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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 264: Stop that bastard (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 264: Stop that bastard (3)

Translator: miraclerifle

Ju-Heon opened his eyes.

“You better have brought some good artifacts.”

His eyes were extremely red.

Everybody else became anxious.

Ju-Heon seemed dangerous and abnormal.

Considering the fact that the chaotic black aura all around the cave had disappeared…

Considering Ju-Heon’s abnormal appearance…

Considering him saying weird things like, ‘you better have brought some good artifacts’…

Had he gone crazy?

“Take it! We can’t let this bastard take the Heirloom!”

The Heirloom here was the strongest one according to the Monarch of Fate.

“Attack! He’s all by himself! He doesn’t even have any artifacts on him!”

“Heirlooms are artifacts with no attacking capabilities!”

According to the prophecy, Heirlooms were buff-type artifacts. Even if Ju-Heon had an artifact, he was pretty much empty-handed compared to them.

In addition, all artifacts required time to get used to them. Even Monarchs were unable to handle Divine-Grade artifacts right away.

‘There’s no way he can handle the Heirloom immediately.’

They started to smile after going crazy with that thought.

“Take him out! This is our chance!”

Fireballs started to fly toward Ju-Heon.


Ju-Heon just laughed while looking at those fireballs.

“Oh, the first is a roast.”

They couldn’t believe what happened once he said that.


The chaotic aura that they had thought was gone suddenly seeped out again.

Actually, it was more like an explosion!

The black aura that looked as if it was spewing out poison gas brought forth a vicious natural disaster.



An earthquake that made it difficult for them to stay standing and a powerful typhoon started to attack the enemies.

[There is an earthquake.]

[The chaotic power of predation is being activated.]

[The power of predation is sucking in the enemies.]

The black aura Ju-Heon was releasing gobbled up the fireballs in an instant.

That wasn’t all.

All of the attacks were absorbed by this mysterious aura.



The black aura that was radiating out like the rays of the sun looked alive.

They were as dangerous as the red flares around the sun.

The fireballs that were gobbled up by the black aura only helped it to grow bigger.

It was becoming bigger and more vicious, as if it was a black hole ready to suck everything in.

Everybody became scared but continued to attack.


“Fuck, t, take it away! Take it!”

“He’ll be the strongest of the Monarchs if he has that. The strongest!”

The enemies summoned ancient soldiers, tried to use exorcism artifacts, threw some holy water, read some Sacred Texts, and even summoned man-eating spiders and rats.

But none of that mattered.

“These retards are just giving it to me on a platter.”

“W, what did you just say?”



All of the enemy attacks had disappeared because of the black aura. They only made the black aura stronger.

It was taking the form of a Crow.

The black aura turned into the shape of wings and made it look as if Ju-Heon had heinous Crow wings on his back.

Ju-Heon started to grumble and proceeded to walk toward them as he gobbled up the artifacts.

He sounded as if his appetite had been ruined.

“Hey hey. Not shitty things like this. You guys should have better things on you. Don’t you?”

Some of them were shaking while others were gasping.

Red eyes.

People in the distance could not tell but people up close could see that Ju-Heon’s eyes had changed color.

His normally black eyes were as red as the devil’s eyes. It was the same red color as the Crow’s eyes.

His eyes did not seem human at all.

In fact, the atmosphere around Seo Ju-Heon was completely different from normal.

He didn’t seem human.

They were certain of it.

‘This is the power of the Heirloom.’

How could an Heirloom, a mere buff-type artifact, have such powers?

‘What kind of attribute does this Heirloom have?!’

Furthermore, how could he use it like this right after getting it? They had heard that even the Monarchs would need at least a couple weeks to use them properly.

‘Fuck, how can there be someone like this?!’

They were scared. They couldn’t move because of the fear.

‘We can’t take this away.’

Since all artifacts are strongest when used by humans, that aura from earlier was much wilder and stronger now that Ju-Heon was controlling it.

Their veins were showing as they started to shout.

