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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 323: The Key to the Great Prison (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 323: The Key to the Great Prison (2)

Translator: miraclerifle

The farmers gasped after seeing the item buried underground.

It was actually the entrance to the Great Prison (but they didn’t know that).

The Oh Seung Woo group dropped their jaws in shock.

“I, is this for real?”

“A, are we going to be arrested?”

They were shaking in fear while looking at this thing.

They were just working on Ju-Heon’s farm.

This was the southern part of the United States. Ju-Heon had a 1,000,000 pyeong farm down here.

Of course, Ju-Heon had farms all around the world. His business had grown so large that there were coffee farms and other farms in the south and in other places reaching all the way to Australia.

Shennong’s artifact, basically different kind of tea leaves, were being grown in these farms.

Teas for beauty, recovery, panacea, increased focus, hair loss prevention, there were all sorts of teas.

The products would then be sold through Grave Company.

The Oh Seung Woo group was responsible for taking care of the Herb of Eternal Youth, the most precious of Ju-Heon’s crops.

But they found a human skeleton on the Herb of Eternal Youth farm!

“Was someone murdered here?”

“Why is there a corpse buried here?!”

That was the case.

The entrance they had found on the farm was none other than a human skeleton.

That was extremely shocking.

An animal carcass could be explained as a wild animal burying food for later and forgetting about it, but…

A human skeleton?!

“A, and this person was murdered!”

“Excuse me?!”

“L, look at this!”

The hole in the head was proof this person was murdered. The Oh Seung Woo group couldn’t help but shake in fear.

“W, what if they blame us as the culprits?”


The three cowards turned pale.

They were finally able to get rid of their thug life past(?) and live new lives as farmers.

One of them grabbed his shovel out of anxiety.

“Hey, bury it back! We didn’t see this! You got that?!”

“R, right! Let’s bury it! Let’s bury it forever!”

As they were making this bad decision…

[Leader-nim. It looks like some humans have discovered one of the prison entrances.]

[What did you say?]

The Division Commanders artifacts opened their eyes wide at the detection artifact’s report.

The Great Prison was a tomb located in a different world. Only a portion of it had broken past the boundary to pop out.

It was similar to only the top of a pyramid being visible in a desert.

It was because the 7 Great artifacts loosened their powers a bit.

That was probably the reason.

‘I’m going to grind those bastards up and scatter them in shit.’

They were grinding their teeth in anger but still calmly helping Prometheus.

They just needed to shove the tomb back to the other world before Ju-Heon could go inside.

They were extremely busy doing that but what?

[Didn’t you say that all of them were camouflaged?]

[Yes sir. They were……but one of them……seems to have been found by some stupid farmers.]

The Division Commanders felt as if their asses were on fire.

[How the hell did they find it?!]

[Did Seo Ju-Heon notice it as well?!]

[No sir, not yet.]

The Divine-Grade artifacts became anxious. Prometheus would definitely rage if he found out about this.

He was extremely sensitive about things already.

[We must not let the Supreme Leader find out about this! Seo Ju-Heon can’t find out either!]

[Yes sir!]

[Camouflage it again before the Supreme Leader notices. And kill all of those farmers! We will head over as well.]

[Yes sir, please don’t worry. We know what kind of situation we are in. We’ve already sent a team over.]

[Those farmers will be killed in the process.]

[Tsk tsk, sometimes not knowing something is the greatest medicine in this world.]

The artifacts started to smile wickedly.

However, forget being murdered…

“Oh, this is quite interesting.”

That team they sent was massacred by Ju-Heon.

Well…they actually became Ju-Heon’s extremely nutritious lunch.

“Well, they weren’t tasty but they were still better than those evil god artifacts.”

That was the case.

Ju-Heon was already at the Herb of Eternal Youth farm.

The farmers had originally been trying to rebury the skeleton, but their leader…

What was his name? Oh right, Oh Seung Woo beat them up.

‘Wow, you stupid idiots! This is obviously not a normal person’s skeleton! I can feel an aura on it!’

‘Huh? Now that you mention it……!’

‘This is something we need to inform Hyung-nim about! Hurry up and dig it out!”

That was basically how it went down.

Ju-Heon took only a few minutes to fly down here after getting the call.

Of course, it was at least 2000km between New York and here. It didn’t matter that it would take a couple hours on a plane.

