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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 275: Jack the Ripper (4) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 275: Jack the Ripper (4)

Translator: miraclerifle

Yoo Jaeha gasped after hearing the familiar voice.

That was definitely Ilya’s voice.

He seemed to have been concerned about the three of them who left after hearing about Ju-Heon’s date. The two women had looked ready to kill when they left.

They say that the top three things to watch in life are fires, fights, and women, so he probably just came because he wanted to see a good cat fight.

But what?

“I had no idea your Heirloom would be the phoenix.”

“W, wait, you see…”

Yoo Jaeha started to shake in fear after seeing the cold smile on Ilya’s face.

Ilya was pale with red lips so he looked like a vampire to start with and he looked even scarier than usual now.


“So you were a damn zombie but you kept using me as a shield?”

Jaeha had done that even after getting the Heirloom!

Ilya’s Heirloom was about to explode from anger.

Yoo Jaeha shrieked in response.

“Aaah! Baby chick! I am a zombie but I still feel pain! So……!”

“Shut the hell up!”


Yoo Jaeha had now ended up being Ilya’s shield as well.

That wasn’t all.

“Hahaha! What a great shield!”

Ilya had used his devils to throw Yoo Jaeha toward Jack the Ripper.

Yoo Jaeha could only continue to scream.

Unfortunately, these terrible team members of his would not even give him time to faint.

“Wake up, you punk! You’re playing a pivotal role here!”

Yoo Jaeha started to cry.

“But this is not it!

Make Dan work if you’re going to do this! This is wrong, you should be ashamed, Dan should be doing this with me!”

“Then you call him.”

“Huh? Okay, you were the one who told me to do it! Do you think that I won’t call him?!”

Yoo Jaeha’s eyes opened wide as he pulled out his phone.


“Well, Dan will happily agree to do it but he’ll end up dying.”


“And Soo-A will cry if Dan dies.”


“She’ll probably cry a lot.”

Yoo Jaeha put his phone away while crying.

“Fuck! My name is Yoo Jaeha and I have been promoted to shielder starting today! Go!”

“Sure. I like that attitude.”


Yoo Jaeha ended up being kicked by Ju-Heon again. Jack the Ripper was blocked by this Jaeha shield again then…


Ju-Heon’s group had captured Jack the Ripper.

The title of one-shot one-kill was about to be damaged.

Ju-Heon sat down on Jack the Ripper and smiled viciously.

“Alright, let’s look at your face. How beautiful are you to keep your face so tightly hidden?”

Ju-Heon grabbed Jack the Ripper’s hood. The body under Ju-Heon started to flail. He probably had orders that nobody was to see his face.

Unfortunately, the hood was removed.

While that was going on…

“Kyaaaa, let go of me!”

In a different dark alley…

Something that would give people the chills was going on here.

“How dare you pull such a scheme of all things?”

Seol-A and Irene, who had dragged the Monarch of Seduction here, were giving off extremely scary auras.

They had been suppressing their anger earlier because Ju-Heon was there and because they were worried that Ju-Heon might be in danger, but…

‘How dare you. And of all things, you aimed for his lips that even I barely managed to steal a kiss from?’

‘A kiss with Mr. Ju-Heon is extremely precious.’


I’ve never even been kissed! Never!

It was rare for the rope to team up with them like this. But it was tightly binding the Monarch of Seduction in anger.

The shape might be embarrassing for other people to see, but that didn’t matter.

“The Captain-nim will be happy if we steal all those artifacts.”

“W, what did you say? Kyaaaa!”

The Monarch of Seduction was ruthlessly stripped. Irene seemed a bit flustered at that moment.

“Ah, this piece of clothing is not coming off that easily. How do you take it off……”

“Just rip it. It’s not like it’s an artifact.”

“Oh, perfect!”

Rip, rip! They ruthlessly cut apart Elena’s thin clothing with knives. They took off her underwear and touched her naked body all over to ‘search’ for any hidden artifacts.

They knew that this woman was covered in artifacts.



Something was weird.

“What the hell? Some of the artifacts disappeared.”

Seol-A, who was very sensitive at aura detection, tilted her head in confusion.

