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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 315: Dream-like Date (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 315: Dream-like Date (1)

Translator: miraclerifle

Jaeha’s heart was beating wildly as he looked at Zhen Cai Yuan.

‘I won’t get caught, right? I probably won’t get caught. I never expected that I would ever have to disguise myself as the Captain-nim……!’

Actually, there were some positives in disguising himself as Ju-Heon. Look at all these ‘firsts’ that he experienced! He now knew what it felt like to hit your head against the ceiling!

He now knew what it felt like to feel cramped in the back seat because of really long legs! He now knew what it feels like to stand above other people!

‘It’s different from wearing padding under my feet to feel taller! Damn it!’

Jaeha was excited about the things he didn’t usually get to experience.

But the thing he liked the most was……

“Oh my.”

It was the fact that every single woman seemed to be looking at him! Even the sexy noonims were looking at him!

Well, they weren’t looking at ‘him,’ but anyway, women were looking at him and liked what they saw!

This was what it felt like to have women turn toward you wherever he went! He even had a woman come up and ask him for his number!

‘Wow, I even experienced the street-side casting!’

It wasn’t ‘him’ they wanted to cast but whatever, he still got to experience it. That was the important thing; he got to experience it.

It was especially useful when he used his haggling skill(?). The success rate of his scamming went up significantly as well!

‘I should use the Captain-nim’s face more often.’

He would probably die if Ju-Heon ever found out, but whatever. He was enjoying this ‘new world’ experience as Ju-Heon, but……

“D, did you wait long?”

Why did the end of this ‘new world’ have to be Zhen Cai Yuan? Jaeha really wanted to die.

However, there was nothing he could do about it.

‘Damn bitch……n, no. This is all for the Captain-nim.’

How did it end up like this? Actually, Jaeha had witnessed Seol-A’s crime(?) when he went out and returned.

“Hey! W, what the hell did you do?! Why is the Captain-nim unconscious?!”


Jaeha was flustered. Why did she have to use the Sleeping Beauty artifact of all things…

“What the hell? Why is he not getting up?! Didn’t this guy have monster-like Tolerance that made him immune to even Divine-Grade artifacts?!”


Ju-Heon’s basic Tolerance would make A-Grade artifacts and below not work very well, but he was deep asleep right now.

“This son of a bitch just doesn’t want to wake up huh?!”

Ju-Heon was usually lacking sleep because of artifact risks.

Jaeha gave up on waking Ju-Heon up and shook his head.

“Aigoo, I guess we have no choice. I will call Zhen Cai Yuan and cancel…”

But at that moment…

“Hold on!”

Seol-A, who had put Ju-Heon to sleep, grabbed Jaeha with a desperate look on her face. She was originally planning on putting Ju-Heon to sleep and going to meet that woman but Jaeha had shown up.

“Hey Jaeha…”



“I won’t do it!”

“I didn’t say that I would make you do it! What do you take me for?!”


What was going on?

Zhen Cai Yuan had the fossilized artifact of gluttony with her.

She would bring it to the date because Ju-Heon already mentioned it to her. Zhen Cai Yuan seemed amused enough that she happily agreed to it as well.

Well, she agreed to show it to him but she would never give it to him.

‘Today is the only chance.’

They needed that item to open the last of the 7 Great Tombs.

“I’m not trying to make you do anything. Please don’t wake the Captain-nim up and don’t inform the others. Can I at least ask you to do that?”

Seol-A didn’t want to send Ju-Heon into a deathtrap.

‘Zhen Cai Yuan committed suicide in front of the Captain-nim.’

She knew how strong Ju-Heon’s mental fortitude was but things like that could shake his Dominance. She also had no idea what kind of psychotic things that that woman might do.

Furthermore, how could she send Ju-Heon into danger knowing that the Supreme Leader artifact was aiming for his life? She would sacrifice herself instead. Seol-A was desperate but Jaeha sneered at her.

“……You just didn’t want to see the Captain-nim going on a date with Zhen Cai Yuan…ugh!”

Jaeha clutched his stomach and continued to speak.

“Fine. So you just need me to pretend to be the Captain-nim and swipe that Fossil Artifact?”

“What? No, you don’t need to do that…”

“Whatever, how can I send you alone? Plus, when else would I get to transform into the Captain-nim if it isn’t for something like this?”


He was scared because of who she was, but Zhen Cai Yuan would not notice if he pretended to look at it and made a copy of it in the process.

“Then we should be able to go inside the Tomb of Gluttony without any hindrances.”

Yoo Jaeha soon asked a question.

“But was there a need to use an artifact to put the Captain-nim to sleep?”

Seol-A seemed to be in a lot of mental pain.

“No, I wasn’t planning on using artifacts either……!”

She was planning on tiring Ju-Heon out and then putting him to bed, but……

“Umm, the Captain-nim wouldn’t get tired!”

That bomb of a comment made Jaeha cough.

“Cough, cough! What the hell were the two of you…?!”

Who knew what was on Jaeha’s mind but he sent a respectful gaze toward Ju-Heon.

Anyway, that was how Jaeha ended up being involved with Seol-A’s plan. This plan was good, especially thinking about the aftermath.

‘That guy might accept marrying into the Chinese government if she offered him 2,000 Divine-Grade artifacts.’

The tomb raiding team had zero trust in their Captain.

Plus, it didn’t seem that bad now.

‘Zhen Cai Yuan is actually pretty when she dresses up like this.’

His eyes were enjoying a feast.

