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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 212: You thugs! (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 212: You thugs! (3)

Translator: miraclerifle

“What the hell did this punk do while we were in the tomb?”

Ju-Heon read the article with a shocked expression.

The article was full of breaking news about Yoo Jaeha.

Of course, it wasn’t on the front page. The front page had information about Ju-Heon as usual.

But on the second page… There was a large article about their damn restorer.

“Looks like some interesting things happened while we were away.”

He didn’t seem to be believing the story described in the article.

It couldn’t be helped, since……

“He did what with the princess of England?”

While Ju-Heon was still inside the Tomb of Pride… It was right around then the Divine-Grade artifacts were causing a shitshow.

“My goodness, is that really that artifact?”

“It is.”

Yoo Jaeha, who was at the Russian Artifact Fair, was looking somewhere with sparkling eyes.

‘Is that the artifact the Captain-nim wanted me to bring back?’

There were leaders from different countries, royalty, Hollywood celebrities, generals, CEOs…

This place was full of important people.

That was why he was feeling small as these people could all squash him into a pancake, but…

‘It’s the British princess and prince.’

Ju-Heon’s order was to buy the artifact they had on them.

‘He’s probably going to kill me if I can’t do this. Sooob.’

He would probably be killed by the guards before he could even get to the item.

The people around him were whispering at that moment.

“That is Princess Charlotte of England, right? She’s still young.”

“Is that Queen Victoria’s artifact around the princess’s neck?”

“Holy shit, are you for real?”

“The princess is one thing, but look at the one the prince has on him. That Crow broach. Didn’t they say that the broach is some kind of Divine-Grade artifact?”

“They did. Ah, what did they say……I think they said it was a crow goddess from Ireland’s Celtic mythology…”

“I think they said it was Morrigan. They said she was the goddess of war and destruction…”

“My goodness, war? That’s unbelievable. How can the prince of a country proudly walk out while wearing such a thing?”

“Maybe he’s making a declaration to the world?”

“He wants to tell the world that he wants to go back to the colonization era…?”

The VIPs in the auction house were getting tense.

The English royal family did not have much influence over the world in modern society.

But this was now the Era of Artifacts. The artifact they had in their possession was the problem.

‘Queen Victoria and Morrigan’s artifacts are indeed a problem.’

Queen Victoria, the Queen during the Great British Empire when the Empire on which the sun never sets held about one fourth of all territories around the world. Queen Victoria’s artifact could be seen as the artifact being used by the royal family to groom the next Queen.

It was Morrigan’s artifact that was the problem.

‘Queen Victoria and an artifact of war. It’s obviously a provocation.’

The countries near England were extremely tense right now.

Of course, there were some opposite opinions as well.

“There are talks that both of them are artifacts of abundance.”

“You mean like how England was at its peak during Queen Victoria’s era.”

“There are talks that Morrigan was a goddess of prosperity as well.”

Either way, the people here were all interested in the prince and princess’s artifacts.

It was the same for Yoo Jaeha as well.

‘Wow, there’s going to be a lot of competitors. What the hell am I going to do to take their artifacts?’

He couldn’t just steal it like his Captain would do.

‘Ah, do I really need to use the thing I prepared in advance?’

Yoo Jaeha decided to approach the princess first.

But at the same time…

“Yoo Jaeha, we found you! Grab that bastard!”

The official restorers, who had no thoughts of letting Jaeha meet with the British princess, started to become frantic.

But Yoo Jaeha, who probably didn’t care about what they wanted, was jumping up and down trying to get the princess to notice him.

“Princess! Please sell your artifact to me! Your artifact!”

The princess noticed him.

‘Huh? That person is…’

She must have recognized him as Ju-Heon’s subordinate. She was interested in Seo Ju-Heon.

Of course, the official restorers would not sit back and watch.

“Stop him, stoooop hiiiiiiiiiim!”

It was at that moment.



The auction house suddenly started to shake and the ceiling crumbled.


The lighting on the stage fell, windows broke, and it was quite the mess.

The lights all went out at that moment as well.

People started to scream while looking for the exit.

“Holy shit, what the hell?!”

This was not a Tomb Appearance. Yoo Jaeha had followed Ju-Heon around for so long that he instantly realized that a person had done this.

He then heard a man scream.


It was the sound of someone getting killed.

‘No way!’

He seemed to be right as he started to hear shocked voices all around him.

“Kyaaaaaa! General!”

“Police, call the police! Hurry!”

People fell into states of panic once the backup lights turned on.

It was because there seemed to have been a murder.

“Hurry up and block the doors!”

“Don’t let anybody out!”

Yoo Jaeha gulped while looking at the general who was killed with his head cut off.


‘A Monarch was instantly killed.’

This was the < Monarch of Criticism > who had recently become a Monarch.

