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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 229: What happened in the past? (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 229: What happened in the past? (1)

Translator: miraclerifle

“Hey! Yoo Jaeha!”

‘This bastard! He was tricking us even though his memories had returned?!’

Chloe became flustered.

She was certain.

That pessimistic gaze just now and his annoying tone…

‘It’s the Monarch of Fraud.’

It wasn’t that the original Yoo Jaeha’s tone was annoying.

The way the Monarch of Fraud spoke felt more sarcastic.

It was also more relaxed and confident as fitting for a scammer.

But most importantly, Yoo Jaeha had just called her Stockfish and not Chloe.

‘That’s the nickname that bastard used to use.’

With a team full of extremely different personalities, the way they addressed each other was very different as well.

They mainly called each other by their names but there were two people who never called anybody by their names.

One of them was Yoo Jaeha.

He called her stockfish, Seol-A fangirl, Ju-Heon the retarded Captain-nim, Julian a pushover, and such.

‘And that Dominance I just felt.’

It was slightly different.

His Dominance had gone up quite a bit compared to before.

She was certain it was the level of Dominance he had during his time as the Monarch of Fraud.

But Chloe did not understand at all.


He was completely pale and unconscious until now……!

Wait, did he pretend not to have his memories this whole time?!’

“Just when……?!”

If Yoo Jaeha got his memories back, it was most likely when the Captain-nim used the Raven’s artifact at the penitentiary.

But wasn’t that a fake?

Chloe realized her mistake at that moment.

‘Now that I think about it……’

The real one had been in Yoo Jaeha’s pocket.

And if Yoo Jaeha had gotten his memories back from his time as the Monarch of Fraud…

Chloe stopped thinking and shook her head.

That wasn’t important right now.

If what just happened was real…

‘Captain-nim, I need to quickly inform the Captain-nim.’

She needed to inform the others as well.


“Huh? Huh huh?”

Chloe’s eyes opened wide after putting her hand in her pocket. Her cellphone was not there.

She looked in her bag and all over the room but she couldn’t find it.

She then glared at the door that Yoo Jaeha locked before running away.

“That son of a bitch.”

‘He stole my phone in that short period of time!

He only learned terrible things from the Captain-nim!’

Around the same time in an alley within what seemed to be an empty city.

“Huff, huff.”

Yoo Jaeha was vomiting once again after running out of the hospital.

He had acted shameless before running away from Chloe, but his complexion changed as soon as his teammate disappeared.


It was the same as when the other members had recovered their memories.

They had all experienced the moments of their death and felt extreme amounts of pain.

Yoo Jaeha was trying to catch his breath after feeling a similar pain.


It felt extremely shitty. He lamented the fact that he had been jealous that Ju-Heon had used the Raven’s Tears on the others.

But his curiosity had been satisfied.

“Man, I’ve been wondering what everybody had been talking about while leaving me out.”

It was this.

Yoo Jaeha sighed in disbelief.

He really did switch out Ju-Heon’s Raven’s Tears out of curiosity.

He just used the real one at the same time Ju-Heon had used the fake one.

Either way, his memories had returned.

He now had his memories from his time as the Monarch of Fraud.


He then realized it.

He remembered his time as a copycat and the time he spent as the Monarch of Fraud, screwing over countries with his teammates.

He also remembered what had happened to him after his teammates had died.

Yoo Jaeha vomited again after thinking about those moments.

Maybe the Raven’s artifact was messing with him quite a bit as he felt as if he wanted to die of sorrow.

His eyes opened wide after he vomited once more.

“Yang Chen! That son of a bitch, trying to get out of it on his own………”

He then started to laugh as if he was crazy.

“If we’re going to die all, of us traitors should die together.”

On that day…

He really did not go into the tomb. It was also true that he had not restored his teammates’ artifacts properly.

Most importantly, he knew about what Chairman Kwon and Yang Chen had done.


‘What? They’re all dead?’

The news had been shocking. TKBM’s people had then said the following to him.

‘You did very well. Yoo Jaeha. The information you swiped for us allowed us to take care of them. I will give you a promotion.’

Then came Chairman Kwon’s request.

‘You’re the only restorer in the world now. Work hard if you don’t want to end up like your captain.’

Yoo Jaeha had seen it at that time. That was when he saw TKBM and the other Monarchs’ secrets.

And right after that……

‘That bastard Yoo Jaeha betrayed us, sir! He schemed with the other Monarchs!’

‘That son of a bitch!’

Yoo Jaeha vomited again after thinking about that moment.

He then started to cry by the trash pile he was vomiting at.

The faces of his dead teammates passed through his mind one by one.

“……Fuck, fuck. Captain-nim. Captain-nim.”

He continued to walk even though he was in pain.

‘I need to go to Seo Ju-Heon.’

It was because he had overheard Julian, Chloe, and Seol-A’s conversation they had outside the room.

‘I think that Yoo Jaeha is a traitor.’

‘Will the Captain-nim be okay going to the Monarch of Fate on his own?’

He needed to go.

There was something he must do.

In the Palm Beach area within the US state of Florida…

The Monarch of Fate’s home was a mess.

“Fuck, that bastard Seo Ju-Heon is barging in!”

“Shit, why the hell is that bastard coming here?!”

The Monarch of Fate’s subordinates were always trying to keep tabs on all Monarchs.

Of course, they couldn’t always know where they were. They could only track Ju-Heon right now because he was getting close to the Monarch of Fate’s home.

Anyway, the fact that Ju-Heon was heading over was shocking news.

“It looks like he’s already arrived at the gate sir!”

“The gate has been breached!”

‘Holy shit!

Why the hell is that son of a bitch coming to find me?!