Elena had started with about twenty artifacts on her. Not a lot of them had disappeared, but……

“Why are there some missing? I wanted to take them all to the Captain-nim.”

The women who would have never imagined that their captain was the one to take them puffed up their cheeks in anger.

“Ah whatever, let’s just take all of these!”

“W, wait! Kyaaaa!”

Once Elena was stripped completely naked…

“What are you doing over there?!”

“Miss Elena!”

Irene and Seol-A’s jaws dropped after hearing some unfamiliar voices.

The people running toward them were……

“Protect Elena-nim!”



All of the men around the area were gathered together and attacking Irene, Seol-A, and the rope.

They numbered in the hundreds.

She was the Monarch of Seduction. She was able to turn all of the men nearby into her slaves.

The trio became anxious.

“We can’t use our attack-type artifacts on regular civilians…!”

“Ah, she ran away!”

Seol-A was grinding her teeth and just about to use her Heirloom when Irene stopped her.

“You’re not familiar with that artifact yet so I know it will be difficult to use. Don’t overdo it.”


Irene started to smile.

“I’m going to kill all of those bitches!”

The naked Elena got in a car her guard had prepared in advance.

And then…

“Head back to the hotel. Tell them to bring the Monarch of Destitution and Monarch of Ghosts’ Heirlooms later.”

She started grinding her teeth while thinking about Seol-A and Irene.

“Irene Holten is one thing but where the hell did that bitch Lee Seol-A come from? Heirlooms should belong to people who deserve them.”


“What the hell? Why aren’t you moving?”

The guard who was at the driver’s seat did not respond.

It was at that moment.


Her slaves next to her pushed her down and restricted her movement.

“What the hell are you doing?!”

It seemed quite obvious what they were doing.

“There are a few more artifacts here.”

They quickly started taking things away from Elena.

For example, there was an artifact contact lens in her eyes, the artificial nail on her finger, they managed to take away everything that Irene and the others had failed to recover! Elena was resisting intensely at that point.

“Hey! Are you crazy? What the hell are you doing? Let go of me! Ugh!”

She wondered if these weren’t her slaves but they definitely were ones she had lured under her spell.

So what was going on?!

“This is all for Irene-nim.”

“W, what?!”

What could that mean?

Knock knock.

Someone knocked on the window from outside.

Elena gasped after looking out the window.

‘T, they are?!’

“Hurry up and get out. You damn bitch.”


The slaves pretty much manhandled Elena and threw her out of the car.

They then handed everything they took from Elena to Irene.

That wasn’t all.

“This is Elena Cotton. She’s the criminal who hired Jack the Ripper. Please arrest her.”

“What? Are you fucking crazy?!”

“Yes ma’am, she tried to kill Seo Ju-Heon’s team by using Jack the Ripper. She also tried to kill innocent civilians.”

“What? When did I do that?! What the hell is wrong with you guys?!”

She could only be confused for a moment before ring, ring ring.

She received some unbelievable messages on her phone.

[I’m sorry. I’m cancelling your sponsorship. I might need to sell my house and everything I own for Irene-nim.]

[I can’t give you the job anymore.

I’m going to ask Miss Irene to do the pictorial.]

[Sorry. I’m going to use all of your money under my care for Miss Irene!]

“W, what the fuck?!”

Irene was smiling.

“You see, I got a new Heirloom. I’ve been waiting for a chance to test it out.”

A fox’s tail appeared behind Irene. Actually, there were nine tails.

“W, what the? You?!”

That was right.

Irene’s Heirloom was a fox.

“Seduction is not something only the Monarch of Seduction can use.”

Her Heirloom was a thousand-year-old nine-tailed fox, the strongest of the nine-tailed foxes.

This thousand-year-old nine-tailed fox was known in Taoism for volunteering at the palaces of the Divine World and said to have the powers of a lesser god.

IRene had met the fox Heirloom at the Monarch’s Tomb. That artifact tried to ignore Irene at first.


[My goodness, is that you, s, senior?!]

The nine-tailed fox seemed to have fallen into a state of shock after seeing Daji with Irene.

