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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 250: Trick the entire world (5) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 250: Trick the entire world (5)

Translator: miraclerifle

‘Damn it, what the hell is going on?’

Kwon Hyuk Soo’s aftermath clean-up crew members truly couldn’t help but swear.

It was because of the Saurabi who had descended in front of their eyes.

“Ahem. Esteemed customers, you really should stop running away like that.”

They foamed at the mouth as they watched his fluid movements.

“What the hell, nobody told me about this!”

That wasn’t all.

They had been transported to a barren wasteland the moment he activated a suspicious S-Grade artifact!

Dan’s attacks had started the moment they landed there.

“U, ugh!”

Dan leisurely chased after them.

He was moving as leisurely as a warrior wandering through a reed field.

Of course, he looked more like a butcher than a warrior.

Dan raised the knife with the chaotic aura up above him.

“H, huff! He’s coming!”

“Run away! Ahhh!”

He did not take their lives. He only destroyed their artifacts and harmed them just enough so that they could not run away.

That was what made him scarier.


It was because they realized something after looking at Dan’s gaze.

This is enough to prevent you guys from running away.

That was what his gaze was saying.

That was right.

This bastard had no plans on using his full strength to capture them.

There was no need to use your full strength to catch some small fries.

But they might really die if they tried something because he seemed to be going easy on them.

They plopped down in fear and started to shake.

“W, we wouldn’t have come on our own if we knew it would be like this!”

“He’s totally a Hunter!”

He was an expert Hunter at that.

That was why this was too weird.

Even if the artifact he was using was a possession-type artifact, this was not right.

Giving the same gun to a child or to a trained soldier would have very drastic differences.

Similarly, giving the same possession-type artifact to a civilian should be different from an expert Hunter using it.

Civilians usually just tried to hack and slash, leading to a lot of missed hits and opening to exploit.

Hunters were a different story.

They couldn’t help but have this thought because of the current situation.

“Is that son of a bitch a Hunter?”

“Are you crazy?! We would have heard about it if there was a Hunter like this!”

“D, did he already receive Seo Ju-Heon’s lectures or something?”

They foamed at the mouth once again.

“Are you crazy? Seo Ju-Heon has known this guy for less than a month!”

“Shit, if he could do this in a month, I’m quitting right now and going over to Seo Ju-Heon! I’m going to push Seo Ju-Heon to start a lecturing business! I’m going to turn him into a star lecturer!”

“Damn it, that’s not the important thing right now!”

They quickly turned pale after seeing that Dan had moved closer.

“Hurry up and call for reinforcements to take down this bastard!”

“Yeah! Contact the team that went to the station! They should be able to help us…!”

Unfortunately, they would not be able to help.

“Ugh! Ugh!”

The situation at the station was not much different. They were being completely destroyed right now.

The only difference between the two groups was who was doing the beating.

“U, uggggh……!”

They were being ruthlessly beaten to a pulp by Ju-Heon. They had originally thought Ju-Heon wouldn’t be that strong because he wasn’t a Hunter, but well…

“Ugh, groaaaaan.”

They felt as if they were being beaten up by a professional Hunter!

Thud! Thud! Crack!

A swift kick would hit their faces, a sharp punch would hit them in the stomach, they were about to go crazy from all these hits!

‘Fuck, fuck!

Both the aftermath clean-up crew and the assault team were groaning in pain right now.

‘This monstrous bastard.’

‘Who the fuck said we should take care of this guy?!’

‘I’m going to kill all of the Strategy Team members.’

Not surprisingly, there was something else that made them the most angry.


How could he not even lift a finger when they were being beaten to a pulp like this?

“Are you really betraying the Chairman-nim?!”

“You bastard, do you know how the Chairman-nim fed you and raised you all these years?!”

Ilya had a cold smile on his face.

“Do you seriously mean that?”

They all flinched after hearing that.

It was because they all knew the truth as well.

They all knew how Kwon Hyuk Soo used Ilya like a dog.

