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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 219: Objection! (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 219: Objection! (2)

Translator: miraclerifle

On the other hand, Julian and Chloe fell into states of shock.

It was great that Irene was able to get them access to observe the room next to them.

It wasn’t hard to spy on Yang Chen since they had an eavesdropping artifact as well.


‘I didn’t know Yang Chen would be involved in this way.’

The guard who had received Irene’s sponsorship(?) aka bribe was very nice and explained the situation to them.

“It was buried because it wasn’t a big issue in the press, but I’m certain it was this incident.”

The guard was blanking out while looking at the beautiful Irene and Chloe.

Irene was shocked after seeing the article on the guard’s phone.

“Ah, I know about this incident. I remember my brother looking at it.”

Chloe and Julian had never heard about this incident.

It was understandable as the incident was only mentioned in the regional newspaper.

‘It looks like the incident itself was buried on purpose.’

Dan must have come up with a pseudonym later, as his name was different right now.

Anyway, the incident had happened in a party hall.

“It seems to have been a party for businesses to celebrate excavating some artifacts.”

A murder happened inside the hall. For some reason, this incident was still buried and not mentioned much in the press.

‘It looks like an employee of the hall was murdered.’

Julian started to frown.

The incident was simple. Dan got into an argument with two men and killed an employee who came over to stop them.

The CCTV and evidence at the scene of the crime made it so that nobody looked further into it.

Well, Julian would have probably let it go with that much information as well. But the guard said something that changed his mind.

“The two bastards that supposedly fought with the culprit… They were actually the TKBM Chairman’s eldest son and a member of his excavation team.”

“I think they said that the excavation team member was someone with some clout as well.”

The guard was obviously saying that the person had some backing.

Chloe started to speak as if she suddenly remembered this incident.

“I do think I heard about this incident. Our organization was talking about how an artifact user probably buried the incident.”

Since she was part of an NGO that despised artifact users, they probably detested an incident like this and had tried to cause a ruckus. They tried to put articles in the newspaper and even tried to protest.

But none of it worked. It was as if an artifact was burying things related to this incident on purpose. It was completely forgotten in the world.

Of course, it was quite obvious who was responsible for it.

‘Yang Chen, this son of a bitch.’

They were certain. Since it involved Director Kwon, TKBM would have definitely been involved and Yang Chen would have taken care of everything.

This was tampering with the evidence by using artifacts. This was the work of people who would go on to be known as the < Aftermath clean-up crew >.

Chloe thoroughly read the article before putting her hand against her forehead in defeat.

They would need to win the trial in order to clear Dan of murder and get him out of here.


“Dan is at a disadvantage since they tampered with it so much. I don’t see any potential to win.”

That was why Yang Chen, the person who was responsible for tampering with everything, sounded confident as well. He knew that the prosecutor in charge of this incident was no joke.

He was also someone who had an extremely favorable relationship with TKBM.

“Will we be able to get Dan out? Even the Captain-nim might struggle with this……”

Julian started to scoff.

‘Who does she think she is saying that to?’

‘Don’t you want to save your daughter?’

Dan bit down on his lips while thinking about how Yang Chen had laughed.

He was certain of it. This had all been planned.

He didn’t know how they did it, but they must have tampered with the CCTV and somehow messed with people’s memories as well.

How was he so sure?

It was because he saw it clearly. He saw the two bastards who had looked like messes inside the restroom on the day of the murder.

‘I’m certain those bastards are the real culprits.’

Kwon Seung Woo, the eldest son of TKBM’s Chairman Kwon Tae Joon. Steven, the young man who seemed to be a member of TKBM’s excavation team.

Dan had been frantically running around the building looking for his daughter who had disappeared.

He had heard it when he found his daughter.

‘Hey, shit. What are we going to do about this?! It’s already been 20 minutes! Is someone coming or not? When is the clean-up crew headed over?!’

‘Who told you to mess around with an artifact knife?’

‘Fuck, I was just testing to see if it worked well! This bastard kept peeking at me!’

‘What the fuck do you mean he was peeking at you?! Stevene! I told you to get off the drugs!’

The two men had been fighting in front of the bloodied employee.

But they were not the only ones there.

‘Now now, please stop fighting. Please remain calm while I discuss with the aftermath clean-up crew.’

He was certain that he saw that man there.

Yang Chen was there to clean up the mess.

That wasn’t all.

‘Hey little girl. When will your daddy get here?’

His daughter, whom he had thought had disappeared, was with Yang Chen as well.

It was as if he was trying to lure Dan to this location.

That was why he was certain.

‘I’m certain those bastards did something with those things called artifacts.’

But nobody would believe him regardless of what he said. There were weird things caught on the CCTV as well.

And currently…

“I heard about the situation from Mr. Yang Chen. What do you plan on doing?”

The public defender was looking at Dan as if she was bored.

She had tried to find Dan innocent at first, however…

‘We will reward you as well if you get him to confess.’

Even this lawyer had been bribed by Yang Chen. She would receive a hefty reward if she got Dan to confess.

They would reward her with an artifact.

‘It’s not like I have other opportunities to earn an artifact.’

TKBM was one of the top three excavation teams in the entire world. She had heard that they had plenty of artifacts that could change a person’s life.

They even said that she would be able to select the artifact she received.

‘There’s not much to this case since the evidence is so clear anyway.’

She wouldn’t be able to make any money or advancements to her career through this incident. Something smelled fishy based on how very important people were personally getting involved, but who cares?

‘This man just messed with the wrong people. That guy was an important person in TKBM who even has connections to the president.’