He had Gungnir.

Ju-Heon had gotten the idea from seeing Kwon Hyuk Soo riding Gungnir across the Pacific Ocean.

The target was the Oh Seung Woo group.

He then got on the missile and flew over.

It was not something a regular person could do, but Ju-Heon was no regular person.

If thad old man Kwon Hyuk Soo could do it, why wouldn’t he be able to as well?

Of course, Gungnir wanted to cry.


Waaah, I’m not some transportation device!

His pride as a weapon of assassination was being crushed.

It was at that moment.

“Are you out of your mind?”

He heard some people foaming at the mouth behind him. They were Ju-Heon’s team who chased after him as quickly as possible.

They didn’t know what Ju-Heon heard on the phone but they saw him throw Gungnir as soon as he got off the phone.

“No matter what the situation was, how could you even think about riding Gungnir?!”

“What else could I do? These punks would have been killed by these artifacts if I was late.”

Ju-Heon didn’t seem to have considered accidentally getting them killed by Gungnir in the process.

“Anyway, I don’t need a car anymore since I have this bastard.”

Gungnir cried after hearing that while Julian grabbed the back of his neck.

“Just buy one! Buy an artifact car! Weapons need to be used as weapons to stay sharp!”

“No thanks. I told you that I’m not satisfied with any of the artifact cars.”

As Ju-Heon pouted…

“Is this what the farmers found?”

The team members were amazed by the skeleton buried in the field.

“It’s buried extremely deep down.

The skeleton was just peeking its head out, as if it was asking for people to find it.

“It doesn’t feel like an artifact…is it something like an entrance?”

“Yes, it is probably the entrance to the Great Prison.”

Ju-Heon had heard them talk about it as he was about to take care of that team sent by the artifacts.

[Damn it, it really is the entrance to that Great Prison!]

[Hurry! We need to get rid of it before Seo Ju-Heon notices it!]

Those bastards had definitely said that.

‘But even if this is the entrance to the Great Prison……’

How was he supposed to enter?

It was an extremely odd entrance.

Most tomb entrances looked like buildings. It could be a regular office, a cave, manhole, an actual tomb, or even a restroom.

These entrances would be connected to tombs either above or underground.

But how was he supposed to go into a skeleton to enter a tomb?

“Ah, maybe the skeleton is just a part of it? The real tomb might be underneath the skeleton?”

Ju-Heon shook his head.

“No. There is no tomb anywhere around here.”


They looked back at the skeleton.

“Maybe this skeleton is some sort of warp gate or something?”

Unfortunately, nothing happened when they touched the skeleton or channeled Dominance into it.

Julian thought for a moment before realizing something.

“Yes, the keys! Maybe this will react if you use the 7 keys!”

Jaeha shook his head.

“Our greedy Captain-nim would not be standing here hours later if it was so easily opened.

It was as he mentioned.

“Do I really need to shove them into Tartarus?”

Ju-Heon peeked toward the 7 keys and they foamed at the mouth.

[We don’t know the answer no matter what you do!]

[We don’t know how to open it!]

It was at that moment.

[T, that’s why I said I would tell you how!]


Ju-Heon turned his head after hearing an unfamiliar voice. The voice, for some odd reason, was coming from Seol-A’s butt.

[Huff huff, you really should listen, you stupid bastard.]


Ju-Heon tilted his head in confusion before walking closer to Seol-A.

“C, Captain-ni……kyaa!”

Everybody jumped in shock as Ju-Heon firmly grabbed Seol-A’s butt.

They turned red after seeing him starting to squeeze it.

“H, hold on!”

“Hey! Seo Ju-Heon! What the hell are you doing?! Why the hell are you doing THAT all of a sudden?!”

However, something unexpected happened.

[Aigoooooooo, I’m going to be squished to death you bastard!]

Something popped out of Seol-A’s back pocket.

“That is?!”

The thing that crawled out while groaning was a very small bird. It was an eagle that was only the size of a finger.

It was the suspicious artifact that had come to ask Ju-Heon to take them out before Ju-Heon flew over.

Seol-A gasped and covered her butt.

“W, when did that hide in there?”

Actually, there was one more artifact hiding somewhere.

[My goodness, you truly are that bastard’s subordinate to hide in such a place.]

This artifact was neighing while snorting at the bird.

It was a small red horse.