But they would not stop because of that.

Ilya’s subordinates quietly whispered to him, thinking that there was no way he would betray them.

“Captain Ilya. This is some kind of trick, right?”

They trusted their captain.

“It looks like you are looking for an opening……”

“A different team went to capture Im Hae Jin right now. We found Seo Ju-Heon’s weakness. There’s no need to keep up this weird act……”


“Captain, it looks like these fuckers went to the butcher shop as well.”

Their so-called captain snitched on them!

‘This crazy bastard!’

They exploded with anger.

“You’re the most traitorous bastard under the heavens!”

“Shut the hell up. Otherwise, I’m going to rip you to shreds.”

They started to shake after seeing the bright smile on Ilya’s face.

“Who was the first to betray me?”

“E, excuse me?”

“I know that you guys put something in my food every so often. I’m sure it was some kind of drug to make my risk worse.”

They became anxious after hearing that.

‘How did he……?!’

Well, this was a truth that Ilya only remembered after getting his memories back.

Although he had figured out who was responsible for making his condition worse in his past life, it would still have been many years later in this world.

He only learned of it when it was to the point that there was no way of fixing it.

“Anyway, weren’t you guys the first to betray me?”

“W, we didn’t want to put the drug… But the Chairman-nim…. ugh!”

Ilya smiled brightly again.

“I’m already going easy on you guys since you guys were my subordinates.”

He then said something so cruel that they wondered if he really was going easy on them.

“Captain, I offer them as tribute. They are shitty people but I can guarantee this. They are talented bastards. There’s a lot of things you can suck out of them.”

“Finally some good news.”

The captives started to shake in fear after hearing Ju-Heon laugh. They continued to shake as they started to beg to Ilya for forgiveness.

“Please! Please! Captain Ilya, can you be the one to get rid of us?!”

“We will quietly retreat from here!”

“We won’t bother you esteemed sirs ever again! Please?!”

They instinctively knew something.

They knew that being taken out by Ilya would be more humane.

It was at that moment.

“Captain-nim, is it okay to be doing this?”

“If those bastards really went to capture Dan……!”

Ju-Heon flinched and the enemies who had been in dire straits started to smile.

“Yeah! You shouldn’t be wasting your time like this!”

“I’m sure he’s spurting blood like a fountain right now!”

Of course, Ju-Heon wondered who would be the ones spurting like a fountain right now.

The team members became quiet instantly.

“Captain-nim! I will head over there first. Soo-A is there as well……”

The enemies started to smile as if they had Ju-Heon’s group right where they wanted him.

“We will negotiate for you!”


“Don’t do this if you don’t want to see that bastard die!”

“Yeah! We will call them and tell them to stop!”

They were shocked to see Ju-Heon start to laugh.

“Do whatever you want.”


“Well, I don’t know if they will pick up your call though.”


‘W, what did he say?’

It was at that moment.


“Oh, even a tiger will show up if you call its name.”

Ju-Heon seemed happy as he picked up the phone.

Up until the moment Ju-Heon received that call…

Julian, who had gone over to Dan’s butcher shop, was in disbelief.

‘W, what the hell happened?’

Julian was questioning what he was seeing right now.

It was fine that Ju-Heon told him to head over just in case something happened to Dan.

He knew something had happened once he got here because he heard people gathered outside talking.

He heard things like some gangsters showed up, someone was stabbed…

He heard all sorts of things. He started to rush after hearing terrible things but… WHAT?

The gangsters were all unconscious and the aftermath clean-up crew had disappeared.

Julian realized things might be bad and tried to quickly find them but……

‘An S-Grade artifact? Dan is using an S-Grade artifact?!’

It was an artifact Julian had never seen before.

But that was not even the most shocking.

Julian realized that Dan had used the artifact to create a separate dimension and used Kongming’s artifact to find an opening to get inside.

Julian clearly saw it on that barren wasteland.

He saw Dan’s godly movements with the knife!

He couldn’t help but gasp in shock!