[M, my goodness. I never expected to meet the Master Fox who aided the Jade Emperor and the gods here!]

Master Fox.

Although the thousand-year-old nine-tailed fox was already a lesser god leveled Divine-Grade artifact, they called the most powerful of the thousand-year-old foxes who was as strong as the gods the Master Fox.

Daji was that Master Fox.

[Senior, after the lords were almost wiped out by the Crow we thought we would never see you again because the Supreme Leader took away your powers……!]

Irene had been shocked.

‘I do remember Mr. Ju-Heon saying something like that.’

Ju-Heon had told her that he believed Daji had been demoted and her powers sealed by the Supreme Leader.

That was why she wanted Ju-Heon’s strong yang energy in order to regain her divine might.

That was probably the reason.

[S, senior, this human is about to suppress you!]

Irene had pretty much abused Daji with the berserk artifact of destitution at that time.

[There’s a human who can suppress the Master Fox?!]

The thousand-year-old nine-tailed fox was wary of Irene but also full of respect.

[I too shall follow the master who has suppressed our leader.]

That was how it had become Irene’s Heirloom.

Daji had gone crazy trying to say that wasn’t it.


[Furthermore, someone like me does not dare to call myself an Heirloom in front of your presence, senior.

I pass the power of this Heirloom to you!]

The power of the Heirloom had passed to Daji as well.

After all that happened, it was ironically Daji who had become Irene’s Heirloom.

The other fox had passed the Heirloom’s powers to Daji after finishing the contract with Irene!

Heirlooms would usually never pass on their powers but this was a special case.

Daji had protested saying that this was wrong since her master was Ju-Heon and not this kind of woman, however……

‘Just stay as Irene’s Heirloom for a while.’

‘H, hey, master!’

‘What’s wrong? You were able to gain your powers back without my yang energy.’

‘Senior, that’s right. I will be by your side to learn your ways.’


Ju-Heon had laughed out loud while leaving Daji to Irene for a while.

He didn’t want her despite Irene trying to give her back to him.

He probably thought he could get that troublemaker off his back while watching something entertaining as Daji and Irene dealt with each other.

‘That’s an order. You will stay as Irene’s Heirloom until the original fox is able to upgrade to the Master Fox.’

‘M, master! Why are you doing this to me?!’

‘Why else? You annoy me every single day.’

Daji, who had instantly become Irene’s artifact, had shaken in fear.

‘H, human, don’t come any closer! I will really eat Seo Ju-Heon up if you come any closer!’

‘Oh, you’re going to eat him?’


Irene had used the fox’s special attribute.

It was seduction.

Irene’s power of destitution had been avoidable until now if a person stayed away from her. But now that she had this seduction buff, Irene’s powers were perfect with a source of aggro as well!

She was able to lure the enemies into the path of destitution even if they tried to escape.

‘She is the goddess who leads people to destruction.’

This was probably the perfect Heirloom for her and her power of destitution since extremely beautiful women were said to bring down countries.

And then…

“Let’s see just how much I can do with the power of seduction.”

The Monarch of Seduction started to scream as she sensed Irene’s anger.

Returning back to Ju-Heon’s group…

“Holy shit, you are……?!”

They were all shocked after removing Jack the Ripper’s hood.

“N, Nina?!”

Julian was completely out of his mind after figuring out Jack the Ripper’s identity.

“Why is Nina?!”

“See, I told you we should suspect her.”

Ju-Heon started to frown as well.

Jack the Ripper had changed.

‘Did the future change?’

However, at that moment…


Ju-Heon found a weird scar on the back of Nina’s neck.

“This is……”

He clearly remembered where he saw it before.

This was the same scar that had been on Jack the Ripper’s neck in the past. It was the exact same scar on the exact same location.

“……Was Nina Jack the Ripper in the past life too?”

Yoo Jaeha could not believe it.

“Excuse me? What do you mean?! Captain-nim, how would you not have realized that Jack the Ripper was a woman?!”

Ju-Heon seemed to be deep in thought for a bit before he answered back in a serious tone.

“Mm, because she’s flat chested……?!”

That comment made Julian explode.


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