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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 307: I presume you prepared for the wedding expenses? (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 307: I presume you prepared for the wedding expenses? (2)

Translator: miraclerifle

“Oh? It’s been a while since I’ve seen your true appearance. You stupid bird brain.”

There was a young woman with black hair in front of Mammon.

She completely contrasted Mammon who was a very bright color.

Mammon was white from head to toe. The Crow was black from head to toe. (Except her skin)

Only her flashing eyes were red. Her white face without even the semblance of a smile made her look like the grim reaper.

She seemed to be in her late teens to her early twenties.

Her face was slim and her body was slender.

Even her outfit contrasted Mammon’s a lot.

Mammon was dressed like someone would expect a devil of excavation to dress, wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt.

On the other hand, the Crow was dressed more formal.

She was wearing a tight fitting outfit so her curves were quite visible.

Mammon sneered while looking at her.

‘She looks quite angry.’

Mammon had not expected to see this appearance.

The Crow did not usually appear in this form. Even if she could use her full power in this form…

She usually appeared in the form of other artifacts she had consumed.


She hated this appearance quite a bit.

‘Why does she hate the form of the messenger she received from the greatest god?’

Mammon asked her a question.

[I heard that you appeared in some weird form for Seo Ju-Heon.]

She was probably talking about that sexy babe that got Jaeha too excited.

It wasn’t that she wasn’t beautiful right now. In fact, she was even more beautiful than that sexy babe based on her beauty and the peculiar demeanor she gave off.

At least she didn’t look as if her shirt was going to explode because of her… assets.

Mammon sneered at her.

[You thought you couldn’t succeed with this appearance so you tried to seduce Seo Ju-Heon by looking like a voluptuous babe?]

The artifacts seemed to believe human men liked their women long and voluptuous.

The Crow glared at Mammon.

But Mammon didn’t care and her blue eyes seemed to be on fire.

[You damn exiled bird brain, who do you think you are trying to seduce?! You’re the reason Prometheus put a bounty on my human’s head! Do you not know what that means?!]

An angry Mammon was shouting.

[Ah whatever! Hand over your qualifications as a Heirloom and get lost! Appear as a man if you really have to show up! I’m the one who is helpful to Seo Ju-Heon!]

The Crow glared right back.

[Is that all you have to say?]

Mammon scoffed as the Crow released her chaotic aura of predation.

[Don’t you think that you are looking down on me too much?]

‘How dare a damn clone try to eat me?!’

The two artifacts’ auras clashed against each other.


“Kyaaaa! What the?!”

The ground was shaking vigorously. There were explosions as if large meteorites were falling along with the earthquake.

Ruuuuumble, ruuuuuumbl!

The ground around them shot up and a round stone tomb appeared in the park.

Ju-Heon who was in the hotel tilted his head in confusion.


[The devil has summoned the gold mine.]

[The Crow has summoned some handsome men and beautiful women.]

[The Devil is throwing diamonds as it is afraid it will lose.]

[The Crow is happily munching on them!]

‘What the hell are these fools doing?’

That wasn’t all.

They probably caused the Pandora alarm to go off as well.

[Serious Tomb Appearance phenomenon detected.]

[Anybody in the nearby area should evacuate immediately.]

It was quite the shitshow.

Seol-A didn’t know what to do after looking at thunderbolts falling from a distance as well.

“Captain-nim, i, is it okay to leave them be?”

“Just leave them alone.”

“Excuse me? R, really?”

“Yeah. Only Pandora bastards are in that area. Tell them to destroy more things.”


Ju-Heon was smiling wickedly


‘It’s not bad for the two of them to be like this.’

Ju-Heon was happy while looking at the artifacts on his bed.

Either Mammon or the Crow must have left them here.

But even if they were Divine-Grade artifacts……

[Idol Hina Kazari’s life photos (SS-Grade – Divine-Grade Consumable Artifact)]

Remaining Uses: 10/10

Ability: Summon the beyond cute local idol, the talent appearing once in a millennium, Hina Kazari. Kazari will grant one of your wishes.

It was something like that.

Seeing as how artifacts get stronger based on their subject’s level of fame, it was possible to get artifacts like this.

Idols could be deified by their fans and could become Divine-Grade artifacts.

Either way, Mammon and the Crow competing against each other was not so bad for Ju-Heon.

Seol-A sighed while looking at the Pandora precinct that was being targeted by the tomb appearance.

“But it looks like Pandora will be grinding their teeth even more.”


“Excuse me?”