His jaw dropped after seeing her in this date outfit compared to her usual career woman style. She looked like a beautiful young lady and not the usual scary Chinese Supreme Leader.

‘Anyway, let’s pretend to be the Captain-nim to the best of my abilities and steal the Fossil Artifact.’

He just needed to switch it with a fake.

“S, should we go watch a movie? How about that one?”


“Are you really Seo Ju-Heon?”

Zhen Cai Yuan’s eyes furrowed with disbelief.

“She looks like she believes him, right?”

“Yes, I’m sure of it.”

Julian was searching the back seat with Seol-A right now.

Julian had come to look for Jaeha and Seol-A after realizing their crime(?). He met up with Seol-A, heard the situation and decided to help out for now.

‘That damn Captain is showing no signs of waking up anyway.’

They were in the theatre right now. The plan was to use the darkness in the theatre to make a copy of the Fossil Artifact.

Well, it was great that they picked a movie that Zhen Cai Yuan would like, but……

“Kya, so scary!”

Zhen Cai Yuan was watching the movie while tightly grabbing onto Ju-Heon’s arm.

That was right. The ridiculous Zhen Cai Yuan had chosen a horror film to watch with ‘Ju-Heon.’

What other reason would a woman have for choosing a horror movie on a date?

“I’m going to kill that woman……!”

Seol-A was grinding her teeth at her obvious scheme. There might have been a murder today if the real Ju-Heon was there right now.

But actually, the horror film wasn’t a bad choice.

Zhen Cai Yuan possessed the Spider Artifact that cruelly feasted on humans. It was great that she was enjoying this horror-thriller film, but……

‘Damn it! Why did it have to be a horror fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilm?!’

Jaeha was dying.

Jaeha was actually a scaredy cat who hated horror movies.

‘I’m screwed! The Captain-nim would watch a movie like this while scratching his stomach, but!Whyyyyyyyyy!’

The scared Jaeha subconsciously tightened his grip on Zhen Cai Yuan’s arm. Zhen Cai Yuan smiled in response.

‘I guess he’s surprisingly easily scared.’

But the people looking at them were about to have heart attacks.


“U, umm, isn’t that dangerous?”

Jaeha’s disguise was affected by its master’s mental state.

He was barely maintaining Ju-Heon’s appearance but it almost reverted back every time he got scared.

Julian became anxious.

“We need to go bring Ju-Heon…!”

On the other hand, Seol-A was foaming at the mouth.

“T, that bitch is rubbing her face on the Captain-nim? Her fucking face?!”

“Wait, Seol-A. Calm down. That’s not Ju-Heon!”

As Julian was trying to calm Seol-A down…


The two were shocked.

His disguise that was barely being maintained had completely disappeared!

They gasped.

“Wait, Jaeha! The disguise is gone, it’s gone!”

He might have fainted.

“Jaeha! The movie is about to end!”

“Copy! Make the copy!”

It was at that moment.


Zhen Cai Yuan seemed to realize something was wrong. The arm felt different from Ju-Heon’s arm she felt before.

And then…


The lights came on in the theatre at that moment.

The movie was over. The lights were on.

Everybody else was rushing out of the theatre saying they were scared, but someone was not.

Zhen Cai Yuan was frozen stiff.

She couldn’t be blamed for it because next to her was Jaeha who was unconscious.

‘What the hell is going on?’

Jaeha, who finally seemed to have realized that the movie was over, woke up.

“Damn it, it’s over……? Huh?”


Jaeha felt Zhen Cai Yuan’s gaze and looked down at his body.


Jaeha realized that the disguise was gone and screamed internally.

‘Fuuuuuuuuuuuck! The disguise is gone!’

His face turned pale.

“W, wait, you see, this…”

“Why are you here?”

“E, excuse me?”

“I’m asking why you are here and not Seo Ju-Heon.”

‘Damn it! I’m dead!’

“W, wait, that……ahhhh!”

At that moment… BOOM! The theatre shook vigorously.


“It’s an earthquake, an earthquake!”

The people moving out gasped and started to run. A chaotic aura started to swirl inside the theatre.

“You dare to trick me?!”

The look on Zhen Cai Yuan’s face did not seem human.

That was probably to be expected.


An anxious Julian and Seol-A rushed toward Jaeha. They thought that Zhen Cai Yuan might really kill him.


Zhen Cai Yuan’s eyes were full of murderous intent.

She was probably even angrier at the fact that it was Jaeha.

This wasn’t the first time she was scammed by Jaeha after all. Furthermore, she had been so affectionate and snuggled up with someone who wasn’t Ju-Heon!

‘This is extremely embarrassing!’

She called forth her Spider Artifact.

“Where is the real Seo Ju-Heon?”

“W, wait, that…!”

At that moment…

“Where else?”


“I’m right here.”

They all gasped after hearing that familiar voice.

The voice had come from the farthest seat in the back.

Whether it was to see all of the ending credits… Or maybe he had just fallen asleep, but…

There was one person who was still here even though everybody else ran out after Zhen Cai Yuan’s attack.

“C, Captain-n……!”

The real Ju-Heon was back there.

“Captain-nim, how?!”

They had not noticed at all because of the cap he was wearing. Ju-Heon didn’t care as he sat there satisfied with his legs crossed. He was in awe of what his team members had done for him.

He looked at Zhen Cai Yuan and smiled brightly.

“The date is now over. I kept my promise.”

Maybe this was what he had been aiming for.


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