This person was someone who said a lot of radical things, including saying things about how immigrants and refugees were all evil and potential terrorists in the making who needed to be killed.

He should have a Divine-Grade artifact on him, but he was still instantly killed!

That wasn’t all.

Yoo Jaeha had seen something. He read about a similar incident in the newspaper!

[Serial killing of artifact users.]

[Will the Russian International Artifact Fair be safe?]

He had clicked his tongue while showing the article to Ju-Heon.

‘Wow, Captain-nim. This is already the third newbie Monarch who has been killed. They’re calling it a serial killing, I wonder who is responsible for it.’

Ju-Heon had said the following after seeing how the victims had been killed.

‘I hope it isn’t him……’


‘Yes… A famous artifact you also know a lot about……’

Jack the Ripper.

That was what Ju-Heon had said.

Yoo Jaeha then got the chills after feeling a murderous intent behind him.

It was definitely there!

The murderer was behind him!

He was right.

“You’re Seo Ju-Heon’s restorer. And you’re a Monarch.”

He heard a girl’s pretty voice.

He was sure about one thing.

‘I’m dead.’

Yoo Jaeha immediately activated his artifact as soon as he had that thought.

He had used Salieri’s artifact.

Ju-Heon had taken Medici’s artifact and cast aside Salieri’s artifact, but it was still one of the strong artifacts of the 7 Great Tombs.

The woman must have felt the aura of the artifact as she picked her knife up to kill Yoo Jaeha.

But at that moment…


Don’t touch our young man!


He’s our master’s subordinate! What the hell are you doing?!


The bizarre panties and wooden penis screamed as they surrounded Yoo Jaeha.

The woman’s knife slashed the wooden penis.


The penis was cut in half and the panties started to scream.


Aigoo! My wife, my wife! She was cut in half!

The woman looked at these bizarre artifacts for a bit before disappearing.

Maybe she didn’t want to deal with these things.

No, it might just be that her goal was not Yoo Jaeha but the other VIPs in the first place.

There was another boom and the stage crumbled before people started to scream.

It was in the direction of the England VIPs.

“Uncle! Uncle!”

The British princess was crying while holding the corpse of the prince.

Their artifacts had already been destroyed.

Everybody fell into states of shock and even the restorers could not close their mouths.

“Prince William, the prince has been murdered!”

“Kyaaaa! Protect the princess!”

“Find the culprit! Find them!”

Yoo Jaeha knew they would not succeed as he could feel it.

‘She’s not here. She’s long gone.’

He was extremely talented at detecting and using artifacts because of Ju-Heon’s Spartan-style training.

That was how he was able to know that Jack the Ripper had disappeared.

The princess was holding her dead uncle as she cried.

“Uncle, uncle.”

The official restorers and guards didn’t know what to do.

It was at that moment. Yoo Jaeha, who didn’t really know what to do as he looked at the crying princess, started to speak.

“Umm, excuse me, please don’t worry. Your uncle is not dead.”

Yoo Jaeha had nonchalantly walked up to the princess. The official restorers started to glare at him.

His sunbae, Julien, started to shout.

“Hey! Yoo Jaeha! Stop with the nonsense. How can you say such bullshit to the shocked princess…”

“No, I really mean it. I couldn’t save the general but her uncle is fine.”

Julien grabbed Yoo Jaeha by the collar.


It was at that moment.

“Charlotte! Is Charlotte safe?!”

A man who was only wearing underwear burst into the party hall.

‘My goodness, it’s Prince William!”


“Then this corpse is…?!”

Yoo Jaeha picked up a chair.

“Hey, what are you do…?!”


The corpse changed from the shock once it was slammed by the chair.

It was a fake Yoo Jaeha had created with da Vinci’s artifact.

“A fake…!”

The appraisers started to shake, as this familiar sight gave them deja vu of the plane incident.

Julien glared at Yoo Jaeha at that moment. He wanted to know why Jaeha had transformed the prince.

His intentions must have been terrible.

“What the hell are you planning?!”

What else would it be? He had exchanged the prince to a fake on purpose to purchase the artifact from the princess.

If the princess’s uncle were to say, ‘sell the artifact to Yoo Jaeha’, he thought that would make it easier to purchase.

Well, it was lucky that he aimed for when the prince went into the restroom and that he put the scary guards to sleep as well. He had been happy that things were going so well, but…

He ended up unexpectedly saving the man’s life.

‘Tsk. It is good but…’

He couldn’t tell them the truth about his scheme.

That was why Yoo Jaeha decided to use the special technique, ‘medicine selling’ he had learned from Ju-Heon.

“To be honest with you, I sensed that something was weird! I had read an article about how this Artifact Fair would be dangerous. That was why I protected the prince just in case.”

“W, what did you say?”

“I’ve seen enough assassinations of princes!”

The official restorers and appraisers started to shake in anger.