“Those bastards, who gave them permission to use our photos?”

Ju-Heon was growling.

“I’m going to sue them all. I’m going to get a billion dollars from each of them.”

Why did that sound so ridiculous?

“Whatever. Did you show them the wanted posters?”

“Ah, yes sir. They should be looking at them in the room right no……”

They heard some shrieks inside the room at that moment.

[Aaaaaaaaaahhhh! What the heeeeeell?!]

The first thing they heard was a shrieking artifact.

It was the worm.

[Worm ($1,000,000)]

Illegal Loans

[Rope ($10,000,000)]

Sadism, Violence

[Aigooooo, how did I end up on the wanted liiiiiiiiiiist?!]

The worm despaired at the bounty on its head.

The team members all exploded with anger as well.

“Aaaaaaah! Who told them to put such a terrible picture of me?! I am more handsome than this!”

“Pillaging? Piiiiiillagiiiiiing?! Meeeeeeee?!:

“My goodness, it’d be terrible if Soo-A heard I’m wanted for murder.”

“Illegal Medical Operations……? A quack?”

They looked ready to pummel Pandora to the ground.

“All of the women in the world are going to make fun of me with a picture like this!”

The one who was the most angry was……

“What kind of crime is thiiiiiiiis?!”


He was grabbing the back of his head in anger, but…

[The bounty for Seo Ju-Heon is $1,000,000,000, the greatest bounty in history.]

[Bounty for the Monarch of Pushoverness is $800,000,000? He is number 1 on the list for all bounty hunters in the world.]

[Julian Miller’s bounty is $500,000,000. “500 million just for pillaging?”]

[Im Hae Jin ($300,000,000). “300 million is not enough. Need to increase it.”]

[Lee Seol-A and Irene… Rather than bounty hunters, the number of men asking for their hand in marriage has increased.]

[Grade 8 syndrome Ilya Volgof. Only has a puny $100,000 bounty.]

[One million dollar bounty on a worm? “Worms may go extinct.”]

“Why is my bounty the lowest?!”

He looked ready to explode.

“How the fuck can my bounty be lower than a damn insect?!”

[What the hell man?! What the hell? I’m worth that price! You damn human bastard!]

The worm was spewing fire from its mouth(?).

Well, there was a reason Ilya’s bounty was lower than everyone else’s.

Based on Ilya’s abilities, his bounty should be in the hundreds of millions as well.

The way he could modify information and people’s memories should put his bounty at Jaeha’s level.


‘The aftermath clean-up crew can’t leave any traces behind.’

That was right.

It didn’t matter how hard Ilya worked. The aftermath clean-up crew’s motto was to hide everything.

His ability modified people’s memories to not leave any traces behind.

That was why the only thing the world had seen about him was his devils.

However, his devil ability got rid of all important moments from people’s memories as well, so all that was left of Ilya was……

‘Hahaha! Die you foolish humans! Be swept away by the fires of hell!’

He just looked like a crazy lunatic.

The angry team members all charged toward Pandora.

Even Julian had pulled up his sleeves in anger this time.

“Captain, don’t stop me. How dare they put such false accusations on someone.”

“Sure, I won’t stop you. And don’t worry. There’s a volunteer who went first.”

“Huh? Who?”

Who else would it be?

Ju-Heon just laughed instead of responding.


“S, save me!”

Puuk! Puuk!

Pandora was in total chaos right now.

The place turning into pandemonium was Pandora’s HQ.

These were the people who had created the wanted posters for Ju-Heon’s team.

Pandora’s soldiers who had been on their way to capture Ju-Heon’s team were currently coughing up blood.

It was because of the mysterious team of volunteers that had suddenly attacked Pandora.

“F, fuck, there’s only one of t…… ugh!”

This was a swift assassin moving through the darkness.

Jack the Ripper was instilling fear even in the mind of Pandora’s trained soldiers.

Of course, Julian foamed at the mouth after hearing about it.

“What did you say?! Nina went to Pandora?!”

He almost fainted after hearing it.

Nina had actually been with Ju-Heon’s company, Grave Company’s engineering team until now. They were trying to remove the artifact that changed her into a murderer.

His sister Joy was in charge of helping Nina get rid of it.

“She came back yesterday.”

“Okay, sure. That’s all great. But why did you send her to Pandora?!”

“Hmm? I didn’t send her.”

Ju-Heon showed him another wanted poster.

[Nina Miller ($200,000,000)]

Desertion, murder.