It scolded the eagle.

[You truly are the subordinate of that scum who chases after women’s asses!]

“What the hell? You’re the same, you bastard.”


Ju-Heon grabbed the horse out of Chloe’s cleavage.

“My goodness!”

“W, what the? Who are these guys?”

“I’m not sure but what I can tell is that these bastards are also clones.”

The two artifacts shouted while groaning in Ju-Heon’s hand.

[Y, yes. We are servants of our masters who are imprisoned in the tomb! We came to ask you to rescue our masters!]


[We will tell you how to use those keys. Then you will be able to enter the tomb.]

[We will tell you about a different entrance instead of this one. It is our masters’ tombs!]

The doggies sneered at these desperate clones.

[This is quite the spectacle. I never expected you arrogant bastards to beg a human for help.]

[You bastards despised the Crow so much in the past. But now you’re begging our master who has contracted that same Crow!]

The eagle and red horse wanted to cry.

[We’re not asking you to save them for nothing! We will definitely reward you for it!]

The doggies viciously bared their fangs.

[These shitty bastards……!]

It was at that moment.

“Hold on. They said that they will give me a reward.”

[But master! These bastards, they!]

“It’s fine.”

The two clones were happy to see that Ju-Heon was interested.

[Then please rescue my master immediately……!]

[Get lost! My master is first!]

Ju-Heon started to frown.

“Tsk, every contract has a deposit for a reason. What if I do the work and you pretend we never had a deal in the first place?”

The eagle and red horse nodded their heads.

[Fine, take it!]

The eagle took out a number of women and men.

The team members dropped their jaws in shock as they were extremely beautiful babes and hunks artifacts that would easily be number 1 in popularity if they were used to form an idol group.

[Here! These are some of the most beautiful people in the world! I will give you even more if you rescue my master! Take your pick!]

[Who cares about women?! I’ll give you wealth!]

The horse then took out a load of gold, silver, and jewels.

[Those things are useless!]

They took out all sorts of things as if they were competing with each other. They were huffing in anger.

[Ow! Human! I will let you control everything under the heavens!]

[That’s so old-fashioned! Humans these days don’t care about things like that! They just want to eat well and live well!]

[Shut the hell up! A true man must be victorious in battles!]

[You shut the hell up! You damn old-fashioned bastard! How would a stupid horse that’s just a mount for a human god know anything about the keys anyway?]

[Of course I know, you bastard! In order to use the keys, you first……!]

As they were openly fighting against each other…

“That’s enough. I understand your situations now.”

[Then please rescue my master immediately……!]

Ju-Heon smirked as soon as he heard that.

“But I don’t want to.”

[W, what?! But!]

“I’ll rescue them when I feel like it.”


[This human bastard just wanted to take our things and run! Follow us right now! You sealed the deal once you took our stuff!]

“What? Did we sign a contract?”


“Remember that a verbal contract can always be broken.”

The two of them dropped their jaws in shock.

Julian whispered to him at that moment.

“Hey. These things seem pretty desperate……”

Ju-Heon didn’t seem to care.

“Shut up. It’s obvious that these bastards are asking me to rescue Zeus and Guan Yu’s artifacts. Guan Yu is one thing, but I’m not interested in Zeus at all.”


“Plus, what if we get fucked like in the Crow’s tomb if I followed these bastards without thinking about it?”

He also didn’t like that they despised the Crow in the past.

“These bastards are clones so I’m not interested in them either.”

“Then what about how to use the keys?!”

“These dumbasses blurted it all out while arguing with each other.”

Julian gasped while the red horse and eagle huffed in anger.

[You bastard…! I knew we shouldn’t rely on a human…huh? Where did he go?]

“If you’re that free, why don’t you take care of those bastards behind you?”


“Then I’ll think about it.”

Some familiar faces appeared at Ju-Heon’s farm at that moment.

[Warning. An army of threatening artifacts has appeared.]

[Warning. An army of threatening artifacts has appeared.]

Prometheus and his Division Commanders seemed to have warped over.

[Damn it! It’s Prometheus! Run!]

[It’ll be bad if he realizes that we got out!]

Prometheus, who took a while to hear about what had happened, became extremely angry and appeared with his army.

But it didn’t matter.

[Supreme Leader-nim! Seo Ju-Heon has disappeared!]

[He has entered the Great Prison!]


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