[There might be an expensive, rare, and extremely pretty artifact if you go down.]

‘What the hell is this bastard saying?’

All of the prisoners on this level started to shout.

[It’s the Majesty!]

[The Majeeeeesty!]

They knelt down and lowered their heads to the ground.

Prometheus’s army started to get anxious.

[Shut the hell up right now!]

[The Majesty?! How dare you say such fucking bullshit!]

The prisoners didn’t care and continued to be excited.

[I guess the Majesty has appeared again.]

[The great king of artifacts!]

[The great king of artifacts has returned!]

[We’re free! We’re free now!]

Prometheus felt extreme anger after hearing those shouts.

‘Like hell a shitty bastard like this is the king of artifacts!’

This son of a bitch was the Monarch of Theft, the Monarch of Predation and the Monarch of Plunder!

He would bite his own tongue and die if a bastard like this really was the Majesty!

That wasn’t all.

“Listen carefully. We artifacts do not need a king anymore! We are already the Majesty!”

Prometheus’s eyes flashed with anger. His angry gaze focused on Ju-Heon’s finger.

“Hand that over right now! You are not qualified to have that!”

“What the hell?”

“Hand it over! Do you really think a stupid bastard like you would be able to use that?”

Ju-Heon raised the hand with the ring in response. Something shocking started to happen.

[The cell door is opening.]

[The cell door is opening.]

The cells in this lobby area started to open.

Prometheus’s army became anxious once more.

[W, wait!]

They didn’t have much time to process anything as the prisoners in the cells started to burst out.

[The door opened!]

[The king has freed us!]

All sorts of artifacts burst out of the cells.

There were some artifacts that had lost their strength and were in their item forms but this was pretty much the lobby of the Great Prison.

The torture and suffering was low in this area.

That might be why there were still artifacts that were lively.

Some looked like monsters while others looked human.

The released prisoners all praised Ju-Heon.

[He opened the cells that only the guards are able to open!]

[My king!]

[I shall be loyal to you for the rest of my life!]

Ju-Heon was their savior.

They then turned toward Prometheus and his army.

That was to be expected.

[You damn usurper bastard!]

[Get rid of these treachers!]

Their fangs chomped toward the army of artifacts and the guards.

There were about 100 artifacts that had been freed by Ju-Heon.

This was enough to take on Prometheus’s army that had shrunk significantly after Ju-Heon’s massacre.

They even captured some of the guards. The prisoners on other floors started to go wild as well.

[Human! Let us out too!]

[Hurry! Hurry!]

[Huff, he only has sexy unnies with him.]

[I’ll give you a great reward! Aaaaang! Let me out now!]

Ju-Heon completely ignored them. As Ju-Heon started to walk…

[Human! You really succeeded!]

[You opened the prison door!]

Some familiar animals appeared in front of Ju-Heon.

They were the eagle and the red horse.

[Use this opening and hurry up and go to where my master is!]

[Hurry! This way!]

Ju-Heon completely ignored them as well and headed in a different direction.

The eagle and red horse became anxious.

[Hey! Not over there!]

“Shut up. There’s somewhere I want to go.”

[What?! Where?!]

“There’s no need for you guys to know where.”

[What the hell man?! Where is it?! We’ll show you the way!]

He stopped moving randomly and asked.

“Then do you know where the Crow is?”

[Ah, that bastard……what?!]

The eagle and the horse gasped for some reason. They were looking at him as if they thought he was crazy.

[Are you fucking crazy?!]

[I’d rather you get the fuck out of this Great Prison rather than going to that damn Crow!]

[You MUST NOT GO THERE unless you want to die!]


The eagle and horse were frustrated at Ju-Heon’s expression.

[The Crow is in the restricted area!]

“Restricted area?”

[Yes! This prison is about the size of your human world! There are divided sections as well! The level of danger and the type of bastards imprisoned are different for each section!]

“Oho? Then what about where we are right now?”

[You idiot! This is just the lobby! The danger level is low because these are the petty criminals!]

He had expected it to be something like that.

They had not seen any of the traps they saw in the Crow’s tomb in the past.

But Ju-Heon was quite amused.

“So where is that restricted area?”

The eagle and horse foamed at the mouth.

[You stupid bastard!]

[The Crow was the Majesty’s Heirloom and it is extremely terrible!]

[It’s a motherfucking traitor that even gobbled up some major gods!]

Even the other prisoners seemed to loath the Crow.

[Why would you want to take such a bastard out……?!]

“Is it far from here?”