What business does he have with me?!’

The Monarch of Fate soon shook his head.

‘Right, that’s not important right now. There’s no way that this bastard would show up without a plan.’

“What about the defenses?!”

“We have activated the artifacts! It should be difficult for him to enter!”

“Good. That bastard would dig a hole to sneak in if he needs to do so. Make sure to pay close attention to the floor and blind spots!”

But forget the blindspots…

Ding dong.


Someone openly rang the doorbell. The Monarch of Fate was wondering who it could be in such a situation.

“Which motherfucker rang the doorbell?! Do they not understand the situation?!”

The subordinates started to shout at that moment.

“I, it’s Seo Ju-Heon sir!”


“Umm, Seo Ju-Heon was the one who rang the doorbell!”


It really was Ju-Heon.

The person visible on the intercom camera calmly stating, ‘what the hell? Why is there no response?’

That was definitely Seo Ju-Heon.

He seemed to be getting annoyed after not getting a response after ringing the doorbell a few times that he started to continuously ring the doorbell over and over.

Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong.

That wasn’t all.

[I know you’re in there, hurry up and get your ass out here!]

He started to cause a ruckus(?) at the door.

The people inside became flustered.

“W, what do we do?”

The Monarch of Fate grabbed the back of his neck.

“Fuck, why the hell is he coming through the main door?!”

‘Doesn’t Seo Ju-Heon usually not come through the door?’

The Monarch of Fate started to frown.

“C, connect him. Let’s see what bullshit he has to say.”

“Yes, yes sir.”

The subordinates gulped as they connected to the intercom.

“Umm, what brings you here today, sir?”

Ju-Heon nonchalantly started to speak.

[Send the Monarch of Fate out.]

“What do you mean send him out?”

[Yes, your house is too far. It’s annoying to go there. So just send him out. I have something to say to him.]

They wondered what he needed to say just to the Monarch of Fate, but……

‘Does he really think we would send him out because he told us to do so? It’s not like he came here just to talk.’

The Monarch of Fate snorted.

“Tell him to scram. End the call.”

They had their defenses set so that that bastard should not be able to get to them.

The subordinates did as they were ordered.

“I’m sorry sir, but Mr. Joshua says he has nothing to say to you.”


The Monarch of Fate smiled with satisfaction after the call was disconnected.

“That bastard won’t cause a ruckus if he has any sense of rationality since this is not a tomb. I guess I can go back to sleep……”



An extremely loud explosion came from the property.

He opened the curtains in shock to see a vicious sandstorm destroying the plot of land around the house.

The garden that was larger than over ten soccer fields put together… Three pools, numerous buildings…

This property that was as large as most resort complexes was being completely destroyed.

The Monarch of Fate foamed at the mouth as he watched.

“This crazy bastard!”

‘He’s really destroying this even though it’s not a tomb?!’

He immediately told them to activate the defense-type artifacts.

“You’ve analyzed all of his Divine-Grade artifacts, right?!”

“Yes sir, they are all Egyptian artifacts and Set’s artifact is the natural disaster type while Osiris and Anubis’s artifacts are related to the underworld.”

“You can’t forget that all artifacts have their counters.”

Ju-Heon, who was destroying someone else’s home without any guilt, started to sneer after seeing them activate an artifact.

[The sandstorm is subsiding.]

[The power of the dead is becoming weaker.]

Joshua didn’t seem to be an idiot as he had thoroughly set his defenses.

The proof was that Set’s sharp winds subsided while Anubis’s soldiers and Osiris could not properly show their powers.

‘It looks like they have an artifact that is their weakness.’

Soldiers rushed out of an inner building, probably because they thought that they had Ju-Heon where they wanted him.

There was a large cross that Ju-Heon remembered seeing in a history book once.

They were Crusaders.

[He is satan! Kill him!]

[He is a heathen! Kill him!]

[Protect our sacred land!]

He didn’t know the identity of this artifact, but the fact that the soldiers were coming in formation must certainly mean that it was an S-Grade artifact.

However, he didn’t care much about it.


“Why do you think I came here alone?”

The rope jumped out behind Ju-Heon and slightly lifted up Ju-Heon’s jacket.

It then took a chain rope out of his belt and handed it to him.

The moment the soldiers were right in front of Ju-Heon…!


Ju-Heon activated the artifact at the time. What appeared was a large spear and sword!

That artifact was the World Conqueror.

It belonged to the hero whose power was said to be strong enough to pull out mountains and conquer the world.

It was the valiant general Xiang Yu’s artifact.

It might be lacking in other ways, but it was amazing when it came to fighting.


The sword and the spear turned into shapes that were most efficient for Ju-Heon once he channeled his Dominance.

They changed into dual daggers about the length of his forearm.

“I’ll sweep all of you away first.”

The devil of the battlefield descended once Ju-Heon’s eyes flashed.

“Holy shit, this is crazy.”

The Monarch of Fate could only drop his jaws in shock after looking at the unbelievable sight in front of him.

He had wondered what was giving Ju-Heon the courage to openly press the doorbell.

Ding dong.

[Your package is here. Come get it.]

“That bastard.”

He seemed to have gotten a valiant general’s artifact from the Tower of Pride.

The Monarch of Fate got up from his seat after it looked as if Ju-Heon would really barge in.

His subordinates became shocked after seeing him trying to open the passage to a secret location.

“Are you planning on using the artifact the Pandora Directors gave you?!”

“You’re going to use them here sir?!”

“That’s too dangerous! They haven’t even passed the testing phase yet……!”

“Shut up! There’s nothing more dangerous than my house being destroyed!”

As he was about to walk into that suspicious passage…


He received a call.

It was from Yoo Jaeha.


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