‘Protect my ass! There’s no way Seo Ju-Heon’s damn subordinate would do something like that!’

“Stop trying to scam us!”

Yoo Jaeha didn’t care and just picked up an artifact that had fallen on the ground.

It was the princess’s artifact, Queen Victoria’s artifact, that had been destroyed.

“This is completely destroyed. Should I restore it for you?”

The pretty princess wiped away her tears as she looked at Yoo Jaeha.

“Can you really restore it? It’s already completely destroyed…!”

“Yes, it’s not hard. But in return, could you please……”

But at that moment…

“Don’t you dare!”

“Princess! You can’t leave your artifact with a quack like that!”

Julien took the artifact away from Yoo Jaeha.

“This bastard is Seo Ju-Heon’s quack restorer! Your artifact will only end up destroyed!”

“How can you leave us, the official restorers, aside and ask such a bastard?!”

Their overbearing attitudes and pride were annoying.

The British prince interjected as well.

“Yes, that item belongs to the royal family. You can’t leave it with a restorer who is in a tomb raiding team with an unknown background.”

“Did you hear that?”

Yoo Jaeha just nonchalantly waved.

“That’s fine. Feel free to fix it if you can.”

Julian was in disbelief.

“What? Of course I can restore something like this…….”

It was at that moment.


Forget being restored, the artifact broke even more.

“What the hell, why won’t it be restored?!”

Yoo Jaeha started to snicker.

“Hand it over if you can’t do it.”


The Monarch of Pushoverness.

This was the moment that the man who had only been known for his association with Ju-Heon would make his debut in front of world leaders, royalty, and celebrities.

Returning to the present…

[Yoo Jaeha, the Monarch of Pushoverness. Invited to visit the British royal family.]

[Saved the British prince and their treasure.]

[British princess: “I really want to meet Mr. Ju-Heon, the captain of the team.”]

[The Monarch of Pushoverness is receiving scouts from numerous different nations around the world.]

[“You want to know my desired salary?”]

[The Monarch of Pushoverness: “I’m looking for a girlfriend right now!”]

Ju-Heon was baffled at the different stories about Yoo Jaeha in the article.

There were a lot of things that caught his attention such as the assassination of a skilled general and such, but…

“I didn’t know he would really end up becoming the Monarch of Pushoverness.”

“Wow, Jaeha instantly became famous.”

Julian tilted his head in confusion before he started to speak.

“But he’s getting scouting offers for his artistic talents? There’s even talks about freelancer restoration requests? Is Jaeha going to end up transferring to a different team?”

“Excuse me?!”

“Seo Ju-Heon, what are you going to do? It looks like you’re going to need to get a new restorer.”

Ju-Heon just laughed after hearing Julian tease him.

He then started to call someone.

The person picked up quickly.

[Yes, hello?]

His ego seemed quite inflated as Yoo Jaeha’s voice sounded haughty.

As a result…

[Ah, I don’t know who is calling but I’m quite busy right now. I already have enough requests for a whole year and am currently in the middle of an interview. Please don’t call me directly next time and contact my manager. Any media appearances will need to be addressed with my manager as well…]

“A manager, my ass.”

He heard the phone dropping.

His heart must have almost burst out of his chest as he dropped his phone in shock.

Yoo Jaeha started to speak in a shaking voice.

[C, Captain-nim?]

“What are you doing? You little punk.”

[T, this is definitely the Captain-nim’s voice! Is that you, Captain-nim? W, what the hell?! I don’t know this number!]

“Shut up. What did you just say? You are full of requests for the year?”

[Excuse me? Ah, t, t, that, you see…]

Ju-Heon’s eyes flashed.

“You. Are you taking jobs on the side aside from working for me? Huh?”

[N, no… that’s not the case!]

Yoo Jaeha looked ready to cry. It was obvious that he was kowtowing on the other side of the phone.

[Aigoo, whose artifact would I touch other than yours, Captain-nim?]

“What about the artifact I told you to purchase.”

[Aigoo, I got it. Of course I got it.]

“Good. It looks like I didn’t give you enough work if you can talk about girlfriends, interviews, artistic talents and other bullshit. I feel like I’m wasting the 300 million dollar salary I’m paying you.”

Yoo Jaeha started to scream.

[Not at all, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry! You’re really not wasting your money!]

Ju-Heon’s eyes flashed like tiger eyes as he sat with his legs crossed.

“Then return immediately before I kill you for breach of contract. I’ll give you one hour.”

[I’ll be there in 30 minutes! I will tell you everything once I’m back…! I’ll even introduce you to the princess so pleeeeeeeease!!!]

A crying Yoo Jaeha hung up as he started to run.

Ju-Heon nodded his head in satisfaction.

No matter how talented he was, the Monarch of Pushoverness could do nothing in front of the Monarch of Plunder.


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