“R…… Retreat, run away!”

They started to use their teleportation artifacts to run away.

[A portion of Anton Zeilinger’s teleportation experiment thesis (B-Grade:Rare-Grade – Consumable Artifact)]

But they could not escape.

“Where do you think you’re going? Huh?”

Ju-Heon seemed like a child who was happy to be at a buffet because they could choose what they wanted to eat.

Ju-Heon’s black aura started to crawl up their bodies as if it was alive.

It seemed to be inspecting anything shiny they had on them.

They gasped at the aura that was coming at them like snakes.

“Aaah! Go away! Go away!”

The aura ruthlessly attacked them.

The attacked people had their artifacts taken and their body and mind assaulted.

Once the aura was done with them, it ruthlessly flung them away.

“Eek, eeeeeek!”

The Heirlooms fell into states of shock while watching the artifacts being eaten.

The Heirlooms could not say anything while watching this one-sided predation.

‘This could only mean one thing.’

[The contract ritual is finished.]

[That Crow got another contractor!]

The Heirlooms all got the chills.

This was a big deal.

‘We might end up disappearing once again.’

This was the sixteenth Monarch who should not exist.

This was an emergency situation. They had to change everything they had planned until now.

[We have no other choice. We need to hurry up and contract with humans!]

[We don’t even have time to watch them suffer through our tests. Hurry up and contract with the human bastards Pandora selected!]

All artifacts could only use about 70% of their powers without relying on humans.

They had no choice but to contract with humans in order to fight against and get rid of this damn Crow.



“Hey. Where do you think you’re going?”


They heard a voice below them.

They looked down to see Ju-Heon smiling wickedly at them to the point it gave them chills.

“You know that all of you belong to me now.”

The Heirlooms froze on the spot after seeing that chilling smile.

The Heirlooms started to shake.

[This crazy bastard!]

[H, hurry up and retreat to the tomb!]

[Defend the tomb!]

The Heirlooms who had only come with their souls quickly disappeared to where their bodies were still located.

They would have just sneered if any other human bastard had said that, but the Heirlooms were scared after seeing Ju-Heon’s smile.

They truly felt as if this bastard might gobble all of them up.

They returned to their bodies and sealed the door to the tomb shut. They wanted to make sure Ju-Heon could not get inside.

Ju-Heon saw these messages once he got to the Heirlooms’ tombs.

[The tomb is rejecting your entry.]

[You are not qualified.]

[This tomb already has a master.]

[Only those selected masters can enter.]

[Only a person with the artifact of conquest may enter.]

‘These annoying bastards.’

Ju-Heon’s red eyes flashed.

There was a large explosion at the tomb.


[The tomb is being destroyed.]

[The tomb is violently being rummaged through.]

[You took the artifact’s body.]

Ju-Heon was occupying one Heirloom’s tomb after another. It didn’t matter that they locked the door.

“First one.”

Ju-Heon didn’t even have to touch the Heirloom. He just activated the Crow’s artifact and the chaotic aura would surround and then gobble up the artifact.

The Heirloom that was being sucked into this black hole-like aura started to scream.

[F, fuck. Everybody, ru……!]

Sadly, that was not the end.

The Heirlooms happened to be gathered together to support each other.

Ju-Heon just barged into the next tomb!


[It’s that bastard! That bastard appeared in my tomb now!]

[Calm down! Calm down and kill him!]

Even if the Crow bastard was strong, they were all Heirlooms. They also had the numbers advantage.

Furthermore, Ju-Heon was still a baby chick of a Monarch who had not been contracted for a long time.

They believed they could kill him but Ju-Heon disappeared like a ghost each time.

[You have hidden yourself with the Stealth skill.]

[You are invading a different tomb.]

He would use the stealth skill to disappear before popping up in the East and then the West.

And then…

[You have raided the holy Heirloom that is looking to select a benevolent ruler.]

[You have raided the Heirloom that brings good luck.]

[You have raided a holy Heirloom.]