‘It’s pretty close to Dan in his prime……!’

What the hell was going on right now?

Returning to the present…

[Seo Ju-Heon! What the hell is going on?!]

Julian, who went to find Dan, was shouting on the phone.

[I wasn’t told about this!]

“Whatever, is Soo-A okay?”

[Ow! She’s fine, they’re all okay. Dan used a knife artifact and took care of them with little shanks! But you…!]

“Oh, Dan took care of all of them? As expected of the boss of a butcher shop. He’s very good with the knife. Okay then, put Dan on the phone.”


Dan seemed to have magnificently taken care of all of the enemies.

Of course, the captives on Ju-Heon’s side were fainting or in complete states of shock that they could not do anything.

‘Defeated by the butcher shop owner? Did they lose after going to capture that bastard? Those idiots!’

Their minds turned into chaotic messes.

How the hell could they be defeated by a civilian?!

Ju-Heon didn’t care about them as he calmly apologized to the person on the phone.

“Ah, yeah. Is that you, Dan? I already heard from Kongming but he said you took care of all of them? Sorry the small fries went and bothered you over there.”

The captives had even more of a metal breakdown after hearing that.

It was now confirmed that their teammates had all been taken out.

“Anyway, I’m really so……”

[Please don’t worry. There is no need to apologize. I think I can change the interior of the shop thanks to them.]

Ju-Heon started to laugh out loud.

“I guess that makes sense since Kongming is there with you. You don’t know this but he’s very good at suing people for things like that. Make sure to have him make them pay up a truck-load of money. These are the times we can put our lawyer to work.”

[Ah, yes sir. But umm…]

Dan kept trying to say something.

But at that moment…

“Ah, sorry. Let’s talk a bit later. I’ll send someone over so make sure you look after Soo-A too.”

[Ah! Excuse me! Wait! Cap…]

Ju-Heon then stomped on one of the aftermath clean-up crew member’s hands.


The captives seemed to have realized that they were fucked and tried to escape.

“Looks like you guys are useless.”

Ju-Heon started to punish them once again.

“Excuse me? The artifact you gave Dan is General Gyebaek’s artifact?!”

They were currently contacting the press to inform them about the bastards who attacked the station.

Seol-A was shocked to hear about Dan.

“Gyebaek’s artifact? Captain-nim, when did you get that…?! Ah, was it from the auction?”


Seol-A gasped.

“Did you go into a S-Grade alone without us knowing about it?!”

“Yeah. It was a few days ago.”

Seol-A grabbed the back of her neck.

She would need to hear the details about how he got that artifact later, but!

“Captain-nim! Please don’t do something dangerous like that! How can you go into such a dangerous place alone?!”

Ju-Heon covered his ear at Seol-A’s concerned nagging.

“Ah, okay, okay. Kongming is terrorizing me with the same nagging through texts.”

He wasn’t looking at his phone but he could tell it was Julian by the fact that it continued to vibrate.

Julian would have noticed General Gyebaek’s artifact by now as well. He must have figured out where it came from because he knew it wasn’t from the auction.

He would have figured out that Ju-Heon went into an S-Grade tomb on his own.

The text terrorism was quite the spectacle.

Brrrrr. Brrrrr.

[(No name): Hey, Seo Ju-Heon. Pick up the phone.]

[(No name): Try to think about your heal…]

[(No name): Are you going to keep ignoring my texts? Read them..]

[(No name): (Photo)]

[(No name): It’s information about an artifact.]

Ju-Heon started to frown while looking at all of the text messages on his phone.

“Damn it, how the hell does that crazy bastard send 100 messages. Is he a spam bot or something?”

‘I need to fire this bastard.’

He ruthlessly fired Julian.

Seol-A asked a question at that moment.

“By the way, I forgot to ask you this, Captain-nim.”


“Dan used an S-Grade artifact. People normally need months of practice for those.”


Seol-A’s face lit up.

“Then did Dan’s memories come back?!”

Ju-Heon nonchalantly responded to her.


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