It seemed as if Nina had a bounty on her head as well.

The fact that she was Jack the Ripper had been revealed. Furthermore, she was now associated with Ju-Heon and not the Monarch of Seduction.

Julian’s face turned pale.

“T, then did Nina go after seeing the bounty on her head?”

“No, it was after she saw someone else’s.”

“Someone else? W, was it mine?”

Julian was quite hopeful.

But Ju-Heon just sneered at him.

“No, not you. That bastard Jaeha.”


‘What? Who?’

“WHY?! Why the hell would she… WHY?! Why Jaeha of all people?!”

Ju-Heon seemed amused as he answered Julian’s question.

“She said that too many people would be aiming for Jaeha’s head if he has such a high bounty on him. So she said she was going to go get rid of the bounty?”

‘Aiya, Nina! You would ignore the bounty on your own brother’s head for that?!’

Julian was sobbing internally. However, Nina had not recovered her memories yet.

She just had an artifact that was suppressing her instincts as a human weapon and slowly regaining her emotions.

“Anyway, Pandora should be a total mess since Jack the Ripper went over.”

That was indeed the case.

“What did you just say?”

“It seems that an enemy has infiltrated Pandora’s HQ!”

In New York’s Pandora HQ…

Prometheus was grabbing the back of his head at this unexpected enemy attack.

‘Did these bastards go crazy or something?’

Well, he had expected something like this to happen.

Even worms squirm when you step on them, so it made sense that Ju-Heon’s team would squirm after such bounties were placed on them.


“Take care of them. It’s just useless opposition.”

There was a different reason he put a bounty on their heads.

‘I’ll imprison you in the tomb of criminals.’

There were actually law enforcement artifacts that dragged away criminals from around the world.

Those artifacts would chase people to the depths of hell for the bounty.

These artifacts had been quite useful to put away the great criminals in the past as well.

The way to get them to move was to have criminals that were well-known throughout the world. That was the reason Prometheus put such unbelievable bounties on their heads.

He smiled as he had recently confirmed that those artifacts were on the move again.

‘We will put them all in prison before that bastard Seo Ju-Heon finds the tomb of gluttony.’

But at that moment…

“Sir, terrible news! Director-nim, you’ve ended up on the wanted list as well!”


‘What the fuck is he talking about?!’

The employee urgently turned the TV on. Something unbelievable was being reported right now.

[An extremely large lawsuit against Pandora’s Executive Board and their subordinates.]

[The Holtens have even placed a large bounty on their heads.]

[Whistleblower from Pandora reports the ‘State of the Executive Board’]

[“They blackmailed Seo Ju-Heon’s excavation team for artifacts and have framed them after they were rejected.”]

[Will the FBI investigate?]


Ju-Heon was the one who attacked Prometheus.

But the one who turned them into criminals was none other than the angry Ilya.

“Hahahaha, this is the punishment for claiming my crime is Grade 8 Syndrome and only putting a puny $100,000 bounty on my head!”

He had modified someone’s memory to create a false witness.

Prometheus’s name was becoming famous because of this whistleblower’s confession!

Prometheus scoffed in disbelief.

‘An artifact must have noticed my plan.’

There were no other reasons for them to attack him back like this.

He then started to frown.

“I guess I need to teach that artifact and its master a lesson.”

‘How dare a mere human try to mess with me.’

An angry Prometheus channeled his aura.

The eagle next to him gasped.

[Supreme Leader-nim! You’re not thinking about……!]

Prometheus had called something else out with his chaotic aura.


It was a spear that was taller than most humans!

It was a strong weapon that was shooting out thunderbolts.

The eagle became extremely anxious once Prometheus grabbed the spear.

[Supreme Leader-nim, that artifact is yet to……!]

“No. They’re perfect as test subjects.”

Prometheus looked at the spear with satisfaction before clenching it tightly.

And then!


He threw the spear out the window at a vicious speed. The spear pierced through the air like a laser.

He smiled viciously.

‘All of you can just die.’

Even the Crow would never be able to consume this item. The Crow was only a clone right now after all.

And at that moment…


Mammon felt something and jumped in shock.

‘That is?!’

She turned pale and urgently called for Ju-Heon.

[Human! Danger!]


Ju-Heon looked up at the sky.

This was a spear of thunderbolts that was said to kill the target no matter who it was or where they were.

[That is a spear that can even kill the phoenix!]

That was aiming for Ju-Heon, his team, and their artifacts.

Ju-Heon laughed and responded after looking at the spear.


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