[You have raided an Heirloom.]

[You have raided an Heirloom.]

[You have raided an Heirloom.]

The excavation teams that were searching the Monarch’s tomb fell into chaos.

They innocently walked into the tomb without knowing what was going on inside, but…

“It’s not here! It’s not here! There’s no Heirloom in this tomb!”

“But the tomb is still up? Where the hell did it disappear?!”

Where did they go?

One bastard had gobbled them all up a long time ago.

Around the same time…

Seol-A, who had been waiting for Ju-Heon on top of a tree by the beach, was shocked.

It was because of the things she could see on the horizon.

“Vice Captain-nim! Over there!”

There were many ships coming closer.

They detected the auras and were able to tell that the soldiers of different countries and famous top excavation teams were all aboard.

TKBM and the other large excavation teams that had been searching the wrong places because of Ju-Heon’s scheme had finally arrived.

“This is bad! There are too many of them!”

“It’s fine, they don’t know that we’ve gotten Heirlooms yet.”

They would hide around until their Captain arrived and stealthily escape from the island.

It was at that moment.

“Hey! Kongmiiiiiing! Ireeeeeeeeeeeene! Seol-Aaaaaaaaa!”

They turned their heads after hearing some familiar voices. They could see Ilya and Yoo Jaeha gasping for breath.

They were happy to see the two of them.

“Good job! You guys got Heirlooms too!”

Of course, Irene gasped after seeing Yoo Jaeha who was now bald and had burns all over his body.

“My goodness, Mr. Jaeha! Why do you look like that?! Are you okay?”

However, the conversation could not continue.


“Oh my, there are four more Heirlooms here.”

It was because they realized who Ilya and Yoo Jaeha had dragged over.

‘No wonder.’

They were wondering why these two extremely unfit slouches had been running.

‘Zhen Cai Yuan! Why did they have to bring one of the Four Emperors here?!’

They foamed at the mouth after seeing that they had brought a crazy boss monster(?) over.

‘Of all people they could have brought over!’

“Are you crazy?! You brought that woman…… wait a minute, isn’t that my artifact?!”

Julian gasped after seeing Zhen Cai Yuan handling Indra’s artifact.

Zhen Cai Yuan was extremely scary while using both the Supreme Leader artifact and Indra’s artifact together.

She was just walking over but looked like a Demon Empress who had descended to Earth.

Ju-Heon’s team members became anxious.

“Fuck, we need to hurry up and meet up with the Captain.”

On the other hand, Zhen Cai Yuan could not believe it.

She had chased Yoo Jaeha because he had annoyed her, but every single person on Ju-Heon’s team had an Heirloom.

“You guys truly are amazing. You only have C-Grade artifacts but managed to get your hands on Heirlooms.”

They were all top notch when it came to their abilities.

It was quite obvious that Seo Ju-Heon had created a team of monsters.

Unfortunately, they had not completed the contracts with the Heirlooms.

‘Well, that’s normal.’

It would be suicide to contract with artifacts they didn’t know about.

Ju-Heon and Yoo Jaeha who contracted with the Heirlooms as soon as they saw them were the weird ones.


‘We can’t let her take the Heirlooms.’

The gazes of Ju-Heon’s team members changed. Zhen Cai Yuan sneered at their actions.

“Oh my, you’re going to contract with them right now?”

Zhen Cai Yuan’s eyes flashed as if to tell them it was too late.

Indra’s swift thunderbolts that were too quick for humans to dodge struck down from the sky.

But at that moment…


The thunderbolt aiming for Ju-Heon’s group disappeared.

And then…

“Hey. Do you want to get fucked up? Who told you to touch my things?”

They all jumped in shock after hearing a familiar voice behind them.

Zhen Cai Yuan was shocked as well.

Even Ju-Heon’s group felt their hearts sink after feeling an extremely strong murderous intent.

None of them noticed what had happened.

Zhen Cai Yuan’s head had fallen to the ground.


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