As the eagle and horse grabbed the back of their necks and were about to say something…

“It’s not far.”

They heard a voice before some artifact’s screamed.

A bright light flashed inside the prison.

It was Zeus’s lightning bolt.


“It isn’t far, but do you really think that you will be able to get there, you bastard?”

Prometheus had appeared after destroying all of the prisoners.

This Prometheus, who seemed to have stolen a lightning bolt instead of fire, was glaring at him in anger.

“You are quite arrogant to think that you could catch me with such inferior fools.”

There were mountains of destroyed artifacts around him.

The horse gasped while the eagle raged.

[That damn thief! How dare you use my lord’s power! You will receive divine punishment!]

Prometheus just scoffed.

“How ridiculous. Why would I be scared of a fucking bastard wasting away in a cell?”

Zeus’s lightning bolt approached in a threatening manner. Ju-Heon sneered at it.

‘I guess I need to take care of this annoying thing.’

That was why he asked a question.

“Eagle. Where is your damn master?”

[W, what?]

“Where is he?”

At the same time…

[Warning. The Majesty is about to appear in the world.]

[The Majesty’s Treasure has appeared.]

The monopolizers were shocked at this unexpected development.

They had received this message from the Pandora system artifact.

“What is going on?”

“There’s no way that Prometheus would have taken the treasure out.”

“What does it mean by the Majesty?”

“What the hell could be going on inside the Great Prison?”

They were Pandora’s Executive Board.

They were the ones who controlled the world and were the first ones to meet Prometheus.

These were the people who received the ‘fire’ (in this case artifacts) from Prometheus and spread it around the world.

The people with Arthur’s mage, Merlin’s artifact and Loki’s artifact were part of this group as well.

They were the ones who helped artifacts become a critical part of human society.

It was a win-win for both sides.

These people could be called the chief executives of all humans who had connections to artifacts.

They were the ones who realized that Ju-Heon might become the Majesty in the past.

They frowned while looking at the message from the Pandora System.

“Didn’t he leave to stop Seo Ju-Heon?”

“Should we make a move too?”

“Don’t you think it’ll be okay to see how things go? There should be a reason Prometheus is one of the Supreme Leaders. He also has Zeus’s lightning bolt.”

“It might even be Prometheus who took out the Majesty’s Treasure.”

“You have a point. That is true. Prometheus should be back soon I guess.”

But forget coming back soon…

“Eagle. Where is your damn master?”

[W, what?]

“Where is he?”

Ju-Heon was planning on burying Prometheus alive here.

The eagle’s face lit up while the horse foamed at the mouth.

[Human! Are you planning on rescuing this bastard’s playboy master……mm!]

[Are you really going to save my master?!]

Ju-Heon just scoffed.

He could go directly to where the Crow was, but……

‘That lightning bolt is a bit of a headache.’

The fact that other artifacts were shaking in fear was the problem.

‘He can’t use his own powers because he was stabbed by Gungnir so he’s trying to scam me with Zeus’s lightning bolt?’

They would use too much stamina to take it on.

He debated consuming a bit of the lightning bolt even if he couldn’t fight face to face because the Crow was just a clone, but he could not do so.

[The connection has been terminated.]

[It seems as if the main body is unable to use any strength.]

The Crow that had a sparkle in its eyes and had been telling him to come to it, was now quiet.

The aura had become a bit weaker as well.

Prometheus must have done something to the Crow’s main body.

To be more specific, he must have ordered the guards to do something.

“So spill it. Where the hell is your master?”

The eagle’s eyes flashed and it started to fly.

[It’s nearby! Follow me!]

Ju-Heon and the others urgently jumped off the cliff.

Prometheus and his army became anxious.

[Hold on! That direction is?!]

[Is this bastard planning on?!]

Prometheus started to frown as well.

Prometheus knew very well what was in that direction.

It was the direction he was most wary about.

‘Damn it!’

As he was about to jump after Ju-Heon…

[No sir! That place is too dangerous!]

[You must get out of this prison for now for your own safety!]

Prometheus’s subordinates grabbed him and tried to forcibly drag him out.


“Let go of me! We can get there before them using the shortcut!”

Prometheus urgently walked into a different path.

He couldn’t let Ju-Heon get the major gods.

Actually, he couldn’t let Ju-Heon get to one specific bastard!

While all of that chaos was going on…


Artifacts in a certain section of the prison started to wake up because of all the noise.

They were tied down but they were all strong and famous artifacts.

[It’s quite noisy today.]

There were numerous Divine-Grade artifacts here.


[Someone is here.]

They started to frown.


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