It was better to convince the defendant and get paid rather than messing with such people.

‘I would be lying if I said I wasn’t greedy for that artifact.’

Maybe that was the reason.

“Your daughter is sick. It’s probably best for her to get the surgery.”

She started to slowly convince Dan.

“The other side doesn’t want to drag this out and rather than going to trial when the results are obvious, it might be better to confess and have them pay for your daughter’s surgery.”

‘That’s beneficial for me too.’

“Okay then, what do you want to do?”

Dan’s hands were shaking.

He felt wronged but this might be the only thing he could do for his sick daughter.

‘It’s my fault for not taking care of her better.’

His wife had passed away a long time ago, but he couldn’t send his lovely daughter to join her so soon.

But Dan knew the truth. He knew how many people were harmed and had their memories tampered with because of that incident. He also knew that they were the ones who framed him.

Maybe that was the reason.

“Excuse me, ma’am. As I mentioned before, the real culprits are the people in TKBM and not me.”

The lawyer sighed and jumped up from her chair.

“I understand. Then I will resign. I’ll give up on representing you.”

“Excuse me?!”

The lawyer decided to come out strong.

“I don’t really want to represent someone who is going to lose.”


The lawyer calmly started to scam Dan.

“Other lawyers are going to find this case to be a headache as well. Even if you try to find another lawyer, nobody is going to want a case like this.”


“It also doesn’t look like you have the money to hire another lawyer. Rather than being stubborn, I think it would be smarter to take TKBM’s goodwill and take the money while they are still offering it. Your daughter is only four years old. Please think about it carefully. You should know what the smart decision is.”

Dan clenched his eyes shut.

‘Do I have no choice?’

“I understand. Then I will confess……”

It was at that moment.


The lawyer jumped up in shock after the door slammed open.

“W, what the? Who are you?!”

‘Who else would I be?’

“I am that person’s lawyer.”

Julian was the one who had barged in. He looked at the lawyer with a cold gaze as he continued to speak.

“Who gave you permission to speak to him alone?”

Dan’s lawyer could not believe what she was hearing.

“Whose permission?! Excuse me. I am this person’s lawyer……”

“Ah, please go back since you are no longer needed. I am this man’s lawyer.”

“What did you say?!”

Dan was shocked as well.

“E, excuse me?”

Julian glared at the lawyer regardless of how shocked Dan was right now.

“I didn’t think you should let a piece of shit like her, who would let her personal benefits sway her decisions, handle this case.”

“……What do you mean by personal benefits?!”

“How could someone who calls themselves a lawyer sell their soul to the other side for an artifact? That’s just too shameful. Hurry up and resign.”

Chloe whispered to Julian at that moment.

“Umm, Vice Captain-nim. I’m sorry but do you even have a law license?”

The other lawyer started to grind her teeth. She had not noticed at first because she was shocked, but she quickly realized that this was the Monarch of Strategies.

“That’s right. You, you’re not even a lawyer! What the hell do you think you are doing when you aren’t even a lawyer?! I’m going to report you!”

Julian started to frown as if he was wronged.

“I am a lawyer.”

Of course, he was just a completely noob who recently got his license.

“Anyway, feel free to leave. I can prove that this man was innocent.”

The lawyer could not believe it.

“……Ha, haa! Innocent? Anyway, you’re the person who has nothing to do with this. Get out before I call someone…”

It was at that moment.

[Please get him to confess. Then we will give you a great artifact.]



The lawyer turned pale after hearing her voice.

‘Wait, how does he?!’

Julian had turned on a recording artifact.

He then started to chuckle.

“Should I send this to the press?”


She ran out while claiming she would resign and asking Julian to delete the recording.

Dan could only sit there and watch all this happen with confusion.

“Excuse me, I don’t know who you are, but…… Are you a different public defender?”

“No. Mr. Im Hae Jin, I wanted to represent you after hearing about your situation.”

‘Uhh……but I don’t have any money to pay for your services…”

“Ah, I don’t need any money. I already received it.”

“Excuse me?!”

Dan looked at Julian with a suspicious gaze.

“What is it that you want?”

“I don’t need anything. I just want to take care of the incident and prove that you are innocent.”

“Why are you helping me……”

Julian started to chuckle.

“I guess you must have saved a big oddball in your past life.”

“Are you sure it’ll be okay?”

“Yes, I’m certain that he will confess.”

TKBM’s captains were participating in the trial as witnesses.

A lot of people had gathered at the courtroom after hearing about the case. They had kept the press at bay until now but it was quite a hot issue as TKBM’s Director Kwon and a famous celebrity had been summoned.

Yang Chen started to smile while looking at Dan’s seat.

“Anyway, we should be able to make Seo Ju-Heon eat shit by getting this bastard executed.”

The other captains tilted their heads in confusion after seeing Yang Chen sneering.

“What does executing this bastard have to do with Seo Ju-Heon?”

“That…… Just know there’s a relation. It should be fine since I already took care of the lawyer.”

But at that moment…

“Hold on. Hey. Isn’t that Seo Ju-Heon?!”


Yang Chen’s eyes opened wide at this unexpected question.

‘Seo Ju-Heon? Did he just say Seo Ju-Heon?’

Seo Ju-Heon was actually sitting in the courtroom.

Yang Chen foamed at the mouth while looking at Ju-Heon who was snickering as if he came to see something entertaining.

‘W, why is that bastard here?!’

Something even more shocking happened at that moment.

“Hey! I, isn’t that Julian MIller?!”


Julian was at Dan’s lawyer’s seat.

This was the lawyer of the tomb raiding team who had never been defeated.


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